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Jack and Me chapter 2

Jack and Me chapter 2

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When I awoke the next morning, I again dressed in the light summer dress that buttoned up the front. I didn't wear underwear around the house during the summer. I like the feel of the air on my body. I fixed a couple of eggs and sat out on the porch. As I eat my breakfast, the events of the day before ran over and over in my mind. GOD, I had been fucked by a dog. My pussy was still sore but I had this feeling of satisfaction. I had never climaxed like that and I had never ever had such a large cock fuck me. Damn, his cock had even reached my womb.

"OH MY GOD, I breathed. Could a person get pregnant from dog cum?" I knew that his cum had flooded my womb and I had climaxed so many times.

Shaking these thoughts from my mind, I returned to the house. I needed to feed the dogs.I again fed the girls first. Fern was still in heat and Jack was pacing up and down the fence edge wanting to get to her. I stood to the side of Jack's gate and watched him. Memories of what happened filled my mind. A light breeze fluffed my dress out and a cool air brushed across my skin.

I didn't notice Jack walking up to the gate. And I do not remember unlatching it either.

My mind jerked by to the present as I felt Jack push his head under my summer dress and jerked upward. The force of his action popped several buttons off my dresses bottom and allowed him to push his nose against my pussy. "NO JACK! NOT AGAIN," I shouted as his lapped at my pussy.

I tried to push his head away but he was so strong. Over and over, his tongue licked up and thru my lips. The width and the roughness of his tongue lapping across my clit instantly captured my desire and I grabbed his head and pulled him against me.

I couldn't help myself. It felt so damn good. He pushed his head back and forth forcing my legs apart and allowing him total access to my cunt. I grabbed the fence as he attacked my pussy and my legs got weak. I groaned from the pleasure he was giving me.

I sank to the ground and Jack's tongue followed me, never letting up the licking. I threw my legs wide and his tongue sank into my hole several inches each time it crossed the opening on it's way up to my clit. I reached up and rubbed my breasts and harden nipples pulling on them as Jack eat me. I felt myself getting close, than I was there. I came hard and Jack drank my juices as they flowed from my open pussy.

Jack finished licking all of my cum from me and backed away. I began to pull myself up slowly when I noticed Jack's dog cock sticking out. Still in the after glow of cumming, I remembered the way I felt when Frank didn't let me finish, I dropped to the ground and turned over on my hands and knees. I couldn't believe I was offering my body to a dog, But before I could change my mind, Jack jumped up and his dog cock rammed into my cunt. But this time, there was no pain, this time I lowered my shoulders and pushed my ass back towards him. His cock sank totally into me and the tip, once again touched my cervix. On the third or fourth ramming, I felt the tip slip into my womb. My body shook as I came hard. Climax after climax racked my cunt. I was cumming continued as Jack fucked me deep and hard. My pussy was on fire.

I felt my dress ripping down the front from where his paws were pulling on my hips. My now naked breasts were rubbing against the grass and my nipples felt like little finger were shaping them as my body shook from the fucking I was getting. I pushed back against Jack just as he jammed forward and I felt his cock sink fully into my womb just as he came with gushing cum filling me and his cock knot once again sinking into my cunt until my lips engulfed him. Again we were locked together. I felt dizzy from the pleasure of his cock so deep in me and the pure lust of all this. Blackness covered my mind.

I woke sometime later still on the ground outside of Jack's pen. Jack was back in his dog house. As I pulled my sore body up, my foot kicked Jack's gate and it latched. As I turned to go to the house with my tattered dress hanging off my body I felt the wind on my nakedness. I hadn't taken more than a dozen steps when I heard something behind me. Thinking Jack had gotten out again, I turned and was face to face with my neighbor Ben and his Irish wolf hound. I froze.

"That was some show," he said. I have never seen a woman fucked by a dog before, It was damn exciting," he added as he grabbed his crouch and rubbed the hard shape of his cock beneath his coveralls.

