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Black Neighbor Baby Sitter Part Three

Black Neighbor Baby Sitter Part Three

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Then she sucked the hole in an effort to draw out all the pre cum she could. She moaned in satisfaction as she did so and he was doing a little moaning of his own as she did what he wanted.

"Now take in the head," he said as he watch her. She had her eyes closed as she did his bedding. This was heaven and he hoped that it would never end. With the head of his pecker now in her mouth he tolled her to start pressing more of it in and suck as she did so. She followed his command and sucked as she pressed her head down on the hard cock that was now in her mouth. It was lager and she had some difficulty taking it in but she did not back off but continued with her plight.

"Now start sliding it in and out as though your mouth was your pussy," he instructed. Again she did as he requested. The feeling he was receiving was incredible. She was a natural at giving head.

"Suck on the head when it reaches you lips before you go down again. Oh yah, that’s the way to do it. Suck and bob and start taking in more. I want you take it all in before I shoot my load deep into your throat. Yes, just like that. Oh God you are good at this."

She was now taking in about half of his 9 inch cock and was starting to gag as she did so. She stopped and set up looking at him the said, "I don’t know if I can take in any more. It’s just to much and so big."

"When you feel that you are going to gag swallow then back off and try again. I know you can do this ."

"Okay, I’ll try."

She bent back to her task and within two downward motion had his pecker down to where she had it before. This time just as she was going to gag she swallowed as he had said and he felt the tip of his cock inter her throat before she backed off. But this time she did not slide it all the way out but went back down to almost gag again and again swallowed this time he felt more of his pecker slip into her throat. It was really starting to feel good, better then he could ever remember having before. The next time she went down the head went completely in her throat. She backed off and went down again but this time did not swallow but just push down and took more of his cock into her throat. Now there was about two and a half inches still not deep into her mouth. The sight was really getting to him not mention the feel that her mouth and throat was giving him. He was getting close to shooting his load and he wanted to do so deep in her throat. She went down one more time and he placed his hands on each side of her head and forced her down onto his cock almost driving it completely into her. He let go and to his surprise she pulled back enough so that she could catch a breath of air then went back down onto him. Again he pressed her head down and this time her nose pressed into the base of his cock and she did not pull back as quick as he felt she would. She was enjoying this as much as he was. He held her head in place and started fucking her mouth with slow short motion and it didn’t take but about six strokes before he shot off down her throat with a large load of his thick warm cum. She gag a little as it was more then she was able to hold but she did manage to swallow most of it down. He let her pull back and tolled her to suck him dry which she did with much vigor. This girl really did like sucking his pecker and he was going to let her do it as often as she wanted. There was nothing like watching a women sucking him off and the feel was so much better then just having conventional sex. That was great but this was so much better. The throat never seam to stretch out of shape like a pussy did. The only thing that could compare was fucking a women’s ass. That was coming but not tonight. Soon she had sucked him until he was starting to get soft and set back on her heals.

"So, was that the way you like it?"

"You better believe it, That’s the way I like it to happen. And you said that you couldn’t take me all in. You just needed to give it a good try that’s all. It really felt good and I hope you will be willing to do that a lot. I love having a women suck me off like that."

"Well, if you don’t mind I think I’ll take a few days off from that, my throat is sore as hell right now."

"Sure, no problem. In the mean time maybe we can work on your ass. I like that too."

"Some how I thought you might. But you will take your time there. I have never had anything up there and I want you to start with your finger so I can get used to having someone touch me there. Okay?"

"Yes, that is pretty much what I had in mind. I like pressing a finger in a women there anyway and watch it disappear into her while she squirms around while she gets used to it. It’s a real turn on for me."

"Oh boy I think I’m going to like coming over here more then ever."

"I’m sure you will and maybe we can get your mom to take part. What do you think about?"

She just looked at him for a while then, "you sure about that? I don’t know if she will want to that or not."

"How about I check her out while you are in school tomorrow and see how she feels about it? You did say that the two of you had sex together didn‘t you?"

"Yes we do. Okay, but that would really be something if she would go along with the idea. Maybe I can suck her off while you are doing me."

"That’s about what I had in mind."

"Now you have me all horney again what with sucking you off and talking about taking on my mother."

‘Come up here and lets see what I can do about that."

She crawled up onto the bed and lay beside him. He rolled over on his side and put a hand down to her wet pussy. It took nothing at all to slip two fingers into her and as he did so he got up onto his knees and slid down to where he was ably to start finger fucking her.

"Oh yes that is what I need. Faster please. Fuck me good with your fingers."

And so he did. He lifted her legs up with his free hand and pushed them back onto her chest. "Hold them back like that", he said and she did as he wanted. He worked his way around so that he was better able to finger her and started to really work her pussy. He could see her anus muscles contract as he did this and couldn’t resist pressing a finger of his free hand there as well.

"Oh God that’s something! Oh God! Oh God! Yes like that!! Press it into me. I like that!!

So he did and started sliding it in and out of her ass while finger fucking her warm wet pussy. It wasn’t long before he had her screaming for all she was worth while bouncing her hips up into his finger fucking. He was in heaven as well as she and there was just no telling where all this was going but it had to be good.

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