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Met at the Store

Met at the Store

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At first I dismissed it as an over active imagination and my crazy libido as it had been a while since I’d had sex. But the feeling intensified and when I looked up there he was, starting at me, the most handsome man I’d ever seen. He must have been about 6 foot which meant he towered over my 5 foot frame, the eyes that where staring at me so intently were an incredibly rich brown, almost like glossy melted chocolate. I looked down at myself to make sure my skirt wasn’t caught up, or something, but everything was in place. I looked away from him and started to move away. His voice, a deep timbre that made my insides quiver, filled my ears with just one word…"Stop", I stopped and turned around slowly, to look at him again. His long legs ate up the distance between us, and suddenly I was looking at his green linen shirt. He took the basket from me and put it on the floor, and took my hand. My pulse leaped, and raced, I looked up slowly and he had a slight smile on his face, he could feel my speeding pulse, and knew it was in response to his touch. His thumb stroked the skin over the inside of my wrist; he just looked at me and then let me go and walked away.

My head was spinning and before I’d made a conscious thought I was following him. He stopped and I almost ran into him, he turned and opened the door to his car and motioned me in, I slipped into the cool leather seat, and wondered just what the hell I was doing, leaving with a complete stranger, but in the time it took me to formulate these thoughts he had got into the car and pulled out of the parking lot. I had no idea where we are going and he didn’t speak to me and I was too worried and excited to speak. At a red light he leaned over me and opened the glove box, and pulled out a blindfold and dropped it on my lap "Put it on". I looked at him, but his focus was once again on the road, my stomach fluttering, heart pounding I slip the blindfold on and close my eyes behind it. "Good girl" His approval making me flushed with happiness, my need to please this man growing, despite not knowing him.

The car stops and I hear him get out of the car, next I feel the cool night air as my door is opened, his hand reaches out and guides me from the car. He wraps one arm around my waist and ushers me forward, I hear the crunch of gravel under my feet and can smell jasmine, among other floral scents. The gravel, changed to grass and he still urged me forward.

He stopped and I heard the tones of a password tapped into a keypad, he urged me forward warning me that there were steps. He guided me down and finally stopped me; he removed the blindfold as I was standing in the middle of a well light, well appointed playroom. I looked around and found him staring at me again. I shivered and he smiled "Strip girl". I looked at him, he made an impatient motion with his finger and I removed my blouse and skirt. His voice filled the room with the word stop again. I stood there in my blue lace bra and panties, skin flushing red as he circled me, running his gaze all over me. "Bra" he holds his hand out and I take my bra off and drop it into his hand. He took it and put it on a table that is against one wall. He walked back over and held up a set of leather cuffs attached to each other with a chain, he looked at me and I held my hands out to him, without him saying a word. He smiled at me as he buckled the cuffs around my wrists. I watch him as he fills a knapsack with toys. My heart pounding, my panties growing wet with excitement with each toy he adds. My skin tingles as I think of how it will feel to have it struck with the riding crop, or the many tailed leather whip or the paddle. My pussy quivers as the large vibrator is put in and my nipples harden and ache as I hear the jingle of nipple clamps being dropped into the bag. The gag and the ropes causes my stomach to flutter nervously, but I’m still excited and I want this man, like I’ve wanted no other, even though I do not even know his name.

As I do not turn around I do not see him add the enema bag, lube and a large finger of ginger shaped into an anal plug. I feel his breath on my neck and I shiver, his lips brush against the back of my neck and a small moan escaped my lips. He chuckles and then I feel leather encircling my neck, hear the buckle and then a click as it is locked into place. His lips brush my ear and he whispers "Mine" into my ear and I quiver, my legs buckle slightly. His arms wrap around me, holding my steady before letting me got to walk around in front of me. He wraps the blindfold over my eyes again and I whimper softly, hating having my sight taken from me again. He slaps my panty clad ass and attaches a leash to the collar and leads me back up the stairs and onto the grass, which this time I feel under my bare feet. I follow the tugging on the leash; I shiver in the cool night air which puckers my nipples. The darkness of the blindfold heightening my other senses, and causes me to feel things more intensely. My skin prickles with fear and excitement, the breeze cold against the wet spot on my panties. I need this man; I need to submit to his strength. It has been so long since I was with a man I truly respected and felt easy submitting to, and though I do not know him, I know he is what I’ve been searching for.

I’m so caught up with my thoughts that I barely notice the scent of salt in the air and the hushed whispers of waves dancing upon the sand. It isn’t until I feel the sand underfoot that I once again take notice of my surroundings. He tugs hard on my leash and I follow more quickly. I stop when he does, I feel the chain of the leash cold against my skin as he walks behind me and pushed me forward, until my hips hit the rough bark of a fallen tree, and he bends me over it. I feel rope wrapping around my left ankle and a sudden panic rises in me, that sensible voice asking me what the hell I think I’m doing. I must tense because his hand stroke over my skin and he makes soothing noises, until I relax. I feel him pulling on the rope making my leg move out to the side, then I feel rope wrapping around my right ankle as he ties it out to one side too, leaving me with my legs spread wide and bent over, so vulnerable.

