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Becky's Ballad

Becky's Ballad

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Becky turned the shower on and looked in the mirror at her nude curves before stepping in the shower. Tonight was the big game for her beloved Cougars. Where she slept was decked out in school colors: red and white. She left the shower curtain open. She was kind of in a rush and she liked to dance naked in the shower, leaving the mirror open. As she twerked in the shower, she heard this from one of her sorority sisters in the house:

"You dancing in the shower again?! Hurry up already!"

Becky laughed. "Damn, I wish I was thick."

Becky came from an environment that was not like the other sisters. She picked that college because of their diversity after high school. She admitted she was bitchy. She needed to mature. She needed a change. However, sometimes that insecurity peeked out of her. After she was done in the shower, she put on her lip gloss; red was the color of her lipstick as she puckered her lips in the mirror as she put it on slowly.

Red was also the color of jealousy as she rocked her hips in her dress that showed off her shiny legs and her assets just enough. She turned around and looked at her body. She knew she looked good in it. But, how good enough? She rocked her hips one last time in the mirror before leaving.

"Hurry your ass up, Becky!"

"Bitch, I'm coming!"

However, red was also the color of drunken lust at a football game.

Becky was a smart, pretty girl who just happened to be a sorority chick. Not one of these stereotypical "Phi Beta Bitch" sluts. Boys looked at her with that predatory look in their eye and thought: 'You're a freak, ain't you?' She hated that tired trope about sorority girls. She wasn't like those other bitches.

She was one of those bitches in a past life. She loved her sorority sisters, but that wasn't her. At least, not anymore. That was until tonight. She arrived at the game midway through the first quarter. Her beloved team was losing by two touchdowns.

At the game, she said exasperatedly and slightly tipsily, "Why are we losing? Somebody, anybody, tell me why the fuck we are losing?!"

Little did she know; she was being watched by some boys behind her who wanted to score also.

Red was the color of passion. Touchdown after touchdown, the team eventually made up the deficit. As the quarterback ran for his life to the end zone, she celebrated with her friends as it happened. The home team prevailed and won in dramatic fashion. However, the boys were borderline ogling at her, as her cute breasts bounced.

The boys looked like frat bros to her. She knew all too well. They were waiting on her. They had a collective look of hunger on their face. She was drunk, not stupid. The bros were easily drunk. They looked at her tight rump sashaying in the distance. She could tell they struggled to keep it in the pants. One was biting his lip.

One said to his bros, "Look at her."

"I'd like to get under that," Another one said.

The house on campus she lived on was a long way away. Some of her friends didn't live on campus. She was still riding on a high. Their beloved team was still undefeated. Before long, they had to go their separate ways. She was a big girl, she thought. She was just a little drunk is all. Until... A Hyundai rolled up on Becky.

One of the bros asked her suavely, "Baby girl, do you need a ride?"

She respectfully declined. They asked again. She decided against it.

"You know what, fuck it," Becky said.

Next thing she knew, she got in the back of the car.

"Hey, baby girl, what's good?" The driver said.

"Why don't you go chill with us?" Another one remarked.

Two of them had their hands on her milky thighs. She realized they had that predatory look. They stopped the car suddenly. They pulled over. She looked him in the eyes.

"Damn, Becky, what's up?" One said.

"Yeah, we just wanted to chat," Another one continued. "We just wanted to know if the rumors are true."

"Hold up, how you know my name?" Becky said.

"We've seen you around. At frat parties, various other functions, etc. Don't you have a boyfriend in the military?" The driver said.

"A little birdie in your house told us," His friend said.


"So, we don't want to hurt you. We just want to know if the rumors are true."

"What rumors?" Becky said.

They looked her up and down. Becky's hand strayed to the crotch of the only one keeping quiet. He looked young.

"What rumors?" Becky said, to the young one. She was relatively surprised at his arousal.

"Basically... they want to know..."

"I know. Being in a sorority comes with the territory. What's your name, sweetie?" Becky said to the young one.

"Ryan. That's Chase, that's Logan, that's Thad," He stammered.

"And I'm Tucker Knight, pleased to be of your acquaintance."

"Well, you see, boys... I can be."

All of the bros had a surprised look on their face.


Not that much later, at their frat house...

"So, you mean to tell me that your man is stationed all the way on the East Coast?" Tucker said.


"Damn," Logan said.

"When do you see him?" Ryan said, sincerely.

"Not very often, but we did get into it before he left. Everything's good now," Becky said. She thought it was almost cute seeing Ryan's innocence.

