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Moms Best Mate Pt2

Moms Best Mate Pt2

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Mom always joined in but I couldn?bring myself to fuck her. This lead to an interesting situation one night.

Beryl and Mom held regular Bridge nights with 2 or 3 of their friends, Ann who was divorced, early 50?and had a nice tight ass, Barbara who was a bit older, nice slim body and Vera who had an even bigger pair of tits than Beryl, I am talking 48?hey were massive and I had always wanted to see them in the flesh.

It was a Friday and they had been playing Bridge and drinking wine for a while when I dropped in to the flat, I let myself in as Mom had given me a key and went into the kitchen to get myself a beer, because I had just finished work I nipped into my Moms room to change into a tshirt and joggers, which I kept there. I had just taken my shirt and trousers off and was standing there in my boxers, the door opened and Beryl and Ann walked in 'Oh sorry' exclaimed Ann and went to leave, Beryul grabbed her arm and said 'Oh don't worry, he is quite used to older women looking at him' 'What do you mean' said Ann, 'this is the cock that we keep talking about' Beryl said smiling and she moved towards me and rubbed the front of my shorts, she was obviously slightly pissed and had a look in her eye that I had seen many times, she wanted cock! Beryl said in a naughty schoolgirl voice 'Please can my friend see your big fat cock, as she hasn't seen a big one for ages' and with that quickly flipped the front of my boxers down revealing my hardening cock. Annes eyes opened as Beryl started slowly wanking me off 'He loves this, and he likes to have his cock sucked as well' Beryl giggled and dropped down to her knees and took the tip of my cock into her mouth, and then slowly sucked her way down the length of my cock. I looked at Anne and she blushed slightly as she met my gaze 'Im sorry Anne, does this embarrass you' I said 'No, its just that I wasn't expecting your cock to be so big, Beryl had said she was fucking someone, but not you' Beryl stopped sucking and said 'Oh that's not all he does, he can fuck like a demon as well' she then stood up turned around and bent over the dresser, pulling her skirt up to reveal she had no knickers on 'come on, you know how I like it' I smiled and moved behind Beryl and placed the tip of my knob my her fanny lips, she grabbed my cock roughly and started to feed it into her now wet cunt, 'Oh God, I need a real good fuck, just do it hard and fast' I knew Beryl well enough by now to see that she meant business so without further ado I started sliding my cock back and forth into her cunt, Beryl was so hot and wet that I after a few strokes I could feel my balls slapping against her as my cock sank the full 9" into her. Beryl started moaning and I grabbed her waist and really started to pound her pussy, that?what I liked about Beryl she loved my cock and I could have her anytime but this was special because Anne was watching and that made me even harder. After a few minutes Beryl started to come and her language got coarser 'Oh fuck that's it' she shouted 'go on fuck me, fuck me, show anne what its like to be fucked by you' then I felt her cunt tighten as a orgasm flowed through her body, she pushed back onto my cock and screamed 'OOOOOH YOU BASTARD, DONT STOP MAKE ME COME' and with that she spurted her cunt juices all over my shaft. Her juices dribbled over my balls and down my legs, as I slowed down my thrusts she sank onto the dresser 'Oh you are a naughty boy, I hope you didn't shoot your load as I am sure Anne would like to sample some of that, and I would love a second helping' 'She's not the only one' said Mom who was standing by the open door with Vera and Barbara.

'I might have known you wouldn't leave him alone' Mom said laughing 'So' Vera said 'this is the mysterious cock you have been going on about' I turned towards the door and my cock seemed to grow again as 3 sets of eyes moved to my cock 'Oh my, that thing is fucking enourmous' Vera gasped 'Yes' giggled Beryl who had regained her composure 'and he knows how to use it as well' and with that wrapped her hand round my shaft and slowly started pulling my foreskin back and forth. 'I think we might as well move into the lounge, as I for one intend to have a bit more of this big cock' I moved towards the door and started to make my way into the lounge, as I passed Vera she took hold of my cock and murmured 'Oh boy. I haven't ever seen a cock like that before', I smiled at her and said 'And I have always wanted to stick it between those big tits of yours' and slid my hand over her tits, feeling the size and firmness of them 'Oh I think that can be arranged, after what I just saw you do to Beryl' 'That was nothing' I grinned.

