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Janet in Training 04

Janet in Training 04

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"The last one I tried to train was willing, but unsatisfactory. All she really wanted to do was wear latex and look sexy."

"Well some girls are just fakes pretending that they're slave material," said Blanca.

"While others are the real thing," finished Stephanie.

"Yes, observed Blanca.

Idly, Janet noticed that Blanca's exertions while cropping her had produced a fine sheen of sweat on her tormentor's face. Blanca reached up with her free hand and wiped her brow, before delivering yet another series of punishing blows on Janet's naked skin.

"Still, she has yet to be fully trained," said Blanca.

"Once trained, she should wear someone's ring in her sex. But that is for later, and besides, it's Erica's decision."

"Mmmmph!" cried Janet from her gag.

Blanca reached forward and inserted her finger into Janet's sex, and found that she was quite wet. She removed her finger, and showed the proof to Janet herself.

"You're quite the bondage slut, you know. I think that you've already passed the point where you may never think of sex without bondage, hmmm? Asked Blanca.

In spite of her best efforts, it was hard not to be aroused by her punishment in the library. She only wished that Blanca would do something else, as the crop had struck her breasts many times.

"Enough," said Blanca, pausing.

"Not quite," said Stephanie, rising from her chair.

Stephanie was dressed in an old shirt, and worn blue jeans. She took the crop from Blanca, and proceeded to use it between Janet's legs!

The strokes were not hard, but each time that the leather pad struck Janet's thigh, it was like a small bolt of lightning coursed through her. Try as she might, Janet knew that she was driven to climax many times by the crop.


"That's much better," said Stephanie. "Now she's really in the mood."

"What's next?" Asked Blanca.

"She's yours, remember," answered Stephanie.

"How about the footstool?"

"Good choice. Girls just love the stool. Nothings more erotic than being tied down to the footstool, rubbing their breasts against it while I thrash their behinds," stated Stephanie.

In short order, Janet was released from the wall, and led, still gagged, over to the footstool. She recalled the first time that she had entered Stephanie's house, and seen Camille bound on the stool. Now it would be her turn!

Then she was quickly secured with ropes on her elbows and knees. Just to make certain that they were tight, Blanca cinched her bonds by adding an additional loop at 90 degrees to the strands that already her Janet to the stool's legs.

"There now, that should hold you," said Blanca.

Both dominants paused to admire Blanca's handiwork, and Stephanie patted Janet's behind gently.

"Do you have a paddle?" Asked Blanca.

"Sure," said Stephanie.

Stephanie produced not only a black leather paddle, but also the same dildo that Janet had seen used on Camille when she had been bound to the stool.

"Do you want to test her?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes. Though given how wet she is, I doubt that she'll be able to hold the dildo inside," said Blanca.

Blanca took the dildo, and knelt down behind Janet's upturned behind. The Janet winced as she felt two fingers open her sex, and the rigid dildo's tip was slowly inserted. She tried to pull away, and bucked as the invader slowly entered her sex. Even though she resisted, Blanca had no trouble inserting the phallus since Janet was already excited by what she had received so far.

Blanca pushed the dildo inside Janet, until Janet was squirming and fighting. It felt like the dildo was splitting her in two before Blanca stopped forcing it in.

"That's good," said Blanca, "now you keep that inside while I punish you, or else!"

Janet's cunt muscles were firmly clamped around the phallus, after having had the thing pushed inside her. With her behind sticking up in the air, she knew that it would be there that the paddle would be used.


Janet was unprepared for the first strike of the paddle. She had thought that Blanca would somehow ease into using the new instrument, but instead she had delivered a truly punishing bow with her first stroke. It was only with the greatest effort that she maintained control and managed to hold the phallus within.

Blanca then continued to punish first one buttock, then the other. Janet rubbed her bound nakedness against that black leather of the stool, and found herself only getting further aroused by her efforts.

"Why didn't you test her with the paddle first?" asked Stephanie.

"Because she's a slave, and should be used to punishment by now," answered Blanca.

Janet knew that her behind must be red by now, and she felt her punished skin slowly heat up with every impact of the leather paddle. She bit down on her gag, and stifled a cry.

Blanca paused and wiped her brow.

"Why don't you get out of that dress?" asked Stephanie.

"Not yet. The only time I will take this dress off will be for bed."

Blanca reached down between Janet's legs, and made sure that the dildo was still firmly inserted in Janet's sex. When she gently shifted the shaft slightly, Janet was unable to contain a moan, which was the only sound in the library.

"She certainly has control for one so untrained," commented Blanca.

"Perhaps you should test her further," advised Stephanie.

