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All in a day's work, part 1

All in a day's work, part 1

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This story happened when I was in high school. I was working as a laborer, clearing off the wooden forms from a fresh concrete slab that had been poured for a new house under construction. My buddies and I got the job from the guy’s father, and we were happy to have the work. The builder had us pull the wooden forms and take out the nails and restack the wood so they could be re-used when building the foundation for the next house on the street. This was in a new neighborhood where some homes were completed, and more new houses were under construction. There were already some homes finished and families had moved into them.

This was a good paying job for a young teenage boy. I was tall and lanky and very athletic since I was on all the school sports teams. We worked hard and fast, because we wanted to keep getting called by the man who hired us to come out each weekend to bust out forms. We were probably cheap labor for him, but we didn’t think of stuff like that at our age.

One Saturday, a car pulled up to the curb of the site we were working at. I had just dragged a pile of 2x4’s to the road and was standing there, wiping the sweat from my face with my untucked T-shirt. A typical urban sedan slowed down and stopped right where I was standing. The window rolled down and there was a woman driving. She beckoned me over. I said hi, but I was quite shy and did not say anything else. She told me she had just moved into a house in this development and needed help moving boxes. She asked me if she could pay me to help. I was not going to say no to some extra cash, so I said OK. Besides, she was an attractive lady, from what I could tell. She wore black rimmed sunglasses that made her seem a bit mysterious. Still today, I can picture what she looked like, in my mind, as her car window rolled down. She said her name was Carol, or Carla, I don’t recall now, but that is not important. I will refer to her as Carol for this story.

Carol asked when we were done for the day, and I said we’d be done when this foundation was cleared, which would be in about an hour. Carol said "Great. I will swing by and pick you up then". "OK", I said, and told her I would look for her car. She smiled, and stared at me, kind of drinking me in, as I thought about it later, then she rolled up her window and drove off.

My buddies came over and asked what she wanted. I told them she was new to the neighborhood and needed help moving boxes into her house. The other guys started talking shit about her looking for a young stud, but I told them no way. I had hardly kissed a girl at this time in my life, so I knew I did not qualify as a young stud. I was an innocent kid. I went back to work, but it was hard not to fantasize about "Carol" after I had time to think about it.

An hour later, I was sitting by my truck, waiting to see if Carol was really going to show up. She did. She said "hop in. I will drive". I told her my truck was right here, but she said there was no need to drive. I hopped in the passenger seat, and we took off. Since it was summer, Carol was wearing shorts and a tank top. Her long legs were tanned and slim. This was a time when it was common for women to go braless, and I could see the perfect outline of her breasts thru the thin material of her shirt. She had the A/C on full blast, so her nipples popped out of her shirt like pencil erasures. I did not know how to make any small talk, so she did all the talking.

Carol said they had just moved into this new home and the movers had left dozens of boxes in the garage. She didn’t know any neighbors and saw me and my buddies on the road, so she thought one of us could help her. She said she had driven by earlier in the day and saw me, and thought I looked nice. I was not sure if she meant nice looking or nice as a person, but I said, "thank you". She looked like she might be 24 or 25, since she seemed the same age as many of the hot young teachers we had in school. But she was a grown woman, and I was just a kid, so I did not talk much, since I was too shy to know what to say.

We pulled into the driveway of a new home. It had no grass and one tiny tree that the builder had planted in the front yard. It was kind of pathetic, but that is the way the lawns in the entire neighborhood looked. She hit the garage door button and drove in. There were boxes stacked up on one side of the two-car garage that filled the space. I said "wow, you were not kidding!". She just smiled at me, and we got out of the car.

Carol said, "come inside and cool off before we get started". I followed her in. In their kitchen they had more boxes stacked up on the counters. I asked, "When did you move in?". Carol said the movers delivered the furniture two days ago. And her husband was called away on an unplanned work trip the next day. I could tell she was frustrated that she had to deal with the unpacking by herself.

"Let’s have a drink before we get started", she said in a perky tone. "You can wash up at the sink". She opened the frig and handed me a cold beer. I was used to sneaking a beer on occasion but was uncertain about drinking in front of a stranger. But I said to myself, "What the hell", and took the beer. She opened one for herself and clinked our bottles together. We both said, "cheers!".

We sat on her new sofa, which still had paper tags on the cushions. I warned her I was dirty and did not want to leave anything on her furniture. She said a cryptic remark, "I like it dirty", but I was too naïve to even think about what she meant. We finished our beers quickly and she hopped up and grabbed two more. This was beginning to seem more like what my buddies were kidding about rather than what I assumed was gonna happen.