"Here's my question... all this time away from him... you must get horny as fuck, do you?" Tucker said.

She pondered about how to answer that question. After remembering her last argument with her boyfriend, she knew.

"Ryan, come here. I can be a slut or a slut for you," She said softly to him. "That goes for all of you. I see you. I see you barely able to keep it in your pants. But, fuck it. Tucker's right, I am horny. I want you all to fuck me."

She thought about the argument again. It's funny how frat bros can pay more attention to her than her own boyfriend. Ryan, the youngest one was first. Becky dropped his pants and boxers to show his rock-hard erection. Becky started jerking off. They were hungry for her.

"Why don't you see a real man, rook?" Thad said, quickly dropping his pants. She started sucking his penis and jerking Ryan's penis simultaneously. Becky then spat on Ryan's erection, with a dabble of saliva on her face. Ryan wiped it off gently. They were progressively getting lusty.

"They don't call me 'All Night' for nothing," Tucker said. "Wolverine, get your ass over here!" He said, referring to Logan. Becky was moaning. They were muffled. She was rotating three dicks to suck. They saw red. Tucker and Logan helped strip off her dress. It revealed a lace bra and red panties. She unstrapped her bra to reveal her cute breasts.

"Oh, you're a sexy little slut, aren't you?" Tucker said from behind. "God, that ass looks delicious!" He spanked it. He dropped her panties quickly.


He moisturized his dick before finally entering her.

"Yeah, sexy ass. Yeah... yeah..."

"Ugh... ugh! Ugh, yeah!"

"Suck Thad's dick. Deep throat it."

Even she didn't deep throat her boyfriend. She didn't even think about doing it. But she did it as sloppy as she knew how. Her mouth and smile was her best asset.

"Yeah, suck that dick! Suck it!"

Her gag reflex struck. A trail of saliva was on Thad's erect penis.

"Tag me in."

Thad started to fuck her while Tucker got sucked off now while Ryan and Logan took turns.

They groped like hungry animals at her breasts. They took turns as their repeated thrusts of penetration made her moan.

"Ugh! Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ooh..." Becky moaned loudly, biting her lip.

"Ooh, tag me in..."

"Nah, dude, the rook hasn't had any of this beautiful, glorious ass and pussy yet. I'll save the good part for you, rook." Tucker said, still stroking slowly, and firmly spanking her ass to moans.


"Look at the sorority slut, taking some dick. We might have a good one, boys!" Tucker said. "Hey, Rook, consider this a welcoming gift."

Ryan was the most well-endowed of the group. Becky knew that, of course. And Becky kind of liked that fact. Ryan looked at her tight little hole and inserted himself. Becky moaned in pain at first.

"Too much?" He said, in a soft-spoken voice.


She barely got the word out before Ryan started fucking her in the ass with care and Tucker resumed fucking her.

"Ugh! Ugh! Keep fucking that ass! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me! Yes, yes!"

Meanwhile, Logan and Thad got sucked and jerked off. They were the firsts to come. Their respective seeds shot on her.

"God, you're so sexy. Fuck. I'm coming..." Logan said.

"OHHHHHHH..." They said in unison.

Becky licked some of their seed.

"Goddammit, you are hot," Thad said, coming down from his climax.

Not long after that, she heard this:

"Look back. Look back at it. Yeah. Yeah."

Ryan looked in her brown eyes and began to fuck with more passion. He fondled her beautiful soaked treasure and grazed her bottom lip with it. She started sucking her juices.

"Ugh. Ugh! Yeah! Oh, yeah! Fuck my tight ass!"

"I'm coming!"

Becky motioned to come in her direction. She smiled at him. Then, when he came, she sucked his seed off.

As for Tucker...

"Oh, I'm coming. Oh, I'm coming! Yeah. Yeah. Right on that tight ass. Mmm," He said with one last spank.


After they were done, they walked her back to her sorority house.

"Baby girl, mmm. Damn, you were right. Sorry about your boyfriend. If you want to talk, we're right here," Tucker said. All of them nodded in affirmation and waved to her.

"Wait, Ryan."


"I could tell you're different from the rest," she said.

"Yeah, I just started here. Why?"

"Nothing. You just remind me of someone. I'll see you later, boys."

They were all satisfied. As for her, however... She looked up at the night sky. She looked at the marks on her thighs. She smelled their scent still on her. It just hit her. She cheated. She started sobbing uncontrollably.

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