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Making A Robust Outline In Narrative Essays

Making A Robust Outline In Narrative Essays

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the end. Some students consider writing any kind of essay as a daunting affair or an overwhelming task to perform. However, they can overcome this hurdle by following some basic rules while writing an essay. A Narrative essay is an art of telling a story about a real-life event or any other kind of incident to the readers.

A large number of students consider writing this kind of essay as simple as ABC but they struggle to make their cause and effect essay topics handy when they commence writing. The primary reason for confronting this kind of situation for a neophyte writer and a student as well is that they don’t focus on “Brainstorming” and making a significant “outline”.

Well, each writer must know the importance of Brainstorming. It is a process of provoking thoughts, ideas and feelings or solutions to particular problems in the writer's mind about the particular topic or statement. It is a must-follow step by all writers. The professional writers emphasize on brainstorming and spend a lot of time in doing so.

Brainstorming helps in generating new ideas and solutions to solve a problem. It allows a writer to think freely and out of the box of any idea or suggestion which may be helpful in finding the solution to a particular problem. However, those ideas can be redefined and reshaped according to the situation. It is also imperative to mention here that when a writer begins the process of brainstorming, many ideas come to his mind which may be relevant, less relevant, or irrelevant according to the topic.  

In addition, the most relevant, strong, and logical ideas should be mentioned at the top and often they become a thesis statement that lies in the introductory paragraph. After completing the process of Brainstorming, a writer has to go for another process of making an outline before writing the introductory paragraph.

Outlining a narrative essay or any kind of essay is the key to write a top-notch essay. Making a creative outline for writing an essay is an essential part of essay writing. It assists a writer to make his content presentable in a well-managed, organized, and sequential way. It is a roadmap for a writer and reader as well which leads them to draw a handy conclusion. It is a process in which the writer breaks down the essay into small pieces and jots down all the parts of essay writing in an organized way.

The brainstorming and outline of an essay are closely linked with each other. If a writer doesn’t focus on the importance of brainstorming, he cannot make a stunning, impressive and luring outline, and ultimately a writer struggles while writing a narrative essay.>

As narrative essays are different from all other kinds of essays therefore, a writer has to be more attentive while writing it. A regulated outline of an essay topics guides a writer to eliminate all unnecessary and less important ideas and thoughts. Moreover, the more organized the outline will be, the more outstanding the essay will be.

If a writer learns how to brainstorm and make an effective outline in Narrative essays, he can express his thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions in an appropriate way. He can overcome the phase of struggling and being stuck in the middle of writing this kind of essay. He will never ask other writers to write my essay for me.

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