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Overwatch: Rise & Fall

Overwatch: Rise & Fall

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Breathing quite quick she felt the pillow beneath her head swell slightly as Amélie’s other hand slinked beneath it. Lena felt herself begin to calm and relax as what Amélie was doing began to dawn on her.

She felt the curves of Amélie’s body find her own, the soft swell of Amélie’s breasts pressing to her back, the woman's nose against the back of Lena’s neck, her breath tickling as their legs intertwined, every inch of the cool woman seemingly seeking out the heat Lena’s body offered.

Though the wave of Lena’s anxiety had ebbed away, she felt a deep fluttering in her chest as Amélie spooned her, the only sound in the room their soft breathing, though Amélie’s was almost imperceptible next to Lena’s.

Lena felt… Safe. She felt genuinely safe. In the arms of this accomplished assassin who had more than earned her moniker, she felt comfortable. Had she enjoyed her day? Was she enjoying this now?

Tentatively she moved her hand towards her stomach, under her own T-shirt to come to rest atop of Amélie’s. For a moment nothing, then Amélie splayed her fingers against the silky skin of Lena’s stomach and in a mutual action, their fingers laced together.

Lena squeezed gently.

Amélie squeezed back.

"A-Amélie?" Lena whispered softly.

"Mm?…" Came the response, a soft noise as she exhaled, Lena could feel the gentle vibrations of the hum against her neck.

"Are you… Are you gonna use that petal thing to make me… You know..." She trailed off…

Amélie stayed silent for a long few moments. She could, she knew, make Lena do anything she wanted her to do. And it was no lie that she felt a deep hungering for the slender girl, a lusting for her.

"...No, mon amour… No, you do not need to worry about that…" She finally replied.

Lena felt her heart beating faster, Amélie’s thumb tracing small circles across her stomach as they held hands.

"What…" Lena started, then swallowed, unusually hesitant, "What if I wanted to?"

"Wanted to what?"

Lena bit her lip chewing it for a long moment in the dark, "Do… Stuff."

The thumb against her stomach stopped moving.

"What would you want to do?..." Amélie asked, her voice edged with a curiosity.

"...What I wanted to?"

Amélie thought for a moment, inhaling the sweet scent of the girl pressed against her and felt an uncommon desire in her heart.


Lena wriggled slightly and Amélie disengaged from their embrace, leaning backwards as the lithe British girl squirmed around.

Even with her enhanced vision in the absolute dark of the room, Amélie couldn’t make out the shape of the girl, merely feel the warmth of her presence. She waited, unsure as to what to expect from Lena. In all the plans she had made having Lena so genuinely interested in her had never really been a feature. It was a surprise, but not one she-...

Amélie’s train of thought derailed as she felt a hand press warmly against her shoulder, pushing her downwards. She complied with the hand, laying on her back once more as she felt Lena follow the hand, half draping herself on top of her captor, her foe.

Amélie felt an odd warmth inside her, different to before. She felt Lena’s breath against her lips, could feel the girls heartbeat, quick and excited against her chest. Lena’s lips found Amélie’s and they kissed, no hurried rush this time, Lena no longer frantic to kiss ‘like she meant it’, but slow and exploratory, as Amélie had first hoped.

Without the control she had held before, despite the more reserved, gentle kisses, Amélie felt more alive. She moved her hands to Lena’s body, caressing her arms and waist as they kissed.

As time melted away Lena’s reservations followed, her kiss becoming less and less shy and more like the one they had indulged in before. Deep and passionate, Amélie’s mind electric as Lena’s hands caressed up her sides.

After a slow and intimate dance of tongues between them, Lena broke the kiss, panting softly and resting her forehead lightly against Amélie’s, their noses pressed gently to each others. Amélie swallowed gently and, to her surprise, could no longer feel Lena’s heartbeat over the strength of her own, hammering away in her chest, a rare occurrence for her.

"Wow, love… That was…" Lena breathed, voice gentle as she felt Amélie squeeze her waist slightly.

"Magnifique?" Amélie offered and Lena let out a cute little giggle.

"Yeah…" She bit her lip, reaching up her hand to caress Amélie’s cheek, feeling the softness of her skin under her thumb as she touched her, "...Want... More?"

