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How Do I Connect My PS5 Controller To My Computer?

How Do I Connect My PS5 Controller To My Computer?

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PS5 dual sense controller is one of the best controllers you can use, and it is fun to use it on your PC. you may argue that FPS games are better with a mouse and keyboard, and frankly, it is true, but many players use the PS5 controller on PC.

PVP matches in games like call of duty, Fortnite, and Destiny 2 are widely dominated by controller users. It’s all about preferences, the whole generation grew up with Xbox Halo and Call of duty modern warfare era on consoles, so it’s not surprising that people want to use a PS5 controller on PC.

It’s the best of both worlds, unlocked FPS with high aim assistance of the controller, who is stopping you from hitting that clean snipes.

It wasn't until recently that gamepads became more than niche products. Mobile devices and their ability to connect to game consoles have given rise to the popularity of gaming on the go. This is where dedicated gaming controllers come into play. So we'll run a PS5 Controller Test to ensure everything is in working just fine.

Does The Ps5 DualSense Controller Work With PC?

It was made obvious during the release of PS5 that dual sense controllers are not backward compatible with PS4. Many questions were made by gamers regarding whether it is compatible with PC in some way, and if it isn't, can they use an adapter to link it through PC?

Many users were considering XBOX controllers because of their ease of use. It has native support in windows because it’s a Microsoft product, so you don’t need any external support to play your favorite games.

Luckily, the PS5 dual sense controller has no issue with PC, and it is compatible with windows 10. There are a few methods that can help you connect your controller to a PC without any third-party hardware/software support. The process is straightforward. It’s no rocket science.

How To Use A PS5 Controller On Windows 10?

PS5 Dual Sense is supported on Windows 10 without any requirements for driver support. Not that there is an official driver from Sony, but even without drivers, you can play any game as long as it is associated with steam.

Method 1: Connecting The PS5 Controller To PC (Wired)

Probably the most straightforward method, you just need to connect your controller to your PC, and as long as you are running Windows 10, you are ready to go.

But you need a compatible cable that can connect to your PC port. PS5 has a USB-C port with the other end going into your PC.

What you need is a USB-C to USB-A cable that goes into your PC USB-A port, or if you are PC can accommodate USB-C devices, then USB-C to USB-C cable is required. Either way is fine.

However, if you have purchased the PS5 controller only, you will be disappointed to find that you have to pay extra for cables as these cables are only provided with the whole PS5.

They are not expensive, though, and you can get a pair of these cables for under 20 bucks from different websites.

If you have your cable with you, you need to plug the USB-C point into the front port on your controller. The other end of your wire will go into your PC port, depending on what port you are using.

USB-A is most common in PCs, and modern casings include several of these ports, so you are fine if you are USB type C to A cable.

PS5 dual sense controller also includes a 3.5mm audio jack, but it is currently not supported on windows, so you may have to go with a wireless headset and connect it directly to your PC if you want to enjoy gaming with full audio.

Method 2: Connect The Ps5 DualSense Controller To Your PC Via Bluetooth

You can opt for a wireless connection between your controller and your PC. maybe you are a couch player; you just want to lay back and play from a distance with comfort. Wireless connectivity is very comfortable, and there is no hassle in buying a new cable.

For dual sense wireless mode, you need a Bluetooth connection. If your motherboard has a Bluetooth connector, you can pair it with your PC.

If you don’t have built-in Bluetooth you will need an external Bluetooth device that can pair your Controller with your PC easily. You can easily buy a Bluetooth dongle from the local market, and they are not very expensive.

  1. First head to the settings and search for devices.

  2. After that, look for Bluetooth and devices, and press adds another Bluetooth device.

  3. A window will appear with the option to add a Bluetooth device.

  4. Press Bluetooth and your PC will start searching for available nearby devices to pair.

  5. On your PS5 dual sense controller, press and hold down the PS logo and share button at the same time. You have to do this for a while until you see you are connected with your system.

  6. You will know your controller is connected when the dual sense light will get stable, and your PC will show a wireless connector as a new device is added.

In some cases, your PC may ask for a pairing code; if you want to gain access to Bluetooth, you can just input 0000, as this is the default Bluetooth code. Your PC is now paired with your controller, and you can hop onto Steam and enjoy your games library.

How Do I Connect My PS5 Controller To Steam?

