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Phoenix Pt 3 Ch 10

Phoenix Pt 3 Ch 10

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d. - Final Approach', somewhere around chapter 18 of part 4.

What do you mean, 'That's a lot of chapers'? It's a long trip, and they're gonna need a snack... (Whoops! Wrong story... Sorry about that!)

It's a long trip and the two vampire girls have to keep each other entertained, after all...

So, for my six sick fans - Enjoy the story as my two favorite vampire girls get to know each other really well over the next few chapters...


Béla decided to go directly to the Bridge as soon as she dropped by her quarters for something to wear. She could greet her father and check things out with him later. As she entered her quarters, she found her blue sarong laid out on the bed table waiting for her.

‘Where in the world have you been?’ she asked, totally surprised to see it here. ‘I thought I lost you years ago!’ She happily slid it over her head and left.

As she stepped onto the Bridge, the great ship was passing through the inner gate. The interior of New Eden still surrounded them, visible on every viewscreen. The darkness of the exit chamber increased in size on the front view screen, eventually swallowing everything else. Then the side screens went dark.

As the giant chamber closed behind them, the rear viewscreens were slowly blacked out and the ship waited in total darkness while the air in the exit chamber was pumped back into the hollow shell of the world they had just left.

After a time, the outside doors began to open. Béla expected to see a sky full of stars. She was really looking forward to seeing real stars, again. What assaulted her vision was a sky full of the massive gas giant they orbited. Jupiter, brightly lit by the distant yellow sun, filled the sky outside.

The Bridge Officer, feeling the princess’ upset, took time to explain, sending her an image of what was occurring.

'The great ship will drop rapidly into the gravity well of the gas giant before them, picking up incredible speed. Using its fresh orbital velocity, the ship would break away after a close, three-quarter orbit around the planet. With the free ride from the bounce into the huge gravity well, the journey home to Deimos would take one-third the time it took to make the journey out.'

For the next few hours, the view from the Bridge was going to be pretty dramatic. The crescent moon of New Eden shrank rapidly in the rear viewscreen as the mass of Jupiter slowly increased, becoming even more frighteningly huge. Béla could feel the mass of the gas giant in her mind. It was almost alive with energy.

‘It is alive, after a fashion,’ Béla felt her father say to her.

She looked around. Sibilius, since his daughter had not gone to greet him, had come to the bridge to greet her. Béla hugged him tightly, stretching herself up to kiss his cheek. She radiated her loneliness and welcome to him, along with the fact that she hated feeling sorry for herself, but she remembered that long, lonely journey before Elaine had been born into her new body.

‘Jupiter doesn’t actually think, but it has a nervous system of sorts, and may actually be self-aware,’ Sibilius informed her. 'And I realize how stressful this journey may be to you, but I am with joy to have you once again with me, my child.'

He embraced her in return, bending down to receive her kiss, taking a moment to luxuriate in her radiant warmth. As they were leaving the Bridge together, the gunner on duty caught Béla’s attention.

"You may want to see this, Princess," he suggested. "There’s a small asteroid about to collide with, um, New Eden."

"Oh, this should be interesting!" her father insisted.

They all watched the rear viewscreen as the gunner increased the magnification. A red dot marked where the asteroid was.

There was a sudden flash, almost too quick to see, and then the red dot vanished. A small puff of debris was barely visible in the reflected light of Jupiter.

"What happened?" Béla asked, confused by what she thought she saw.

There hadn’t been a weapons system designed into the plans of New Eden she had studied.

"That’s the Asteroid Defense Project," her father informed her. "We installed six laser cannons around Southern’s perimeter last winter. Six more are being built at Deimos Station. When we return in eight years or so, they will be installed around the perimeter of Northern.

"There’s enough fuel to make three more trips to the inner worlds," he continued, smiling down at her. "We’re planning only one more after this, to close all of your projects on Earth. We will be returning to pick you and your lifemate up in about twenty years, so don’t get lost."

‘The Carte Blanche will be easy to find,' the Praetor spoke into all their minds, 'for I shall accompany her to the surface of her world.’

