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The girl would don the skimpiest outfit to go to the drug store. The men, accompanied by their families, would look her way with no ounce as regret. A small wet spot would appear on her pink panties she put on that morning. She walked into the store a little bit slower, squeezing her legs together to give her pussy some relief. Back home, she would close the door to her room and rub her pussy sore at the thought of men masturbating to her.

Let’s call this young girl, Anna. Anna wore a cute little dress that accentuated her curves. She was only about 5’1. Her petite figure made her all the more appealing to those around her. She preferred her bras to be without padding, that way they would show off her soft breast. The usually cold stores would make her nipple harden. Her pointy tits would be on full display. She walked in looking forward, thinking back to the porn movies she watched religiously. She wanted someone to lick her titties like in the films, maybe take them in their mouth and nibble on them.

He saw her in the frozen aisles, and hid himself at the end of the aisle closely creeping closer to her. In his prime he was attractive, washboard abs and a tan from being out in the sun, but now he was just a middle-aged man with average looks. He used to be married but was now divorced, the wife had taken everything including the double ds strapped to her chest that he paid.

In his spare time, the man loved to spy on young women in public. In his younger years, he was pretty timid around girls, now in his late 50’s the fear had left him completely. At his age there was time to be scared of anything. He thought of it like this, he was closer to death so fuck it. Take what you want and get what you want no matter what. That was his motto now a days.

His baggy cargo shorts covered his hard dick as he gawked at the girl. He watched how her short dress was tight around her thighs, a half and inch more and he would get a nice view of her ass. Wondering what kind of underwear, she was wearing, he crept closet.

He followed her as she walked on, following from a safe distance watching has she would grab the back of the dress and pull it down when it began to ride up. He got a look at her nice breast when she bent down to pick something from a bottom aisle. They were a good size, a c cup he assumed.

He needed her, and when the aisle was clear of shoppers, he approached her silently. The overhead fluorescent lights blinking slightly. The killer going in for the kill. He needed a baby girl, a fuck slave. He wanted her with perfect soft breast and a big ass. If the girl had a small tummy, he didn’t mind he loved to grab a hold of their love handles and take them from behind

"Hey, Sweetie." He managed to announce softly, his head pounding with lust.

Anna turned around from the shelves she was looking at. She was even cuter up close, the man thought. Her eyes looked up at him from her small frame. The glitter in the inner corner of her eyes sparkled. God, he wanted to see those eyes look up at him when she was taking his dick in her mouth

"Hi." She said apprehensively. Starring at him up and down.

"Hey, couldn’t help how sweet you look. What’s your name?" No doubt having gotten and eyeful of his erection, she stayed planted in place listening to him speak.

"Ohh… thank you. My name is Anna." She stroked a piece of hair behind her ears and giggled. This was going to be easier than he though. This "Anna" was nice and shy. Perfect. He loved shy girls they were easier to manipulate to his liking.

"You look good in that dress." He stated as his erection leaked precum in his shorts. "You should model it for me." He chuckled at the end of the sentence watching as the girl swayed from foot to foot, her sneakers rubbing against the cheap laminated floor.

"Sir?!" She exclaimed. Her voice sounded astonished at the comment. She giggled, and she bit her lip seductively at the man.

"Yes, I think you want to." He continued keeping his voice low. "Why don’t you give me your number." He stepped forward, close enough he could smell her sweet candy perfume.

"Okay." She said and she reached for the phone the man passed her, and entered her phone number. She grabbed her cart and began to walk away. "I’ll see you later then…Daddy." She sounded the last words in a sing song manner. He texted her at her number, a single heart. He was going to destroy that little bitch. That night he jacked off thinking about her breast behind the thin fabric of her dress and what shade her pussy would be.

Anna walked away from the man as her phone chimed. She glanced at her screen at the man’s message. Simple but sweet, she thought. It was a couple hours later that she finally made it home, and another few hours later until everybody in her house was in a deep sleep. She remembered back to the man’s erection, and how it tented his shorts so nicely.

If she weren’t so damn scared, she would have reached her hand to his shorts, gently stroking the man’s length. She lay in bed thinking about how it would feel. Her hand slowly slid down her belly and lifted her pj shorts just enough to slide her other hand to her wet pussy. She probed at her clitoris roughly rubbing at it in circles. She was desperate for release. Her finger moved faster as she struggled to keep her breathing even. She didn’t want to wake up her sister in the bed next to hers. Her finger moved effortless against the wetness and soon she came silently opening her mouth slightly to let out a silent scream of pleasure. She texted him right after she came.

