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Butterfly, Ch. 02

Butterfly, Ch. 02

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There was no light to be seen, only the faint glow of a security camera’s LED piercing through. And even that was weak, barely putting up a fight as night concealed everything. The evening shadows hid Diane’s body as her pussy lips parted of their own volition, black liquid streaming out from her body. She had been leaking it ever since she fell asleep, dark ink covering her but stopping at her hands and feet. However, enough of her had been covered to accomplish what was necessary.

Two hands picked up the blanket that covered her and pushed it off, exposing the rest of her body. Though Diane had gone to bed nude, almost her entire body was now coated with a black, shiny film. Only above her neck, her hands, and her feet had any skin showing. Darkness hugged every curve and crevice of the rest of her body. It wasn’t necessary to cover them, as the important liquid was already flowing through Diane’s anatomy.

Standing up, Diane walked to the center of the room. Her eyes were still closed, locked in sleep. Without touching her pussy, her vagina peeled itself back to allow a greater flow of liquid to escape and touch the tiled bedroom. It was almost as fast as a bathroom sink, splattering loudly on the floor. Hands rested underneath the stream, covering themselves in darkness. Diane’s digits smeared the ink all over her face, covering every inch and every hole. Even her teeth and nostrils were lined with the liquid, deliciously melting inside of her and making themselves at home. Thick as shampoo, it was coiled through Diane’s hair, permanently staining it black. Last but not least, Diane opened one eyelid at a time to gently apply it to her retinas and eyelids.

She was now completely covered, and opened her new eyes. Retinas blacker than the dark of the moon looked out.

Two nipples stood at attention on Diane’s breasts, proud and erect. With a gentle grip, they dribbled their black gold and clung to her large breasts. Rather than spraying away from her, her milk collected at the tip of the nipple and streamed downwards. The stream stopped at her proud clitoris. Coming into contact, the dark milk hardened on top of her clit and began to thicken.

Diane’s hands let go of her breasts, though they continued to release milk. Slippery hands gripped at her pussy, spreading it and allowing even more darkness to leave her body, collecting in between her legs. When enough of the thick fluid had gathered, it began to reach upward between Diane’s ass crack, rising up her spine. When it graced Diane’s rear entrance, it coaxed more fluid to pour from within, increasing the speed at which the ink rose.

At this point, Diane’s clit had been transformed into something that could only be described as phallic. With a thick head and shaft, it stood tall and erect, oozing a small amount of the dark liquid. Diane didn’t need a hand to adjust her new extremity. She was now in control of the liquid that had become her, and could flex this organ like a muscle.

And that’s just what she did, pointing it to the floor and, on-demand, releasing a furious jet to the tiles. This freed up Diane’s hands to feel behind her, spreading the darkness as it grew along her spine. It reached up to her neckline before stopping, splitting in two and moving around Diane’s neck. They joined with each other in the front, just above Diane’s boobs. Though it did not look the part, this collar secured Diane and the dark prison that she had just become a prisoner of.

But what was a prisoner if she enjoyed her captivity? What sort of life did Diane need to go back to? A boring, average life where she’d be so plain and same as everyone else? Or something marvelous and new? The future was open to her. All she needed to do was take it.

Diane stood in a puddle of her own making, pulsing with the dripping of her cunt. Her senses had been heightened, and she could feel everything around her. She didn’t need to see the window, high and out of reach, to know that it was there. All she needed was herself.

The pool of liquid underneath Diane quickly swirled around her feet, travelling up her dark legs and knees. Splitting at her crotch, liquid plugged the seams that revealed her cunt and asshole, making them appear flush with her skin.

The remaining liquid travelled up to Diane’s back, collecting as a large mass. Once enough of it had gathered, two branches began to form, growing in breadth and height. Beautiful webs of semi-translucent liquid emerged from the arcs of Diane’s newest growth, stopping and connecting with two growths closer to her tailbone. The two webs continued to grow until they were six feet in length and five feet in height.

Wings. They were butterfly wings, with breathtaking patterns delicately painted along them. They were beautiful, though hardly visible in the darkness. That would change very soon.

With a great beat of her wings, Diane took off from the ground and lifted off from the ground. She felt weightless, though she was not very far above the ground. However, she didn’t need to be too far up. Just high enough to reach the window.

