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I miss her so much

I miss her so much

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I tried to be cool about it, but for me that was an incredible turn on...

Back to my reveling. I can feel myself pressing against your throat, and as I look down I think I can see the shape of my head just slightly at the end of my stroke. This is feeling so good. You pull me against you to the point where I am unable to get any further inside. I am balls deep and those same balls are pressing into your nose every time on the in stroke. Good thing you like them. I tell you I am going to cum soon at this rate. Up until now, I thought doing it this way was the surprise. Was I ever wrong! You pull me harder into you again, and more urgently. I am in heaven. I take that hint. My balls are starting to swell, and my dick feels rock hard. My lover is urging me to throat fuck her, and in front of me I have the sight of your body. That body that I have enjoyed so many times. I look down and your legs are parted. Although I do not have the best view of your pussy from here, I can tell it is glistening. Not just from what we did earlier, but from what we are doing now. My balls start to get that churning feeling, and I tell you. There is no response but you keep your hands firmly against me. I am at the point of no return. Up to now I have not been holding you but I grab onto your hips and thrust more urgently. I can hear the sounds of my cock pounding your mouth, and your throat, the sounds that the wetness and your sucking is making. Fuck, I am gonna cum. I say so and your response is simply to maintain that hold, and then I feel my orgasm take over, at the same time as my ejaculation. I thrust hard one last time into your throat and hold myself there, and we can both feel, in different ways, my cock pulsing as it shoots big loads of cum into you. I can hardly control myself as I feel you making swallowing movements with your throat at the same time. It is like having my dick massaged at the exact time I am coming. It's a feeling I have not experienced before. It is fantastic. I look down and you are squeezing your legs together rhythmically. I don't know why but from all of your other reactions, it seems like you have enjoyed yourself.

As I pull out of your mouth, you stay in that position, so I kneel down on the floor to give you an upside down kiss. I tell you thank you very much and add what a great surprise it was that you had arranged for me. And with that, I gently lift your head and help you roll over onto the bed. After all, I can only imagine how difficult a position that would have been for you. You lay back on the pillow and I shuffle off to the shower again. A bit slower this time. I take my time washing off. I make sure I am all clean and fresh and come back. You are lying on the bed looking slightly sleepy. I come over and lie next to you. We hold hands for a while. I look over at your naked body and think how much I always enjoy it. I look at your breasts rising and falling and your flat stomach, that is sexy. My eyes continue downwards and I see the slight mound of your pussy framed between the start of your legs. "Do you like what you see?" you say, and I think to myself: "I have heard that before recently!"

"I think you know exactly how much I like it", I say, trying to come up with something more witty but failing dismally. "I see something I like as well" you say. "I have always noticed that with you, it doesn't go down straight away after sex. Do you think it's up to another go so quickly? We have always talked about it." I tell you that I want to try. How could I not? I have a sexy young chick with a hot tight bod asking me for more. I feel a slight stirring down there. You lean over and take a hold of my cock and as you brush your lips against my ear you say "I'll be straight to the point, I want you inside me. I want you to FUCK me." With that, you start massaging my balls and you say "Mmmm, you already seem to be most of the way there." There's no doubt about that fact, I can feel myself hardening up again very quickly. It always feels so good when you use your hands on me, I have often told you that you have just the right touch, just the right amount of pressure to know what feels good. "Tell you what, big fella. I will use my powers to make you rock hard again, and then you can stick it in me. How does that sound?" You just smile at me as all I can do is nod at you appreciatively!

You re-arrange yourself on the bed so we are facing in opposite directions and you prop yourself up over me and take me into your mouth. For the third time on this visit. As your warmth envelops me it feels just as good as the first two times. As every time. It feels good because you know what you are doing. You are confident in what you are doing. This time you are insatiable, and upon going down on me you go straight to the base and hold yourself there. Oh fuck, that feels so damn good. My senses are drowning, because in addition to that, you have bent one leg over my chest and I have this wonderful view of your pussy. Your lips are slightly red and enlarged and they are wet with your cum juices from when I gave you head. That is incredibly hot. My hands are massaging your arse cheeks as you bob your head up and down on my cock. Great arse, I love feeling it in my hands. I rub my thumb and fingers against your slippery pussy and am further aroused by how hot it is. And how wet, even wetter than it looks. There is something magical about pussy juices, they have to be about the most slippery substance in the known universe. Thank goodness for them! And you are sexily clenching and unclenching your backside as I do this, because you know I am a visual person and this will turn me on even more.