"More than you could imagine…" Amélie answered, raising her hands till her fingers were laced in Lena’s stylish hair, pulling her back down into another eager kiss, one that they both melted into.

After a few long moments, their bodies intertwining as they kissed, Lena pulled back, sitting up and straddling Amélie, who moved her hands to rest of the girl's thighs, biting her lip as she pressed her soft length upwards a little, enjoying the sensation of it rubbing against Lena’s thick ass.

Lena felt the bulge moving up against her and she giggled a little, pressing her ass downwards into the softness, "Not yet love..."

"Non?" Amélie countered, chewing her lip as her hips made slow circles, gently grinding her length against the girl atop of her.

Amélie heard the sound of fabric hitting the floor beneath her, "Here, this first." Lena whispered softly, taking Amélie’s hands and guiding them up her body. She felt Lena’s soft warm hands on her own, the girl's smooth skin gliding under her fingertips as they were led up, no T-shirt to be found.

Amélie felt a leap in desire as Lena let out a soft, high pitched gasp of pleasure, Amélie’s hands closing around and squeezing Lena’s modest breasts, lifting them on her chest and pressing them tight, feeling the girls delicate pink nipples, hard between her fingers as she squeezed them together.

Lena let out a light little moan as little sparks of pleasure buzzed across her chest, Amélie’s natural coldness, a side effect of her slower heartbeat, sent icy shivers down Lena’s nipples, enhancing her pleasure as Amélie freely played with her soft mounds.

Leaning forward Lena crowded the space between their bodies to the point where Amélie’s hands were forced to retreat around to gently rest on her back, but Amélie soon felt the soft intimate warmth of one of the girl's perky breast pressing against her lips and nose.

Biting her lip Lena let out another soft moan, her cheeks flushed crimson in the dark as she felt Amélie’s lips close around the firm bud of one nipple, the suction and slow swirling motion of her tongue having more of an effect on her than she would’ve thought. She hadn’t felt pleasure like this in a long time, like there was a deeper connection to it, and she knew the best was still to come.

Amélie let out a soft whine of protest as, after a few long moments of letting her play with both the girls nipples, Lena sat slowly back up, making Amélie reluctantly release the girls nipple from between her lips with a loud wet ‘pop’ that mingled around the room with a squeak of pleasure from Lena.

"Ah, mon chéri, I was enjoying that," Amélie said softly, surprised by the playful tone in her voice, her hands coming to rest on Lena’s incredibly slender waist, giving her an eager squeeze.

Lena let out an almost nervous little giggle and sounded almost sheepish, "Sorry to spoil your party, but I got something else in mind…"

Amélie arched an eyebrow as she felt Lena once more pull away from her grasp, her hands moving down across her thighs to come to rest on the bed sheets, Amélie finding herself eager now to know just what Lena had in mind for them both.

Lena started shuffling down the bed still straddling Amélie, leaving small little butterfly kisses against the woman's cool smooth skin, taking the duvet with her as she moved, exposing them both to the cool night air of their room.

"What are you-..." Amélie started, but gasped, her hands digging into the sheets as she felt the blushing warmth of Lena’s cheek press through the fabric of the slim boxers she wore against her sleeping cock.

Lena ran her hands up Amélie’s thighs as she nestled her body down between the assassin's legs, quietly slipping off her black panties, her own legs kicking back and forth slowly, restless and eager. Slowly and heart fluttering in anticipation, she slid one hand up Amélie’s boxers, her lips kissing against the sleeping member through the fabric as her fingers traced up and closed around the soft cool shaft of her cock.

Amélie shuddered a little as the hot fingers closed around her cold member, biting her lip as she felt it twitch gently in the girl's delicate grip, her words coming out a little shaky, her breath noticeably quickened, "A-ah, mon trésor, that feels so good… Please…"

"Please what, love?" Lena all but moaned as she again pressed the soft warmth of her lips to the thick bulge of Amélie’s shorts.

Amélie breathed hard and looked down into the darkness where she knew Lena was doubtless looking back up at her, she could almost see the girls expression, lustful and eager. This wasn’t going at all like she had planned, she swallowed, "Please, more…"

Lena couldn’t help but to blush crimson in the dark, feeling an odd sense of control over Amélie as she was begged for more. For a moment she looked back on the memories of how Widowmaker had captured her and of all their encounters and fights beforehand. An entire history of conflict, all of which now felt somehow inconsequential when compared to the beating storm in her heart.

