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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanfic Chapter 4

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanfic Chapter 4

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I roll over and look at the clock. Only 9 pm screw this getting dark early stuff. I roll out of my perfectly heated bed, toss on a robe, and hurry to the kitchen for a quick drink of water. On my way back to my room I feel a cold draft. "I have got to get a towel for under my door." I say to myself.

I enter my bedroom only to be greeted by an unwelcome guest.

"You think you can just show up when you want and let yourself into my apartment, don’t locks mean anything to you? Seriously!"

"You never complained before, last time I think you seemed to enjoy it." He said.

"Why are you here?" I ask.

"I just wanted to make sure you got home ok tonight."

"You, really?" I say.

"What can I say, I"... Before he can finish I stop him.

"What is this really about? Why are you really here?"

He lets out a deep exasperated breath while avoiding eye contact, rubbing the back of his head while trying to decide his explanation. I smile at his shyness. I have to admit it’s kind of cute on him.

"This isn't easy to say, but I like you Aimee. I like you a lot. I can't stop thinking about you. From that first night you, you took my breath away. I find myself distracted by the thought of you. I, I can't get you out of my head. I had to see you again."

"I've been thinking about you a lot too. From that first night I felt like there was something drawing me to you. I can't explain it but I wanted to be with you."

"Ok, then what do you think we should do about this?"

I sit and think for a moment, so many fun ideas and thoughts racing through my head of what to do to him. "Alright," I finally say, "How about if you could do anything with me without worry of repercussion or penalty what would you do? One night to do anything with me you desired, how would you spend it."

I stood across the room from him, holding his gaze in my eyes, swinging my hips back and forth playfully, hands shyly cupped in front of me, I allow my robe to slip off exposing my black lace nighty, one strap slipping off my shoulder. I let a slight smile cross my lips interrupted only by me nervous biting my lip, my eyes dare him to tell me. Tonight it's about fulfilling his fantasy. Let's see if he'll bite.

He thinks for a couple moments, sitting on the edge of my bed with his chin on his hand.

"Anything you say?" He asks with a half-smile.

I can see his imagination running wild with ideas. I watch as he becomes erect as he thinks of what he would like to do to me.

"Anything." I say playfully in return.

He stands up, crosses the room, he's fully aroused now. I bite my lip a bit harder as I feel my pussy get damp. Just seeing him aroused turns me on. The more I think about feeling him between my legs the more I long for him.

He makes his way to me, so swift and silent. Within a blink he had one arm around my hips and the other his hand behind my head. He leans in and gently kisses me, deeply, passionately; as his kisses become deep there is such electricity in his kiss.

With his arms wrapped around my hips he pulls my body against his, I melt into him. I wrap my arms around his shoulders placing one hand gently on the back of his head. He's so strong; his muscles are solid against me. A moan escapes my lips. He caught me completely off guard. This wasn't what I expected his response to be, but I am liking that it is.

He releases his kiss only to flip me around away from him only to find myself against the cold window. I can feel my nipples harden even though my body feels hot.

With one hand he gently takes ahold of one of my nipples, I let out a gasp as he pinches and rolls my nipple between his fingers. He starts kissing on my neck, down to my shoulder. With his teeth he slips off my shoulder straps. He kisses down my shoulder to my back. He grabs the lace in his teeth and pulls it down and slips to the floor.

He turns me to look at me and gives a nod of approval and a whistle as he takes in my now bare body. My thighs glistening from my arousal, he kisses me as he backs me against the window once more and continues exploring my body with is hands. I lean my head back against the window and let a moan slip as he takes my breast in one hand and takes my nipple in his mouth he sucks and licks my nipple as he lightly twists and pinches my other breast.

His free hand slides down my body, over my hips, down the outside of my leg. He holds there a moment then slides his hand between my legs. From between his teeth he gives a slight chuckle from how wet I am. I open myself as he slips his finger inside. His thumb over my clit, his finger penetrating me, sliding in and out, he tips his finger forward to my G-spot. My knees go to weak.

"Oh no you don't, not yet." he says, "You still have a while before I'm going to let you fall to your knees."

With his hand that was over my breast now is around the small of my back again holding me in place. Every time my knees go to give out he bites my nipple just hard enough to bring me back up, laughing under his breath each time. His eyes never leave mine. He kisses his way down my stomach down to my pussy. His finger still sliding in and out, getting more and more wet with each thrust of his hand. His lips and tongue find my clit.

Oh, I moan

His arm around me and finger in me are the only things holding me up. My knees shaking from the pleasure, but I want more, rhythmically I push my hips into him.

"This is incredible." I whisper. "Oh, god, it feels amazing. Please, I beg, please I want it."

"I didn't tell you to beg" he says in a low serious tone. "Now, apologize and wait till I tell you to beg for more."

"I'm sorry, it just feels so amazing, I don't know how much more I can take."

I see a smile cross his lips from between my legs.