It was a skylight more than an actual window, letting in light but not good for seeing out. The night sky, alight with stars, offered the only contrast from the dark shadows of Diane’s cell.

Observing the window, Diane noticed a dial at its base. If necessary, this window could have been opened using a large extendable pole that connected with this dial to open it. Someone would have been standing on the ground with this pole in hand, slowly turning the dial until the window opened.

However, Diane didn’t need any of that. She just turned the dial to crank it open, giving her a perfect amount of space to climb through. Sliding in between the window and the roof, she stood up and looked out to the horizon.

Diane thought about closing the window, but decided against it. Whomever was going to find her empty room would barely notice the open window until she was very far away. A calm had taken over her mind, consuming it and directing her towards a single goal. One which she could barely comprehend, but understood at the most basic level. Running towards the edge of the roof, Diane leapt with all her energy and allowed the evening breeze to carry her skyward.

Her butterfly wings carried her far, far through the night. The moon and stars reflected on her skin, almost like glitter. Diane’s mind and body moved with one purpose in mind, and one direction....

The girl walked along the dark sidewalk, heels clattering against uneven pavement. She’d just left a party hosted by a few of her friends. It was one of the biggest parties of the year, and everyone was there. She’d had some homework to do, but put on a smile and went just to make appearances.

Until the heavy alcohol came out, and she got uncomfortable. With guys trying to cop a feel. Get in her way. Block her path. The final straw had been when some creep peeled off a strap from her dress. Disgusted and embarrassed, she elbowed the bastard in his nose. His blood was still on her elbow as she stormed out of the party, eager to go home.

By the time the frat brothers and the perp realized what had happened, she was already far enough away where they wouldn’t be able to find her. But that’s not why she was sitting on a staircase, crying. She wasn’t afraid of them catching her. No, she could take a bunch of drunken brutes. The college girl had never felt so exploited. Treated like she was just an item for others to use. She hated that feeling, the hungry look in their eyes. How would they feel if she looked at others that way?

A warmth flowed over her body, calming her. Yes, this felt a lot better. This warmth...it’s felt like love and compassion in its purest form. Someone caring for her and taking care of every whim and desire. Not because they wanted something, but because they truly cared.

Diane stared at the girl, keeping her secure to her inky chest. Wings crossed behind the girl’s back, emitting a heat that trapped the girl in a haze. Eyeshadow and makeup blurred down her cheeks, though her eyes gave the message of sleep and peace. In another short moment, her eyes closed completely, lost in Diane’s bosom.

Diane released her wings from the girl to reveal a harness, securing her charge to Diane’s dark form. A revealing dress was barely visible underneath, though even that quickly dissipated. Arms and legs reached themselves behind Diane, allowing inky restraints to secure her extremities.

With her new charge firmly attached, Diane took off into the night sky once more. Diane flew again with singular purpose, as her body prepared its neophyte for something beautiful.

Tendrils aligned her face with one of Diane’s breasts, and the scent of what awaited prompted an open mouth to nurse from her new mother. Dark milk flowed down, helped by gravity and the fullness in Diane’s breasts.

Nude under her restraints, the college student was plugged and filled up. Dark, viscous fluid began to permeate and penetrate every hole and every fiber of her being. All she could do was suckle and sink even more into this wonderful, pleasurable abyss.

It was morning. Surrounded by fauna and forestry, Diane and Arwen, who revealed her name after her transformation had completed, stood up to look around them. The two girls looked identical, their long hair, wide hips, and large breasts appearing like mirror images of each other. Diane had touched down in a thickly forested area, far away from where anyone would be able to find them.

Diane knew that people must be looking for her. But how many? How desperate were they? How fast would they seek her out? It didn’t matter. By the time they knew where she was, it would be too late for them.

Her wings unfurled and shone through the sunlight. They were truly beautiful, shapes and colors dancing and twirling within her wingspan. More mesmerizing than any butterfly. Diane looked at Arwen, and noticed how her wings had the same effect. It was almost hypnotic, in a way. The dancing lights and patterns.

Arwen met Diane’s gaze, two beautiful women in love with each other. Giving each other a quick kiss, they looked to the sky and beat their giant wings, soaring into the day.

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