Withdrawing her hand from Amélie’s shorts Lena reached up, hooking her thumbs under the tight elastic band of her boxers to wiggle them down over Amélie’s broad hips. To assist Amélie raised her butt off the bed, neatly arching her back to allow them to be pulled down easier, exposing the soft length of her cock which rested against one thigh.

Lena bit her lip, having to content herself with having wiggled them down just enough to give her access, her own position between Amélie’s thighs blocking her from getting them any lower. Eager to discover what awaited her she reached back up, her fingers closing around the thick almost spongey softness of Amélie’s cock, pointing it upwards and giving it a few slow strokes, as if testing it out.

Slowly as she massaged the soft length she marvelled at its silky smoothness, her other hand sliding up Amélie’s body to rest on her stomach, more for her own support than anything else, but she soon felt Amélie’s hand find her own, fingers once more interlacing as Lena worked her length.

Lena gave a soft squeeze of the fingers between her own and felt Amélie reciprocate again. Unable to stop herself from blushing and while feeling her heart hammering in her chest she leaned down, listening to Amélie release a pleasured gasp as Lena, without warning, closed her lips around the crown of Amélie’s cock, drawing it into the intense heat of her mouth where she let her tongue swirl eagerly around.

Amélie moaned as pleasure engulfed the soft tip of her cock, her hand squeezing Lena’s as the other continued to grip at the bedsheets. Lena’s movements were slow and sultry, her lips travelling up and down the soft length as it began to swell, a slow process, but with the base of her shaft held in Lena’s tight grip, Amélie knew it wouldn’t be long before the girl came face to face with her full size.

Lena gave herself wholly over to the activity of tending to Amélie’s cock, which was slow to rise in her wet eager mouth, though she wasn’t surprised by its sluggishness, likely a side effect of Amélie’s slowed heart rate she thought, doubling down on her efforts.

Amélie arched her back and breathed hard, working her hips up and down in eager little motions as Lena’s hot mouth slid up and down her length, drawing forth pleasure and lust beyond what Amélie could recall ever feeling.

Lena pressed her hand down around Amélie’s shaft, holding her cock between thumb and forefinger at the base, no longer gripping it with her fist, freeing up more of her now almost-hard length for Lena’s eager lips and tongue to explore and enjoy.

Feeling Amélie squeeze her hand Lena knew the effect she was having on her, her lips travelling down further, letting the cock press deeper into her mouth where her tongue met it with an eager swirl and lap.

Lena settled into a steady rhythm, her plush lips gliding up and down the steely length of Amélie’s spit-shined cock, the woman's moans mixing in with the lewd wet noises Lena’s mouth made as she sucked, rotating her head this way and that as she bobbed up and down.

"A-ah, oh my, deeper Lena, please…" Amélie whispered softly, her voice laden with lust as she moved her hand from the bedsheets to the back of Lena’s head, gripping her gently and guiding her pace and depth, elements of control Lena seemed all too happy to relinquish.

Amélie chewed on her lip as she tugged the girls head further down onto her cock, feeling a firmness bump against the sensitive crown of her head, matched by a light ‘gluck!’ noise from Lena’s throat as it pressed against the back of her mouth.

Arching her back and guiding Lena’s held hand up to cup and squeeze at her cool breast she continued to direct Lena’s head up and down, marveling at how the girl continued to suck at her hard length even as Amélie moved her faster and faster, the pleasure radiating through Amélie’s body like nothing she had felt before.

Lena blushed crimson as she let Amélie guide her head, struggling not to gag as the eager woman continually bumped the dark mushroom tip of her cock against the back of Lena’s throat, something she tried to relax, eager to feel every inch of Amélie’s frankly impressively sized length within her.

"R-relax your throat…" Amélie panted softly, biting her lip as she put more movement into the gyration of her hips, altering what had started as a slow intimate blowjob into more of a face-fucking.

Lena let out a childish little groan, trying to convey her message of ‘what do you think I’m trying to do?’, but it was lost in the increasingly wet noises emanating from her mouth and throat, lines of her spit and Amélie’s pre travelling down her slick shaft and over her smooth heavy balls to soak into the bed sheets beneath them.

