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Strip Club Fun for Girls

Strip Club Fun for Girls

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I decided to make my fantasy come true and booked a ticket to Vegas for a four day weekend. As

soon as the plane was in the air I ask for a shot of Tequila. The stewardess smiled and said "heading to

Vegas for some fun". I said "yes I have dreamed about this trip for a while and can hardly wait to get

there". Then she asked "are you going alone or are you meeting friends?" I told her that I was flying solo so

that I could experience as much of Vegas as possible. She smiled while staring deep into my eyes and

said "well I hope you have a great time and fill all of you fantasies she winked and walked away." By my

third shot I felt really relaxed and could hardly wait to arrive. I couldn’t stop staring at the stewardess as she

waited on the other passengers. She was amazing and had a body that I would love to see naked. She

must have noticed me watching her because once she finished serving drinks she came over and we talked

for a while. She ask me "what hotel are you staying in?" I answered "The Hard Rock Café." She

replied "that’s a nice hotel my girlfriends and I stayed there last year. I hope you have a blast and placed her

hand on top of my hand, I felt a wave move through me from her touch. When she removed her hand she

said "maybe I can show you around to a couple of hot spots." I replied quickly "yes, I would love that." She

pulled a card out of her breast pocket and wrote her name and number on the back with a note that said I

hope you’re ready for an amazing experience.

I checked into my room, order room service and a large Margarita. I decided what I would wear for the

evening and then relaxed in the tub. When I got out of the tub it was almost 7:00 pm and decided to call

Jasmine the stewardess from the plane. Hey Jasmine this is Holly, "hey girl I am so happy that you called

me, are you ready for a night on the town?" I replied "yes what time do you want to meet up? "How about I

stop by your room at about 8:00 and we could have some drinks". I replied "sure that will be great, the

Margaritas are fantastic here".

Once we hung up my mind quickly drift back to the plane and how sexy Jasmine looked in her uniform, I

knew she would drive me crazy in a more revealing out fit. I had to stop myself from rubbing my clit because I

wanted to save it all for tonight.

By the time Jasmine made it to my room I was I was sloppy wet and decided to not wear any panties and

let my aroma drift through the air. If I bent over to far you would be able to see my smooth shaved pussy. I

pulled my hair up on top of my head to keep it out of my face. My perky 38 C breast were tucked in tight and

hanging out just enough to turn a couple of heads. Jasmine looked at me and said "damn girl you are going

to have everyone wanting a piece of you including me". I smiled and said "you look hot as hell too". "I knew

you were hot in that uniform but you are more amazing than I expected". She smiled and gave me quick

peck on the lips and said "we better get out of here now or we may not make it out tonight". We headed

downstairs to grab a few drinks before we set out on our evening. While we were in the elevator Jasmine

moved in really close and said "I hope you have the best time of your life tonight." As she was staring into my

eyes she leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. I moaned and said" I’m sure I will if it continues like this".

While in the limo Jasmine slid her hand between my legs and rubbed my clit. I moaned and watched her

sucked the juice off of her finger. She said "Oh Holly you are nice and wet and you taste so good, do you

mind if I have a little more. I smiled and said "please help yourself." Jasmine quickly moved between my

legs and went to town. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on to long because I hadn’t played with myself in a

few days. Jasmine was sucked on my clit like her life depended on it. Her tongue moved rapidly over my clit

and I felt the pressure build in the bottom of my stomach. I looked up at the blonde haired blue eye driver as

she smiled at me, and licked her lips. She pulled out her breast and pinched her nipple while she watched

Jasmine suck my clit I couldn’t take it and grabbed the back of Jasmines’ head and came all over her face.

Jasmine lapped up all of my juices and then sat down beside me and said "that should hold you over until

later on tonight.

The club was dimly lit and there were couples all around kissing and rubbing on one another. There were

three stages all with sexy females dance on each stage. The sexy red head near the wall caught my attention

instantly with her really long nipples and smooth pussy and small hips. I watched her as she slid down the

pool when Jasmine whispered in my ear "do you see something you like?" I kissed her on the lips and

said "yes I do you know her?" She replied "I know them all this is my home away from home" she smiled and

laughed. So Jasmine if this is your home away from home maybe you can help me with my fantasy.

Jasmine replied "oh yes Holly just tell me your fantasy and I’m sure we can do it tonight". I told her and then

walked over to the bar and waited for the excitement to begin.

After I got my drink I walked to a table in the corner near the stage and sat down. I smile at this girl that

looked like a young JLo she smiled back and blew me a kiss. I sat down and could hardly believe that my

fantasy was about to come true. I watched a small Latino female with wide eyes and breast too large for her

body give another female a lap dance. It was so sensual I got excited as I watched her grind her pussy up

and down on her leg as her tits jiggled. She tenderly kissed her shoulder and rubbed circles around the

outside of her nipples. The girl in the chair could barely sit still I could see her nipples stand up each time

she came close to touching them. I could tell that the lap dance was about to reach a climax because she

rocked really fast and you could see their tongues move in furious kiss. Faster and faster and then a long

pause and you could see her juices run down her leg.

I didn’t notice when the two dancers arrived on the stage but I was drawn in quickly. One of the girls was

rather tall with legs for days and a serious gap in between her legs, the other female was not as tall but had

nice round ass that needed to be slapped. They humped the ground and grinded on a pole, I was in a trance

and didn’t even notice when a female walked over and sat down next to me until she touched my breast. I

breathed in and looked at her it was the young JLo look like. I smiled and pulled her in for a deep kiss, while

I kissed her someone pushed my legs open and rub my sloppy wet pussy. I moaned loudly and begged for

more. My breast was pulled out and someone was sucked on my nipple while little JLo and I had a tongue

fight. Then a finger was pushed deep into my pussy while my clit was sucked I could hardly stand it and I

arched my back as the best climax of my life ripper through my body. My body shook and juice poured out

of my clit I tried to catch my breath. When I finally opened my eyes I saw Jasmine between my legs she

looked at me and said "are you ready to go to the back for the real party?"

I smile and said "yes I can hardly wait."

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