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Haiku Deck is a free app that makes presentations simple, beautiful, and fun.

Haiku Deck Zuru is a powerful new application that uses artificial intelligence to instantly transform your ideas into beautiful presentations.

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Haiku Deck's core iOS and web apps are, and will always be, free! This includes access to over 35 million free images and 20 font and image filter combinations.

The standard subscription rate for Haiku Deck Zuru will be $60/year. Charter members who participate in the Haiku Deck Zuru pre-sale can subscribe for $30/year, equivalent to six months free.
Haiku Deck is available as an award-winning app for iPad and iPad mini, and as a web app that works with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Haiku Deck Zuru also works with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. You can edit the resulting Haiku Deck presentations on your laptop or computer using the Haiku Deck Web App, or via the iPad app. You can also export your presentation to .pptx format and edit it right in PowerPoint.

For presenting, viewing, and sharing your decks, you can also download our free iPhone app.
You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can make a Haiku Deck that looks amazing! Sign in or create an account, then click NEW DECK. Whether you're on the free iPad app or the web app, look for the ? any time for onscreen tips and links to more resources. You can also check out our Quick Guide to Using Haiku Deck or our video guides, and the Haiku Deck Blog is updated frequently with tips and examples.
Just start with a simple PowerPoint presentation or an outline in Evernote. Haiku Deck Zuru applies expert presentation design principles and artificial intelligence to transform your content into a powerful, beautiful visual presentation.

First, Haiku Deck Zuru analyzes your content to identify the key ideas and optimal slide layouts.

Next, it searches through millions of free, beautiful Creative Commons images for the best ones to illustrate your ideas.

Then, Haiku Deck Zuru analyzes your text and images to determine the optimal text placement and background colors.

The result is a beautiful, mobile-friendly Haiku Deck which you can easily edit, embed in any blog or website, or share via email and social networks. If you prefer, you can also save your presentation as an editable .pptx file.

Read more about the artificial intelligence behind Haiku Deck Zuru.
If you subscribe now, you get:

- Six months free (one-year subscription for $30 instead of $60)

- Early access to the Haiku Deck Zuru beta

- Ability to set Haiku Decks to private or restricted

- Ability to export Haiku Decks to .pptx or .pdf formats
Charter members will get exclusive access to Haiku Deck Zuru beta by early spring 2015. Our goal is to deliver Haiku Deck Zuru by the end of spring 2015.
Haiku Deck Zuru members will be able to upload any existing PowerPoint or Keynote presentation in .pptx format, or an outline made in Evernote. Our team is hard at work to make more formats available, too.

And whether you're a Zuru member or not, you can easily create slides from pictures or screenshots from your computer, camera roll, or photo stream; or import images from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, Google Drive, or Box.
Haiku Deck searches the Internet for high-quality images that photographers have licensed under Creative Commons, and automatically pulls in the proper attribution. Additionally, if you’re using the iPad app, our partnership with Getty Images makes gorgeous, high-quality premium images available for you to purchase and use in any Haiku Decks you create.

When you use Haiku Deck Zuru, the app searches through the millions of free, beautiful, Creative Commons images to recommend the best images to bring your words to life, and takes care of the attribution for you automatically. If you’re uploading a presentation with existing graphics, Haiku Deck Zuru will give you the option of retaining them or replacing them with alternatives from a vast library of images.

Read more about how Haiku Deck brings millions of Creative Commons images to your fingertips here, on our blog .
If you have custom images, charts, or graphs, those can easily be uploaded into the app. In many cases, Haiku Deck Zuru will automatically do the work for you.
There are three privacy settings for Haiku Decks: private, restricted, and public. Public decks can be seen by anyone and will come up in results on search engines like Google and Bing; restricted decks can only be viewed by people you have shared them with or given their URLs to. Private decks can only be viewed by you when you are signed into your account.

All Haiku Deck users can save decks as public; restricted and private settings are exclusive to Haiku Deck Zuru members.

For more information, check out our Privacy Policy or our Terms of Service.
We’re working to develop special pricing for educators. If you’re interested in learning more about this option, please click here.
Haiku Deck Zuru is perfect for straightforward presentation outlines and slides that would benefit from a more polished and appealing design. Haiku Deck Zuru is particularly helpful for improving audience engagement by simplifying text and illustrating key points with powerful visuals. (Excess text is preserved in accompanying presentation Notes, in accordance with the best practices recommended by experts.) Haiku Deck Zuru is not recommended for presentations that are complex or that have been professionally designed.
Outstanding Haiku Decks representing a wide range of topics are hand-picked by our team. Find out what we’re looking for in A Guide to the Haiku Deck Gallery. To submit your work for consideration, email a link to your deck to, or tweet it using the hashtag #hdgallery.
It’s ok - we’re always happy to help! We have lots of answers and a user guide on our support page, and you can always drop us a line. We also invite you to stay connected through our vibrant creative communities on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn!


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