Both Dominants were suddenly startled by a knock on the door.

"Come in," ordered Stephanie.

Camille appeared, still in her Maid's outfit.

"The Dungeon has been cleaned, Mistress," said Camille.

"Good, I'll be down to inspect it later. Blanca will not need you tonight, but perhaps I will, after I have inspected your work. Now go!"

"Yes, Mistress," Camille answered before departing.

Blanca then continued to punish her behind again, heating up the flesh to such a degree that Janet knew that she would have a hard time sitting down at work all week. She was sure that her ass was bright red, and that the flesh was blistering from the many impacts that she had endured.

"Mmmmmph!" cried Janet.

Still the paddle struck her flesh, and she began to cry. Would there be no end to this singular form of discipline?

Blanca inspected her work by rubbing her hands again Janet's skin. Janet flinched when she felt how cold in comparison Blanca's hands were against her heated behind.

Still, the dildo remained inside! Janet was sure that she would suddenly lose control and it would slip out in the excitement.

"There now girl," soothed Blanca, "almost done."

Janet wondered if her behind was again going to be paddled, but instead felt Blanca's hands reach upwards to her breasts. Then her nipples were fondled and pinched, and Janet again squirmed against the leather.


"Not yet," said Blanca.

Janet felt herself explode in a series of orgasms that came one after another. She rubbed against the leather like a cat in heat, and tried to draw in all the air she could through her nose. She felt like she would have passed out.

Finally, it was over! She relaxed against the leather, and after collecting her wits, realized that the dildo was still inside her!

Blanca then reached between Janet's legs and pulled the dildo out, which was glistening with Janet's juices. Janet watched, quite curious, what would happen to her next!

"You have excellent control," pronounced Blanca.


"Would you like me to remove her gag?" asked Stephanie.

"Yes, I think that she's earned it," said Blanca.

Janet felt Stephanie's fingers pull the leather strap from roller buckle and their tension was suddenly released. The ball was removed, and Janet breathed deeply.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet between gasps.

"It's quite late," said Blanca.

"What do you want next?" asked Stephanie.

"I'd like to have her for night, if that's all right with you," said Blanca.


Janet found herself quickly released from her footstool, with the rope straps uncoiled on the floor. She was made to coil them up neatly on the desk, placed next to the paddle, ball gag, and riding crop.

Then her hands were locked behind her back, and she was pulled along by Blanca inserting a finger through a D ring on her collar.

"Don't forget the key for her shoes," cautioned Stephanie, "I don't want my sheets torn."

"Sorry," answered Blanca.

Stephanie handed Blanca a set of keys, as if she were giving away a set of car keys.

"Enjoy yourself," said Stephanie.

Janet was pulled along to a bedroom, and was not surprised to see her locked to the foot of a four poster bed. She watched in silence as Blanca zipped herself out of the leather dress and placed it on a hanger she removed from the closet. Her tormentor was wearing a set of lacy black feminine underwear, and stockings with a garter belt. Soon, she was nude.

"That's better," said Blanca.

"You're quite beautiful, Mistress," commented Janet.

"Thank you. You're quite a good little girl for having kept the dildo inside you. Therefore, I've decided to use you for the night."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Janet expected that they would both bathe first, and Blanca would make Janet serve as her bath girl in the process. Instead, she was quickly unlocked including her shoes, and both got between the sheets. Her collar to the bedpost locked Janet, which was her only method of confinement.

While Janet had only made love before to Tiffany, Blanca quickly devoured her. The Dominant consumed her hurt flesh, bringing Janet again and again to orgasms, making her body buck and shake with each climax.

Then Janet had to service Blanca's cunt, which she did to the best of her ability. Blanca didn't complain, only pulling at Janet's hair to force her deeper in her willing sex.

Finally, both were worn out and Janet glanced at the clock, which read 3 AM. She glanced at Blanca, and saw that the Dominant was asleep with soft snores coming from her body.

The sheets were damp with their sweat and juices, and Janet felt dirty yet fulfilled. She had finally satisfied a Mistress!

Saturday morning started unusually for Janet. Unlike before, Janet and Camille were responsible for bathing and dressing both Stephanie and Blanca. Janet used everything that she had been taught both in Erica's and Stephanie's house to attend to the Mistress and her guest. She did her duties naked, and wished that she could take a quick shower, but had to wait. Camille was dressed in a black latex Maid's outfit, which was surely uncomfortable to wear in the hot and steamy bathroom.

After both women were cleaned and dressed, they went downstairs. Janet was finally alone with Camille.

"I'm to give you a quick bath, then you're to be dressed in a uniform like mine," said Camille.

