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Why Do Celebrities Experience Depression?

Why Do Celebrities Experience Depression?

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Depression is one of the most common issues that most of the celebrities suffer and this mental health issue sometimes lead them to take life-taking decision eventually. Perhaps, you are aware of the fact that the former Linkin Park vocal, Chester Bennington committed suicide because he was suffering from mental health issues. Depression is a kind of mental health that need to be solved or treated immediately; otherwise, that person who is suffering from it may take his/her own life.

Why do celebrities actually suffer from depression? Although the answer of this question varies from person to person mental health, it can be generalize that single or multiple injury to their mental health actually force them to experience depression regardless of the fame, age and most importantly the area they are famous in. For instance, athletes to authors, there are a number of cases where they took their own lives because of this depression.

In order to jump to the conclusion of finding the actual reason why high profile people are prone to suicide, we must understand the depression itself. Psychiatrists and mental health specialists believe that “Chemical imbalance” is a widely accepted explanation of what causes depression. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than 322 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Since there are millions, even billions, of chemical reactions take place in human system, it can be said that the system itself is responsible for your mood, perceptions, and the way you are experiencing your life.

Moving on the reasons behind experiencing such depression, many researchers have conducted several researches, however, they couldn’t come to any conclusion properly. Till date, many assumption have been made based on their studies. For instance, a 2015 research study by UC Berkeley found that 72% of entrepreneurs reported mental health concerns, and 49% reported having one or more lifetime mental health conditions. In this case, celebrities are no exception. While the businessmen suffer from mental health issue like depression for their business or monetary pressure (assumed), celebrities on the other hand, always face a perceived pressure to perform. There’s also the perception — and sometimes reality — of constant competition and failure doesn’t seem to be an option. The best way to express the sole reasons can be grueling hours, constant criticism from others, including strangers, and a loss of the identity you once possessed. These variables play a significant role in driving one to experience depression.

While experiencing depression, many cannot come out of it because of several reasons and of all the reasons, unable express or share their feelings is one of the prime reasons. It is worth mentioning sharing bitter experience with other can drastically mitigate the internal pain and also the condolence from other help that person who is experiencing depression to get motivation to live and become bold at some point. Absence of such motivation must be reduced. Although there are many organization running mental health campaign, the drive must go on to help those who are in need. You only live once, so live your life. This content is provided by zoomboola

The Best Way to Increase Your Instagram Views

The Best Way to Increase Your Instagram Views

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The above are some of the benefits of increasing your Instagram followers. However, the questions that may be bogging your mind include:

  1. How can you increase your Instagram followers?

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