After a few more long deep thrusts into Lena’s hot receptive mouth, Amélie began to worry she was overdoing it, using the girl too hard and pushing her further than she might want. Reluctantly, she pulled Lena up and off her cock, the girl letting out a loud gasp, her breath hot against Amélie’s skin as she whimpered cutely, catching her breath and letting out a couple of light coughs.

"W-why’d you stop?" Lena asked, resting her flushed cheek on Amélie’s thigh, kissing her steely wet length as she waited for a response.

"I thought I was being too rough…" Amélie said gently and felt Lena eagerly squeeze her breast, enticing another moan from Amélie’s pursed lips as Lena let out a soft breathy giggle, speaking with a cute edge to her voice.

"Maybe I like a little roughhousing love..." She teased and quickly felt Amélie’s fingers grip her hair just tight enough for it to hurt a little, tight enough to make Lena moan in response.

Amélie felt a fresh surge of lust within her at the girl's moans, there were more layers to this girl than she had possibly thought.

"Maybe I want to be a little rough with you…" Amélie teased back, pulling Lena up by the hair until she lay on top, her lips catching Lena’s in a quick kiss, tasting herself on Lena’s tongue as their bare bodies pressed together, Lena squirming gently to feel every inch of Amélie’s body caressing against hers.

Lena kissed across Amélie’s jaw and nibbled briefly at her ear, her voice coming out in a breathy whisper, highlighted by a warm, cheeky tone, "Oh yeah? I dunno if you’ve got the stuff…"

Amélie felt herself smirk, then smile broad, a soft chuckle escaping her lips as her hands instantly found their way to Lena’s hips, gripping her as she rolled over, the swift movement drawing a squeak and a bright giggle from the girl as she suddenly found herself on the bottom of the pair, feeling Amélie now on top shimmying out of her boxers.

Moving her hands up as the girl giggled and settled into the mattress Amélie found Lena’s arms in the dark, gripping her wrists and pinning them either side of the girls head, the force of her pin drawing another deliciously eager moan from Lena.

Leaning down Amélie kissed up Lena’s collarbone, finding her neck and kissing it eagerly, leaving a noticeable trail of love bites up one side, each one causing another high pitched moan from the girl beneath her who was clearly in a state of ecstasy despite the fact that her own needs had so far gone unattended.

Apparently aware of this, and eager to see change, Amélie felt Lena’s legs wrap around her waist, ankles crossing behind her back as she lifted herself up off the bed, the smoothness of her pussy pressing up against the underside of Amélie’s rock hard length.

Amélie felt Lena’s hands pull up, as if trying to wrestle back control, but Amélie forcefully pushed them back down into the mattress, drawing a pleasured little gasp from Lena who whined cutely, "Oh come on love, don’t make a girl wait!"

For a moment Amélie bit Lena’s lower lip, drawing a groan from the girl as she considering any number of responses, taunts or teases. But the fact of it was they both wanted it, desperately.

Releasing the girls lip Amélie urged her hips down and inward, her length twitching and throbbing as it pressed against and between the silky hot lips of Lena’s pussy, sliding up against them a couple of times, each miss drawing a pleasured noise from them both until finally, on the third push, Amélie felt her cock find its mark, spreading Lena’s lips wide and pressing an inch or so inside her.

Lena let out a loud fulfilled gasp, arching her back up so her chest pressed against Amélie's, their breasts rubbing together as she felt the long thick length push slowly inside her tight receptive body. Amélie felt her arms go weak as pleasure blossomed within her, her hard cock, still wet from Lena’s attention easily sinking into the wet waiting core of Lena’s slender body.

The experience was indescribable for Amélie as she worked herself deeper with short slow thrusts, eager to bury every inch of what she had to give inside the girl. The tightness, the heat, the feeling of Lena beneath her so desperately trying to get more of her, all serving to raise her pleasure to new heights.

Amélie felt Lena’s thighs squeeze around her as her cock bottomed out in the girl, her entire throbbing shaft buried as deep as it could go inside Lena’s lithe body, the walls of her pussy squeezing down on her, milking her length as she gyrated her hips up against Amélie's cock.

"C-come on love, fuck me already!" Lena pleaded, her impatience once more shining through, though Amélie felt no need to disappoint her.