"What?" Béla demanded. "I didn’t ask for your company! What will I tell people? ‘Hi, I’m Béla! I’m a Vampire. My companion here is a metal mind reader! We’re guests on the Boris Karloff Show!’ You are most certainly not coming with me!"

‘It has been commanded,’ the Praetor informed them. ‘You are not in a position to counter the order, even as Carte Blanche.’

"Who gave this command, Praetor," Sibilius demanded. "I’m in charge here, and I certainly did not give any order of that nature!"

‘You are in charge ‘now’,’ the Praetor suggested. ‘It is a standing order to accompany the Carte Blanche when the Carte Blanche is away from the ship. The Carte Blanche herself and the Seeker Eliannai gave the order. It stands until this project is complete.’

Béla shook her head, denying the charge. "I didn’t," she cried, sounding confused and helpless.

She knew she was the ‘Carte Blanche’, but she had no idea who this ‘Eliannai’ character might be.

"Am I to understand," said Sibilius, astounded, "that you received this order from Captain Alana and her Seeker?"

‘Who?’ Béla asked her father, projecting the question into his mind. ‘I thought I knew everybody on board. There’s a Captain? What’s a ‘Seeker’?’

She felt her father brush her question away. She could see he was extremely upset about something and she couldn’t see what it was in his suddenly shielded mind.

‘That is correct,’ the Praetor verified, responding to Sibilius’ question.

"How did this come about?" Sibilius wanted to know. "How long has this order been in effect? They have both been dead for over forty-five hundred years!"

‘That is not correct,’ the Praetor declared, answering his questions in reverse order. ‘A life energy unit cannot be destroyed. The order has been in effect for fourteen months. At that time, the Seeker Eliannai reached through time to contact me in order to appraise the Captain of your current situation. Together, the Captain and the Seeker determined that I was to accompany the Carte Blanche wherever she goes until the completion of the New Eden Project.’

"How do you know it was her?" Sibilius asked, knowing this tale was too fanciful to be true, but the Praetor was certain of its facts, and he could feel that in his mind.

‘How do you know which of your daughters it is when one walks through your mind?’ the Praetor responded cryptically. ‘She is recorded in history and is known to us.’ By us, Sibilius understood that the Praetor meant the other Praetors. ‘She is also under our protection. The Carte Blanche and the Seeker are our most precious charges. They are to be protected before all others.’

Béla was trying to work out this strange exchange between her father and his Praetor. She understood some of it; especially the part about her and someone called a ‘Seeker’ being under the protection of the Praetors.

‘The Praetors? Like in – more than one?’ she thought to herself.

The living machines were acting as a group. This had never happened before, but there had never been more than one or two in operation at the same time. Now, there were three, soon to be four, Praetors; all active and operational at the same time.

‘Working together? For what purpose? Let’s see: there’ll be one Praetor with me on Earth; one on Deimos, possibly protecting the ‘Seeker’ if the Seeker is there; one with Father on the great ship, and the University Praetor in New Eden. No, the Praetor informed father that the Seeker contacted the active Praetor on the ship, so the Seeker has to be in New Eden, not Deimos.’

It was too confusing. Béla walked away, leaving her father, his argumentative Praetor and the stunned Bridge crew behind. Moments later, she was kneeling under the tepid waterfall in the communal baths trying to clear the mush from her mind that these wild, ungraspable ideas were creating. She couldn’t even put her attention on what needed to be sorted out.

Afterward, Béla floated on the water, still hopelessly mired in an unthinking state of mind. She could feel her skin start to wrinkle from absorbing so much water, but was unwilling to get out and face the strangeness that seemed to surround her.

‘Maybe I can ask the Praetor for a mind-wipe so I can forget about this whole stupid mess!’ Béla thought, surprising herself.

She knew she would do almost anything not to be stuck with all this useless, unsolvable mess, but a mind-wipe?

‘That seems a little extreme, doesn’t it?’

Béla jerked in the water, causing her head to sink for an instant, resulting in an uncomfortable snoot-full of water being sucked up her nose. Splashing upright, coughing and sneezing, she looked anxiously around her.

‘Hello? Is someone there?’ Béla cried out into the nothing around her. ‘I must have been dreaming. Elaine? Is that you? Are you dream-walking again?’