Anna: I didn’t even get your name.

Old man from store: You can call me Daddy, and Sir.

Anna: Okay, I saved it in my contacts as Sir.

Sir: Good.

Anna: Did you want to meet up?

Sir: Yes.

Anna: When did you want to meet up? I have tomorrow afternoon off.

Sir: Sounds good, I’ll send you my address.

The man began to type his address knowing it was risky, but thinking back at how warm she would be when he entered her, gave him enough willpower to hit send. He after all would have the upper hand if the situation arose. He had good practice on self-defense from his younger years. More importantly he was a big supporter of the 2nd amendment. His guns were stored in his safe, but he was more than willing to use them. He slept peacefully that night eager for Annas’ cunt.

Anna was just as desperate, and horny. Horny enough that when the man approached her so deliciously displaying his tented shorts, her pussy was eager to ride him right then and there. She knew he can very well kill her, but if he got to fuck her first, then she wouldn’t mind dying.

The following day she told her parent she was headed to the gym and work right after. Anna shook off the nerves in the treadmill. Her legs shook as she stepped off, from the workout and more from anticipation. Her tight workout clothes drenched in sweat and clung to her curves. She had left her home without her doting parents knowledge of what she would be doing that afternoon. She imagined what they would do if they found out their little girl was about to get fucked by a man older than they were.

She entered the gym showers, the steam covering her body from prying eyes. Most girl hated her. She was blessed with a good body and they despised her for it. To Anna, that wasn’t really a problem. It just made her flaunt her assets for all to see, all the more. She grabbed her razor from the bag and carefully began to shave her pussy. Her dark pubic hair was soft, and fuzzy. She left a landing strip right in the middle. After she was done, she cleaned herself raw. Her soapy hand washed at her sphincter, rubbing at it with her index finger, making sure it was clean. She felt the urge to take her finger and shove it inside, but she decided to wait.

To wait for her Daddy.

Her nipples hardened as she stepped out. She donned a simple casual dress, short to accentuate her legs, and she headed to the mans address. On the way there, she eased her nerves by thinking about how much she has wanted this. Most of the men she chatted online would freak out at the mention of the word "Daddy", or they would simply just hoard her with messages showing off their dicks. She was willing to meet with any of them, but they would all back down at the mere mention. She was desperate. It was always her dream to be fucked by older men. She dreamed of it since she watched porn when she was younger. And the opportunity presented itself like a gift from God.

The man waited for his girl. He had loaded his gun and placed it in the side of the cushions. The gun was set in perfect position for him to grab. He had cleaned his privates earlier that day. The frenum piercing shining brightly against his skin. He was ready to take his little girl one way or the other.

Shortly after, Anna knocked at the door with uncertainty. No, she couldn’t freak out now she made it all the way here. She pulled her tube top dress a little higher around her chest. The dress was tight and almost see through. Her panty line clearly visible around her ass.

He opened the door and greeted Anna. They embraced for a second before he beckoned her to come in and sit in the couch.

"One thing I want to get out of the way. I need to see ID." He told the girl as he sat next to her a little too close for comfort. She smelled great, and he wanted to be near enough to be able take her against her will if any hesitation.

She opened her small pink purse and pulled out her wallet. She flipped her ID to show him, and he nodded in agreement. Barely 18, perfect age. She placed her wallet back in her purse, and began to fidget with the pink pompom keychain that was attached to said purse.

"Don’t be nervous, baby. If you say to stop I will." He assured her as he grabbed her thigh and began to stroke her up and down. He knew he would penetrate her even if she said no. He saw as her eyebrow un- furrowed at his words.

"I’m sorry I’m just nervous." Her eyes scrunched together and her makeup flickered with all the glitter around her eyes. "I’m a virgin."

The man was shocked. Such a sexual girl and a virgin! "Wow. That caught me off guard." He chuckled lightly at the situation. He wasn’t expecting this, but he sure was grateful. He had only taken a women’s virginity once, his first girlfriend in high school. He fucked her hard like an animal as she cried beneath him. He thought back to that moment daily. Her tears only made him thrust harder.

Anna looked worried. "I just want to get it over with." She was hoping she didn’t scare him off. She always had such luck scaring away men she spoke to online. She figured because she agreed to all they were asking; most would find it fishy and think she’s a fed. She had even written down various phrases the men demanded her to write across her naked chest.

