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Car Window Career

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She just didn’t see a problem.

"Look!" she said. "When I was growing up in the Socialist Republic, the commissar would fuck my mother before he’d give us our food ration card. My little brother was born when I was fifteen, and after that he’d fuck me too for the extra food ration."

"But here we usually only do it for affection, if we love the guy or want him to like us," I said, knowing the argument was already lost.

"But last month you blew the landlord for the rent," she pointed out.

I was twenty-two then and Julia was seventeen, although it often seemed that she was the older one. She was much more experienced in almost every way. I had been going out with guys for years and liked some of them pretty well, but the first time Julia made love to me, I was converted. She stood behind me at the kitchen sink, put her hands up my skirt and made me come so hard I fell to the floor. I still needed some wiener occasionally, but Julia didn’t mind.

That May we were in real money trouble. We both had crappy part time jobs; her at a fast food place and me in a fabric store. It wasn’t enough for the rent and food and Visa bills. We were talking about ways to make more money. For her the solution was obvious; fuck guys for money. I was being a little prudish about it.

"It’s just not right. We’d be prostitutes and that’s against the law and a sin and just disgusting.

"If you have anything else to sell that will pay these bills, let’s hear about it," she said sarcastically.

"How would we go about it? You need a pimp and a body guard and all that. Where would we find the guys?" I asked.

"We don’t need all that stuff. We get paid up front, fuck the guys and go home, It ain’t rocket surgery."

I finally agreed to give it a try.

We trolled the neighborhood a few times, offering ourselves as a twofer and made some decent dough. A few couples were interested, and they really got their money’s worth with Julia making the wife come hard enough to pass out. Twice, the wife made the guy pay again so she could get some more Julia.

You have to understand about Julia. She is achingly beautiful. Golden hair to her shoulders, a perfectly unlined complexion that looks like she’s never had a blemish or care in the world. Her mouth is a perfect rosebud with full red lips. Her eyes are so blue you can’t stop staring. Her tits are smaller than mine, but higher and better formed with longer nipples. She’s a little taller than me too with those tiny legs that can wear incredibly tight jeans, and an ass like a housecat. She looks like an angel, but an angel with magic hands and fingers and the morals of an alley cat.

But gradually we ran out of customers in the neighborhood, plus the beat cop was starting to notice that we were out strolling the sidewalks an awful lot in the evening.

We were brainstorming about where to find more customers.

"I don’t think we can go downtown. That means competing with the pros with their pimps enforcing territory plus a lot more cops," I said.

"I think you’re right about that. We need a better place to find tricks. We just have to think some more," she said. In the end it was her that had the great idea.

"Where is the greatest concentration of hard dicks in town?" she asked rhetorically.

"Porn theaters and strip clubs, I’d say," I said.

"We don’t want anything like that; too sleazy; too dangerous. Where else? Where did you see your first hard dick?" she asked.

"No question, Mike Duffeck out on Starlight Drive, my sophomore year; scared the hell out of me; looked like a baby’s arm."

"That’s it! That’s what we’re looking for, lover’s lanes."

"Why? We can stay home and fuck if we want."

"No, think about how things go out there. The guy gets to first or second base. He’s as hard as Chinese algebra and then the girl chickens out or gets cold feet and puts a stop to it. It happens all the time."

"Yeah, I did it myself a few times," I admitted.

"Well, what you have now are guys up there with the most tremendous cases of blue balls in history, and who just happens to be right there, willing to cure them for a very reasonable fee?" Why, it’s us! We don’t tease or push anybody away, we just collect a little fee and take care of the whole thing."

"But how would we do it; there aren’t rooms out there to use. The girls aren’t going to let us get in their cars," I asked.

"That’s the beauty part. We have our own car. We park up there along with everybody else, but when the guys need us, they come to our car." Julia explained.

"We’d let them into our car? That doesn’t seem too safe."

"No, they come up to the window and we take care of them through the window."

How would you fuck a guy through a car window?" I asked.

"Easiest thing in the world. Hand jobs, blow jobs, just roll down the window and do it. Nothing comes into the car but his dick."

"What if they want to fuck you?"

"A little more involved, and we can practice this to be sure, but I think we can just kneel up on the seat and stick our ass out the window."

"We don’t have a car, Julia."

"My brother has a 2007 Camry he’d lend to me. I’ll get it tomorrow."

The next afternoon Julia came home with the Camry, parked it in our garage and locked the door.