‘Dream-walking? That’s a new one! What does that mean?’

The thought had come from behind her! Béla splashed into a new position, frantically casting around behind her for the intruder. Beth sat, naked, perched primly on the side of the bath, smiling down at her soaked and unstable-looking sister.

"I’m sorry I frightened you," Beth explained. "I thought you felt me come in, but you were so wrapped up in your own…" ‘whatever that was…’ she shrugged, at a loss to explain Béla’s state of mind. Then she was being pulled into the water and hugged and half-drowned by a very happy sister.

"Yike!" she cried, hitting her elbow on the stony steps as she was pulled in. ‘Hey! Don’t drown me! I’m happy to see you, too!’ Beth cried out in her mind.

"What in the world are you doing here?" Béla asked, laughing, surprised beyond belief that she wouldn’t be spending the next year all alone. She could see her sister trying not to project an image. The image stopped Béla cold.

"Elaine!" she said angrily.

Elaine, unable to come herself, had talked Beth into coming in her place, to keep an eye out for her older sister. Béla sat, fuming, not knowing who to be angrier with, Elaine or Beth.

"So that’s why she was shielded!" Béla fumed. "So I wouldn’t find out about you!"

She decided she couldn’t be mad at Beth. She loved Beth and missed their savage lovemaking. After another moment, she decided she loved Elaine, too.

‘That wasn’t so hard, now, was it?’ Beth asked in her mind, grinning at her sister. ‘Besides, I hated being a temple goddess! All those fucking men! I’m a girl’s girl. I’d rather be with you, anyway. Elaine could see that, so it was easy for her to ask me to travel with you. Besides, I miss Earth. I’d like to go back to stay. It’s my home!’

Béla looked at Beth, radiating sadness for them both, Beth and her beloved, dying world. Beth stared back, stunned, not wanting to believe the terrible things she saw in her sister’s mind.

"No," Beth whispered, tears flooding her eyes and flowing freely down her already wet face.

Béla embraced her, letting her cry silently, her bare shoulders shaking uncontrollably as she vented her grief for her lost world.

After a time, Beth could feel her sister in her mind, somehow easing the pain, helping her past the moment of her grief.

"What? How did you do that?" Beth asked, trying to dry her tears with her wet hands.

‘You’ve changed…’

Béla could feel her sister withdrawing, suddenly uncertain of her status. Béla opened her mind, inviting her sister in, surrounding her with love and the joy of seeing her again. For the next hour, they sat waist-deep in the water, sharing their experiences on the strange little world they had so recently been a part of.

They kissed, fondled and caressed, catching up one to the other, each one amazed and curious about the other’s adventures as they shared their minds and bodies. Beth simply couldn’t get over the sensations of actually riding a thunderstorm all the way down to the ground. She totally ignored the ‘terrified’ and 'nearly killed' parts of the image.

After a time, they felt others approaching the baths as the first shift change occurred on the great ship.

"Enough foreplay!" Béla said, cheerfully but doggedly separating herself from Beth’s mind. "Where’s your room?"

Beth showed her in her mind.

"Mine’s closer…" Béla suggested.

Smiling at each other, the sisters stepped out of the baths just as the off-shift crew was coming in. One of the crewmembers was the Bridge Officer, just now off-duty.

"How did it go with Father, Raman?" Béla asked him.

He just shook his head. Then he noticed the princess’ companion. His eyes widened in recognition. He was not looking forward to placing thought dampeners all over the ship to quell that creature's wild, uncontrolled sexual broadcasts again.

"Pardon, Princess," he said, at least physically demonstrating protocol, "I wasn’t aware of your companion’s presence."

The sisters giggled at each other. ‘We’re companions, now!’

‘Of course, Darling! Forever, truly yours!’ Beth radiated, then laughed out loud, embarrassed by her private little truth.

"You needn’t worry about us," Béla informed the bridge officer. "We’ve grown a little more refined since we last shipped with you."

‘We have?’ Béla felt in her mind.

Béla looked sternly at her new ‘companion’ as they left the communal baths and headed toward Béla's quarters.