The man took her mind off her previous antics as he slowly began to stroke her breast. He felt her nipples harden against her fingers. Her breath slowed to a pace. Anna was nervous but her arousal soon took over. His hand stroked her inner thigh and back to her breast. He gently grabbed her by her frail neck and led her to her feet. Her dress came off in one fluid motion. God Bless tube tops he thought as he beheld the young lady in front of him. Her panties and bras matched, a blue lacy number. Her bra was sheer lace, her nipples dark against the bright blue fabric.

He continued to lead her by the neck until they made it to the bedroom. "Lay down." He ordered. She willfully laid down on her back, and the man continued his groping of her body. He watched how her breast giggled in her bra and knees instinctively moved together. He situated himself in between her thighs to prevent them from closing and placed his nose against her sex. He sniffed at the beautiful musk and slid her panties to the side to reveal her pussy.

Her lips were a mound of perfectly shave skin. The landing strip accentuated her pussy lips, perfect in size. He grabbed her panties and pulled them up towards her head, making a perfect camel toe. He licked her labia majora as she sucked in air at the feeling. A small moan escaped her lips as he probed her pussy with his fingers.

It was so beautiful pink. He would think it would be a bit darker considering her dark nipples. No, it was pink. He fingered at her folds and clit, and Anna yelped in surprise. She let out a surprised moan when he placed his tongue on her vagina folds.

Anna kept her hands to the side as the man lapped at her cunt. He rolling his tongue around her hardening clit, and probed at the opening feeling the tight muscles of her vagina against his tongue. She felt her pussy juice mix with his saliva, and the fluid dripped down her, straight to her ass hole. Her pussy soaked wet, the man admired his work and savored the smell. He bent back down to continue his work, his cock hard against his shorts.

Satisfied with the girl trembling beneath him, he stood and shook off his cargo pants and t-shirt. His perfect white dick hard against his stomach. She saw the frenum piercing on the underside of his penis head, and wondered how it will feel piercing her vagina. "You want to touch it." He growled at the girl, grabbing her small hand placing it on his leaking dick. Her hands were soft against him and she gently began to stroke, biting her lip in concentration as she stroked him.

"Can I taste it?" She whispered. If he wasn’t listening intently, he would have missed it.

"If you ask correctly." He looked down at her.

"Sorry. May I taste, Daddy?" Her voice was a quiet and submissive.

"Good girl." Honoring her wish he laid on the bed and she crawled towards his dick. Her petite figure looked radiant against him. Like Beauty and the Beast. He was not ugly in anyway, but she was such an innocent soul compared to his dark soul. He couldn’t wait to destroy her.

She grabbed at his erection once again and gave it gentle strokes as if inspecting the dick. He was clean, but he wanted to test the girl’s willingness. Would she be willing, without question, suck him off with no protection? His answer to him was yes. He wanted to see how hard he can push Anna to be his perfect little sex toy, and so far, Anna was more than willing.

With no afterthought she placed her plump lip against his head. She lapped at the precum that pearled in the tip. She liked the taste, and began to suck the head. She looked down at his length. His dick couldn’t have been more perfect. The man was white and his dick was a nice tan. The piercing scraped at her tongue as she took more of him in her throat. He was a good 7 inches hard, and cut. Anna licked the vein of the side of his penis before taking his head once again, mimicking the porn she had seen.

"Are you sure you haven’t done this before?" He moaned watching the girl take him in his mouth. She dropped his dick with a pop, and looked up at him.

"I watch a lot of porn, sir." She confessed. She was a bit embarrassed at the confession, but it was true. She enjoyed porn. She would play it in mute while her parent where in the other room then go to the family bathroom and rub her clit in silence until she came. She shared a bed with her sister but when she was alone, she would close the door and masturbate by pressing her clit on the bed like her sister had shown her when she was seven.

He maneuvered her to her back once more ready to penetrate her. "You ever finger yourself?" He rubbed at her pulsing pussy once again with his fingers, as he waited for an answer.

"A little…Daddy." Anna said between moans. Her chest rising faster as he placed his finger into her vagina opening.

"Anything bigger than a finger?" He asked as he gently pushed his finger inside to test the give of her virgin pussy.

"Maybe…like a hairbrush, but it wasn’t that much bigger. I’ve been too afraid to try anything else." Her knees began to close but his body kept them apart. He grabbed at her throat and shoved his fingers deeper.

"No. You don’t talk to me like that remember baby girl." He reminded the girl as he loosened his hand on her throat. His finger was still buried in her pussy, the walls pulsating around his digit. He wondered how her tight hole would feel stuffed with his dick.