She had also brought a toy, a thing called a Feeldoe harnessless strapon dildo. It has a bulb that goes into the pussy of the user and the shaft protrudes at the natural angle of a penis. We had fooled around with other doubled ended dildos, but this was a world better.

We practice all afternoon in the garage. We simulated hand jobs and blow jobs through the car window on the passenger side. We fucked each other brainless through the window. She was right, we could kneel up on the passenger seat and stick our ass out the window and take a dick no problem. We needed a blanket to pad the edge of the door and we decided we should carry a little step stool for shorter guys and picked everything up at Home Depot the next day.

That Saturday we did a test run, we picked up a couple of neighborhood teen guys and took them to the garage.

"One of you gets a blow job and the other one gets to fuck Julia, you decide."

Julia got in the driver’s seat and played with my tits. I sat in the passenger seat and the first guy came to the window. He was a little under six feet tall and a little under seven inches long. I spit on his dick, jacked him a couple of times and took him in deep with my chin resting on the door pad. He came in about fifteen seconds, He staggered back from the window pulling up his jeans. Julia and I switched seats. She kneeled up on the seat and backed her ass up to the open window and rested it on the blanket. The second guy was taller than mine and slip his dick right into Julia. She grunted when she took the meat and crooned when I fondled and sucked her tits from my seat. We didn’t even ask the guys for money since they were just a test. We bought a little tin bucket to spit into and put it on the floor on the passenger side.

We spent a week scouting lovers’ lanes, fooling around with each other and watching the action in other cars. We found three or four placed that looked like they’d generate good business.

On a hot June Friday night, we decided to give it a try. We spent the day deciding on prices and policies and finally just about sundown we parked the Camry near the front edge of the parking area off Starlight Drive overlooking the lights of town. I had on a short skirt and a Hole t-shirt. Julia was wearing tight jeans and a white blouse with her hair brushed out over her shoulders.

We talked and necked while other cars gradually pulled into the lot. We waited until there was plenty of action evident in other cars. We both took our tops off, turned on the overhead light and started making out. We didn’t really know how to get the business started and hoped this would get things going, but a half hour later we didn’t have a nibble.

"Screw this, I’ll get their attention," Julia said and got out of the passenger side. Still naked to the waist, she walked slowly down the lot making a slow pass down every row. When she got back to the car, she rolled down her window all the way and knelt up on the seat and lean her whole torso out of the window. She looked exactly like Kate Winslet flying on the prow of the Titanic except half naked and prettier. That did it. A minute later a guy walked up to Julia’s windows and asked

"Can I feel your tits?" He was probably nineteen, six feet with dockers, a plaid shirt and cowboy boots.

"You can do a lot more than that if you’ve got the dough. What you got in mind cowboy?" Julia asked.

"Will you blow me?" the guy asked real quietly.

"Right here, right now, seventy bucks, pay my friend first." He argued a little but fished his roll out of his jeans and handed the money to me. She spit on his dick and took him in deep. It took the guy a while, probably because he knew he had an audience. But he finally groaned and bucked against the car. Julia spit it into the bucket.

The guy zipped up and walked back to his car, Guys were walking toward us as he went. We found out that the first one was always the hardest. Later we sometimes arranged a ringer and gave the first one a freebie to get things started.

She sucked off three more guys and two fifty dollar hand jobs before I got any action. A guy wanted her mouth, but she said he was too big and told him I’d take care of him, He walked around the car to my side. There was no way I was putting that monster in my mouth, so I dropped the price to fifty and used both hands to jack him off, he came like a fountain all over my vintage t shirt, He was bragging as he walked away. "Did you hear them, I’m too big!"

Finally, somebody wanted to fuck her, the first test. She told him two hundred fifty. He handed me the cash and Julia assumed the position. He pushed into her, a moderately sized guy who came pretty quick. Two of his friends did her in quick succession. We called it a night and drove home and counted thirteen hundred bucks. We high fived each other, took showers and went to bed.

That’s pretty much how it went for quite a while. We had a regular circuit, Starlight Drive, Perkins Park and Circle Parkway (known as the Circle Jerk). We always went on weekends and only one night a week. The money ranged from seven hundred to just over two thousand. We started talking about buying our own car, but we were still too worried about money to take the risk.

Then we got lucky. Our third trip to Starlight Julia had just finished a hand job for a guy from a car near the back. The guy was walking away when his girl showed up and she was pissed.