"Ok" he says, "Now, beg for it."

"Please, I want more. Please give me more. I beg you. I want you so bad. Oh please, give it to me. I want it, my pussy aches for you."

"Mmm" he lets out a low growl, "I like the sound of that, tell me, your pussy aches for what", he asks.

"My pussy aches for your cock, I want to feel you in me, I want you so bad." My eyes, my mouth, my body all beg for him to take me. I bite my lip in anticipation of feeling him.

With one hand he takes both my wrists and holds them above my head. With his other arm he picks me up and presses me against the window as I wrap my legs around him.

Now, he says starring into my eyes, "put it in."

He releases one hand long enough to allow me to guide his hard smooth thick cock to my dripping wet hot pussy. He slowly and gently thrusts until he's fully inside of me. Full deep thrusts pushing me against the window, my body completely bare I feel the cool window against my back,

"Aren't you worried they'll see?" I ask.

"I want them to. I want them to see me fucking you; I want them to hear you scream for me."

He releases my wrists and holds me with both arms and pushes deeper, thrusting faster.

"OH" I moan, "God, yes... Oh..." My moans increase. I feel my loins get hot and start to tingle. "Oh god, don't stop, I'm going to cum, fuck me harder."

He obliges and thrusts harder, faster. I feel the warmth build at the base of my spine; I feel the wetness release from my pussy with each thrust.

"Your pussy juice is running down my legs." He says, "It’s really fucking turning me on. I want to make you cum for me."

My body tingles with ecstasy, building, building, Oh god, more, please more, give me more I beg, "I’m going to... I'm going..." my body releases as I cum, squirting from my pussy as he continues to thrust me.

"You're not done yet." He says

"Oh, yes, give me more!" I beg, "Fuck me harder, you feel so good!"

He turns me letting my legs down, he pushes my chest to the window, He thrusts faster deeper, harder I moan louder with each thrust. My breasts fully against the window, my nipples so hard from the cold, I realize anyone outside looking would be able to see me, pressed against the window, moaning, getting fucked. I’m sure at this point the people outside can hear me. The thought excites me even more. I start squirting, juices dripping down my and his legs. He scoops me up from my knees, putting one arm under each knee pushing my body against the window.

"Now scream for me Aimee, scream my name."

Now it’s my turn to play, "You'll have to fuck me harder to get me to scream your name."

"God you’re a bitch." he says with a laugh.

He takes several deep hard thrusts, he then speeds up, my body flat against the window, the whole street can see my pussy dripping wet. Watching me getting fucked, he starts to fuck me harder, his thrusting giving me more, "Oh god, fuck me hard, I'm going to cum again!" He speeds up more, pounding my pussy, the window pane starts to rattle my juices splashing against the window, the only thing I can think about is his cock,

"Oh, god, yes, oh, fuck me yes, I'm going to cum again, don't stop, harder, god give it to me harder."

He leans in and whispers in my ear, "Say my name."

I give in "Raphael, fuck me, oh god Raphael, you’re amazing!" The excitement building, "I’m, I’m, I’m" the ecstasy is too much, "I'm cuming…"

We both come at the same time. Our bodies release and our juices mix he falls into me and I fall back into him. We both take a deep breath and try to catch our breath. He pulls out of me and carries me to the bed. He lays me down placing his hand behind my head. Softly he kisses me, one hand still cradling my head the other holding my legs.

That was incredible he said gently. You are a hell of a woman.

I smile bashfully and roll onto my stomach letting my hair fall across my face.

"You're one to talk; you're fucking amazing yourself, a hell of a man. You surprised me Raph, The one thing I didn't expect from you, you gave me and it was unbelievably amazing. Just, Oh my god wow. Where did that come from? I thought you were a rough and tumble badass."

"I am a rough and tumble badass, but you're not an enemy I’m fighting, you're a woman. An incredible beautiful woman, you deserve to be handled with gentle hands and a passionate heart. I wouldn't dare ever touch you with a harsh hand. Plus my Sensei would kill me if I ever did. But if you tell my brothers I’ll kill you." you he says with a laugh and warm smile.

"I'm still surprised; I didn't know you had a warm side. But I’m glad I had a chance to see it. Raph you're an incredible man. I'm lucky to have met you and even luckier to have you trust me enough to show me this side of you. Never lose this side of yourself. This is your strong side."

With that he scoops me up and gives me another wonderful deep kiss that would have made my already weak knees completely give had I been standing. I knew if I fell he would catch me and while in his arms wouldn't ever let me fall.

He smiles and shakes his head chuckling. He sets me back on the bed, pushes my hair from my face. His eyes never left mine. He bows, bids me goodnight and slips out my window and into the shadows.

Wow, I thought to myself, just amazing, wow. My mind still baffled at this side of Raphael I never thought existed. I collapse back on the bed with a smile still lingering across my lips my body still tingling.

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