For Janet, a quick bath in reality meant a long time soaking in a hot and steamy tub. The hot water both stung and soothed her aching flesh and she again felt every stroke of the paddle and whip.

Camille then took her into one of the bedrooms and dressed her in a uniform similar to hers. She wore a rubber panty and bra underneath, plus her usual high heels. She stood still as Camille zipped her into the uniform.

Camille then changed her own uniform that had become hot and sweaty with her work. She gave herself a quick birdbath as Janet knelt in the bedroom.

"Ready?" asked Camille.

"It's a little strange wearing clothes again," said Janet.

"You'll get used to this, I imagine," laughed Camille.

"My brother was in the wrestling squad in high school. He had a rubber outfit that he used to wear just prior to a match so he could quickly lose some weight to get an advantage over someone in a lesser weight class. After he quit the squad, I used to wear it also," said Janet.

"Did it make you feel sexy?" asked Camille.

"Not like this," said Janet, admiring herself in the mirror.

"We're supposed to serve both Mistresses today, with you properly dressed so don't make any mistakes! I don't want to have to work all day with a dildo inside me! Okay?"

"Yes, Mistress," answered Janet.

For that Saturday, Janet worked in her latex uniform serving as a Maid. She again helped Camille with all of the housework and cooking. She didn't say anything when they made Stephanie's room up, though she could guess what had happened there the previous night by the bed's condition.

She could smell the sweaty sheets and the juices on the bed, and knew that Camille and her Mistress had been in bed together. Under the bed, she found a dildo and riding crop, and gave them to Camille.

"Good, I've got to store these away," said Camille.

"You told me that you were hired just as a regular Maid. Then why did you stay after........."

"After I found out about Stephanie's unusual interests? Maybe I was bored, or looking for something different. In any event, I found what I wanted," said Camille.

The two women did all the cooking and cleaning together, and Janet found that working in a latex uniform made her feel sexy and interesting. Whenever she moved, she loved the rustle of the latex, and the way it clung to her figure. The heat of her body generated sweat, which somehow made her feel even more excited. Soon, the uniform had molded itself to her figure.

Remarkably, neither Dominant decided to use either slave during the day. Janet wondered if during the week, Stephanie amused herself with Camille. Thus both of them were able to get their work done without any interference.

Finally, Dinner came and Camille cooked and Janet served. She did everything that Camille had told her to, and it seemed to go all right. She managed not to spill anything throughout the entire meal.

When the dining room was cleared both Dominants rose and left for the library.

"Please join us in ten minutes," said Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Camille and Janet in unison.

Janet eyed Camille silently. What was going to happen tonight? Would she again be subjected to something new and different in the Dungeon, or would she be punished as before?

Both slaves entered the library as instructed and stood silently awaiting instructions.

"Camille, I want you to go with Blanca to the Dungeon to get ready. Janet, I want you to stay with me for a while," ordered Stephanie.

After they were left alone, Janet stood in silence as she awaited her next command from her Mistress.

"Janet, come to the desk, please?" asked Stephanie, who was seated behind it.

"Yes, Mistress," answered Janet as she did what she was instructed.

Stephanie removed the instruments of a Dominant. The ballgag, riding crop, whip, clips, and cuffs.

"Tell me, Janet. Have you ever handled a riding crop before?" asked Stephanie.

"I rode a horse once. They gave them out, but I never had to use it."

"What happened?"

"I fell off the horse."

Stephanie laughed.

"And are you familiar with any of these objects, or have any at home? Tell me, you're not allowed to keep secrets from your Mistress."

Janet choked. She had never told Erica that she had gone to shops in New York City and purchased cuffs and heels that she wore at night. Would this earn her a beating?

"Since I became a slave to Mistress Erica, I went and purchased a set of cuffs and a collar to wear when I'm naked at home. It's comforting, and reminds me of Erica," confessed Janet.

"Good. I'm sure that Erica will be glad to know that you think of her even when you're not in the Dungeon," said Stephanie.

"Thank you, Mistress," answered Janet.

"Pick up the crop," ordered Stephanie.

"Mistress?" questioned Janet.

"Pick up the crop," again ordered Stephanie, "or do I have to strike your behind with it?"

Hesitantly, Janet reached out and grasped the leather handle. She picked up it with her right hand grasping the handle. With her left, she ran her fingers over its entire length.

"You can flex it," said Stephanie, "it won't bite."

Doing as she was told, Janet imitated Stephanie's motions with the crop.

"How long have you been a slave, Janet?" asked Stephanie.

"Five months," Janet answered.