"That’s my boyfriend you fucking slut!" Her bra was hanging out the armhole of her sweater and it was obvious what had been going on.

"Well, hon, maybe if you learned to take care of him, he wouldn’t need to come to me," Julia said in a quiet voice.

"I don’t even know how. Can you show me?" She had calmed down considerably.

"Well, sure, it ain’t rocket science. What’s your name, hon? Well, Donna, I’ll show you on this next guy right here." Julia quoted the guy a reduced price and told him her assistant would take care of him. He handed me the money. Donna was standing outside the car next to the passenger door. The guy unzipped and pulled out a nice hard dick just purple with lust.

"Spit on your hand and keep it wet, then just go up and down like this, twist a little bit, you can use both hands. That’s right rub the tip a little more. Okay he looks and sounds like he’s ready. Unless you want to be covered with goo, I’d just aim him down into the dirt.

The guy blew nicely. As he staggered away, he was happy, Donna looked proud of herself and Julia had an idea.

"Look Donna here’s ten bucks for that guy. If you want to practice some more, stand up there by the front of the car and I’ll send you guys at ten bucks apiece."

"OK, but don’t do my boyfriend anymore."

Donna was a perfect subcontractor. She was happy to get the practice and Julia had given her a hundred bucks when we left for the night. We were still getting fifty apiece for her clients, so we were doing nicely.

Similar things happened at our other two locations.

At Perkins Julia recruited an Hispanic girl, named Juanita, with huge boobs and a great mouth. She expanded our menu to tit fucking although, since Julia and I are kind of small in that area, it was the only location we could offer it.

At Circle Parkway we hired a real Barbie blonde cheerleader type that just loved dick. We laid her out on a blanket on the hood and paid her fifty buck a guy and collected a hundred fifty. That was the place we topped two grand in one night.

By the Fourth of July we had bought a Subaru Forester and started bringing the sub-contractors with us every week. The subcontractors were bringing in business too, friends and acquaintances. A perfect example was a rich lady, the thirty-year-old Mrs. Estella Davison. She was a rich man’s trophy wife, masses of honey hair and a Playboy figure. Barbie babysat for her sometimes and Estella had come on to her several times. When she came to Circle Drive, Julia fucked her with the Feeldoe and charged her two fifty, she paid happily and came back many times.

Things went on this way all the rest of the summer and into the fall, in fact business got even stronger after the college kids came back to town.

Julia and the sub-contractors had been doing most of the actual work, but I had found something I really liked. I started doing a lot the guys who wanted to actually fuck us. This was because when I got into the position with my ass out the window, Julia would mess with me from the driver’s seat. She would play with my tits and jerk me off. That combination of a strange guy shoving it into me from behind with Julia rubbing my clit made me come so hard it’s a wonder my contractions didn’t pinch some guy’s dick off.

We discovered we could charge people ten bucks just to watch this operation. They would also pay to watch Julia and I fuck each other with the Feeldoe, so we did at least one show per night at each location, sometimes me and Julia and sometimes Julia and one of the subcontractors and once Mrs. Davison offered us a thousand dollars to take part. She had to be helped back to her car.

The weather was turning cooler and guys aren’t so hot in the cold, so we decided to shut down on Labor Day. I had the idea of one last big blowout. Everybody like the idea so we had meetings to plan it.

Two of us (his choice) fucked the manager at Perkins Park to get permission to use the shelter house. We put in a bunch of cots and futons. We printed up flyers that we handed out at our usual stops for two weeks.

Tickets were seventy bucks and by the time we opened we had sold a hundred. Donna’s boyfriend was taking tickets and he and his friends provided security in exchange for a freebie each.

There was a little stage at one end of the building and cots and futons, blankets and pillows all over the rest of the building. There was a food cart with some snacks and drinks and maybe some other sources of entertainment.

The doors opened on the dot of seven and the first arrivals saw me and Julia on the stage wearing thongs. Julia was standing behind me rolling my nipples and nibbling on the back of my neck. I could feel a wet spot spreading on the front of my thong.

An hour later there were people fucking all over the place. We had told all the subcontractors that they were free to make any side deals they wanted. We had added several subcontractors for the big event. We would get ten percent of everybody’s take.

I stopped to see Juanita, she had drawn the long straw for location, and took the spot nearest the door. She was laying on her back on a futon, servicing a line of guys fucking her tits, their dicks bumping her under the chin. The cum was pooling on her tits and throat. Every tenth guy or so, she sponged herself off.

