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Predator Series: Chapter Six: Sadophillia

Predator Series: Chapter Six: Sadophillia

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Standing in the bedroom I turned around and gave the rope a tug. As expected she jumped forward when she felt the rope slide and press tightly against her clitoris. I started to walk off and give the rope a tug ever so often just to see her jump forward and shake those beautiful breasts.

As we walked she would make a moan every so often. Not to loud just under her breath. As I get to the basement door I stopped to warn her of the steps. I did not want to take the blindfold off but rather make her work. She had done bit me and its time to make her pay for it.

We start down the stairs and I move slowly so she can at least find the next step. When ever she stepped I gave the rope a tug. She had to hold her self back from jumping so she would not fall down the steps. She had managed to make it to the bottom of the steps not with out working up a sweat though.

Once downstairs he took her to the center of the room where a chain has been mounted to a joist. He took the end of the rope and feed it through the bottom most link in the chain and pulled it until it was snug against her again, and then I tied a knot in the link so the rope could not slip through. He then walked over to his work bench where he had prepared a few things. One of which was a hand made cat-o-nine from some scrap leather and electrical tape, he also had a few other things laying about. I picked up the fishing line I had found earlier, and the weights. I walked over to her and smiled.

"Are you ready for some fun?" I said to her,

I got no reply back but she turned her head. I prepared a loop in the line and held on to it for later use. With my other hand I started to play with her left breast. I kneaded her breast, and rub my thumb across and around her nipple then pinched it between my thumb and finger. It started to get hard as I played with it. I pinched it one last time and pulled at it I moved my hand away. Then I bent down and took her semi hard nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the nipple a few times before I nibbled on it. She let out a gentle moan. I stopped and looked up at her, and noticed that her face was getting a bit more red.

I played with her nipple a few more minutes and felt it get hard as I played with it. She let out a few moans here and there which I enjoyed hearing them almost as much as she enjoyed making them. I gave her breast one last suck and moved my head away while making a popping sound. I wanted to see her reaction so I took off her blindfolded and put it in my in my pocket.

I then took the loop I had made and put it around the base of her nipple and tightend it down. I gave it about 6 more inches before cutting the spool off. I then took about 3 ounces worth of fishing weights and threaded them and tied them off. I let it hang some and it seemed that it weighed down enough but did not cut into her nipple. I hit the weights with my hand making them swing back and forth.

"Oh my god" I heard her say under her breath,

I smiled and proceeded to weigh down her other breast in the same manor. When I was done she had a rope between her legs pushing up into her vagina and weights pulling on her nipples, but not enough weight to make them sag to much.

"I think you are having to much fun for this to be torture." I told her,

"Here lets make you a little more comfortable. Up on your toes now."

I said as I walked over to her and pulled the rope through the link. She started to stand on her tip toes, and I tied off the rope as to make her stay in that position. Smiling I take a step back and look at my work. She tries to arch her back to allow more slack on the rope but it ends up pushing out her breasts which every now and then I slap a set of weights which makes her haunch back forcing the rope to dig deep into her pussy. Both of which elect moans from her.

I walk over to the bench and grab the cat-o-nines, which I am proud of making from scratch in such short notice. Its just literally nine straps of thin leather clamped together with a few c-clamps and then fashioned a grip with string then electrical tape,for that extra comfort. After looking over the "nines" I walk back over and see that she has arched her back yet again.

"Tisk, tisk, tisk.... This just wont do." I scoffed,

All that was heard next was a swat and a yelp as her breast jiggled and reddened from the "nines" coming down across her breast and erect nipple. She thrust her body forward and her hips jerked back and forth incoherently from what looked like an small climax.

"Oh so you do like this?" I said,

"You son of a bitch. I am going to kill you...." was all that came out of her mouth,

"You may, but I will have my way with your body until then." I returned.

I then came down again, THWAP! and again on the other breast, THWAP! Then again, and again untill her breast were nice and red. I had fun watching her arc back and lunge forward just to arch back. Her facial expressions changed between pain, pleasure, and hatred. I had stopped because my arm had became tired and I wanted to try something else.

Earlier while I was making the food I had an Idea run though my head and I wanted to try it out. I headed up the stairs.

"Now dont you go anywhere now" I said as I laughed,

I got to the top of the stairs and stepped into through the door and into the kitchen. I walked over to the freezer and opened it. I grabbed out my toys and closed the freezer and walked back down to the basement.

Damn they were cold. I walked over to my new play toy and touched one against her skin. She jumped away from the cold touching her skin. I just let out a slight chuckle as I walked behind her. I knelt down behind her and took the object and slid it between her ass cheeks which bit down like a vice. I expected that and as she does she warms the item up making it slick from it melting slightly. I thus pushed forward some with no more then a little effort.

The water, now iced filled condom slides gently between her ass cheeks. Since it is latex it slides easy when wet. I get to the rope and move it aside with my free hand and push right up to her anus. I feel her cheeks clamp down harder now. I then steady myself and ready to push it in.

I start to easy in to her anus feeling her fight back with more effort then I thought. So much so I am afraid I might hurt her. Thinking for a moment I spoke up.

"If you resist and fight this will not be pleasant. Matter of a fact it might hurt you more then if you relaxed a little." I warned her.