"During that time, have you ever wondered just what it might feel to hold a crop, or to use it on someone else? Answer me and be truthful," questioned Stephanie.

"Yes, Mistress. I've often thought about how it might feel if I used a riding crop," admitted Janet.

"Would you like to?" asked Stephanie.

"Mistress!" exclaimed Janet.

"Come now. You've enough stripes on your flesh. Wouldn't you like to administer some on another slave girl?" asked Stephanie.

Janet was struck speechless. Sure, she had fantasized about it, except that she knew the pain that she would be causing if she wielded the crop herself. There was no way that she would ever want to inflict pain on someone, especially not another slave girl!

"If you don't reply, there's at least twenty strokes for you with my most painful crop," said Stephanie.

"I wouldn't like to whip someone else, Mistress," Janet replied cautiously.

"Would you rather take the punishment yourself, then?"

"What punishment?" asked Janet.

"Earlier, Camille made a mistake today. I told her that she would get punished for it. It doesn't matter who administers the strokes, just so long as it gets done. I am offering her to you, just for tonight. Will you accept my offer, or get double hers?"

"Mistress?" Janet was unable to decide what to do!

"Decide, Janet. Either I punish you severely, or you punish Camille. It's all part of being a slave. And I'll tell Erica what a disobedient slave you were, especially on your last night with me," cautioned Stephanie.

The words choked in Janet's mouth, not the crop again for her!


"Mistress, I'll punish Camille," said Janet in a low voice.

"Speak louder," Stephanie ordered.

"Mistress, I'll punish Camille," Janet repeated.

"Good, that wasn't so hard," said Stephanie as she rose from behind her desk.

"Mistress?" asked Janet, not sure what was to happen next.

"Come now, you have to get dressed. You can't dominate someone dressed in a Maid's uniform with collar and bracelets," said Stephanie.

Earlier that day, it had been Camille and Janet that had bathed and prepared Stephanie and Blanca. Now, the role was somewhat reversed as Janet was ushered to a bedroom, and was quickly divested of her shoes, collar and bracelets. Next, the rubber uniform came off, and had to be peeled slowly from Janet's form.

Finally came the rubber bra and panties, and Janet had a hard time removing them, as they had stuck to her skin.

"I have another set like this," began Stephanie, "That have nubs inside the bra cups and crotch to keep you excited. Perhaps you'll get to wear them on your next visit. I often make Camille wear them, just to keep her excited all day."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Now take a quick shower, and we'll get ready," ordered Stephanie.

Doing as she was told, Janet bathed quickly under a hot shower. She felt like the sweat from the rubber was melting off from her.

When she emerged, Stephanie dried her off, and helped with her hair. She selected a leather skirt, bra, thigh high black boots, and long opera gloves, all in black leather for Janet. Putting them on made Janet feel very strange, since she was now wearing the clothing of a Dominant instead of a slave!

For herself, Stephanie wore a sleeveless black leather Catsuit. Janet helped Stephanie into it, and zipped it up the back. She wore a pair of five-inch heels to compliment the outfit.

"There now," said Stephanie, "Don't we look better than being naked?"

"Yes, Mistress," said Janet as she admired herself in the full-length mirror.

"Come now," ordered Stephanie.

"No blindfold, Mistress?" asked Janet.

"Blindfolds are for slaves," answered Stephanie.

When they arrived in the Dungeon, Janet was not surprised to see just what Stephanie had ordered. Camille was chained as Janet usually was. She was naked, and wore a collar and bracelets. The bracelets were locked to spreader bars, which spread-eagled Camille into the shape of an X. She was wearing a blindfold and ball gag.

Blanca had changed into a latex bodysuit and high heels, which hugged every curve of her figure. She stood silently, waiting next to her handiwork.

"Good job, Blanca," complimented Stephanie.

"Thank you, Stephanie."

Stephanie had instructed Janet to remain silent when they entered the Dungeon. She pointed to Camille, and shook her head up and down, indicating yes.

Hesitantly, Janet strode over to Camille. She saw how the Maid was now confined and stretched as she had normally been. Janet saw how her breasts stuck out, and each rib below the skin was visible. How Camille bore the many stripes of her slavery to Stephanie.

Stephanie motioned for her to begin. Janet started by gently stroking Camille's breasts, pulling at them and pinching her erect nipples. She then traced the furrow between her breasts directly down to her sex. She toyed with her pubic hair, pulling at the soft strands. This made Camille flinch within her chains. Walking around, she gently felt Camille's back with her fingers, finally ending there by pulling her buttocks apart and seeing her anus.