"Sorry, Daddy." She sucked in a breath. He imagined her in her room probing her pussy with a hairbrush. He had no doubt that those actions did not break her hymen. Her hymen was still intact underneath his finger. He positioned himself just right that his dick was right on top pussy lips, and rubbed the pierced head at her cunt. She moaned in delight at the warm member.

"We need a condom." She said panting. "I have one in my purse."

He was a bit disappointed at that remark. He had a vasectomy and can no longer have children, and it was his right to fuck the barely legal slut raw. To avoid any confrontation for now, he grabbed the condom from her bag that had fallen to the floor and slipped it on. He went back into position over the young lady with her legs spread open for him. He grabbed her thighs and pressed them closer to her chest particular bending her in half. Her pussy lips spread open; the pretty pink insides glistened with her juices. He positioned his erection once more to her opening and pressed deep.

Thank God for the little blue pill. He had taken a Viagra before this encounter and would last a while. The condom on the other hand was more likely to rip after a few thrusts in her. His piercing aiding him in his plan to fuck Anna raw.

His dick passed her tight opening and he felt a small pop against his head. She moaned, closing her eyes and the intrusion. He could tell she was uncomfortable but he continued to press on. Her hip swayed from side to side trying to alleviate the pain she must had felt from her cherry breaking. Once he was seated inside, he began to pound her in a steady rhythm. Her vaginal walls enveloping his member in warmth.

After a while, Anna began to enjoy the act. She like being fucked she told herself. It felt amazing. It was a little painful but she moaned her way through the pain. She kept her hands to the side of her body as her soft breast swayed with each trust. She faced away from the man as his sweat dripped down her tits.

The man pounded into her in a slow motion, and soon he felt the condom rip inside her. He pulled out of her grabbing his dick and walked to the bathroom. "Need to freshen up. Stay." He announced as he was walking away. The girl stayed in the same position her legs against her chest and pussy throbbing for his return.

In the bathroom the man slipped off the torn condom. He looked over the condom covered in pussy juice a streak of blood, and grinned. The fun was just begging. He walked back into the bedroom ready to fuck this girl until her pussy throbbed.

He went back to the girl and took the same position, entering the girl without a condom, before Anna could tell the difference. He moaned as he sat himself deep into Anna’s virgin pussy. The girl was soft, warm and tight. She shook at the feel of the pierced dick against her tender insides.

He fucked her harder this time. With every trust she would moan louder. The mans apartment filled with the slapping sound of skin, and Anna’s moans. She stayed on her back, griping the sheets as the man pounded into her. Her pussy gripped at the penis tight with every thrust. She looked down at the man thrusting into her. Her pussy stretched around his thick cock. The man felt the anticipation in his groin once he saw tears stream down the girl’s face.

He unsheathed himself from her pussy and came with a grunt on her stomach. Anna squealed in surprise, both by the fact that he had fucked her bare and the feeling of the warm cum in her stomach.

"I thought you used a condom, sir." She whispered, not in anger more in submissive defeat. She pondered how this man had used her and bent her trust, but Anna was to confounded on how much she enjoyed his warm cum in her stomach. She was turned on by it. Turned on by the idea of her being nothing, a fuck toy.

The man shrugged as he yanked at his softening cock to milk the last drops of cum on the girl’s belly. "I can’t have children." He added like it would make the situation okay. He did not care about the girls’ feelings. He had fucked this girl, and after he came all over her, he did not care for her opinions.

The girl stood from her position and sat and the edge of the bed waiting for him to dismiss her. Anna understood that her opinion didn’t matter at the casual way the man had dismissed her concerns. She should expect less from a total stranger.

The man dressed himself and causally told the girl he had to be at work. Anna nodded, dressed herself, the cum still sticking to her skin and began to grab her bag.

Before she made it out the door the man called to her. "We should do this again. Call me when you’re free." Anna beamed at the man. Her worried frown grew into a giggly smile.

"Thank you, Daddy." She beamed before hugging him goodbye and driving off.

The man didn’t really have to work he just didn’t want the girl around afterwards in case she got testy about not using the condom, and the whole situation.

The sun was setting as the girl made it home and got ready for her job. All evening, as she waited tables, her legs and pussy ached. At night she thought back to the man, her Daddy, fucking her with his hard cock, her legs trembled. She was awake the whole night. The fear that she should have felt for submitting to a stranger never crossed her mind. The only thought in her head was to be with Daddy again.

The man slept like a baby.

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