Of course, your prediction was completely right, after only a minute or so of this, you have got me so hard I am like steel. I know this. You know this. Even though we could do it right now, you know it isn't going anywhere in a hurry. And you like to be a tease. You stop giving me head and lick my balls till they are soaked. Then you blow on them and the sudden change in temperature makes them contract involuntarily. You laugh and take me back into your mouth again. You repeat this procedure a couple of more times. It doesn't seem like it could be possible, but every time it makes me a little more hard. Part of the turn on for me (like I NEEDED any more!) is that I know that YOU know exactly what you are doing, exactly the effect it has on me. And fuck, that makes you one sexy vixen :)

"So, just HOW are you going to do me?" you say to me, as you lay back and spread your legs. The question seems sort of rhetorical. You lift your legs as I scoot a pillow under your backside. I kneel in front of you and enjoy the sight of you lying back with your legs apart waiting for me to be inside you. Inviting me to be there. I shuffle closer and as I do, you draw your knees back up towards your chest. This gives me one of the three most horny sights that a guy can have during sex. (#1 - this one...): "Take me, I'm all yours, I have removed all barriers and I want you in deep". As a matter of interest, the other 2 are (#2 - Receiving head): "You are taking me, you know how much I like it, you know how it immobilises me, and you know how good you are at giving head, and you WANT to". (#3 - Taking you from behind): "You present yourself to me, head down, arse up, totally vulnerable yet trusting of me. In reverse - literally - you are saying "Fill me up". PS, I am hard again after reading that.

So, back to #1. Your legs are drawn up and I have edged as close as I can be to you. Your pussy is still glistening. I hold my cock and start to rub its length along your lips and they are hot, and super wet. Your back arches as I do this. Your eyes are closed and I say to you "I want you to put it in". You have to lift your head a bit to reach but your fingers grab the base of my dick and direct it towards you. I feel the head touch your lips and I gently push forward as you guide me towards the right spot. Once the head is in, you release your grip and lie back, and I continue to push slowly, as your tight pussy gets used to the size entering it. You are so slippery and that combined with your tightness is a fantastic feeling as I draw back slightly and gently push forward again. I start a gentle rhythm and with every few in and outs I go a bit deeper. I look up at you and your eyes are closed and your arms are lazily moving around on the bed beside you, as if they don't know what quite to do. Further in I go, deeper still on every few strokes. Eventually, I am buried inside you up to the hilt. It is a nice feeling, I have always enjoyed that, because around the base of my cock I can feel the warmth radiating from your pussy, and as I hold myself pressed against there, I can feel some of your wetness where my balls are pressed against you.

You sigh appreciatively, and after a few seconds you say to me in a coy voice: "You know, even with your dick in there, my pussy can't fuck itself...". I can take (another) hint, so I begin rocking in and out of you, still gently at first, making a point, every few strokes, of withdrawing right to the head before pushing back in again. "Mmmm", I hear you say, as I hold your legs on each side of my chest as I start to invade you just a little more vigorously. The feelings I am getting are fantastic, as your pussy's sides grip me on each down stroke. You are so tight. I told you on many an occasions, in different ways, how good it was having sex with you. Good because you were small, and hot, and tight, and wet. And WILLING. And wanting. And enthusiastic. Because you would look up at me as I was taking you with a genuine "I want you" look in your eyes. Because you would participate and thrust back. Because you would make me feel in those moments that I was the most important thing to you. Because you wanted to give yourself to me, and also because you would get something you wanted back out of it. Because all of those things together made up who you are. It was always a huge turn on. And it is no different this time.

