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Unexpected Visitor Part Five

Unexpected Visitor Part Five

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It had been a long day and although Brett and I had been looking forward to climbing into bed together, we were both so tired that we virtually fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows. However, what must have been a couple of hours later, I woke up as I went to turn on to my left side, because I rolled into the naked body of my bed partner. He was facing away from me and lying in a sort of half foetal position with his beautiful round ass right against me. I was still half asleep and I hadn’t woken Brett with my movement. The warmth of his body so close to me was overwhelming and I wanted so much to spoon up to him, mimicking his position. This had made me very horny and I pressed my hips forward slightly until the tip of my dick touched the crack of Brett’s ass and slid gently to the top of the beautiful soft crevice. I put my right arm over the top of Brett’s body and placed the palm of my hand on his chest. He didn’t wake up fully but groaned and gently pushed back against me causing the now hard shaft of my cock to lie deeper in his crack. Our naked bodies were now firmly against each other virtually from shoulders to feet. The feeling was so good. I just lay there so comfortably nestled against this awesome young man. I must have drifted back to sleep as the next thing I knew was that Brett was turning over and throwing his arm across me. I could feel his full on erection pressing against my belly. I opened my eyes to see Brett’s head raised off the pillow and him smiling at me. I rolled onto my back and he followed me stopping right on top of me. He whispered something about not being able to get enough of this. I laughed quietly and said "join the club." Now it was Brett who was calling the shots as he took both our cocks in his big hand and massaged them together. In no time the pre-cum was flowing again and we were wide awake but at the same time, we were both still a bit short on energy. Brett climbed off me and asked me to turn on my right side as he wanted to spoon me now. This I did and then the feeling of Brett pushing up against me and his hot cock lying in the crack of my ass, was unbelievable. It was well lubricated with pre-cum and he started to hump my crack slowly. I pushed my ass out towards him as his cockhead slid over my tight hole and up the length of my crack, then all the way back down. While he was doing this, his left hand was rubbing my pre-cum all over my cock. I had to tell him to stop or I would lose control and blow another load. So he just cupped my balls for a while as he gently fucked my ass cheeks until he had to stop also. He suddenly flopped back on the bed face up and willed his twitching dick to hold back. We were both getting a lot of practise at edging but neither of us wanted to prolong the agony (or ecstasy) for much longer. I asked Brett if he wanted to go to the next step and try fucking me. He said that he was certainly in the right frame of mind to give it a go but he didn’t have any condoms. I then confessed that I had brought a small supply of rubbers and lube with me – just in case. I had earlier placed these ‘supplies’ in the top drawer of my bedside table and just reached over and we were in business. I knew this was the first time for Brett and, in fact, I had only ever taken it in the ass on two previous occasions. The light of a nearly full moon was beaming through the window so we left the light off. Brett grabbed a condom and the lube, and soon had his hard dick covered and slicked up. He seemed well practiced at this and when I asked him where he leared all about fitting condoms, he said they did it at school in a sex education class. "Wow! " I said, "We never got to do anything like that." While Brett was preparing himself I lubed up my ass in readiness for this next stage of our adventure. All this happened pretty quickly so there was very little loss of our heightened excitement. Brett seemed to know what to do. He said later that he had watched a fair bit of porn on the net so everything seemed to go well. I was on my knees and presenting my ass to Brett. He slid his slicked up rod between my cheeks again, this time spending more time teasing my hole as he went. It wasn’t long before he changed tack a little and began rubbing his slippery fingers all around my hole and slipping a finger part way in, then two fingers as I was starting to relax more. I was amazed at how well Brett was doing. He had me a squirming mess in no time and began to prod my widening hole with the tip of his cock. Then he started to push a little at a time and really began to open me up. I didn’t think that I was going to be able to take his big dick but I let him proceed. He was so gentle about it and it wasn’t long before I felt the head ease inside of me. I let out a gasp but forced myself to relax and then Brett pushed in further and further. The feeling of his hot hard cock in me was both a bit painful and also really erotic. He slowly started to pump his dick in and out – not all the way – just back and forth. Suddenly the pain seemed to disappear and was replaced with a tremendous feeling of ecstasy. I was urging Brett to go harder and it seemed that I couldn’t get enough of his incredible cock. He was soon pounding away as hard as he could go and I could hear and feel his balls slapping against my ass. Our first time at this didn’t last all that long. There was no way I could stop my orgasm when it happened. The effect of Brett’s cock massaging my prostate was unbelievable and I suddenly tensed up and let fly with a load of cream that I would not have thought I had left in me. At about the same time Brett let out a loud grunt and blasted into the condom deep within my ass. We both collapsed on to the bed, Brett still inside me. We were both panting like savage bulls and sweating profusely. Very slowly, Brett’s cock slipped out of me as it softened a little. We were both in such a mess that we headed for the shower together. We soaked up the warm water and soaped each other down, rinsed and dried off before heading back to the mess of our bed. I stripped the bottom sheet off as it was not fit to sleep on. I threw it in a corner of the room for washing later and we just lay on top of the bed falling asleep very quickly. This was a long, deep slumber for us both.

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