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Denise and Darnell, pt 3

Denise and Darnell, pt 3

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His arm was around her, with his hand cupping her ass. Denise's skin was lightly tanned but it was still in contrast with his medium brown complexion. Her breasts, untouched by the sun, were very white and pressed against his side. I loved the difference in color between their bodies.

Denise and I both watched at her right hand, which was touching his meat: his thick post-fucking cock, which still seemed partially swollen, and his massive balls, semi-sparsely covered with short curly-q pubes. He'd had his thighs pressed together so that his gifts were presented well and she had easy access to whatever she wanted to touch. Or lick.

She drew her fingers back and forth along his cock, lightly along its veins and over his bell end. Her fingernails then combed through the denser pubic mat of velco-like hair above his shaft. Darnell was her first black man and she wanted to explore everything she could. She reached down and held his ballsack. As her fingers manipulated it, both our cocks responded. I looked up at my wife and my black neighbor: she was licking his nipple and he had reached up and was squeezing her big round right tit. Her nipple was hard, as was the pebbled skin of her aureola. He pinched it between his fingers and she flinched.

Her hand was now wrapped around his expanding dick. It was intoxicating to watch it growing in her grasp. She stroked it for a minute as it was pointed down his thigh. I could literally see his head swelling. She then lifted that monster up to meet her mouth as she bent down. Denise has a mouth that is a bit bigger that average and she needed it. Her tongue met the fleshy top of his cockhead and gave it an exaggerated lick before her lips inhaled it. She started sucking, only taking about an inch in beyond the bell. Her hand ran up and down the rest of it. When the end of his cock pressed her cheek outward at me, I stated rubbing my hard-on.

"Oh yeah suck on that dick, girl." Darnell said it, but I was thinking it. I was watching my wife, a woman I love so much, and for whom I have so much desire, starring in a live interracial porn movie right next to me. I always loved watching clips of a white woman take on the challenge of a huge cock - especially a black one. Here was my wife working it like a pro. I was so proud.

After a few minutes of working his cock head in and out of her mouth, she got off of the couch and got between his legs. She rubbed his girth around her face, just savoring its size and presence. She held it up gazed at the impressive hunk of cock, her eyes taking in every detail. She was worshipping Darnell's instrument, its size and blackness inflaming her lust. She bumped it against her lips and kissed it. She then started lapping at the underside with her tongue, working her way down to the thick base. I moved off the couch to get a better view of the action.

She then turned her attention to his balls, cradling them in her left hand. She kissed and licked them. She sucked one into her mouth and then did the same to the other. I knew when she was really worked up because she was making soft moaning sounds as she did this. Then she lifted them up and licked the underside of his scrotum. Darnell moaned loudly. He parted his legs wider and moved lower on the couch. Denise then started licking him at junction between his ball sack and thigh. "Damn, she's really turned on if she's licking him there, " I thought. Now she licked his super sensitive perineum, which was bulged out because of his erection, while holding his balls up with her left and also slowly stroking his cock with her right hand. She would later say that his scent was musky but turned her on.

"Fuck girl, you know what you are doing! Goddamn."

After a minute, she got on her feet, bent over his cock and took it into her mouth. She reached under herself and started to rub her clit and pussy, while working more and more of his huge dick in and out of her mouth. When she felt her pussy was wet and ready, she let saliva drool from her mouth onto his cockhead, which she delicately spread around. She wasn't going to use lube this time as she was stretched still from the last plunging. She climbed on top of him, said "I need more of this bad boy", and eased herself down on his dick.

"OHHH!" she exclaimed as his head cleared her outer lips. She rocked on it, easing his cock into her stretched pussy little by little. She steadied herself by placing her hands on his pecs.

"Ain't no hurry," Darnell said. "But let me help you out a bit."

He reached down and began rubbing her clit. With his other hand, he reached around and alternated kneading her ass and running his fingers up and down her crack to her pink star.

It might not have gotten her any wetter, but his hands gave her even more motivation. Now she was beyond halfway and started moving up and down.

'"How's it feel, baby?" I asked.

"Oohhhh. Fuck me it's so thick. Uhh!"

"You look so fucking hot, Denise."

With her eyes still closed, she smiled a bit before she felt her orgasm building. Then her mouth opened into an O and she started panting. Darnell was still fingering her clit and anus as she picked up her riding pace. She had now gotten his whole manhood into her pussy and was now raising up 4 or 5 inches and slamming her ass back down on his thighs. Her dense tits were bouncing beautifully. She told me later that it felt like it was poking her intestines. It hurt but that didn't compare to the pleasure that she'd never felt before.

"OHMYGOD YES! AH AH AH!" she screamed as the orgasm ripped through her body. The wave caused her to pause while lifted off of Darnell. He grabbed her hips to hold her and began thrusting up into her. "YES! YES!" she yelled. "FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG DICK!"

I got down on the floor in front of them and watched him slam it into her pussy with such force that his nuts slapped the curves of her ass. Her cum ran down his wide shaft. Her legs were opened as wide as they could go. Her pretty anus was flexing as she came two more times before her body relaxed against him; his cock still stuffed into her cunt.

