From user praise to expert presentation software reviews, Haiku Deck has people talking.

Customer reviews

Every day fans tell us that Haiku Deck has helped them communicate more effectively, land new opportunities, and feel more creative and inspired. From the professional speaker who had to pull a major presentation out of thin air when his laptop died to the first-time user who created the most popular Haiku Deck of all time, Haiku Deck fans are eager to share what they love about the app.

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Press coverage

Hailed by Mashable as “The Instagram of pitch decks,” Haiku Deck has made headlines since its launch in August 2012.

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"Haiku Deck allows you to create a quick and easy slide deck online (or via an iPad app). The goal is to make the presentation engaging, not an informational overload, and Haiku Deck has the goods to make it happen."

The Top 100 Websites of 2013

"Whoever said the iPad is only ideal for media consumption, rather than content creation, obviously hasn't downloaded Haiku Deck, a free and powerful presentation maker for your tablet."

Haiku Deck: Create Beautiful Presentations on Your IPad

"Haiku Deck is a perfect example of a classic tool rethought for the mobile-first generation."

With 500K Downloads, Haiku Deck Raises $3M Series A For Its Unique, Mobile-First Presentation Creation App

"Haiku Deck offers just the features that you'll actually use and the design structure makes it difficult to create an ugly presentation. It's the Instagram for pitch decks."

Make Better Presentations with the Instagram for Pitch Decks

"Haiku Deck promises to do for presentations what Instagram did for photos: Make us all look like creative geniuses."

Startup Giant Thinkwell Reinvents Itself with Haiku Deck

"Haiku Deck is a smart app that makes beautiful slide shows in no time and makes your iPad a more productive tool."

Presentations in Poetic Motion

"The app, as its name suggests, is all about brevity, enabling users to make clean, concise slide shows – or decks – with a heavily streamlined feature set.

Using it is fiendishly simple: You enter a few keywords of text onto a slide, and the app searches a database of over 35 million Creative Commons images that suit your subject."

A Presentation App that Forces You to Tell Better Stories

"Haiku Deck makes creating beautiful presentations a cinch and a joy, whether you have design skills or not."

Haiku Deck is the Easiest Way to Create Gorgeous Presentations with an iPad

"Allows users to make slide shows in just a few steps..."

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Nominee, Bammy EdTech Award, August 2013