Carol told me that this entire move had been difficult for her. Her husband had taken a new job and they moved down here to an area where she knew no one. And he had already been called away on a business trip right in the middle of their move. She felt alone and did not have anyone to reach out to. I told her it must be hard on her to be alone in a new town and new house. She said "yes, it was stressful, but when I saw you, I knew you would help me." She smiled, then put down her beer.

"Why don’t we get to know each other before we start work?". She looked at me with her big brown eyes, as she asked that question. I said "OK". She took the empty bottle I had just finished and slid closer to me on the sofa. She looked into my eyes and told me I was a handsome boy. She let that sink into my brain, then she said, "I want you".

My brain went numb. What did she just say? I was dumbfounded. My entire sexual experience was only what I read in the Forum section of Penthouse magazine, and this was beginning to sound just like one of those stories. And I thought all of them were made up! I just sat there as she put her hand on my cheek and pulled me close to her for a kiss. I readily complied. She began kissing me in a slow, sensual manner. Carol took her time, as if she was judging my future performance by the quality of my kissing. I had hardly ever kissed a girl by this time in my life, so I just followed her lead. When she opened her mouth, I did the same. When she started tonguing me, I repeated her action. I was so shocked that I just mirrored what she did.

Carol soon crawled on top of me and was aggressively kissing me. My hands naturally cupped her ass cheeks. Her shorts were loose enough that my fingers easily crept up to the edge of her panties, where I squeezed her butt with both of my hands.

She stopped, then slid down off me so she could access my pants. Carol began undoing my belt and telling me to "get out of these things". I stood up, ripped off my T-shirt, shook out of my boots, and quickly dropped my blue jeans. I threw them on the floor, like a good soldier.

She grabbed my briefs and pulled them down. I stepped out of them. She then quickly pushed me back down on the sofa. I was sitting there on her new furniture, with my bare ass on the fabric. My stupid brain was more concerned about soiling her sofa than what she was planning to do to me. Carol kneeled in front of me and grabbed my instantly hard dick and looked up at me. She said, "I want to suck your cock". I panicked. I told Carol I was all sweaty from working today. She told me "I like it like that". She wasted no more time in small talk and put my attentive cock in her mouth. She immediately began making noises like she was eating the best dessert in the world as she sucked on my rod. Keep in mind that I had never had a blowjob before in my life, and my only experience had been reading about such things in Penthouse. I was shocked and overwhelmed by the pleasure she was giving me.

Carol was a master at working my dick to arousal. Before this moment, I had only had my own hand touching my prick so this was an experience like nothing I could have imagined. It felt so wonderful as her lips stroked up and down on my shaft. Her tongue would glide along the length, and she would pop her mouth over the head when she reached the top. Then she would force it down to the back of her throat. It felt incredible. I guess the only reason I did not cum immediately was that I was so preoccupied with watching her do me.

But soon I felt my balls boiling. I knew in a moment I was going to cum. I tried to tell her, but words would not form in my mouth, so I grabbed her face with both hands and used her mouth to jack off with. I blew a huge load of young male cum into Carol’s eager mouth. She made more satisfying sounds as she swallowed all I produced. I thought my head would cave in from the pleasure she was giving me. I gasped and said a bunch of inaudible noises as I finished off in her mouth.

She popped up, grinning, as drips of cum slipped out of the corners of her mouth. She asked how it was. I finally was able to put a few words together and tell her it was wonderful. She was giddy with lust. Carol stood up and quickly stripped out of her clothes. She said, "your turn" and plopped down, legs spread apart on the sofa. I did not know what to do and she could sense it. Carol said, "come up and lick my pussy". I eagerly obeyed.

Back in those days, women did not shave their cunts like is common today. But she did have it well-groomed with her crotch hair trimmed in a small triangle shape. It pointed me, the novice, to the target of my attention. I dove down and began eagerly lapping at her cunt, not knowing where the vital parts of her were. She gasped loudly as my tongue contacted her tender slit, which was already drenched in moisture. I buried my face in her crotch like a man dying of thirst. She squealed as I hit her clit. I figured out quickly what parts of her needed my attention.

Nature then took over and soon I had three fingers buried in her twat as I ravished her cunt with my mouth. She had me by the head with both hands, guiding me to where she needed me to be. I did everything I could think of to please her, and she soon went stiff. Then, she said, "oh my gawd" and spewed out a spray of liquid that I never knew a woman could produce. She bucked and arched her back as I continued licking her until she cried "no more, oh gawd". She and I both collapsed onto the sofa, breathing hard. She looked at me, and grinned. She said, "I knew you would be willing to help".

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