My hands are tugged forward and I feel them being tied down so I can’t stand up straight until released, and the bark is scratching my skin. His hands reach under me to pinch and pull on my nipples making them even harder than they were, and then I squeal as he clamps both at the same time, pain rushing straight to my pussy making it even wetter. I groan and gasp as he adds weights to the chain attached to the clamps. I feel his hands smooth over my panty clad ass, before he slaps it with both hands the slight forward movement making the weights sway and pull on my nipples making me moan. I tremble when I feel cold steel against my hips, with quick motions he slices through the material of my panties and pulls them off me, leaving me naked and bound. His fingers stroke over my ass before pulling my cheeks apart. One hand holding my cheeks apart exposing my asshole, his other hand pushes the tip of an enema tube into my ass. I gasp and shake my head, but he just chuckles and tells me to stay still. Suddenly I feel warm water flowing into my ass, I get fuller and fuller and the water doesn’t stop. I start to beg, but he slaps my ass and tells me to be quiet, that he needs to make sure I’m clean inside. Cramping starts as the water slows to a stop. His hands stroke my ass, tears wetting my blindfold as the cramping is getting painful. I hear him tell me to "let go" and crying with humiliation I do and the water pours from my ass, luckily for me I had cleaned myself out before I had left the house, so all that comes from my ass is the water he had put into me. He pats my ass and says "Good girl, I see someone already made herself clean". He stands behind me and I feel something cold and slightly wet pushing at my ass. Slowly my ass is stretched around the ginger. I feel my ass starting to burn and I shake my head, I hear him laugh as he starts striking my ass with the paddle, making my ass clench around the ginger intensifying the burning sensation. I moan and whimper my ass burning and growing hot from the paddling and my nipples are aching and sore from the weighted clamps.

I cry and beg him to stop even though I can feel my pussy dripping wet. He can see my swollen, wet pussy and just laughs and swaps to the many tailed whip and I scream as the first blow lands on my tender and exposed sex. The blows rain down leaving lines of fire over my skin, his target never the same spot twice in a row.

He swaps the whip from the riding crop, and I scream again as an upward strike hits my clit and I cum in a blaze of pain and pleasure. Through the haze of my orgasm I can feel the crop landing on my ass and my thighs, over and over until I’m on the verge of passing out. I feel his breath cool against my overheated sex as he starts licking me and sucking my clit. He stands up and slides the vibe into my pussy and turns it on low, leaving it there while he comes around and lifts my head by my hair, my mouth falls open with a gasp and he fills it with his cock, slowly rocking his hips, fucking my mouth slowly as I gradually build towards another orgasm. He stops and pulls his cock from my mouth and removes the blindfold. He looks into my eyes and smiles and asks me if I want to go, if I want to stop, or if I want to be his. I flush and even with my ass still plugged with the burning ginger and my ass, thighs and pussy stinging from the whipping. I look at him and beg him to continue, not to stop, that I need this. That I want to be his and hurt for his pleasure. He smiles and crouches down and kisses my lips softly and strokes my cheek. "Good girl, I was hoping you’d say that". His voice and words bringing me to the edge of orgasm, as his hands slide down my back, pulling the ginger from my ass.

His finger coated in slick lubricant work into my ass, opening me a little more and preparing my ass for his cock. His fingers pull out and in one move he fills my ass with his cock making me scream as I’m stretched, with the vibrator still in my pussy. He reaches down and eases the vibe in and out of my dripping pussy, turning it up higher, making me cum, which causes my ass to tighten around his cock.

Leaving the vibe deep in my pussy his hands on my hips his strokes speed up and he fucks my ass harder. I’m moaning and whimpering as I cum and continue to cum over and over. He stiffens and shoves his cock as far into my ass as he can, cumming deep inside me ass. He pulls his still hard cock from my ass and circles round, pulling my head up by my hair again, shoves his cock into my mouth, fucking it much like he had my ass. The degradation of being used as a cum receptacle pushing me into another orgasm, making me scream around his cock. He pulls his cock from my mouth and holding my head up with the one hand uses the other to stroke his cock until he spurts cum all over it.

His cock now limp he dresses and then puts away the toys, before untying me. Not bothering with the blindfold, but leaving the clamps on my nipples he leads me back to his home, which is huge, one of the mansions on the water I always wanted to visit. Leaving me standing outside, he takes the bag back to his playroom and brings out my shoes, skirt and blouse telling me to get dressed. I do that and he smiles at me, "Give me your phone number, I already looked at your license to get your address." I give him my phone number and he hands me my purse.

He takes the leash which is still attached to the collar and leads me to his car, laying a towel on the seat he urges me in and drives me home, and my car is sitting in the driveway, I look at him and he smiles. "You didn’t think I’d take you back to get it did you, I had someone bring it back for you, now get out and strip and kneel on the lawn." I start to protest but he just looks at me and I climb from the car, and standing on the lawn in the circle of his headlights I strip and drop to my knees.

He gets out of the car and stands over me, waiting. "Well my slut do you have something to say?" I look up slowly and then drops my eyes "Thankyou for using me tonight Master, I hope it will please you to use me again." He smiles and undoes his pants, pulling his cock out, pointing it at me. "You are going to wait for me to call, and I’ll do that tomorrow sometime, until then you will be wearing that collar" I shiver and moan softly loving the idea of wearing the collar all night. "You also won’t shower until I call you; you won’t clean up from now until I call, if that clear my little slut?" "Yes Master, I won’t clean up until you call me"

He smiles at me and says "Good girl" with that he lets go and to my shock and humiliation he starts to piss on me, my tears are lost as he pisses on my face, I don’t move, afraid of being punished, but also aroused from being used in such a manner. His stream slows as he shoves his cock into my mouth for me to drink the last little bit. He tosses my purse onto the grass next to me, and smiles and takes a photo "Perfect, I’ll contact you soon my slut". I watch as he drives away before getting to my feet, picking up my purse and clothes and going inside, unable to contain my excitement and anticipation, as I want to see him again.

(to be continued, maybe)

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