‘I hope your room is shielded, Darling…’ Beth sent, promising delightful mayhem.

Béla wasn’t too worried. Beth’s unpleasant sexual experiences with men may have had a surprisingly positive effect of making Beth more appreciative of ‘feminine’ lovemaking; more tender caresses and less violent penetration with teeth, nails and anything else.

‘I hope so, anyway,' she thought to herself. 'Otherwise, this is going to be one wild ride!’

‘At least,’ Béla thought to her sister, ‘I won’t have to hide from you when I eat meat. You’re carnivorous, too, if I remember correctly.’

‘That’s right, Lover,’ Beth agreed, laughing in her mind, ‘so you’d better sleep lightly…’

They arrived at Béla’s room. She opened the door and stepped inside. Beth followed and looked around at the spacious suite. The electronic thought dampeners in the walls hummed in the back of her mind.

"Ooo. Officer’s quarters!" Beth cooed, obviously envious. Her much smaller quarters were two decks farther up, nearer Father’s lab. "I’m moving in with you!"

Opening the cooler and pulling out a couple of pieces of fruit, Béla put the intention to shut up and go sit on the bed gently into her sister’s mind. She followed, carrying the fruit; a couple of last year’s apples for them to munch on later. More tropical fruit simply wasn’t available. New Eden may be a paradise, but it wasn’t a tropical paradise. She was going to miss that about Earth.

She knelt down at the side of the bed table and gazed up into her sister’s dark eyes and thought into her mind, ‘I’m going to show you how much I appreciate you coming here just to be with me, Darling…’

Beth happily slid her rump forward to the edge of the bed, right in front of her kneeling sister and spread her legs. Her sister had promised her something a long time ago.

"Do your worst, wench!" Beth cried, playing the captured pirate. "I fear you not!"

She fell back on the bed, arching her back and giggling in anticipation as Béla began kissing, licking and biting her inner thighs. Béla slowly moved up her sister’s thighs toward her sweet smelling, moist labia. It seemed to smile sideways back at her, opening and closing ever so slightly in anticipation as it waited for her touch.

Beth cried out and bucked her hips into the air, radiating her orgasm through the room and her lover as Béla’s tongue touched her pussy. The sensations that Beth was radiating caused Béla to leak between her legs as well. Reaching around under her sister’s legs, Béla grabbed her hips, pulling her sister back down to the bed and holding her still while she assaulted Beth’s pussy with her tongue and teeth.

Beth twisted and moaned on the bed. She was having an orgasm about every ten seconds as her sister sucked an entire mouthful of her soft, fleshy pussy meat into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue and gently chewing the mouthful of tender flesh with her teeth. Her girl-cum was flowing out of her little fuck hole all over Béla’s chin, making it feel super-sexy slippery as it rubbed against Beth’s ass. Beth reached down and grabbed her sister’s hair, pulling her face harder up between her legs.

"Harder!" Beth cried frantically. "Bite me! Make me bleed!"

She gasped suddenly, rising halfway up on the bed as her sister happily complied, biting down hard on her mouthful of girl flesh. Beth went into pain-separation mode to spread the suddenly intense piercing pain throughout the rest of her nervous system. She could feel Béla sucking blood from her wounded cunt, swallowing a mouthful of blood and girl-cum with every breath she took.

Béla cut back the siege on her sister’s pussy after another dozen orgasms or so, allowing Beth to recover somewhat before she began her next assault.

Beth lay on the bed, her legs shaking uncontrollably, gasping for air. Her body glistened with moisture. After a moment, she was able to sit half-way up and look down her abused body at her sister still kneeling on the floor with her face and breasts covered with blood and girl-cum.

"That’s it?" Beth whined, still unsteady from her orgasmic torture. "That’s all you’ve got for me?"

She projected an image into Béla’s mind of the mayhem her sister had promised years earlier.

‘My bleeding, torn breasts and belly, your hand all the way up my ruptured cunt making me come again and again and again…’

‘So that’s why you’re really here,’ Béla replied, laughing into Beth’s mind. ‘You just want me to make good on that promise!’

