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6 Steps to Avoid the Plagiarism

6 Steps to Avoid the Plagiarism

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Plagiarism is a confusing concept when it comes to academic writing. It means to steal or borrow someone else’s ideas without their knowledge. Therefore, it is considered a major offense because you take credit for someone else’s hard work.

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However, sometimes, students plagiarize the content unintentionally without even knowing it. The risk of plagiarism increases when you are writing a paper that requires extensive research.

Therefore, one must learn different types of plagiarism in order to avoid them. It has four main types.

Intentional plagiarism – An individual copy the entire text work by work, without citing the original source or using quotation marks.

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Self-plagiarism – It occurs when you quote yourself. There are occasions where you have been assigned a similar topic for two different courses and you save the time by writing one paper and use it for both.

Mosaic plagiarism – It happens when students take content from different websites and combine it to craft a paper. Though they may change a few words by using synonyms it still counts as plagiarism.

Accidental plagiarism – If you are using someone’s work and fail to cite them correctly, it is known as accidental plagiarism. Here a writer may skip citing a source or write the name of the single author where there are two.

There are some ways that can be used to avoid this serious problem. Once you understand its consequences, you will be in a safe position to stay out of it. Some of the people hire a professional essay writer free to get done with this task.

However, we have also mentioned seven important steps that you need to take into account to avoid plagiarism.

  1. Start Early

One of the easiest ways is to give yourself sufficient time while working on your paper. It is easy to copy content and make mistakes when you are in a hurry. Thus, give quality time to research and pay careful attention to your essay from the start.

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  1. Citing Sources

Always cite the sources properly that you have used in your paper. It is because incorrect citations may lead to plagiarism. For this, a writer needs to know the standard formatting guidelines and applying them correctly in the paper.

  1. Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is writing down other’s ideas in your own words. If you have found the information that perfectly fits your topic, read it several times and write it down in your own words. Make sure that the paraphrased content is not similar in structure and words as in the original text. However, it should not change the actual meaning.

  1. Quotations

Another important way to avoid plagiarism is by giving credit when you are directly quoting other’s ideas. Put quotation marks at the beginning and end of the text that does not belong to you.

Cite these quotations properly and keep in mind that this can be different from referencing a paraphrased material. This is how you can avoid accusations of plagiarism.

  1. Adding References to Your Own Material

if you are using someone’s work, refer to the text and do not pretend that it is yours. You should quote such a reference. In case you forgot this simple task, it would be known as self-plagiarism.

  1. Use Plagiarism Checker

Most institutions are using different plagiarism checker tools to access the anti-plagiarism skills of the students. Thus, it is also advisable for the writers to check their papers with some plagiarism checking software to ensure that it is free from copied content. You can easily find a plagiarism check online.

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These important steps will be used to maintain the originality of your essay. Nevertheless, if you are unable to craft your own ideas, get in touch with a free essay writing service. They will assist in writing professionally rather than violating the copyright rules.