In this new kiss, Amélie was instantly the aggressor, her tongue pressing deep between Lena’s lips to mingle and toy with hers as her hips began to move, pulling back and pushing forward, filling the little fille with her thick girlcock.

She adored the sensation of Lena moaning into her mouth, the girl moving beneath her in time to her thrusts, enhancing each and every spark of pleasure as they sought to please each other in unison.

The heat was, for Amélie, the most overwhelming sensation that mingled with the pleasure. In all her time as Widowmaker her intimate encounters had been extremely limited and everything about this girl just radiated warmth, her skin, her pussy, her breath, she could even feel the girls blushing cheeks against her own as they made out.

Without slowing her thrusts Amélie broke the kiss, her hands releasing Lena’s wrists, one supporting her weight as the other once again tangled in the girls brown hair, gripping it tight as their bodies met in a rhythmic clapping sound.

Though Amélie was moaning and panting in pleasure, her voice was drowned out by the high pitched whimpers and gasps Lena produced, the bubbly girl unable to hold back the lust from her voice as Amélie took her, her ankles remaining locked around Amélie’s body as each thrust drove her to new heights of pleasure.

No longer pinned, Lena’s hands moved around Amélie’s back, gripping and holding her, dragging her down lower so that the woman was forced to press her body tight to Lena’s.

Lena could feel it, a pulsing deep within her that matched Amélie’s thrusts but outgrew itself every time, her own pleasure mounting faster than she had ever expected it to.

"O-oh fuck! Amélie! You’re gonna make me cum!" She cried out, breathing hard as her fingernails dug into Amélie’s back just hard enough to make her moan.

"A-ah, Lena, yes! Cum on my cock, you putain, cum for me!" Amélie shouted back, her voice, in her lust, heavier with her accent than usual, something about either that or the words themselves making Lena grasp her tighter, her high pitched gasps coming more and more frequently, finally joining together into a single long squeak as the girl's climax struck.

Amélie didn’t slow her thrusts, in fact she intensified her assault, slamming her cock into the shaking girl time and time again, not allowing her climax to subdue and instead forcing the girl beneath her to endure it for longer and longer.

Lena’s mind was a blank haze of pure pleasure and need, she needed this, she needed Amélie, she needed more.

"Amélie!! Please! Please cum in me!" Lena whimpered out loudly, her arms and legs tight as she clung on desperately to her lover, hanging on for dear life, feeling each and every steely inch of Amélie’s veiny cock as it buried itself to the hilt inside her time and time again, her heavy cum-filled balls slapping against Lena’s cheeks with each thrust.

Amélie couldn’t deny she could feel her pleasure rising, each solid thrust into Lena’s hot squeezing pussy pulling her closer to the inevitable edge of release that she could feel approaching.

She wanted to make the moment, the experience, their first, to last forever, but she knew that wouldn’t happen, that her own climax was fast approaching, but she knew too that this was the first of many such encounters with her new, willing girlfriend, with Lena. With Tracer.

She gasped out as thoughts of what could be flooded her mind and her thrusts became less controlled, shorter and deeper with more force behind them as her willpower to hold off her impending orgasm buckled, her mind instead focusing onto the now, onto drawing out as much pure ecstasy from the moment as she possibly could.

She pushed herself up, widening the gap between the clingy Lena and herself just enough for her to slip a hand between them. Lena gasped, arching her back as she felt Amélie’s hand close around her throat, not squeezing or choking her, but grasping her, pinning her head and asserting dominance as Amélie’s tongue once again invaded her mouth.

Lena felt her eyes roll back with pleasure as she eagerly suckled on Amélie’s tongue, her hips jerking up against her as she felt the cock within her twitch and pulse, the onset of Amélie’s powerful climax met her deep eager moans and a liquid heat pulsing deep within Lena each time Amélie crested the waves of pleasure, spending her pent-up load inside the plucky, lustful Brit.

Her orgasm seemed to last forever, walls of pleasure cresting over her again and again as with each pulse she fired more and more of her thick creamy seed deep inside Lena’s hot pussy, but, it did eventually have to subside, her cock still buried deep within the girl, spending its last drops as Lena relaxed her grip, the pair of them breathing hard, utterly exhausted and completely satisfied.

"A-Amélie…" Lena whispered, her voice a little hoarse as she weakly held onto the panting woman.