I looked up at them and she had her open mouth smashed against his, and his hands were full of her tits. Their kisses were sloppy and loud. I felt a twinge of jealousy for some reason at the sight of this even more intimate passion. Never mind that she'd sucked his cock twice and had multiple orgasms on a dick that I couldn't pretend to have, all of which just made me rock hard with lust. I guess it was one thing for her to use his cock for her, and my, pleasure, but the deep kisses were another, though given what she'd just experienced, there was no way I could hold it against her. She was lost in ecstasy.

He broke the kiss, leaving a chain of saliva between them.

"Now it's my turn, little lady. Is it cool to cum inside you?" He began to move her up and down on his still ready dick.

"Yes. I'm on the pill," she said, dreamily. "I want to feel it squirt in me."

"You ever take two men at a time?"

"Not yet," she giggled. I'd buttfucked her before a few times. We both enjoyed it, but it wasn't something we did often because she felt self-conscious about it, and required advance warning so she can make sure she's fresh.

"Well, Mr. Jack over there is about to cum all over my carpet by the looks of it. I know I ain't gonna fit up there, but he might."

She looked around at me and smiled with her eyes at half mast still. "Fuck my ass, baby," Denise asked, "While Darnell empties his balls into my pussy."

I quickly grabbed the lube as they repositioned a bit so that her asshole was more easily available to me. His legs were far off the end of the couch, with her straddling him. I slicked up my throbbing cock and lubed her ass with first one finger and then two, which caused her to moan.

"I'm going to hold her in place. We'll do the work."

"Ok", I said, "Ready, honey?"

"Mm-hmm," she answered, steeling herself against what was about to happen.

I pushed my slickened head against her star. I couldn't get in until I felt her relax and pucker her anus out. My bell cleared her outer ring and I started to ease my way in. Fuck, after all of the visual stimulation, and upon hearing her take in a deep breath as I pushed, I only hoped to be able to get all the way in and thrust a few times before exploding. I really tried to not notice how incredible it felt.

"Go," she sighed and Darnell began fucking her in a slow rhythm. It took a few tries to fall in line with his rhythm, as his strokes were, uh, a bit longer than mine. I could really feel his cock pressing against mine, separated by only a centimeter of her flesh I suppose.

"Fuck...." she moaned as we shared my wife, a dick in her pussy and a dick up her ass. "I'm going to cum again." Based on the body positions, her clit must have been rubbing against the area covered by his pubic hair.

"Cum for your men, baby, like a good little girl," Darnell said.

"Harder, Darnell!"

He picked up the pace as she came hard. I tried to not have my dick broken off or expelled by her orgasm. But it was Darnell that slipped out as he was pulling back.

"Oh!" she said. "Get him back in!"

Nobody moved to do it, so I guess it was up to me. I withdrew from her ass and looked down at his big dumb cock. It was too heavy to stand straight up or out like mine and glistened with her juices. It flexed. I grabbed its slimy shaft and held it for a second, mesmerized by its weight and heat. I tapped it against her thigh to remind her just what her pussy was accommodating. I rubbed the head up and down her slit to both of their pleasures, and pointed its tip in her gaping hole. He pushed in rather easily.

"Hurry up. I ain't waiting for you for too long" he said and he began making mini thrusts into Denise.

Thankfully, my wife ass was still open and lubed, and I was able to enter her, pushing until my pubic puff tickled her above her stuffed anus. I held her buttocks apart and began actively fucking my wife's ass.

"Next time ... I'm laying out ... come over and .... fuck .... my brains out," she panted. She wanted him to finish soon as she was getting tired. She told me later that the dirty talk was to make him cum, but it was going to have the same effect on me.

"I want you to slap your big dick ... against my face and .... I want to suck it ... for everyone to see! I want them to ... watch you pound my PUSSY ... yes! And then cum ... all over my face. And rub your hairy balls ... on my face."

"Oh they'll see how much you love black dick, girl!!"

The last thing I felt before I shot 4 squirts of cum up my wife's ass was even more pressure against my dick from the cock in her pussy.

"Ugh!" he yelled as he exploded in her. She told me that she felt his entire cock harden and pulse as he came. She compared his blasts to a fire hose as they coated her womb.

"I need to lie down," Denise sighed, after we'd finished. I withdrew and looked down at their interlocked genitals. She eased off of him and I handed her a towel, which she stuffed between her legs to catch our cum. She tucked it under her ass and sat on the couch. Darnell stood over her, his cock still leaking. She quickly sat up and took it in her mouth so clean it of their juices and to swallow the last drops of his orgasm. Such a dirty girl!

I helped her get dressed as Darnell lit another joint while standing there naked, like he was flaunting his superiority. He reached out and shook my hand, but it was just an insincere excuse to then embrace and grope my wife's ass. When she turned towards the patio door, he got one last lingering squeeze of her breasts.

"Y'all are welcomed back any time. Ha ha." I looked back and he was just casually yanking his responding cock.

So we left the neighborhood a few weeks later, never having visited Darnell again. We fucked like crazy talking about that night, though, and it inspired us to try a few other things. We hope to find another hung black man someday ...

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