"I don’t know why they like it so much, but they sure do!" she said gesturing to her cash box.

Down the line a little were Miriam and Joanie, a pair of well-built blonde roommates with their hair in pigtails and ponytails selling the threesome experience. They had a big crowd of guys and a few girls around them, waiting their turns. It was a big crowd but not as big as the next slot, where Barbie was on her hands and knees taking on three guys at a time at sixty bucks a head.

All the practice Donna had gotten giving hand jobs in the last few months had made her an expert. I watched her for a few minutes. She was milking guys into a mason jar at forty bucks a pop. Her jar was a third full. She had even learned a new trick called the Special that was so good that some guys actually screamed when they came. The special was costing them a hundred bucks and I had to ask what she was doing to get that reaction.

"It’s called a rusty trombone. You put your finger up the guy’s ass and massage his prostate while you jerk him off with your other hand. It gives them a real intense orgasm. I use a rubber glove just like a doctor giving a prostate exam.

There were two gorgeous black sisters wearing nothing but white lace panties. The first girl took the money, fished out the customer’s dick and fluffed it hard. The second sister sucked the guy’s dick and spit it in a bucket. Every fifteen minutes the sisters changed places, tweaking each other’s nipples on the way past.

By eight thirty just about every guy at the party had blown their wad at least once and the action was slowing down.

At nine o’clock Julia and I started a show on the stage. I knelt on the carpeted stage while she drilled me from behind with the Feeldoe. After I came twice, we changed places and guys that had come five minutes before had their hands down their pants. Julia looked like the Venus deMilo having an orgasm. After we were done with each other, a few other girls paid fifty apiece to have a turn. Julia and I fucked a bunch of girls in the next half hour. The crowd around the stage continued to grow. Then Estella Davison, who had bought the hundredth ticket, walked up waving a roll of cash.

"I have two thousand dollars I’ll pay if Barbie will fuck me on this stage!"

I hustled off and pulled Barbie out of her gang bang and led her to the side of the stage. I showed her how the Feeldoe worked. I stood behind her, had her spread her legs a little and shoved the bulb end into her pussy.

"When you fuck somebody with the shaft end, the bulb will rub on your G spot, so the harder you push the better it feels for both of you."

To demonstrate I reached around her and pretended to jerk off the shaft.

"Oh, yeah! That feels great," she said.

As soon as Julia saw me bring Barbie, she stood behind Mrs. Davison and started to undress her. Agonizingly slowly she slipped her hand under the woman’s sweater and raised it. Davidson lifted her arms straight up to let Julia take the sweater off. When Julia unhooked her bra, Estella held her big melons up with both hands until Julia whispered to her and she let them go in one of the greatest tit drops of all time. The guys in the audience groaned.

Julia had her hand in Davison’s pants lowering them an inch at a time. Down at her ankles she tapped each foot and Davison lifted them out of the pant legs. This beautiful grown married lady was down to her thong with Julia behind her rolling her nipples, slipping a hand down her panties and massaging the crack of her ass. The crowd was moaning with lust.

Barbie climbed up on the stage with the Feeldoe already inserted, the shaft protruded up and out like a porn star’s dick. Julia removed Estella’s panties exposing her smooth shaven snatch and helped her down to her knees and elbows on the carpeted stage. Julia leaned over and sucked Barbies tits until they were stiff and pink. She jacked on the Feeldoe shaft a little and smiled at Barbie’s reaction. Then Julia stepped off the stage while Barbie knelt behind Davison. She reached into a little box on the stage, opened a tube of lube and spread it thickly on the shaft of the Feeldoe.

Estella’s tits were hanging down with her nipples almost dragging on the carpet. A guy in the front row in Bermuda shorts reached up and fondled her tits. Behind her Barbie rubbed the shaft of the Feeldoe up and down Estella’s clit.

"OOO, OOOO" crooned Estella.

"MMMMM" moaned Barbie as the bulb moved deep inside her.

The guy in the shorts thought it was what he was doing so he did it some more.

Barbie leaned on Estella’s hips and jammed the shaft all the way in. Mrs. Davison grunted and slumped forward a little on her elbows bringing her closer to the edge of the stage. Barbie set up a long steady thrust and pullout rhythm that rubbed directly on her G spot. Estella was moaning and twisting her hips, her face contorted with lust. Her first orgasm collapsed her arms and she went face down on the stage. Barbie, who hadn’t quite made it pulled on her hips to get her ass back up in the air. Only another minute of pumping brought Barbie off and she fell forward onto Estella’s back.