I start thrusting really hard now, and your hands reach up to grab my wrists. Partly to say yes, partly to help me in ensuring I don't slip out of you in my enthusiasm! I am banging away at you and you are smiling at me. Your breasts are jiggling back and forward with each thrust. Oh man, I like this. I am not Superman, however, and before too long I feel that familiar feeling in my balls that says "If you don't stop now, there you be no stopping you". I tell you I have to stop for a bit, as I don't want to cum yet. "I don't want you to cum yet either, I am enjoying this too much" you say to me, as I lay down beside you, and catch my breath. We lie together holding hands for a couple of minutes, then you get up and say "Well, I see it is still up, so there's no point wasting it" and you position yourself over me, take my cock around the base with your fingers, and lower yourself to the head. You start rubbing the head back and forwards against your lips, which are now slightly red from the pounding they were getting a few minutes earlier. "Oh. Oh, mmmm, that feels nice" you say, almost as if you have forgotten I am attached to the end of what you are doing! Your head is back and your eyes are closed again. Then you lay my penis down against my stomach and lower yourself onto it and start rubbing yourself back and forwards on me. On the forward stroke, I see that you are leaning right towards me, so that your clit gets stimulated each time. I am wondering to myself what part of this is supposed to be stopping me from cumming, lol!

"Hey, I know what you are doing. You're using me to masturbate. You're getting off on me!" Like I care, it feels great! "That's right, I am" you say. "You weren't doing anything, and I was horny. So just lay there and enjoy yourself. I'm sure you are anyway. I can tell by the grin on your face." Well, I can't argue with you there. You keep rocking for a while and then you say coyly: "Something's missing here..." With that, you lift yourself slightly, hold me again and aim the head towards your pussy. Except this time, once it is lined up, you sink down on it quite quickly. Then you stop. I ask if you are okay and you tell me "I wanted it so much, and although we had just been doing it, the tightness still gets me. I will be okay in a minute." So we stay there for a few seconds whilst my fingers trace along the insides of your thighs (I feel you tighten a little more when I do that), around to your backside and then down the outside of your legs. Then I feel you start to gently start rotating your hips and up the tempo. Before long you are riding me for all you are worth. I have my hands on your tits because they are sitting in front of me and I cannot resist them.

You ride me for a while more and then you stop for a rest. I pull you to me as my cock stats buried inside you and we kiss. I like kissing you whilst I can feel my dick inside you and also your breasts resting against my chest. As you lay there I grab your arse and start thrusting with my hips. It is a difficult position so I can't go for long. I like watching your tits jiggle when I do it, Right in front of my face, mmmm. If only I could kiss and lick and suck on your nipples at the same time as we were screwing, that would be great.

You get jack of this at the same time as I get back pain, so you hop off me and say to me: "I told you before I really wanted it, now I really mean it. Please just fuck me properly." Okay. I lay you back on the pillow again and you look a little concerned, but I tell you just to go with it and you do. You open your legs as you did before. As I did earlier, I kneel before you and rub my hard dick on your slick pussy. You look up at me with a sort of a wanting look. I want as well, so I waste no time in putting myself in, and pushing. You tell me: "Just go for it", so instead of my normal caution, I push in hard. I don't slam in, in respect of your tightness, but my actions must have been just right, because you inhale sharply, but smile. Instead of continuing to kneel, I lay myself down on you and start thrusting in and out. Supporting myself on my elbows, I stare into your eyes and keep thrusting. I am not wasting any time at the moment, I can sense your passion, and I want to fuel that fire as best I can.

As your head rocks back and forth with each thrust, you laugh up at me and say with a smile: "Look at you, you're being such a man, so serious". I smile back (best as I can given my exertions) and reply: "Well, I have you exactly where I want you, don't I?", and I give you a couple of extra hard thrusts, right to to hilt. You laugh, grip my arse cheeks, and say: "Yes, you do don't you?" As I press right into you, the heat from your pussy is amazing. I know it is a sign of approval, as is the wetness that is seeping from you. I love the way you just keep producing moisture. It's like your body is saying "I approve, here's some more to go on with." I pause, reach behind me and get my arms under your legs and lift them back towards your chest. You say to me: "I was wondering if you would do that. I have a surprise for you. I have been practicing this." And with that, you then reach your own arms up and over your legs, so that you legs are under your arms and your ankles are behind your ears. "What do you think of this then?" you ask. I am speechless, all I can do is smile. Such a defenceless position, I know you are doing it for me and I know it is because you trust me. I give you a long kiss and then re-commence my thrusting. It feels like I am further inside you than I have ever been before. It feels great and you look so giving, as you have your arms wrapped around me and hanging on for dear life!