Béla reached over and picked up an apple. She bit into it and chewed thoughtfully, allowing the moisture from the apple to clean the sweet taste of her sister’s blood and cum from her mouth and throat.

Beth’s eyes widened in mock horror as she saw the image of what Béla intended to do with the rest of that apple. She braced herself and cried out as the half-eaten apple was squished against her torn and bleeding labia, then it was completely inside her, stretching her more than any of the cocks she’s had to endure as a temple goddess. Her cunt muscles contracted compulsively, trying to expel the foreign invader.

"That should keep your cunt happy for awhile," Béla grinned, climbing up on the bed with her sister. "Now, let’s work on the rest of you…"

She pushed her sister back and rammed her thigh up between Beth’s legs, making sure the apple wasn’t going to get out. She landed heavily on Beth, digging her hands and fingers into her sister’s soft belly and using all of her weight to shoulder Beth down on the bed table. Beth grunted as the air was forced out of her lungs. Then she screamed as she felt her sister’s teeth sink into her right breast, biting deeply into the soft tissue.

Beth lay back on the bed, whimpering in agony from the three-way assault on her body. Her breast was torn and bleeding with her sister painfully sucking blood and fatty tissue right out of it. At the same time, she was digging a hole into Beth’s soft belly with her fingers and sharp nails.

In addition, her cunt was stretched and ripped by that damned apple Béla had shoved up there. The sensation in her cunt intensified as she began another orgasm. She wished her sister would shove the other apple in there; it was a lot larger.

Béla stopped sucking on Beth’s torn tit and looked at her sister, squirming beneath her.

‘Really? You want them both?’ She asked into her sister’s mind. ‘You realize that two of them will rip you open down there?’

‘Oh, God! Yes! Rip me! Tear me open!’

‘Okay, here goes…’

Béla reached across the bed and picked up the other apple. She felt her sister’s body tense, radiating fear, desperate need, and frantic anticipation. Béla pressed the hard fruit up against Beth’s vaginal opening. It wasn’t going to go in without just slamming it in and tearing her apart.

‘Okay, then!’ Béla felt her sister cry out in her mind. ‘Do it! Do it now!’’

Beth arched her back into the air, raising her hips high above the bed. Béla shoved, hard! Then Beth was curled into a tight ball, screaming in agony and trembling violently, holding her hands over her ruptured cunt. Her torn, agonized flesh tightly surrounded both apples. She never knew she could have that many orgasms and be in that much agony at the same time.

After a moment, the pain lessened somewhat. The orgasms continued for a while longer. Beth was soaking her legs and the bed with blood, piss and girl-cum as it flowed out between her fingers. Tears, mucus and a loud, wavering cry were coming out of her face as she rocked back and forth, still lying curled up on the bed.

Some time later, she was still curled up, breathing in short gasps. Her body stank of sweat and urine.

Beth turned her head, looking for her loving tormentor. Béla was sitting on the bed at the far end, watching her intently. Her mind was shielded and her expression was unreadable.

"How… are you going to get them out?" Beth asked, her voice weak and shaking from pain and orgasmic exhaustion.

Béla closed her eyes. The sudden pain from Beth’s ruptured pussy walls collapsing into the vacuum where the apples had been caused Beth to double over again. As she lay gasping, her head half over the edge of the bed, the apples dropped onto the bed next to her. Béla had teleported them right out of her cunt.

"I thought you liked pain down there," Béla said quietly, her voice quivering in her anxiety. She sounded unsure and confused.

"I… I thought I did, too," her sister gasped.

After a moment Beth lay back on the bed, deciding she wasn’t going to throw up after all. Her breathing gradually returned to normal.

"Mess, huh?" she asked. "Sorry. I’ll clean it up."

"No bother…" Béla answered. "I’ll do it…"

The moisture beneath Beth’s rump disappeared along with the bloody mess between her legs. Beyond surprised, Beth raised herself up and looked. The bed covering beneath her wasn’t even stained. She looked at her sister in shock, not understanding what Béla had done, but Béla wasn’t finished, yet.