Becoming bolder, she circled around to the front. She then cupped Camille's sex with one hand, and slowly inserted one finger into her furrow. This made Camille stiffen within her chains, and Janet could see the girl tense as her digit invaded her.

"Continue," ordered Stephanie.

Janet returned to pinching Camille's nipples, seeing how excited and flushed she had become from her earlier examination. Camille, like Janet, had been well trained to respond to her Mistress.

Janet then walked to Camille's back and unbuckled her blindfold and ball gag. Camille blinked several times to adjust to the bright lights and saw that it was Janet who had been fondling her!

"Mistress?" asked Camille.

"I've decided that Janet should use you tonight, Camille."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. Proceed, Janet," ordered Stephanie.

Selecting a riding crop with a broad leather tip, she circled Camille. For the first time, it wasn't Janet that was going to receive punishment. This time, she was holding the crop, and she was going to use it.

She administered her first stroke with a gentle slap on Camille's outer thigh. It produced a barely audible thwack in the silence.

Before Stephanie could order her, Janet slowly and with ever increasing force began to strike at that exposed parts of Camille's nakedness. She struck her breasts and nipples, making Camille flinch within her chains. Then she stuck at Camille's flat belly, leaving a few red marks around her belly button. Then she laid a few between Camille's thighs, slapping the crop from one side to another.

Satisfied, and confident that the crop would not explode into flame because a slave was handling it, Janet became more adventurous. She walked around, and proceeded to strike at Camille's behind. She left many red marks on the Maid's behind.

Janet loved the feel and the smell of the leather that she was wearing. It interacted with her own sweat, and Janet resolved that she would buy clothing like this to wear at home. She knew that she was excited by what she was doing. Janet knew that she was very wet with excitement.

The day before, she had been tied onto the footstool getting cropped with a dildo inside her sex. Now she was the Dominant, and it felt very different!

"You may use what instruments you desire," said Stephanie.

Janet walked over to an open cabinet. Within, she saw a coiled whip, clamps, a dildo, and many other things. She grabbed a handful of clamps, and went back to attend to Camille.

Without saying a word, she placed on clamp on Camille's right nipple. She gradually tightened the device until it stayed of it's own accord. Then she applied another to the left nipple. She then applied two more to Camille's outer lips of her sex.

"Mistress, please," plead Camille.

"Do you want more?" asked Janet, suddenly.

"No, Mistress," replied the chain girl.

Janet pulled at the clamps that she had placed on Camille's flesh. Each time she did so, Camille flinched in her chains. She pulled to get away, but the chains were implacable. What could a naked girl do against steel and leather?

When she went to remove the coiled whip from the cabinet, Stephanie told her that since she was not trained in it's use, she should remove the clamps first. Doing as she was ordered to, Janet then tested the whip by striking out into empty air.

"Ready for the whip?" asked Janet.

"Yes, Mistress," Camille answered.

Janet began again by striking slowly and softly. She didn't want to hurt Camille, not really, but she did want to show Stephanie that she was serious about the whip. With each stroke, the whip curled itself around Camille's naked form.

Janet saw the marks that she was leaving, and knew just how long before they would heal. Since Camille had been a slave for a long time, they were just one of many that were already there.

She struck silently, circling and never striking the same place twice. Her aim was inexperienced, so her strokes often landed where she did not expect them too. Still, Camille's sex and breasts often received a stroke, making her squeal and moan.

Janet continued carefully, aware that every move she was making was under the observation of both Stephanie and Blanca. She did not use the full force of her arm with each stroke, since that would wound Camille. Instead, she cracked the whip with just enough force to leave a red mark.

After what seemed like an eternity, she inspected her efforts. Tears ran down Camille's cheeks, and her makeup was streaked. Her body was covered in red marks from Janet's whip and crop.

Janet then coiled the whip and presented the handle to Camille.

"Kiss it," ordered Janet, "or else they'll be a few more."

"Yes, Mistress," said Camille as she kissed the whip handle.

Janet then inserted her fingers again into Camille's sex, and found that she was even more wet than before. Finally, she pinched Camille's nipples again before she decided that she was finished.

"I'm done, slave," Janet said.

Janet walked back over to Stephanie and handed her the whip, handle first.

"Thank you, Mistress," said Janet.

"Very good, Janet. You show promise, no matter what side of the whip you're on," said Stephanie.

Janet felt deep inside her that something had changed. Still, that night she spent the evening alone chained in a bedroom. Her hands had been linked to her collar so that she couldn't touch herself. Janet ground her thighs together, wanting release from her frustration. But that had been denied to her by Stephanie.

The End of Chapter Four

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