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com dating scene and hadn't yet discovered the really kinky ones, but I was a lot surprised when I saw in my matches a pic of my son's music teacher. It was near the end of his ninth grade, & I'd met her in passing at Parent's Night, stuff like that. Never had I guessed I'd find her looking on the same site I was. I tossed a ‘wink’ her way first, half expecting her to block me from her profile. Instead I got a short mail commenting she was flattered by my interest. I sent a reply one saying, "why wouldn't I be hot for teacher?" That started an exchange that ran all that week, even from her computer in the classroom while her students worked on that day's assignment. She commented once she noticed my son walked & talked a lot like me. I was startled that she'd even noticed MY walk!

That weekend we started chatting until late into the night. I don't know if it was fate or lust held the upper hand, but I commented since Monday was a holiday, the best way I could think of spending it was meeting her as person to person, not parent-teacher. Her reply was "230 pm" and her home address. I asked, "seriously?" She posted a nodding head emoticon and said she had to go right then, & would see me Monday. I showed up at her door not knowing what to expect, since I had made mention of my tendency to d/s retraints, spanking and more in the profile she'd connected with me through... She opened the door, wearing a plain blouse & skirt welcoming me, inviting me in. When I straightened up from removing my hikers, I was startled beyond my best dream for that moment. The blouse and skirt were in a puddle of fabric by her feet & she was kneeling, eyes looking slightly downward. She was just wearing a black lace bra & tiny leopard print bikinis. "Stand up" was all I said, & she rose to stand in front of me, trembling. "Got something you need to know?" I asked. She nodded. "Well?" I asked her, "What is it girl?" She looked up shyly & stepped forward, face upturned to invite my kiss. That kiss started in the living room, but lasted all the way through My removing her underwear & the short trip down the hallway to her bedroom. I used her bra & a couple of hand towels to bind her hands above her head and parted her thighs with one hand as I pulled off My shirt with the other. She was soaked, arching her pussy up to meet My touch hungrily as I stroked her wet pink slit. "You loud?" I asked, as she nodded, "do I need to gag you?" "No sir, nobody will hear us, " she replied breathily. I plunged 1, 2, then 3 fingers deep inside her, as I began massaging her g-spot & she raised her ass to meet the internal massage, as I began to use my free hand and tongue to tease her clit. She came in seconds, but kept thrusting her crotch upward, begging for more. For more than an hour I brought her to climax after climax until she was begging for mercy. "No mercy here love, " I purred as I finally dropped my jeans, exposing my rock-hard cock to her. I leaned in over the head of the bed for her to clean the pre-cum off me, and had to scold her as she tried to swallow me immediately. Lifting her quivering, athletic legs onto my shoulders, I rammed myself deep into her wetness, pounding her like I hadn't been laid in years. I remember her screaming "yes... oh god yes..." before she went off like a bomb, her first time with my cock inside her, though she'd already come at least 4 or 5 times with My fingers and tongue. I felt the heat of her pussy gripping Me, releasing a flood of fresh wetness as I kept jamming My cock into her overheated cunt, lining my hardness to bump directly againt her G-spot with almost every stroke... As I felt the come boiling in my balls I was going into overdrive, in the final minute, pouring my cum into her, draining my balls in a spasm that made my spine curve, which triggered her deep orgasm, gushing out around my cock and balls, flowing down between us onto her bed as a deep scream came from the depths of her body and her eyes rolled back and she lay shaking.