I did noticed that she loosed up just a little but each time I pushed in she tightened up. I started to apply more force behind the ice condom dildo. It slowly starts to push forward some more. I here her wince in pain just a little proving what I had said earlier. I push some more as it slides in just enough. I get it about a third of the way in and just let it sit there. Letting her get use to the size and maybe not so much the feeling.

After about a minute had passed and her ass now getting tired from the constant tension. I start to push in and it slides the rest of the way in. Except for just the tail where I had tied it off at. I moved the rope back over and loop the tail around the rope and knot it off so even if she tried taking it out by any means it would fight back in from being tied close to her now chilled back side. I pick up the second one that I had placed on the ground and get back to my feet.

"Enjoying yourself?" I whisper into her ear while my free hand plays with her ass cheeks,

"You just shoved god knows what up my ass and it is freezing my insides to no end. How do you think I feel." she said in a low tone,

I don't know if she was upset or pissed off, but I really did not care about it. She was tied up, stripped naked, strung up for me to do what I want, and now she had a frozen water condom up her ass. I was feeling quite content. Except I had one more left, and she had one more hole I wanted to fill.

I reached around her body and grabbed the rope and tugged it down and slipped the slick ice rod into her pussy with out warning. It slid in with out to much trouble and I repeated tying off the tail.

"Mmm so how does that feel....it's rhetorical, don't answer." I said before she could answer,

Sliding my hands down her theighs I curled my fingers as to drag my nails as I pulled my hands upwards and across towards her hips. I thrust my pelvis into her. Wishing I was inside I hold off from ravishing her to just toying with her.

"I will take you in due time my little pretty, but for now Its time to quiet you down some." I told her,

I walked over to the bench and picked up the drill with a thin drill bit. I pick up the small rubber ball I had when I played racket ball. This was a brand new one that I had just laying about. I drilled a hole through the ball and fed some clothes line through it. A bit difficult but I managed to get it with some stiff wire I had. I put a knot on either side of the ball so it would not move and then I walked behind her with the ball gag in one hand.

"Now say 'ahhhh'.' I told her,

She knew what was coming and kept quiet. I somehow knew she was going to do that. I took my free hand and twisted her nipple. She yelped in pain and I shoved the ball in her mouth. Keeping it in place I took a hold of the line and tied it behind her head nice and snug. I walked back around and grabbed the line and gave it a tug to test it. She just glared at me with fire in her eyes.

"Is someone upset? Trust me babe I could do a lot worse to you." I said,

I walked over to the table and grab a knife I used for cutting the rope with. I turned and looked at her and had a very evil idea. Walking over she looked at my hand and noticed the knife. Her expression almost change instantly from anger to fear.

I stood in front of her with an evil look in my eyes and raised the knife to where it was between my face and hers. I never stopped looking at her, but she locked onto the knife. I moved the knife closer to her, and she backed away the best she could. I kept moving towards her until the knife touched her skin. I then traced a line from where it rested on her face to down her neck between her breasts to just above her navel.

"Have you ever heard of a cutting fetish? Its where both partners take pleasure in cutting one another. Sometimes deep cuts can come from a lack of attention. Also there is another form of fetish where one or both partners enjoy tasting the others partners blood. This is called hemophilia, or hemo sex. Commonly referred to as vampire-ism."

I said while never once looking away from her. She now is looking at me and starting to tear up. I traced the knife back up her stomach, up to her breasts and then I moved towards her left breast and traced a circle around the nipple before taking the knife away.

"Its a good thing that I am not into that sort of thing now isnt it?" I said,

I turned away to go put the knife away, and paused and turned my head back to her.

"or do I?" i suggested,

I continued to walk towards the bench and set the knife down. I am really starting to love being in control. I never thought myself as a sadists in the past. In real life I am quite passive, but to have such power over someone. To tell them when to eat, to sleep, to use the bathroom.

"Fuck!" I yelled,

She looked at me. I just realized that she might have to use the bathroom. I walked over to the side of the basement I kept a lot of various house hold items at. I rummage through most of it before finding a roll of plastic I used to cover the floor in a room I recently painted.

I took the spool over and unrolled about eight feet. I grabbed the knife from the table and cut the plastic. I then unraveled the plastic under her. I thought to my self it was convenient that I had her on her tip toes for with out her situation I might have received a kick in the teeth or two when I placed the mat under her feet. I could tell it was hard for her to stand on one foot while I did this because it caused more moans to come forth from her.

I finished sliding the plastic under her feet and then pulled the plastic. I had fun doing this because it caused her to loose balance each time and if she wasn't already leaning over she would have been doing flips. It also helped that I only slid a little at a time. Not to much to jerk her around but enough to make her dance. I couldn't help but laugh as I did this. As I finished I grabbed a five gallon bucket that I used for paint and put it between her legs and roped it around her legs so she could not kick it away.

"There now you are all set. If you got to go, please don't hesitate to go. Don't want you to make a mess of things but until you get a little more mannered this will have to do" I informed her,

Walking off a bit unsatisfied with my current predicament of not getting off but wanting the ice to melt before I had my fun I walked up stairs and as I got to the top I paused and looked one last time at her as she returned the look.

"I hope you are not afraid of the dark" I said as I flipped the lights off,

I heard a bit of moaning that was quite loud but I think she will get use to the dark. I walked back up stairs to grab a bite to eat and make her something. I figured it was the least I could do seeing how she cant exactly make her self something to eat. I reach the top of the stairs and look down them one last time, and then I shut the door cutting off what little light she had left.

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