"...Wow…" Lena panted, giggling softly, "Just… Wow…"

Amélie grinned and chuckled softly as they moved in time to once more lay beside each other, this time in each other's arms, where they belonged.

Lena felt like she needed a shower, or another hard fuck, but in her mind, there was really only one option. Held in Amélie’s arms, safe and secure, as they both lived in the afterglow of their lust, she felt the blanket of sleep creep upon her, drawing her down into its comforting depths where she willingly sank.

It was some time later when Lena let out a quiet little whimper and stretched her arms out above her head, feeling the warmth of the duvet enveloping her as the sleepy fog of her mind began to slowly melt away.

She lay, without opening her eyes, as the memories of the day before seeped in through the retreating dreams. Amélie. The woman who had conditioned her to obey her commands at a word, something that had proven to be unnecessary as the day had progressed into the evening. Still though, despite the conditioning Lena found it hard to be mad, without it, without Widowmaker’s targeted attack, she would never have really met Amélie.

Just the thought of Amélie sent Lena’s heart to fluttering and, eager to be in her arms again she rolled onto her side, opening her eyes and smiling, reaching out towards… Where Amélie had been. Lena’s smile slipped away as she ran a hand across the sheets where Amélie had fallen asleep, snuggled up close to her, satisfied after their lovemaking.

She lay for a moment staring at the empty pillow in the dim morning light beside her, the warm colours spilling in through the cracks in the window blinds indicating it was early morning, perhaps even sunrise.

Sitting up slowly she ran a hand through her hair, pushing it up into her preferred style as she glanced around for any indication of her new lover, but saw no sign. For a moment her imagination ran a little wild. Maybe Amélie had used her, had manipulated her somehow?

She felt a doubt creep into her. A sentence Amélie had said yesterday bouncing back into her anxious mind, ‘And I can think of no greater victory than this. To own you. To make you mine’. Had she played into Widowmakers plans last night? Had this been it all along? To lure her in with the facade of Amélie then leave her doubting everything about herself?

Feeling her anxieties rise she scooped herself up from the bed and, casting her gaze around, found something to cover her lithe nakedness with. The discarded T-shirt wouldn’t cover much, but she found herself in a bit of a hurry.

Cautiously she pushed open the door to the bedroom and poked her head out, glancing around as she held the hem of the T-shirt down, protecting her modesty as she slipped quietly into the hallway, padding barefoot towards the main living room and kitchen area.

As the space came into view she stopped, looking across towards the window where the first warm rays of the morning's light poured into the room, obstructed only by the lithe naked form of Amélie as she sat perched on the windowsill, her long hair loose as it hung down her back, her hands raised, clasped around a steaming white porcelain cup.

For a moment Lena stood in amazement, drinking in every slender line, every enticing curve, the fullness of her soft breasts and the memorable sight of her thick cock resting against one of her off colour thighs. Lena bit her lip as Amélie glanced her way, her yellow eyes half closed, still heavy with sleep, but her soft smile was genuine in the affection it radiated towards Lena.

"Hey love…" Lena said gently, a warm smile touching her lips as her anxieties all but vanished, her unfounded fears replaced only with desire and adoration.

"Mm, good morning… Join me?" Amélie’s voice was soft and loving, her expression hopeful as she cocked her head to one side, a few strands of her dark hair cascading from behind one ear where it had been tucked.

Lena nodded and moved over towards her, Amélie lowering a leg to give the girl space on the broad sill to settle. Lena sat down, shuffling backwards till her back was pressed to Amélie’s abdomen, one of the woman's hands, hot from the cup she had been clasping slinking around to rest on her stomach just under her T-shirt, caressing her.

Leaning back Lena felt the soft swell of Amélie’s bare, sun-warmed breasts press against the back of her head and she looked out the window, admiring the sunrise as Amélie took a casual sip of coffee, holding her in a comforting arm.

For Amélie, who had spent so long alone now in life, she had never dreamt her plan of kidnap and conditioning would lead to this, would lead to Lena snuggled willingly against her as she drank coffee in the early morning sun. It was magical, in its own little way.

Cuddled together they both thought about what was in store for them in the future, how they would make it work, the doubtless challenges and issues they would face along an uncertain path. But without having to speak a word, they both knew this was where they wanted to be.

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