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Dilemma 7 Assaulted

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Mr Penis has caused me great distress, I ended up in hospital for an extended period, no joke. Mary's husband, a jealous man, was told by someone that I had been sexually harassing her. Not true, I was fucking her, with her consent. Anyway he followed me from work one day and threatened me, and things got out of hand and we had a punch up. I am a lover, not a fighter and he got in a lucky punch and broke my jaw, hence hospitalization for a time. I informed Mary that I did not tell him anything, and naturally her visiting me in hospital was not a good idea.

Krystal accepted, my explanation that I was randomly attacked on the street, and left it at that. When I got home, life with Krystal, continued with the usual pleasantries, the occasional sex encounters at her convenience.But this didn't bother me greatly as I had two other interests at work, namely Tracey and Mary. Well maybe not Mary anymore, given what happened, but we'll see.

<span class="underline">The lead up to the assault was as follows :

Tracey and Mary actually teamed up at work, to tease and encourage me to respond to their little games. It was like being teenagers again, flirting and playing. It certainly made work more interesting.

Tracey actually was pushing for me to flirt with Mary, and often told me what Mary had asked about me, like - "What is his cock like , was it good, I've never fucked a white guy, does he really call his cock Mr Penis"?

It was real tease at work, because Tracey was getting really confident and playful, though really careful and discreet with her indiscretions/games. Tracey would be the grasp of my buttocks, while walking, she would flash her breasts/nipples briefly when she knew I was looking and she was out of others eyesight. Sometimes when sitting in my line of vision, she would part her legs and hike her dress up a little revealing no panties, a free peak at her camel toe, quickly covering when someone approached - this was driving me nuts, as Mr Penis would react and I would be walking around with a boner in my pants, much to the amusement of the girls.

Mary was aware of this as they shared their secrets, Mary was not as brazen as Tracey, but would wriggle her ass, lick her lips and wink, when I was near.

Tracey told me Mary, loved her neck being kissed, and light blowing in her ears. So I obliged and occasionally crept up behind Mary and lightly blew in her ear or lightly touched her neck. She would respond with a shiver and light utter of surprise and delight. Her smile would beam, and she involuntarily raised a hand and touched her breasts to where her nipples would be through her top. I'm not she was aware she was doing it, and if I persisted, Mary would eventually excuse herself to go to the female toilets.

Tracey told me later that Mary, went to have a little play and stimulate herself, thinking of me, occasionally having an orgasm.

I was impressed that I had that affect on Mary, so that when Tracey told me Mary had just gone to the storeroom to unpack supplies, Mr Penis stirred. Tracey winked at me and whispered, telling me to go and surprise Mary, to try and seduce her, but I must be assertive, she repeated be I must be firm and forceful if need be. Tracey whispered she would keep watch for anybody coming, and touch her self while thinking of what might be happening in the storeroom.

I didn't need any more encouragement, quickly and quietly I opened the storeroom door and entered, Mary was totally engrossed in what she was doing. I crept up behind her and put my arms around her waist holding her firmly, while my lips kissed her neck, saying guess who. Mary shrieked and tried to struggle a little, she then realized it was me and relaxed, allowing me to lightly blow her ear and continue to kiss her neck. She responded with soft moans a pleasure as my hands moved from her waste up to her covered breasts, massaging/stimulating responses from her, she thrust back a little her ass pushing onto my hard covered cock.

Mary said," Oh my is that who I think it is pushing into me, Mr Penis ? helper of ladies in distress"!

I continued to kiss her neck was sending signals all over her body, she moved slowly and continued with pleasurable sounds. Tracey was right , this really pushed her buttons, I could feel the sexual heat increasing markedly from her body.

Mary turned forcefully against my hold, eager to be face to face, her eyes found mine, her full lips found mine and the passion/power and suction delivered was in itself orgasmic as we kissed. Wow, I was lost in the moment, we passionately kissed for what seemed hours, it was breath taking. Mr Penis was sending immediate signals that he wanted some of those lips around him, he poked harder for release.

Mary's hands found the bulge in my pants, saying, " I've been fantasizing about this moment for a long time, ever since Tracey said Mr Penis was a good looker and so satisfying, it's time to meet"!

With precision Mary undid my belt, and trousers, knelt, and whisked my underpants to the floor. Mr Penis sprung out right to the very tip of her lips, omg it was almost orgasm time just thinking of those lips around my cock, pre-cum oozed. Mary cupped my balls with one hand, while the other held my shaft, her tongue came out from those beautiful lips an licked my pre-cum, then she lightly kissed the tip of Mr penis. Fucking wow, the warmth of her lips and tongue sent shivers all over my body. Mary commenced to slowly take Mr Penis further into her mouth increasing the suction slowly expertly, her lips taking more and more of Mr Penis, her hands working my shaft and balls. I wanted to shout and tell the whole world how fucking great this felt, but I remembered where I was , and I savored the moment.

