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Timmy Griffin is a SEO and marketing consultant with more than 6 several years experience. He has a proven success record, with focus on strategic projects and helping to build successful, effective teams that are motivated and goal-oriented. Currently his focus lies on Fantastic Services, brand managing Fantastic Pest Control company in London.

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10 Weird Facts About Bugs

10 Weird Facts About Bugs

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Insects make up 3/4 of Earth's animal species. They play a very important role in our ecosystem. They breaking down food, enrich the soil and provide food for larger animals in the food chain.

Bugs are very distinctive from one another judging by their habitat. Some are be ruthless, sharp, efficient or even compassionate. Here's a list of 10 outstanding facts about the little buggers that will shock you even more.

Washing Up vs Dishwasher

Washing Up vs Dishwasher

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How do you wash your dishes? Do you use a dishwasher or do you prefer hand washing instead? Which method is better and more cost effective?

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