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Jen's Surprise

Jen's Surprise

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She has big tits and an ass I just love to grab. We are together 5 years and I still want to fuck her everytime I see her.

It is a Saturday evening and Jen is out shopping. While she is gone I start to get the house ready for the night that is coming. She has no idea of what is in store for the night. I set the table and start to prepare a meal. I make an Appletini and have it waiting for her. I make a few phone calls and everything is ready. When she arrives home I am waiting at the door for her. I kiss her and hand her the Appletini and give her a note. The note tells her to go upstairs and see what is on the bed.

On the bed are 2 boxes with "Wear Me" written on them. The first box contains a new set of sexy underwear and stockings. The second contains a sexy new dress. Jen puts on these new items and come back downstairs. I guide her to the sitting room which I have already set up. The fire is lighting and candles are lighting on the mantelpiece. The couches are gone from the room and in their place is a large sheepskin rug in front of the fire. She lies on the rug and drinks another Appletini which is waiting for her there as I finish the meal.

I call Jen into the kitchen which is laid out for the meal. I sit her down and serve her starter and main course along with a few more Appletinis. I then guide her back into the sitting room and bring her in a bowl of ice-cream. While she finishs this I go upstairs and get changed. I come back down and I tell her to come with me. We then drive to the local town and head out for the night going to pubs and nightclubs until 2am. After the nightclub we go back home. I bring Jen into the sitting room again and start kissing her. I then place a blindfold over her eyes and slowly strip her. Jen is now standing in front of me wearing just the new underwear that I gave her earlier. I lay her down on the rug and start kissing the now naked parts of her body. I then tell her that I have one more surprise for her if she wants it. I tell her that this surprise could give her more pleasure than she ever experienced before but that it is also very experimental. She kisses me hard and tells me to bring it on. I strip the underwear from her now heaving body leaving her lying naked on the rug wearing just a pair of stockings and a blindfold. I then leave the room.

The anticipation she is experiencing builds as she hears the door re-open and hears footsteps come it. Jen can feel lips kissing her breasts and sucking her now erect nipples. She puts her hand out and can feel my now naked body as I continue kissing her beautiful naked body. I ask is she ready for her surprise and she nods at me and says yes. The door opens again and another set of footsteps enter the room. These footsteps walk over to Jen and me and she feels a second set of lips start kissing her breasts. Jen puts her other hand out and can feel a second naked body next to her. She can tell it is another man who introduces himself only as Frank. Jen is now lying naked on a rug with 2 men willing to cater to her every sexual need and desire.

I begin kissing down along her stomach and continue down onto her freshly shaven pussy, my tongue brushing along her clit as I move down. I love the taste of her pussy juices and quickly set about eating her pussy out. While I am doing this Frank is continuing to caress and kiss her breasts, neck and nipples. Jen is now extremely aroused and she reaches for Franks cock. She starts to stroke it as she realises that this is the first strange cock she has felt since she started going out with me. She pulls him closer and takes his cock in her mouth. As I continue eating her pussy she sucks harder and harder on Franks cock. She can feel an orgasm building inside her as Frank begins to jerk. She can tell that he is about to cum so she sucks harder and faster. As her body begins to orgasm wildly from my tongue she can feel Frank shoot his load of cum deep into her mouth and she swallows every drop.

Jen is now feeling extremely turned on. She turns to me and tells me that she wants to feel my hard cock inside her pussy. I put my cock into her now wet pussy and she takes me in fully with my first thrust. I pound her pussy hard making her scream in excitement as I continue to give it to her hard. She starts to feel her second orgasm as I start to cum deep inside in her pussy. Her orgasm continues as I pull my cock out, she tells me not to stop and I tell her that it is time for her pussy to get the feel of a new cock. Frank puts her on her hands and knees and puts his cock into her hungry pussy from behind. He rides her hard and her orgasm is the most unbelievable feeling she has ever experienced. Jen is now at a level of orgasm that she has never experienced before as Frank continues his pounding. She can feel Frank start to cum and she moans loudly as he fills her pussy with his hot load of cum. Jen slumps to the floor panting from the massive orgasms that she has just experienced. Frank then leaves the room and I remove her blindfold. Jen looks at me and kiss me passionately as she thanks me for the wildest evening she has ever experienced.

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