As Beth stared at her sister, half-frightened by what she didn’t understand, she felt a light tingling around her toes. It traveled up her feet and her legs, then continued on up her torso to her breasts and shoulder blades. She raised her arms out to her sides, trying to see what was touching her skin and making it tingle like that. She couldn’t see anything. Her skin rippled where it was being touched by the invisible tingling sensation.

As the sensation traveled on up to the tops of her shoulders and onto her neck, Beth closed her mouth and eyes in fear, not knowing what was going to happen. A second later, the tingling sensation traveled up her face and the back of her neck, all the way to the top of her head and disappeared. From her shoulders, it also traveled down her arms and out through her hands and fingers.

"Okay, you’re done," Béla said, lightly, radiating a degree of smug satisfaction.

The apple Béla had begun eating (how long ago?) disappeared from the bed next to Beth and reappeared in Béla’s hand. She took a second bite and sat, chewing thoughtfully.

"Tastes like you…" Béla mentioned, talking around the mouthful of fruit.

"Alright, Bitch! Now you’re just showing off!" Beth exclaimed, getting angry and upset.

Her sister had learned something new and she wasn’t sharing!

‘Don’t be silly…’ Béla told her in her mind. ‘It’s really very simple.’

Image of wrapping your mind around an object and pulling it into yourself, then imaging where you want it to go and giving it a shove.

‘No wonder you have the freedom you have,’ Beth thought at her sister. ‘Who could stop you from doing anything you want? Or any of us, for that matter.’

"Don’t get the big head about this," Béla said, switching to verbal. "It’s a tool. But it can destroy us all if we’re not careful how it’s used."

"If it’s so dangerous," Beth began, "why did you show me. You know my appetite for…"

‘If you’re going with me to Earth,’ Béla interrupted in her mind, ‘you’re going to need all the power you can handle. Most of the people there are murderously insane. They destroy things they don’t understand. They kill people for trying to help them. They build machines that fill the air with static. It makes them deaf where they should be able to feel others around them. They call that mental mutilation ‘progress’ and ‘technology’.

‘The last time I was there,’ Béla continued angrily, ‘I was blown up and burnt to ashes. They killed Hank for trying to teach them about love and honesty and self worth. If you’ll remember, they drove the rest of you insane. By the time we get there this time, I’m going to be strong enough to teleport a mountain halfway around the planet, and so are you! Nobody is ever going to be able to hurt any of us again!’

"Wow!" Beth exclaimed, her voice sounding hollow.

The determination Béla had just revealed was completely different than who Beth had thought her sister really was.

Béla felt halfway embarrassed by her emotional outburst. She hadn’t intended to get up on her soapbox and lecture Beth. Beth hadn’t done anything to deserve it except want to go back to Earth. But in the back of her mind was Elaine's nightmare - a flying girl, her body shattered and torn in half and falling out of the sky and everything being vaporized with an unholy white-hot fire...

"So," Béla said, "now that you’re clean and won’t be stinking up my bed… Do you want another lesson in mind power?"

‘What do you have in mind?’ her sister asked, not certain she was ready for more just yet.

"We don’t have to wait until this pokey old ship takes us to Earth." Béla explained. "We can visit it anytime. Right now, if you want…"

‘You surely can’t teleport us all the way to Earth!’ Beth exclaimed, frightened by the idea of instantaneous travel. ‘What if you miss? We could fall into the sun, or something, couldn’t we?’

Béla laughed, "No, I can’t teleport you to Earth. It’s much too far away. This is something you already asked me about. It’s called ‘dreamwalking’. But you’ll probably have to be asleep the first few times you try it, because, awake, you’ll have too many other things going on in your mind to be able to pull it off."

‘So, we’re going to sleep now?’ Beth asked coyly.

She lay down across the bed and closed her eyes. She felt her sister snuggle down next to her.

‘Okay, now what?’ Beth asked, her mind full of mirth. ‘I know! Let’s fuck!’

Instead, she felt Béla’s presence in her mind. Her sister was actually putting her to sleep.

‘What other tricks do you know?’ Beth asked, sleepy, but trying to stay awake. There were so many things she didn’t know…

‘Go to sleep,’ Béla commanded. ‘I’ll teach them all to you…’

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