Using steam to play games with your PS5 controller is probably the easiest and most reliable way. Steam added support for dual sense shortly after the launch of PS5, and since then, it has improved a lot of things that make PS5 dual sense on PC enjoyable to use.

  1. To connect with steam, start with connecting your controller to your PC via Bluetooth or any compatible wire. You are looking for a big picture feature in steam. It will allow you to easily connect your gamepad without any issue.

  2. Open Steam and go to the view tab at the top of the window

You will see big picture mode. Select it, and you will enter into big picture mode.

  1. Go to settings and then look for controller settings. Click on it and then look at the bottom. You will see your PS5 controller listed as a wireless controller.

  2. Click on the wireless controller, and this will open configuration settings for your controller.

The steam big picture is mapped according to Xbox controller design, but you can configure it for your PS5 gamepad. Your buttons will automatically map mimicking Xbox controller design, but it’s not that different.

You can set custom load-outs for your controller, and assign your preferred sensitivity to the analog sticks. Calibrate them according to your playstyle.

Make sure to select the PlayStation configuration support in controller settings. With this enabled, you can bring up your controller settings anytime you want during the game just by pressing the PlayStation logo

The preferences option provides different settings for your controller, like naming a personal name for your controller, tuning your touchpad lightning and the LED around your controller.

Making The Controller Work With Non-Steam Games

PS5 dual sense works great with Steam and their support for PlayStation controllers. You can play any game that is living in your steam library ( given that its supports controller gameplay).

But what about other games that you own? By other, I mean non-steam games on your PC. other gaming platforms like Epic games, blizzard, and origins have tons of games in their library that many people play.

They might not have good support for PS5 controllers like steam does, and if they have, you don’t know how to organize your controller on those platforms.

What to do then? No need to worry; there are a few ways you can use your controller to play those games. First of all,

steam has an option to add non-steam games to its library. You can enjoy steam features while playing those games even though you haven’t bought them on steam. Here’s how.

  1. Open your steam client, and go to the games section at the top of your window. There you will see an option in the drop-down menu “add a non-steam game to my library”.

  2. Click it, and a new window will appear, showing all of the downloaded software and applications on your PC.

  3. Find and select the game you want to play and then click add selected programs. Your selected game will be added to the steam library, and you can play it without any worries on your controller.


This is third-party software you can easily download for free from the Github website. It is an emulator that maps Xbox gamepad controls on your PS5 controller and makes your PS5 responsive in every game like you are using an Xbox controller.

In other words, this app allows your PlayStation gamepad to disguise itself as an Xbox controller. It almost feels illegal, but it is safe to use until Sony realizes and shows some official PC support to PlayStation gamers.

Visit the GitHub website and download this software for free. Make sure to choose the correct version of files to download for your windows.

After you have downloaded, install the software, and you will be met with a dialog box with some options in front of you. Click install ViGEmBus Driver and agree with the terms and conditions.

After the drivers are installed, click finish and exit the software.

Now you can check and play with your PS5 controller. Your controller buttons will be mapped like an Xbox 360 controller, so you may have to figure them out yourself.

Why Won’t My Ps5 Controller Connect To The PC?

If you are trying to connect your controller to your Pc for the first time and, for some reason, you don’t get connectivity, or your PS5 doesn’t respond when you try to pair it through your PC, it’s not a big issue.

Everyone faces problems like these for the first time, and luckily you can troubleshoot these issues with quick efforts.

  1. You are trying to connect your PS5 controller through a USB-type C wire, but your PC doesn’t recognize your device. Make sure to check that the wire you are using is compatible to work with PS5 controllers.

  2. There are different kinds of type c cables available in the market that are solely used for charging purposes. Either if it is your mobile phone or headset.

  3. Get one that supports Bluetooth pairing or order original PS5 dual sense wired cables through online websites. They are not expensive, and you can get a pair at a low price

Another common issue that most users face when they are pairing their device through a wireless connection, i.e., Bluetooth pairing, is that their PC is not find any devices nearby.

This is not the case if you have a motherboard that has built-in Bluetooth. bu if you are using an external Bluetooth receiver for your controller to pair with a PC, you might face this issue at first

  1. I recommend using DriverEasy software. It’s a third-party app that is free for everyone to download. It is a great tool to download all the drivers required for your hardware at once. Just one click detects the drivers that are missing and keeps updating them.

  2. After installing the software, click scan and let it do its work for a few minutes. Your external Bluetooth dongle is a new device, and this software will detect it and download its drivers. It will save you the hassle of manually downloading your driver.