After some minutes of this, you ask to change positions, as your legs are getting sore. I ask you what you want to do now, and you reply:" I think it is well on record what your favourite way is. I have had enough experience with you to know EXACTLY what you want to do. So just DO it." And you are quite right about what I want to do, and without my replying, you simply assume the position beside the bed. The position. Legs spread, arse displayed to me, pussy lips flushed and ready displayed between your legs. Accentuated by your bending sharply at the waist. Oh wow, you don't know how hard it is not to just slam in without warning. You have your head turned to the side and resting on the bed, your arms outstretched. "Fuck" is all you say. I step up behind you and again aim my dick at your pussy. You know this isn't the easiest seeing position for me, so you have brought back one of your arms and I feel your fingers slide up my cock and touch my balls. You position me at the entrance to your tunnel and I feel the head slip inside. To my surprise, you then push back against me sharply and I am all the way inside. Hmm, seems like I should just start thrusting. Again!

I push you back toward the bed, and begin moving in and out. Because of our previous efforts you are very wet and the extreme tightness is no longer a concern. So, I begin to fuck you like I have not done to this point. Hard, very hard. I have my hands tightly on your hips, and I can feel m,y balls slapping against you as I finish each in stroke. I wonder if you can as well. One of the reasons I like this position is to be able to look down at you. I can see your great arse as I fuck with you, it rounds to your hips which slim down to the small of your back and then I follow up the line of your back to your red hair. It is really sexy. My explanation here has not done it justice. And again, there is the trust and that you want to do this for me. As I am looking down at you, I see your fingers have scrunched up the bedsheets as I am hammering you for all I am worth. You are making "ummpphh" sounds as I continue. This is all really having an effect on me and the fact I am doing you from behind is also having that sort of primal effect on me, the knowledge of doing it doggy style with a willing partner is a huge turn on.

I have become lost in those thoughts when all of a sudden I am brought back to the present by one of your hands squeezing my balls as I continue to fill you. "I know you like this. I have noticed that you have often asked me to squeeze your balls when you are jackhammering me from behind." "Yeah" is all I can muster in response, but in my mind, I am glad you take note of such things. "Here's something else I know you like" you say, as you start to squeeze harder. Quite hard. "Mmmm, I like how big they are, lets me get a firm grip on them..." you say, as I start feeling dizzy from the effect this is having on me. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain. I really like having my balls squeezed, it makes them ache, but in a good dull throbbing ache sort of way. The other effect it has is that it pulls the skin of my penis back towards the base, which makes the sensations of rubbing inside your soaking pussy all the more wonderful. As much as I want to dominate you here, as much as I want to fuck you even harder and fill you with another load of cum, not just yet... However before I stop, I say to you "Give me your hands" and you willingly comply and bring them behind you back and offer them to me. I take each wrist in my hands and pull you toward me so that your back is arched. And then I re-commence my hard thrusts (didn't know I had eased up didya? But the balls squeezing had made me lose focus!). I pull back and your arms and slam into you at the same time. I watch as my pelvis bangs into your backside and then see how it makes you bounce away a bit, only to the point of being pulled back again. Again, I get those thoughts of just finishing you there and then for my own pleasure. But I want us to finish on a shared note.

I pull out of you (to the complaints of my dick!) and you collapse down onto the bed. I realise how difficult the arms backward thing is for you, and appreciate that you do it for me. I collapse beside you and we both catch our breath. After a couple of minutes of dozing, I say: "I also take note of what people like" and with that, I say "Choose which side.". You get a mischievous grin because you know what I am planning, and you roll over onto your left side and you draw your right leg up nearly in line with your chest. I kneel over your outstretched leg and move toward you. Seems like I have been moving toward you a lot today. How lucky for me that you want me moving toward you. Else by now you might have started objecting ha ha. I line myself up with you and think to myself how very lined up I am to be able to do you up the arse. Not today though, this is about finishing off with something pleasurable for you. I just slip straight in (the front way) because you are soaked. But it still feels tight because this position gives us both maximum sensation. Again, and I know I have already said it, I like this position because you are surrendering yourself to me, and you trust me. And I get to see most of you in this position. I get to see your face, your tits, your arse and your legs. I like seeing your legs, especially in this position. I love how I get to hold your bent leg whilst I can feel my balls being crushed against the warmth of your lower leg.

