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The Stranger Peers In

The Stranger Peers In

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Jon was hugging his wife and kids before leaving them and sneaking his way to Mike's place. Jon climbed the stairs and Mike could see Jon's hardness through his pants. He was coming to fuck Mike's girlfriend, Morgan. Mike was probably harder than Jon.

After the last time Jon fucked Morgan she admitted, after being pissed about the condom, that she enjoyed the session. So Mike set up another one.

When Jon arrived Morgan was already naked on the couch of the small living room. He quickly went to her, unzipped his pants, and had his hard dick pressed to her face in seconds. All the while his hands were groping her small tits. Morgan took his dick and ran her tongue over it before swallowing it down her throat. Jon moaned and ran his fingers through her hair as she bobbed her head. She took his dick deep in her mouth sometimes gagging.

Mike sat on a chair nearby once again enjoying the show while stroking his dick. He could hardly believe how lucky he was to get his own live porn. Watching his twenty one year old girlfriend to be fucked by a man in his forties.

It wasn't long before Jon pulled away and undressed himself. He laid on the on the couch while pulling Morgan over to straddle him. She grabbed his dick and guided it into her waiting pussy. She didn't think a condom mattered now. They both moaned as Jon bottomed out in Morgan. A minute of holding still with Jon's hands roaming her petite body she started to move.

"Fuck, I missed you," Jon said "I missed your tight pussy."

Morgan smiled moving her body up and down slowly. Trying to feel his dick ease in and out of her. She couldn't help but love a dick inside her without a condom on even if he was twice her age.

"I bet I got my baby growing in you," Jon mentioned running his fingers across her stomach remembering shooting his cum inside her. He was going to do it again and soon. Morgan also remembered and the memory brought back stress of being pregnant, but also thinking of how good it felt when Jon shot inside her made her sped. She started to slam her pussy down on Jon's dick wanting to feel him cum inside her again.

Mike was really enjoying the show before he noticed someone peering from the window also watching. It was an older man who was suppose to be tending the apartment complex's yard. He was up a tree and was cutting the branches before he saw the show inside. Mike didn't think to close the curtains because he was on the second floor. He didn't mind another viewer though.

The older man outside had pulled out a phone and was filming the events. Morgan and Jon had no idea as they continued to fuck and moan. Mike focused his attention back to the two in time to watch Jon tense up and cum inside of Morgan. She moan and had a face of full of pleasure. She had to be pregnant now.

Mike saw that the man peering in was now gone.

It wasn't long before Jon left to work and Mike went for his turn.

The next day Mike and Morgan were sittinng in the living room enjoying a show when there was a knock on the door. When Mike opened it he saw it was the older man that was peering in from yesterday. Upon seeing him closer he looked to be in his late forites. Starting to bald a bit and didn't have the best teeth.

"I want to fuck your girlfriend," he said eyeing Morgan who was surprised by his suddden declaration. "I saw what happened yesterday and I have a video. I want to fuck your girlfried or else I will release the video to the world."

He was blackmailing them and Mike didn't really see a way out of it. Actually instead of being mortified like Morgan was Mike got excited. Another man to watch fuck his sexy girlfriend. Morgan said no at first, but when he turned to leave she had to change her mind. Mike allowed him inside where he immediately moved to Morgan and began touching her.

Morgan clenched her teeth as this older man lifted her shirt, shoved her bra out of the way and sucked on her nipples.

"Fuck yes this is great," he said as he violated her. "I've needed someone to fuck since my wife won't open her legs.

The older man was struggling to pull Morgan's clothes off since she wasn't helping him so Mike went over and helped him remove her clothes. Mike went and got a camera to set up and when he returned the older man was fully naked.

The older man laid Morgan on her back on the couch and pulled her legs a part. In one swift motion the man slammed his dick hilt deep into her causing her to yelp.

"Oh fuck you are tight," he moaned as he held still enjoying the sensations. Then he moved and fucked her hard and fast. Morgan couldn't help but moan as she felt his dick. Mike listened to the stranger's dick slapping against Morgan ass as he fucked her. Mike loved the sight of a random stranger fucking his girlfriend against the couch. The man fucked her for a few minutes before flipping her on top of him.

"Ride me like you did that guy yesterday," he ordered. Morgan didnt listen so he grabbed her hips and fucked her upwards grunting and calling her a slut. He wasn't long before the older man picked up his pace making Morgan moan louder. He was getting close and before long he held Morgan down on top of him as he shot his load inside of her. Her eyes stared down where their bodies joined and she watched as this man's dick twitch and jump while filling her up.

Mike had already shot his load earlier but the scene made him hard again. He was happy to get it on cam.

They stayed connected as they caught their breathes and the man's dick softened and fell out of Morgan along with some of his cum.

Before he left he told them he was going to make more visits which Mike looked forward to.

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