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My Favorite Fantasy

My Favorite Fantasy

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I open my eyes, but am still enveloped in darkness. I try to get up, but my hands are tied behind my head, and my legs are tied down spread-eagled. My heart begins pumping hard and I can feel the fear and adrenaline surging. I'm about to scream when a soothing masculine voice speaks.

" Don't scream. No one is going to hurt you."

"Who are you? What are you going to do with me?"

"Just conduct a little experiment." He says.

"What kind of experiment?" Despite my growing fear, I also feel a growing excitement.

"You'll understand more as we go along. Just know that no harm will come to you."

"Look, you've got to stop this and let me go!"

"Not yet." He says and with that I feel a mouth on my breast. It's not his mouth though, because he's still speaking. "Just relax and enjoy everything that's going to happen."

"NO!" I yell. "Let me go now!"

"Not yet." He says, and I feel a mouth on my other breast. My mind is telling me that I must get out of this situation, but my body has a mind of it's own. My nipples are growing hard, as they are both being sucked and nibbled. I'm trying desperately to ignore the pleasurable sensations.

I begin to feel hands caressing my legs, slowly moving up from my calves to my thighs. A body positions itself between my legs and spreads my pussy wide open. "Please...Stop." The strength of my protests is beginning to waiver.

"Not yet." Repeats the voice.

A soft wet tongue begins gliding over my pussy lips. I continue my attempt at ignoring the sensations, but it's getting more and more difficult. I'm trying to control my breathing, but it keeps getting faster. I try, unsuccessfully, to stifle a moan. The mouth pushes harder against me and starts tongue fucking me fast and deep. Between this and the gentle biting and sucking of my nipples I have to give in. I take a deep breath and just let my body take over. My pussy is getting so wet. I feel something else tickling my clit...Not quite sure what...It's a mustache! He's rubbing it across my clit while his tongue is darting in and out of my hole. The pleasure is exquisite. I'm climbing towards a crescendo, when the voice speaks.

"Now, we'll stop."

"NO! OH GOD, NO!" I yell. "Please don't stop."

"What would you like us to do."?

"Let me cum. Please...please let me cum." I'm begging and I don't care. The pleasure is too good. It must continue. They go on. My breasts are being fondled and kissed. My nipples sucked and squeezed. And my clit...........What he's doing to my clit. Licking it and flicking it with his tongue. Then he sucks it...Hard. My hips start bucking against his face, my body begins trembling, and I fill his mouth with my juices. Wave after wave of orgasm crash through my body, but it's not enough. I need a cock in my pussy.

" Please untie me. I need to get fucked. Someone, please give me your cock."

My hands and feet are released and my body is pulled up on my hands and knees. Someone puts their face underneath me and continues eating my pussy. I feel a cock being rubbed against my face. It feels so good. My mouth finds it. I run my tongue all up and down the shaft, getting it nice and wet. Taking the head into my mouth, I begin sucking it in. Deeper and deeper I'm taking it when I feel hands on my ass. Someone is spreading my ass cheeks and begins licking. I still have another tongue in my pussy. I cum again.

I feel the head of a cock pushing against my asshole. Slowly it goes in. My pussy is being eaten so deliciously that I'm getting ready to cum again. As I do, I suck the cock all the way down my throat, my ass relaxes and he pushes his cock all the way in. They're both fucking me deeper and harder and I can't stop coming. I feel the cock in my ass grow bigger. It's throbbing. He's getting ready to come. I push back and grind my ass against him, squeezing him hard. He explodes, filling up my ass.

The cock that is fucking my mouth is getting ready. He's throbbing and getting so big I think I'm going to choke. Faster and deeper he keeps fucking my face until he lets go and I can't swallow fast enough. Finally, he pulls out and I wipe the cum off my lips. I'm still not satisfied. My pussy hasn't been fucked. The voice from out of the darkness speaks again.

"You did very well with our little experiment to see how long you could resist before begging for it and I've had fun watching, but now, it's my turn." He flips me over onto my back and gets on top of me. His cock eases into my pussy. It's huge! I can feel my pussy stretching to fit it in. I scream. It hurts so good. He starts out slowly, little by little, deeper and deeper, until he's in up to his balls. Then he really starts fucking me. Faster and harder, and I'm begging him to go faster still.

"More.... Give me more...I need that cock." The orgasms start up again. I cum over and over. My juices running down my legs and over his balls. He's pumping faster, ramming that big cock into my pussy. It starts getting bigger. I can feel it pulse, getting ready to come. I wrap my legs around his waist and squeeze my pussy tight around his cock as he explodes inside me. We're both spent and collapse on the bed.

I awaken. I open my eyes and I'm in my own bed. Wow! What a dream. The hottest one I've ever had. And it seemed so real. My wrists and ankles are sore. They're red, as if from a rope burn. But that's impossible...it couldn't be.... It was just a dream. But what about this huge wet spot?

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