How To Install PS5 DualSense With ALL Features (Adaptive Triggers, Advanced Haptics)

PlayStation 5 introduced some new and exciting features to the audience that were well received by many. The first of these features was haptic feedback.

It’s an advanced version of haptic technology that allows a feel player to feel the environment they are exploring in-game.

It adds the immersive experience of gameplay; in short, your controller creates a sense of touch that the player with every responsive action they take.

Enabling haptic feedback may be a little tough for some, so here is how you can activate

Make sure to have your controller connected through USB-type C. this won’t work on a wireless connection.

Few games support these features natively, so this guide is here to explain how you can create your custom haptic feedback in other games.

Steam has released the support for rumble features for the games on their platform, so you don’t need to worry about those.

First, you need to download third-party software from the GitHub website or Steam. It is called DualSense X, and it is completely free of cost. This software help with creating custom feedback that replicates that exact feel.

1. Install it on your PC and open the software. You will see a clean Ui design open in the window in front of you.

2. Go to the settings tab and select controller. You will have to make some adjustments here to simulate the exact feel of advanced haptic feedback.

3. Once in the controller settings, select the right and left audio levels and tone them down to zero you are muting them, and enable the Audio Haptics.

The reason for doing this is to prevent the internal speakers of your PS5 controller from producing sound. That job will be done with your PC headset. You are keeping the motor sensitivity to 100, but the rest is done as you have told

Make sure to select the audio device on your PC to your headphones if you want to play any game. With PS5 controller speakers muted, you can enjoy the feedback vibrations, and it will sync with the sound coming from your headphones, creating a similar and enjoyable experience.

Adaptive Triggers

This feature is available to shooter games or any game that includes the use of weapons. Upon pressing the button mapped to trigger press in-game, the controller produces receptive vibrations that simulate the weapon recoil in the game.

Initially, when it was announced, this feature was non-existent for PC users, but after some time, some games were supported, and then Steam announced the official support that they are introducing this feature in their games, given the game allows it.

It is still not available to every game, but you can enable this on PC using DualSense X software just like you did for haptic feedback.

Open the software, and you will see different settings for your controller. Under the controller mode section, you can choose various settings to use as presets.

Avoid for hard trigger press gives strong reception that can be quite realistic and immersive when shooting your weapon in-game, but you are applying more pressure to your buttons, as the name suggests.

Choose your preferred vibration sensitivity according to your liking but remember to keep it under moderate levels.

Don’t go for a higher value because the higher you go, the more vibration they emit, and it could be damaging for your trigger in the long run

Once you are done, click applies and launch your favorite game. You can only use one profile at a time, but it gets the job done, so no complaining.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the PS5 controller on the PC?

You can use the PS5 controller on your PC without any difficulty. You can connect your controller through a compatible USB-C wire, or if you have access to Bluetooth on your PC, you can maintain a wireless connection and play without hassling with wires or staying close to your PC.

2. How do you reset a PS5 controller on a PC?

Shut down your console before attempting to reset your controller. There is a small pin-sized hole at the back of your controller. Poke it with a pin or something similar to a pin.

Hold it down for a few seconds. After that, plug it in and boot your PS5, presses the PS5 button. Your controller will default to its factory settings.

3. How do I update my PS5 controller on PC?

If your Ps5 controller is connected to your PS5, it might have updated automatically at the start or asked you to follow some instructions to update your device software.

If you wish to manually check the status of your controller software updates, go to your home screen and pick settings, then accessories, then controllers, and finally wireless controller device software.

4. How do I make my PS5 controller discoverable?

You will have to make sure your device is in pairing mode. For that, press the PS5 logo and the share button at the same time and hold it for a while until the light starts flashing. This means your device is now discovered and is paired to the console or your PC.

5. How do I charge my PS5 controller on my PC?

Your PS5 controller should be connected to your PC with a wired USB type C cable. Connect your controller to the PC, and it will charge while you are using it.

The led lights will glow orange, indicating that your device is charging. Once it is fully charged, the light will turn off, and you can use your controller wirelessly. It is recommended that you don’t use your controller while it’s charging.


PS5 dual sense controller is one of the best controllers you can get your hands on right now. Although indeed, PS5 does not enjoy the same level of freedom the Xbox controller does, and it is still hard to determine whether Sony will ease the restrictions and release some official support for its gamepad device, the dual sense controller is still fun to play on Pc.