I just stood there, not knowing what to do. "It was a mistake," I whimpered.

"Maybe, But I also saw you yesterday inside the pen. Now yesterday you had no choice, but today, you wanted that dog cock bad. I saw the way you offered your cunt to him after he ate your pussy. And I am sure Frank would be shocked if I told him.

"NO! God you can't tell anyone," I pleaded as Ben moved towards me.

"Well, I might be able to forget what I saw," he said as his hand reached out and his fingers ran over my exposed breasts.

"Please don't do this. I will give you any amount of money."

"MONEY! I don't want money. I want a shot at that body," he said as he suddenly ripped my tattered dress off.

I turned to run but he tripped me and I hit the ground hard. Dazed I felt him pull me to my knees and suddenly I felt paws grab my hips. The claws cutting into my flesh as I realized that his hound was on me. I tried to pull away but it was too late. I felt his hound's dog cock ram into my sore cunt.

"NOOOO!" I shouted but there was nothing I could do as again a dog cock was fucking me. This cock was even bigger and my pussy was forced open to the limits.

"Please, it is too big," I pleaded as his hound pushed deeper and deeper with each thrust. Jack's cum in me help this bigger dog cock to go in with only the size holding it back for a moment. My pussy opened allowing his dog cock to embed itself deep into me and fully into my womb. Wasting no time, the hound began to fuck me harder and harder. My cunt walls felt ever vein on his shaft as he filled my cunt to the limit. Suddenly, my mind snapped and I wanted it all. I wanted every inch of dog cock I could get. I pushed back as he pushed forward. I groaned from the pure lust of his fucking.

My mouth fell open from the pleasure, when I felt a cock pushed into it. My eyes jerked open and I saw that Ben had rammed his cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue around his cock began to suck hard. I was lost in lust. I didn't even realize that the cock in my mouth was just as big as Jack's dog cock. I didn't care. I felt it slide deeper and I gagged slight as it slid down my throat. His balls slapped my chin as he mouth fucked me.

He rammed into my throat as his hound rammed into my pussy. I came in one long climax that kept going even as I felt the dog cock swell and his dog knot force itself into my pussy. His cum flooded into me just as the cock in my mouth exploded and cum flowed down my throat. I swallowed all I could but some leaked out around my lips and ran down my chin.

"Damn girl. That was the best BJ I ever had," he said as he pulled his cock from my mouth. The cock in my pussy was locked in me from the knot. My cunt lips had engulfed it and it was so big that it could not be pulled out. I stayed on my knees for a good ten minutes before the dog cock slipped from me. I felt blood running down the sides my hips from the claws that had gripped me. "Thanks," I heard as both my neighbor and his dog left.

Two days later Frank came home. My body was still sore and the scrapes on my hips were still there.

"Hi baby, Frank said as he entered the kitchen.

I moaned as he grabbed me and hugged me. Frank, thinking I wanted him, pulled me over to the table and bending me over, he pushed my gown up and I felt him push he cock into my sore cunt. The moan I gave was from the pain but Frank thought it was from him

"Haang on Baby. I am going to fuck you good," he said as he began to ram in and out. I just leaned over and let him. I could barely feel him in me and I moved slightly just as he pulled back and when him pushed forward again, his cock hit the wrong hole and he sank into my ass. I jerked forward but Frank didn't even notice that he was in my ass as he grabbed my hips and fucked me harder ad harder. The fucking from the dogs. The blow job I had given Ben and now my husband was fucking my ass for the first time. All this snapped me and I just gave in. "Wow Baby you sure are tight. Good thing Frank is here to help you loosen up."

I moaned and let Frank fuck me when I suddenly came hard. It had overtaken me before I even knew what was happening. I leaned over further and pushed back just as Frank filled my ass with his cum.

"WOW, that was great. What's for breakfast?" He said putting his cock away and pulling my gown back down

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