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Tales of Viveria - The hag's den

Tales of Viveria - The hag's den

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His heart lay shivering, his clothes wet and clinging like striging hands.

He nearly felt his breath just leave him, with every grueling step through this forest of inky black.

A light.

There lay an array of lights in the distance, '-windows' the man saw. He dashed onwards, cimbing atop dirt and sticks, as his spirit rose to the doorstep.

On the door lay a large ring, so shivering his heart and hands, he clutched it, giving three strikes to the door. He sat, wondering is truly someone sat at home, or if they wanted the world to think that, leaving their house with the lights on merely to trick.

Soon footfalls fell one by one, slowly making it's way to the door. With his spirits cheering on, he waited for the door, it opening with a haunting creek.

There lay no person behind the door.

Heart spun around, his body wished to flee, but with his eyes he hungered the warm fireplace within, the beautiful furniture that sat, begging to give comfort.

With a gulp he stepped inside, door slowly creaking closed his entrance behind him, he knew he wasn't leaving.

So he looked around, the house neatly kept, the beautiful crackling of the fire place, the entire setting set him at an ease he long forgotten.

He knew not to be rude, with a shivering shout he said "thank you for having me, you certainly helped keep me warm!"

He got no response, but something felt right by doing it.

He then looked at the embers and blaze, it calling to him. He approached it, nearly sitting down on the furniture on instinct, but something felt off.

He only need one look at himself to see he was dirty and stained, he would only muddy the beautiful furniture. It didn't matter whether it be magic or coincidence, he wasn't going to ruin furniture without knowing who was here.

So he sat on his knees, hands by the growing orange glow as a sigh escaped him.

Then hands went across his abs, gripping and dragging him swiftly to this beautiful piece of furniture and sitting him promptly. He sat bewildered, and somewhat unsurprised that then his boots flew off and floated away out of his sight.

He watched the fire, once again nearly out of breath. 'What was going on? Who lay in this house that could do this?'

A hand lay on his shoulder from behind

"Why it would be me dear"

His head slowly turned, a beautiful set of red eyes lay upon him, with flowing brown hair. "You must have gone through alot, haven't you?" The man sat amazed, soon losing his fear in this womans eyes.

"I have, I went through this large bog and found your home. I certainly don't know how I ended up here, all I knew was that I was drinking at this exotic tavern and-"

The hand held a finger to his lips "it's all behind you, you're here now and can rest easy." The man nodded, watching her walk around and sit right by his side, watching the fire.

"Its beautiful, isn't it?" The man quickly answered "the bright orange glow, with a warmth so little could give to us" the woman sat off, not expecting the answer.

"Right, anything else that comes to mind?" She leans into him, revealing more of her top "well I suppose it depends on what you mean."

The woman internally pouts, again, not quite the response she was looking for. She then leaned back, swiftly standing up and walking towards the fire, bending over and adding more wood.

"So what sites have you seen as of late? I am curious what a young man of your caliber has seen." The man's eyes looked towards the ceiling, soon opening in realization. "There was this beautiful waterfall I have come across as me and my mates were travelling to the tavern I told you of, a sight to see to be sure. It poured down so gracefully and yet with such strength-"

She felt her hands nearly crack the wood in half, she forcefully tossed it into the blazing fire and perked up with an idea "-actually, would you care to help me chop onions? I was thinking of preparing a meal."

She fluttered her eyes, the man standing up "of course!" They moved to the kitchen where the woman grabbed a knife, slowly cutting into an onion. The man was able to get a better look at her, she was older than himself, for sure, despite this she held a beauty that he'd never felt before, but he couldn't tell what it was.

A few pieces of onion dropped to the floor "oh clumsy me, could you come over and cut these?" She held the knife behind her, giving him a look of lust to maybe come from behind.

"Right" he grabs the knife and moves over to her right, grabbing the onion and expertly cutting it to small bits as a growl rose in her chest.

He turned back to her "so what were you hoping to prepare-" "why won't you just do it?" he stood with the knife in his hands "wha-?" "Why won't you just take advantage of me?"

"Why would I do that?" She felt herself cry out, her fangs baring themselves "SO I CAN KILL YOU, you're supposed to be scum, all men are scum, so why won't you try and do anything?! Is it to just torture me? Is it because you wanna see me cry?"

Tears began welling in her eyes, rage filling her fists. Without any hesitation, the man gives her a reply "because no matter what woman I meet, I want to treat every as a queen. I would never touch you like that, unless I knew it was mutual."

She cried out, nearly the entire house flexing and shrieking with her. Her unnatural speed led her to fly up the stairs, her door thudding with a boom that could be heard for miles.