Mary was aware the increased sensitivity of Mr Penis, so she increased her sucking and shaft movements, squeezing my balls. My body stiffened, I arched my back and thrust, exploding a huge load of cum to her delight, she swallowed taking it all, nothing wasted, her lips and tongue again on the sensitive tip of Mr penis licking /loving/ cleaning up every drop.

I pulled Mary up from her knelt position and kissed her, and said that was the best blow job I have ever had, she smiled. I then said you had better take off your clothes before I tear them off, that would be hard to explain to the others at work.

Mary was hesitant and replied, but you have blown your load, my husband takes a lot of time before he can get it up again.

I remembered what Tracey had said ( assertive/ forceful). I pushed Mary back against the wall, and kissed her hot lips then moved to her neck licking and kissing it, while my hand reached up under her dress and forcefully pulled down her panties.My fingers probed finding her soaked clit, commencing to rub it vigorously. Mary was taken by surprise, at first offering some resistance, then she uttered " Oh fuck" and giggled in delight as her neck was being kissed and her clit being teased. I pushed my fingers into her extremely wet cunt, she parted her legs a little more to allow more access.

Mary let out a little squeal of delight, her legs shivered and she lightly clamped on my fingers, love juices run over my hand. " a mini orgasm she whispered - yum". I raised my cum soaked hand and licked it and offered her some, she licked her cum from my fingers.

" I said we don't, have much more time left here, I'd love to see you totally naked - but that will have to wait". Mary nodded in agreeance, and looked down. "Wow I am impressed, look at Mr Penis he has found new life, look at him standing so proud, so eager.We can't disappoint him can we".

Needing no encouragement, I roughly turned Mary around and encouraged her bend over onto a table, no encouragement was needed this time, she roughly squeezed her breasts, bent over the table and spread her legs, as I lifted her dress exposing her curvy ass, I smacked her cheeks.

Mary giggled, " Take me Mr Penis, Fuck me".

"Your camel toe lips, are as inviting as your lips", with that comment, I took Mr Penis's head and aimed him into that delicious opening, the flood of Mary's love juices allowed Mr Penis easy access into her cunt, he slid in powerfully, confidently, enjoying the sensations of her hungry succulent womb.

Mr Penis surged in and out, thrusting with all his vigor and lust to satisfy the wanting pussy. Skin smacked against skin, the friction exuding more and more desire . Mary reacted by moving back in unison with her ass, the thrusts increasing as tension and excitement built, the feeling exhilarating. The pounding of penis and pussy together, the increased sensitivity, the tip of my penis was on fire, her clit was on fire, we were reaching climax, peaking - erupting in unison. Gasps for breath, bodies arched, legs muscles were in spasm, one final thrust and all was exposed, an orgasmic explosion inside Mary's womb, the uniting of much lust and energy was completed.

Mary turned, and we collapsed into each others arms, hugging.

Then reality struck, we hurriedly found our clothing, getting dressed and gathering our senses.

All I could say was " that was amazing", and left.

Tracey was waiting as I returned, " I had to re-direct a few people, I nearly had to interrupt you two, was it good"?

I smiled and said, " fucking great, she's one hot woman". Mary then came from the storeroom, looking hot and flustered, but smiling. Tracey immediately gave her a hug, taking her aside and telling her it's afternoon tea time, lets go and you can tell me all about it.

The next day Tracey told me that Mary was feeling guilty about what had happened, mostly because she is married, but had said that the sex was great. Mary said that Mr Penis was truly a hero for her neglected pussy. Mary had told her everything, and that I wanted to see Mary naked. I corrected her, I wanted to see and fuck Mary, when she was naked. Tracey laughed and said she often had a fantasy when she is at home in bed, of having a three some. It's silly she said, but that's what runs in her mind sometimes.

Mr Penis stirred, hmm what a great idea.

Two days later, I was attacked by Mary's husband, and you are aware that I was hospitalized.

To this day we (the three of us) do not know who informed Mary's husband that she was being harassed. He has been even more abusive towards Mary, suggesting she is a bad woman, she does not deserve him.

Tracey continues to support Mary, trying to encourage her to leave her husband, that she deserves better.

I am still recovering at home... hope to be back at work soon.

Krystal is working at her florists shop ....

I have time to myself to think, reflect, plan....

Mr Penis wants company, if he could, he would ring somebody to come and visit, while Krystal is at work...

Hmmm .......

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