And for the manyeth time today, I begin to stroke in and out. I have one hand squeezing your right breast and the other is holding your bent leg, pulling you back towards me as I push in. You obviously like this because you are telling me so, telling me how you get to feel me going in and out and how you can feel this in your pussy and rubbing against your lips more than in any other position. Every so often my left hand leaves your breast to stroke through your hair, or to stroke gently down the side of your face. And sometimes my hand rests on your right hip and pushes forward, so that it opens you up even further. At least, that's the way it feels. "Mmmmmm, mmmm" you are saying, and you are holding onto my forearms and pulling me into you. "I don't know how much more I can take of this" I say to you as my strokes get more urgent. My balls are quickly getting to the point where they are going to take over my brain function.

"I just need you to keep going a little longer. Just a bit longer" you say. "Why?" I ask, somewhat stupidly! "BECAUSE" you say to me in an irritated tone, "I am THIS close to cumming, to having a vaginal orgasm. I need this, and I need you to help me with it. Do whatever you have to. Recite the fucking tax tables if that will hold you off." It would seem this conversation has cooled me down just a little, and I am able to keep going. A steady rhythm, just focus on you. As I pump in and out,I feel your hands start to tighten their grip on me. "Oh, awww, aww yeah, that's it babe. Keep going just like that. Oh yeah. I will cum, I can feel it. Just a little bit more." Now, when I have been going down on you in the past, and you would say something similar to me, I would often think to myself: "It's a good thing I am not younger, or I would be creaming myself on the spot." That's what I thought here again now, but I had an added problem inasmuchas I was being physically stimulated by you. By fucking your young hot sexy body. All in full view right in front of me. That combined with the words I just heard, started that feeling in my balls. That getting to the point of no return feeling. And this time, there couldn't be any turning back...

As I wondered how I could hold off any further, your breathing began to turn ragged. "Fuck, yes, that's it. Right there. Just keep fucking me... I... I will cum... I... Arrrhhh, Unngghhh...." and with that, I felt for the first time ever, your pussy contract on me as your orgasm took control of you. Your fingers started to dig into my arms because you were at that moment where you were out of control. You yell loudly: "Keep going, keep going...". I am thinking to myself: "I am fucking you WHILE you are cumming." With that thought, well, that, and the fact that my cock was buried inside you whilst your contractions are squeezing me, and you are yelling, and cumming, and shaking...well, it was all too much for me. I get that swelling feeling in my balls, and there is very little notice - sensory overload, I guess. It is only a couple of seconds before I get that tingling feeling in my balls and my dick, the head swells, and I bury myself as hard and deep as I can inside you, and start to pump loads of cum into your throbbing pussy. I now hold onto you for all I was worth, I am aware of my being pressed against your warm arse, my balls contracting as my ejaculation and orgasm satisfies itself, I am aware you are still shaking a bit, and your grip has loosened, and every so often you do a slight thrust back against me, as if you are trying to drain my balls of every last drop.

We hold that position for a minute, until I say I have to get off because my muscles are sort of fused in place in the position I had been in when I came. As I start to pull out you say "STOP". When I ask why, you say: "Look" and you point to where my cock is still inside you. "Just HOW did you cum so much?" you ask, as you are pointing to where the cum is leaking out between you and me before I have even exited. There is a lot of it. You scoot around and lick some of the cum off my cock. This surprises me, as I know you are not keen on the taste of your own pussy, which would be mixed in with my cum. Nonetheless, you lick quite a bit up, and show me as you have it pooled on your tongue. Then you pull me in for one last kiss, so we may properly share everything we have just experienced. This is sexy as hell. If you can have it in your mouth, then so can I. We share a passionate kiss and our tongues dance and mix cum and saliva together. I think of the experience we just had and that is part of what makes the kiss so passionate.

Oh God, I miss you so much...

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