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Alison, My Slut Wife Part 2

Alison, My Slut Wife Part 2

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30pm, well that was one of the longest nights of my life, I couldn’t concentrate and had a permanent hard on thinking of what she’d been up to, I think I had to jerk off about three times.. Well in she strolled about 1am, drunk and giggly Kym had walked her to the door as she was a bit unstable due to the drink, we plonked her on the sofa and then I let Kym out and raced back to Alison, she just wanted to go to sleep but I wouldn’t let her, and finally over a cup of coffee got the story out of her:

As soon as they had got there Chris the owner was all over her and spent most of the night chatting her up and trying to per sway her upstairs at the end of the night. At the end of the night Kym had gone upstairs with the bloke she was seeing and Alison accepted Chris’ invitation upstairs.

So off she went and above the restaurant were a not only one but a couple of rooms the waiters used to fuck the customers they pulled. Into one they went, she remembers being able to here Kym being fucked in the next room, which made her giggle. Chris then started kissing her passionately and was feeling her up, he had his hands up her top and inside her bra playing with her tits and hard brown nipples which was turning her on, he then undid her trousers and put his hand inside her knickers and went straight into her pussy with about 2 or 3 fingers, he lay her on the bed and fingered her pussy to a screaming orgasm, at this point he stood up and she noticed he’d undone his trousers and his cock was out, she said it was about average size 6or so inches and he told her to sit on the edge of the bed and put his cock to her lips. She opened her mouth and took his cock in and started sucking, he told her to play with his balls as well and after only about 5 minutes he was squirming and suddenly shot his hot cum in her mouth. As she wasn’t expecting it, she swallowed it all. At this point she said she realised what had happened and felt a bit guilty and made her excuses and went to find Kym, who was waiting for her downstairs, and then they came home.

In the morning she had a hangover but willingly related the nights events over to me again and we fucked and I came three times that morning, and she confessed that next time she was going to fuck him, and I agreed.

So the next time they had organised a night out I knew what was Cumming.. it happened as usual she went out got chatted up by Chris and ended up upstairs naked on the bed, she was sucking his cock and he said he wanted to fuck her and moved down the bed got a Johnny out rolled it on and entered her, she said he fucked her hard and fast and made her do lots of positions and really took control, while fucking her from behind he began slapping her arse and calling her a slut, that made her even hornier and made her come right then, just as he was about to cum he pulled out took off the Johnny and spurted all over her tits.

She then got dressed without putting on her underwear and was soon in a cab home to me, when she started relating the story to me she started to undress and when she showed me her tits, you could still see dried cum on them, that made me cum right away, her pussy was all red and swollen and when I went down on her she was still very, very wet.

She began to see him frequently and nearly every time he would fuck her and leave his mark, she would come home, show me and we would fuck and the details would have me in a frenzy for days. I tried to persuade her to get him to come to our house where I could hide and watch, she tried but he wouldn’t do her any where except at the restaurant, he was too worried about being caught out with his wife, or so he said, so I had to accept all the juicy details about what would happen in their adventures.

One night when she had come back from a night out, I thought she’d been up the Taverna and had been getting a fuck from Chris, but she had a different story to tell..

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