Julia came back on stage, lifted Barbie to standing, pulled the Feeldoe out of her pussy with a wet pop, crouched and pushed it into herself, knelt, and started fucking Mrs. Davison.

Just after Estella’s next orgasm, Barbie came back on the stage. She sat in front of Estella’s head, lifted Estella’s head by the hair and said

"Mrs. Davison, I’m going to give you something you’ve always wanted."

Estella was gibbering and drooling but wasn’t so far gone she didn’t realize that it must not be Barbie fucking her anymore. She started to turn her head to see who it was banging her back there, but Barbie yanked her head back around and ordered:

"Eat me Estella." Estella did what she was told.

I stood and watched. The three women all came at about the same time. Estella was bucking her hips back against the Feeldoe. Julia, with the bulb grinding against her G spot was looking straight up in the air, her mouth gaping wide open in a silent scream with a string of drool hanging off her chin.

She had both arms in the air like she was signaling a touchdown. Her tits were jiggling and her belly muscles spasming. Her hips were convulsively thrusting into Mrs. Davison. Barbie was playing with her own tits, making squeaky animal noises, clamping Estella’s head between her thighs and dripping girl juice in Mrs. Davison’s face. Estella was clawing at the floor, shrieking loudly, the sound muffled by Barbie’s snatch, her legs and big tits shaking like an electrocution.

When Barbie got to her feet and staggered back to her gang bang, the guy in shorts pulled his dick out, stepped to the edge of the stage and brushed it across Estella’s lips. She opened her eyes, smiled slightly and opened wide. Guys were taking their dicks out all over the audience.

I touched Julia on the shoulder like a tag team and she stood up and gave me the Feeldoe. I had had no action since the first stage of the party, so pushing that bulb in inside myself felt great. I crouched behind Mrs. Davison. I pushed her forward a little so all those guys could reach her face. Then I started banging her. She was so wet from the previous orgasms that there was no resistance at all. The shaft went all the way to her cervix on every thrust. She was dripping juice on the stage under her hips. She was grunting and moaning constantly and choking on dicks.

I came hard without stopping the thrusting. Estella came once after only a minute of my thrusting and I thought her needs were so great that she deserved more than that for her two grand. I reached into the box on stage and took out a long black butt plug. I leaned over and dropped a big mouthful of spit on Estella’s asshole. I kept thrusting with the Feeldoe until it felt like she was about ready to cum again. Without stopping the thrusting, I shoved the plug into her ass as far as it would go. She screamed and started the convulsions of a full body orgasm.

I pulled the shaft and the plug out of her at the same time. She went right on coming. She collapsed onto her belly, her legs were shaking violently and her arms waving around like a turtle’s flippers, her hips bucking against the floor.

That was enough for all those guys with their dicks out. They climbed up on the stage, rolled Estella over and took turns fucking her. It took fifteen minutes before they had all cum in her or on her. By this time no one was paying anybody. Estella had passed out face down and motionless on the stage. I had heard the expression having your brains fucked out, but I’d never seen it before.

I flipped the light switch for the building a couple of time as a signal the party was over. A few minutes later just the subcontractors and security guys were still there. We had a meeting where Julia collected and counted all the money. She paid off the subs and we had netted almost fifteen grand.

There was the question of what to do with Mrs. Davison. Donna, who was a nursing student, rolled her over on her back, checked her pulse and heartbeat, feeling her up a little in the process, and said she was fine.

Julia went through her wallet and took out another thousand in cash. Her address was on the other side of town. We put her on the serving gurney wheeled her out to the Forester and loaded her in. We drove up to her address, a big mansion with a deep front porch. We wrapped her in a couple of blankets laid her gently in the porch swing, and rang the doorbell. We saw the butler come to the door as we drove away.

Before Christmas, Julia met Pyotr, a guy from her home town and they decided to get married and go back to Belarus and be political activists. I never saw her again. I had decided to study business and enrolled at the State University.

The subcontractors decided to keep the business going so I sold them the Subaru.

I have that one hundredth ticket to the orgy framed on the wall of my dorm room. I’m looking at it right now as I finish this recollection of my first business venture.

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