In the lounge, I knew that I could start to play out a real fantasy of mine, they were all up for it so I knew nothing was out of bounds. 'Right first up, you have all seen my cock, so know how about you slowly strip off while I sit here' and sat down on the settee. Anne who had hardly taken her eyes off my cock was stood in front of me, started to unbutton her blouse 'No, Anne I want to see your lovely arse first, so turn around and take off your knickers, nice and slowly' she turned and loosened her belt and slid her skirt down to the floor, revealing red knickers, suspenders and red stockings. 'Oh very nice' I said stroking my cock slowly, 'Vera, I think you can start by taking off your top and letting me see those fabulous tits of yours' she too smiled and started to open her blouse, I was really enjoying this I had 5 women who would do exactly what I told them to do, and I was going to really make them work for my cock. Soon Vera was naked from the waist up, Anne was naked from the waist down so I turned to Barbara 'I would like you to strip off completely and come over her and suck my cock' in what seemed like a few seconds Babs (as she liked to be called) was naked and knelt between my legs, she took my now pulsing cock in both hands and slipped the still wet knob into her mouth 'Aaah that?good, go on Babs suck me' I groaned, she was good, one of the best cock suckers I had ever had, she flicked her tongue around the rim of my helmet and slid most of my length into her mouth. 'Mom, seems a shame that you cant join in, so I have got you a present I said 'open my bag and have a look in' Mom flipped open my work bag and pulled out a 9" strap-on cock 'Oh' she gasped 'Beryl 'thats for you, you have got to fuck Mom' I laughed, Beryl grabbed the strap on and proceeded to put it on. I turned to Vera and grinned 'Come over here, its about time I fucked those lovely big tits of yours' as I stood up Babs released her hold on my cock and sighed, 'Don't you worry, I haven't finished with you yet' I said to her and slid my finger between her legs, parting her now extremely wet pussy lips, she groaned and closed her legs around my hand as I pushed 3 fingers right into her. Vera lay back on the settee and I straddled her pushing my cock between her massive and still firm tits 'If you give me a nice tit wank, I will let you have my cock' I laughed as she started rubbing her tits up and down my cock. Anne moved forward and I said 'Anne come over here I want to lick your pussy and arse' she climbed up on the settee, turned around and also straddled Vera who was wanking my cock furiously with her wonderful tits, I immediately parted Anne?arse cheeks and started to lick her pussy and arse. I was in heaven my cock was being taken care of, I was sampling the delights of a lovely wet pussy and arsehole,and then I felt my arse being licked by Barbara. I had never known such pleasure every nerve in my body was tingling.

I then heard a groan from the other side of the room, I looked over and saw Beryl slowly mounting Mom, only it wasn?her fanny she was filling it was her arse, Beryl was arse fucking Mom and they both looked as though they were really enjoying it. I knew that I couldn?last much longer like this and I desperately wanted to sample all 3 of the lovely cunts I had around me, 'Ok ladies its cock time? shouted ?want you all to kneel on the settee?I stepped down off the settee and waited, soon I couldn?believe what I was seeing 3 of my Moms best friends were kneeling on the settee, all begging for my cock. I stood behind Vera and slid my cock slowly into her cunt, she gasped 'Oh god, its fucking huge' and I pushed my cock right up to the hilt and left it there for a moment, before slowly sliding it out and then moved to Anne, she was smaller than Vera and I knew that I would have to be careful, I positioned the tip of my cock just inside the folds of her soaking fanny and began to slowly push, Anne wanted it all and suddenly pushed back onto my cock taking all 9" 'Oh fucking Christ' she gasped 'stick it all up me, I want every last inch'. She pumped back and forth quickly on my cock I knew that if she kept that up I would soon be coming, so I quickly eased my cock out of here juicy cunt and turned to Barbara. Her eyes were alight as she watched me position myself behind her, holding her cunt open for me as I pushed my way into my fourth cunt in less than an hour, she was tighter than the others and I felt her cunt muscles grip my cock, she dropped her head and muttered 'Yes that's it, fill me up, make me scream you fucker' I slid my way right in and soon she had taken all my cock, I was amazed by how her cunt muscles started to milk my cock, I wanted to really pound her cunt but I had one more thing left that I wanted to do. After a few strokes, I felt the familiar tingling in my balls and knew I was going to shoot soon, I quickly pulled my cock out and said ? ladies now I want to shoot all over the three of you?hey all quickly turned round and sat together on the settee, I started to pump my cock when I once again felt a familiar hand on my cock ?is is where I come in?om grinned and started to pump my swollen cock furiously, I looked across and Beryl was stood behind her fucking her ass and she was wanking my cock off all over her 3 mates. Soon I felt my balls twitch and the first load shot out of my cock all over Anne, then the second stream of hot spunk sprayed out and landed on Vera?chin and tits, Mom was using my cock like a fire hose and each jet of spunk was aimed at her friends, I couldnt control anything now and was lost in the moment as my balls pushed more and more hot spunk up my cock and onto the faces and tits of the 3 women in front of me. 'Lick his cock, ladies' mom shouted and I felt tongues all over my swollen tip, the feeling was fantastic and my cock jumped at the sensation of mouths over my cock tip and my balls being sucked. It was all I could do to remain standing as my legs were like jelly. Eventually I slumped onto the settee and just lay back to recover my senses whilst Beryl went around each and every lady in the house and fucked them with her strap-on. We stayed like this all night and I eventually fucked all 4 of moms mates, next day I called in sick to work and had the pleasure of doing them all again.

Moms bridge nights were never the same again.

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