He felt rooted, his fear trying to beg him not to go, however his heart told him to correct this wrong, its what she needs. So soon he walked up the steps, seeing the worn door. He sat alongside it, hearing her sob and cry.

"You don't deserve that kind of treatment" he gave "I'm a monster! Can't you see that damnit?!" he sighed "it still doesn't mean you should have been given that, no woman ever should."

Her sobs quieted, footfalls approaching the door as he heard a slide down it. "Why do you care? I'm just some sorry wench that got taken advantage of. A monster."

"It doesn't change it, monster, human, beast, you should be treated with the respect you deserve, you gave that same courtesy to me." She began to cry again "how do you do that? How can you just say that to someone whose murdered men, because she's obsessed with seeing their terrified expressions as I take the very joy from them the he took from me that night?"

She realized that she spoke too much, his eyes now wide. "You shouldn't have had that taken, if I could, I would give you the entire world on a platter."

"Why? Why leave me that courtesy?" "Because you're a beautiful woman who needs it, with eyes that could keep me happy until the world collapses" her eyes grew wider as he went on.

"You let me into your residence, allowed me to sit on beautiful tapestry that I would soil, allowed me the grate grace to seat before beautiful flame.. and let me be in your presence"

Her breath had been taken "you allowed me to stare at your ruby portals that allowed me to peer deep within you, to understand your pain and anger."

He sat quiet, soon a long string of tension hang between them. The door opened, his head guided into her hands, her lips dove; soon they sat matched, eyes closed as they felt their souls ignite.

She rose him up, standing with him against her as they locked another kiss, her hands clawing and pushing him against her. He quickly let his hands roam too, a hand squeezing her bosom while another hug her close.

His hips rose and lowered frantically, grinding against her waving hips as they knew the fire would only spread.

She used her fangs and claws to tear away his shirt, tossing it to the side as she began to moan and breathe onto his bare shoulder. Her hand firmly grasped at his bulge, the other placed on his chest as they stood entwined.

His hands roamed and soon found their way to her breasts, her growling throat letting out a deep moan as he prodded and tugged.

She tore away her blouse, shoving the bare tit in his face to take. He followed her lead, taking it in his mouth and began abusing the nipple. Cry after cry, she let out, grasping his cock, awaiting for it to be pushed inside her.

Soon her patience ran dry, with a push he was thrown on the bed, her body prowling as she crawled over him. Tearing down his pants, she quickly took in this throbbing flesh in her maw, leaving the man paralyzed as he felt her tongue ravage the tip.

Soon his entire length bobbed in and out of her throat, his hands grasping her head and encouraging her to go faster and deeper. The two of them cried out and howled like wolves, as no one would hear their cries this night.

She parted the soaking cock, her tits grazing it as she crawled higher, tearing another kiss out of him yet. "Now take me" she grasped his cock and rammed it deep within herself, soon oozing onto him her sweet juices.

He too growled as she furiously used his tool to the limit, bouncing atop it, screaming in joy and pleasure as he filled her depths. Soon he filled it with something other than his cock, hot liquid pouring into her body, but she wasn't done.

She dismounted, letting the cum stream down his cock.

She spun around, lapping at the creamy concoction and sucking away at the hard member still. Soon she felt hands grasp and toy with her rear, fingers digging deep into her.

A tongue soon followed, the man hungrily lapping and sucking at her quavering hole. "Y-yes, oh gods yes" she panted, feeling her entire body quake.

He tempted her oraface in such an enticing way, one she long forgotten. She turned back around, picking him up in her embrace as she got off the bed.

She stood him up as she let him down, laying her chest on the bedside, looking at him with a pure thing of want. "Take me, I want to be wanted again."

So he did, ramming his slick member deep inside her, planting inside her asshole with a cry from both of them. She whimpered, so he stayed slow, soon building up speed as her cries turned more and more into pleasure.

Soon he was pounding her rear, her moans making the house tremble before them. "Fuck.. please do it, fill me again" "I will, I'll fill you a hundred more if you ask me" he groaned and growled ready to let himself go.

Soon he howled out again, a great load plowing into here rear as she couldn't help but moan. Soon the cum leaked down their legs onto the floor.

He pulled out and she then turned around, the man once again planting himself inside her pussy with another few pumps, her lips planting onto his.

Their cries filled the night.

Soon the morning sun rose, the succubus opening her eyes to remember what had happened the night before. "Your eyes are telling dear" the young man said, placing his hand on hers. "So what now?" She said "you've gotten all of what you wanted out of me, right?"

He shook his head, taking his mouth to hers. "You arent to be used, you are going to be praised."

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