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Cuckolded by wife and lover - part 2

Cuckolded by wife and lover - part 2

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After lying there for a few moments I excuse myself to go and find my beautiful wife.

I walk into the bar area and notice she hasnt returned there even though Ive looked all around as its now quite busy. I can hear plenty of people having sex so decide to check out the other 3 side rooms. In the first room there is a couple with a fem playing together as i watch I can feel myself being very turned on but none the less the urge to find my wife pulls me away.

When I get to the second room I can hear my wife but not see her as there is a crowd at the entrance to the door way, as i try to squeeze my way through I get a few funny looks and people telling me to wait my turn and have to explain that its my wife in there before they let me through. As I break through the sight that is before me is one of the horniest sights of my life. Lucy is on all fours with a strangers cock being rammed inside of her pussy and another in her mouth with 3 other blokes stroking themselves whilst John is stood back saying "Thats it lads fuck her as hard as you can, her hubby will be back soon!". John notices me and just exclaims "Speaking of the cuck" there are a few sniggers and Lucy looks over at me ... cock still in mouth, with a look of pure lust. Seeing me there she starts to cum very loudly trying to remove the cock from her mouth but just having it forced back in making her muffle her screams.

Sit down there John orders, pointing at a seat in the corner, your slut has been fucked by 3 cocks but we have been waiting for you before anyone but Lucy cums.

John tells Lucy to tell me how much fun she's had, the 2 lads who were spit roasting her step back and she rolls onto her back as all 4 of the naked lads sit on the bed. She opens her legs so I can see her glistening stretched open pussy with sweat making her juicy tits glisten in the lights. Smiling she says "I think he can see how much these fat cocks have stretched me!" John tells me to go and taste her pussy, as I start licking her the pussy juices are just trickling out and she tastes fantastic with a slight hint of condom. She looks down and just says "Thats it babe lick my pussy clean, round 2 is about to start." As she lets out soft moans John tells me to tell her what I want. I simply say "I want her to be fucked till she's soar and to see evryone cum on her tits". John pipes up with "And" ..... "And I want Lucy to make me clean it all up", "How"... he prompts ..."I want to lick all the cum up" I reply meekly looking down at her sweet pussy avoiding eye contact with anyone. "You like eating cum dont you"? he asks. "Yes" i reply simply. "Thats a good cuck, just make sure you do as your told and I'll make sure your wife has the night of her life and you get what you want too, now go sit in your seat again". As I return Lucy says, "Love you" and blows a kiss before being surrounded again.

The next 2 hours become a blur of huge cocks and Lucy cumming, she is thrown around in positions that we have never even tried and John is stood back dictating everyones every move. John makes her try double vaginal but Lucy's tight pussy cant take that much fat cock. One of the guys who is fucking her says that he is near cumming! John asks if everyone is near and they all nod. Lucy doesnt need telling twice. She jumps to the floor on her knees and all 5 surround her, wanking their big cocks. Lucy alternates between all of them sucking on them whilst massaging her sweaty tits ready for all the hot cum each cock in turn jets stream after stream of hot sticky cum all over her tits. There is sooooo much its running off the end of her erect nipples.

Lucy stands up, rather tentativley as she struggles to stand, John laughs and says "Thats what happens when you've been fucked so well but wait a second before you go to Darren, I want to here HIM ask infront of everyone". I look and he simply says "Go on or you wont be allowed too". As I look at her the sight is fantastic but im nervous as there looks like far too much but I say it like a good boy, "Please can I lick all the cum up? I want to make you nice and clean.

John grins and Lucy walks over and puts one her nipples straight in my mouth, I enjoy it at first but start to feel a bit queazy after so much. My cock is still rock hard though as it is still fantasticly horny. With the last bit of cum left she grabs my head and rubs her gorgeous tits in my face spreading the last of the cum all over. As she does this I hear her moan a whimper in my ear and then she starts to bounce back and forth a bit. As she pulls back I see why, as John is fucking her from behind. He is hammering her like a man possessed and is soon cumming, as he pulls out Lucy puts her hand on her pussy and tells me to lie on the floor. I notice Johns cocks is soaking wet and realise he has just filled my gorgeous wife with cum in front of me as he has fucked her bareback. As I drop to the floor John says he wanted me to taste his cum seperate as Lucy's pussy is his now and he'll be filling her up regularly from now on.

For the second time tonight I am licking a womans pussy clean although this time she is so loose the cum is running all over, and also tasting John and I couldnt be happier.

I will be showing this fantasy of mine to Lucy tonight. Fingers crossed Lucy enjoys the story and wants to arrange this for real.

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