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Cannabis dispensary SEO is how dispensaries win

Cannabis dispensary SEO is how dispensaries win

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What Is SEO For Dispensaries?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, for dispensary marketing, is the strategic process of creating relevant, high-quality, user-intent driven content for your website, in order to drive qualified traffic to your website, e-store, and retail dispensary.

SEO is an organic, not paid, digital marketing strategy. This means that legal marijuana companies and cannabis dispensaries can create awareness, drive qualified traffic, and increase revenue without tight advertising restrictions on social platforms and paid search channels.

Did you know that over 60% of searches in Canada are done on a mobile phone? Are the majority of your target markets glued to their phones?

This is why your dispensary needs to be found on Page 1 of organic search results. So you can direct all that search traffic into foot traffic to your retail marijuana Cannabis dispensary SEO or to your online store.

How To Optimize Your Marijuana Dispensary Local SEO

If you’re trying to make a list of SEO techniques to implement on your marijuana dispensary to your website, chances are, you’re already overwhelmed.

SEO and SEM industry experts recommend hundreds of SEO tactics and SEO tools you ‘absolutely’ must use if you want to grow traffic to your website. There’s always something you haven’t included, prevented or optimized.

Google’s ever-changing algorithms might even be keeping you in fear of being penalized by taking what could be outdated advice.

To top it all off, you have to speak both human and machine language so you can equally please your audience and Google’s bots.

To help you identify what essential SEO efforts really need to be made, we’ve put together the checklist below. It targets all the aspects of a marijuana dispensary website that affects ranking, and all the boxes you need to check to make search engines love you.

We Can Help Your Marijuana Dispensary SEO!

If you own a marijuana dispensary or work for a company in the medical cannabis and recreational marijuana space, we can help you with your dispensary website’s SEO and search engine rankings!

Cola Digital is Canada’s most experienced cannabis SEO agency dedicated to marketing recreational marijuana and medical cannabis. We partner with marijuana companies who share our vision of DE stigmatizing cannabis and breaking new ground in this dynamic industry.

Our team has been implementing in SEO strategy since 2004, we believe our experience speaks for itself. We’ve served over 100 clients in a wide variety of B2B and B2C sectors, including some companies in the medical cannabis space. We know what works and what doesn’t.

If you have questions or are ready to work with us, please contact us or reach out using the contact form below.

Why is SEO important for marijuana businesses?

First of all, SEO is crucial for any business, be it online or offline. Some data suggests that at least 88% of shoppers do their research before purchasing any product . So when a potential customer is looking to buy something, they will turn to the search engine to find out more about the product and its options.

However, as cannabis SEO mastery increases, SEO strategy becomes more crucial than ever to help these buyers find your business, take a look at the products, and ultimately buy them.

Second, marijuana is a controlled substance. Although it has been made completely legal in some states, it remains under substance one category under federal jurisdiction in other states. Therefore, the status of cannabis, in general, remains unclear. Therefore, it is not surprising that the government has control over how cannabis is advertised . Marijuana companies cannot rely on traditional forms of advertising. They should use methods that guarantee only 20% audience or less.