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Its even harder when you don't have friends. My name is Jake, and I'm a school outcast. i either had student who bullied me, or student who didn't. no friends. I thought i was some sort of catch. Brown hair, blue eyes, fairly tall, okay build and a bit shy. OK, really shy. But apparently i was still down on the popular list. Plus the fact that i was Bi. But i tried hard to keep it out of publicity. like i said, i was moving high schools, and it turned out i was gonna interrupt a class just so they could introduce me, fun. senior year in hell, here i come.

the office assistant seems to barge into the classroom, everyone looks up. my face instantly turns dark red. "this is Jake" the assistant seems to scream. "he is your new classmate". A boy in the back breaks the silence. cough Fag cough the class bust's out laughing and i look down, defeated. but wait! maybe there's that knight in shining armor not laughing, maybe ill make a friend. i look up quickly, scanning the classroom, none. my face goes back down. "now now" the teacher interrupts, "quiet down, that's rude!" after the class quiets she speaks again, "Luke, detention, now!" A boy in the back of the classroom stands up as i look to see who made me die inside, He was actually pretty cute. tall like me, i might have been a bit taller, better build, dirty blond hair and green eyes. something shifted in my pants but i kept it under control, I'm supposed to be mad at him. He grabs his backpack and smirks evilly at me. i instantly felt cold. he walks past me, hitting my shoulder as he walks by. " you may take a seat anywhere you would like" the teacher says. i nod and make my way tot he closest seat quickly. nothing else from anyone the rest of the day.

I'm taking out a few books from my locker at the end of the day, an close it. behind it way a short girl. maybe my age, wearing small yellow dress and reading glasses, she was cute. i jolt and she instantly starts talking, "your new aren't you?" i blush slightly and nod, i just can't talk today. "ah, a shy one" she sticks out her hand "I'm Missy" i shake her hand and quietly let out, "I'm Jake" "nice to meet ya!" she looks me down, "your not to popular yet, aren't you?" i look at her, confused, "how do you kn-" "I'm good at finding out information on people by looking at them." i nod, and i catch Luke out of the side of my eye, i look over, he gives me another evil stare, i look away quickly. i look back at Missy and she is giving me a confused look. "your not straight, are you?" i blush. "its OK, i have a lot of gay friends an-" "I'm not gay" i blurt out a bit to loud. "oh, OK, then you must be Bi" i blush darker. the school bell rings and she lifts her backpack more up on her shoulder. "alright, well ill catch you later buddy." she pats my back and walks away.

Buddy? i have a friend? i smile and make my way out the door to my car.

i grab my key out of my pocket and look up. leaning on the driver side door of my car is Luke. i oanic for a bit but i walk up to him like I'm strong. he avoids looking at me, "uh...hey bro, i can't use my car right now, could you drive me to my place?" i look at him confused then slowly pipe in, "....uh, yeah, sure where do you live?" "a few miles down the road." he says. he avoids looking at me still and makes his way to the passenger side door and gets in. i hop in and we go off. he points to the road he lives on. i try to make conversation, "so why can you use your own ca-" "just drive" Luke interrupts. i shut up and i stop in front of his house. without thanking, he gets out of the car and walks into his house. i sigh and drive back to my place. walking into my house, my mother comes over and smiles, "how was school hunny?" "hell" i say, walking by her to my room.

The next day wasn't to bad, no one really messed with me. and i had lunch with Missy, and i had a fun time with her. the end of school came and i decided to stay after to study some more. but the janitor was cleaning the library, so i had to study in the gym. while studying, i look up and see Luke lifting some weights. he was ripped. threw hes sweaty t-shirt you could see his muscles straining to lift the weight. i practically started day dreaming. until a close voice interrupted. "dude, why you staring at look like that?" i look over and its a friend of Luke's, looking at me angrily, "no...i...i wasn't-" he gets louder, "what are you, a fag? stop looking at him!" a few look at me but not Luke. i nod and go back to studying. i walk to my car and i see Luke. he looks up at me and i know what he wants, i nod and he gets in the car. once we reach he house h looks at me, "hey, could we make this a permanent thing, for a while?" "well...i Don't know if i can-" "so...i heard you were staring me down in the gym." "no...it wasn't like that....it" i studder. "so, lets make a deal, i wont tell, you drive." i nod, defeated. "good, see you tomorrow" he smirks and gets Out of the car.

the next day i didn't even see Luke until the drive home, were in the car and we pull into his driveway, he was looking upset the whole ride, so i didn't try and talk to him. "my parents" Luke breaks the silence. "what?" i was confused. "i got into a fight with my parents, a...and they did something to my car" now i feel bad for him, and he was an ass to me. a small wave of bravery hits me and i talk. "woah man, I'm sorry to hear." he looks at me "r...really?" "yeah, just because you do things not to nice to me doesn't mean i don't care about you." that came off a little to gay, but he smiled. "trust me, I'm here whenever you need m-"

and he interrupted me with his lips.


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