I was feeling on the verge of weak as she lay gasping, shaking pressed against My nakedness with hers, her pussy muscles still fluttering slightly. When shr regained her senses somewhat I asked if she was okay. She nodded, staring at me wide-eyed... whispering," I... I have never in my life had an orgasm anything close to that." "you going to be okay now?" I asked as I lifeted off her and loosened her hands. "Thank you Sir" she finally whispered hoarsely, "may I use the washroom before I have a pee accident?" I nodded as I untied the towel from her wrists. I was waiting for my turn to go drain myself, as she came out a minute or two later, to ask if I wanted a quick shower to rinse the sweat off ...I nodded and sent her to start the shower, heard the shower start as I walked those several unstead steps to the bathroom, and found her water spattering down over her, as she knelt in the tub awaiting me. I glanced at the toilet but stepped into the shower, and took my semi-hard cock in hand and aimed at her, giving her just enough time to close her mouth... My stream of piss was strong, splashing over her face and down over her full breasts , even aiming myself for her clipped nest of curls I pissed over her. Then I passed her the soap to begin washing me, which she did with care and intense sensuality. She latherd my cock until I became hard again and I told her to masturbate me, her soft soapy hands had me teetering at the edge in nearly no time, and I spurted out my white goo into her shoort curls and massaged my come into her hair. Having freshened myself, I stepped out onto the mat and told her to lather herself so we could have a snack before going back to her bed again. That got a reaction like a hound after a rabbit! in no time she was soaped, rinsed and standing naked by Me, drying my back, before falling to her knees in front of me. Then we were off to her kitchen, still nude, for sandwiches and icy beer, before returning to her bedroom. With the beer and that last late climax, I needed to stop at her bathroom, and motioned her to go on to the bedroom.

As I opened the door, she was kneeling, waiting. "Is there something else now girl?" She nodded, and reached out to take my cock in her hands, guide it into her mouth and sucked until I was hard again. "Do whatever else you want to me now Sir," she paused an instant, "I know you will want to slap Me and do other things... I just wish you to know you will be the first to ever fuck this slutty girl's ass Sir," she gasped, before swallowing my erection to the balls again. Once fully hard, I drew her up on her feet, pushed her towards the bed and knelt her on all fours and slid easily into her cummy snatch. She gasped and moaned as I slammed into her doggie style, wetness gushing out as I plunged into her, and a slight moan of disappointment as I slipped out suddenly. Before she could react, I was using our mingled wetness as lube and shoved my 7 1/2" half way into her ass. By the time her body started to become tensed up, I was buried balls-deep in her ass. I slapped her cheeks warning her to relax or suffer, I wasn't going to stop. "Yes, yes Sir, " she moaned, "I'll do my best... I never had it there before is all..." "Your cherry bum," I said low, "is no more...never anymore baby..." I chuckled as I drew back slowly, and slowly began fucking her tight butt. "It's mine now, so relax and enjoy it; the first time is usually the worst..." I began slapping her full ass cheeks, alternating slowly, getting a little harder eack smack. "I don't know if my knees are going to hold out much longer she whimpered, as they shook beneath her. "Let go, I'll move with you, " I said into her ear softly. Lying on her tummy, crying out into her pillow she began to hump back into my thrusts, gasping that it felt like I was pressing into her pussy as I screwed her virgin ass. I spared her nothing, then as she climaxed from the pressure of erect man-flesh through the inner walls of her sensitive woman-flesh. The tightening brought me to my second climax, pouring a heavy load of cum into her butt. I waited til I was softened before I withdrew from her. "Would Sir like a cold beer?" she asked softly, still lying on her tummy, gasping for breath. "Yes, but no wiping the cum off yourself ‘til after I go, " I answered, knowing from an email she sent that morning that she had to pick her son up from her parents place by 8. She returned with the beer, and knelt at my feet, letting cum leak from her. She’d done more than I'd have imagined for a first date. She asked if I wanted to shower alone or with her. I said, "well, since I'm going to come in your hair and leave it this time, it makes sense to shower together doesn't it?" She nodded, smiling. We finished the beer as I followed her to the bathroom, where as the water slowly warmed she sucked me hard once more, using her hands and mouth skilfully until I was nearly there, then wrapping a handful of her short curls in my hand, I jacked off, cum spurting over her damp, soft hair. We lathered and scrubbed leisurely 'til we were both cleaner than when we met, only hours before. "Want to spend the afternoon Friday?" she asked, "I have a half day off. I can get grandma to look after D again for a few hours." I nodded. "You want to keep meeting with me I take it then?" She nodded, looking up at me with shining eyes, "very much Sir." she breathed as she kissed me once more, unprompted. "Okay, so long as you meet me online to get a few rules sorted out, " I said sternly. Her head nodded her assent. That was the start of one of the best spring-summer romances I've had in my life, ending when she was transferred to another school unexpectedly just before school went back in the fall. I still have fond memories and feel a certain hotness for my son's former teacher.

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