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When I first started going in, she worked at the front desk. She was a stunning blond. She was about 5’3", and very curvy. She wasn’t fat by any means, she was what I like to call plush. But it was her smile that I noticed first, and her southern accent made me melt. When she’d get up to get my order, I couldn’t take my eyes off her round ass as she walked. I love the days when she would ware low cut tops and I’d get to see the cleavage she showed so proudly.

It was a small business. It was just Sandy, her husband, and one other guy. I got to know them all real well over the next few years, but it was Sandy that kept me coming in to pick up my orders instead of sending our courier. Their business started getting better, so they hired someone to take Sandy’s place, and she went to work in the back. When I picked up orders, I always went into the back to talk with everyone. They all had their own work rooms, so I’d go for one to the other and visit, but I’d always go to Sandy’s last. We’d talk about our kids and stuff that was going on, and we’d flirt a little too.

One day I went in and I was feeling a little down, and Sandy asked me what was wrong. I said it was no big deal, just a little case of the blues. Well she came up to me and said that maybe I just needed a hug. With that she put her arms around me and asked if it was helping. Well, she felt wonderful in my arms; her tits pressing into me, and smelling like wildflowers. I told her that it didn’t get any better than this. I gave her a little kiss on her neck as we parted.

As I was driving back to my office, I could get her off my mind. The one thing that got to me the most was the little kiss I’d given her. It was just a peck on her neck, but it felt wonderful. I was wondering what she thought.

I found a reason to go back the next day, cause I just had to see her again. I told the new girl at the front that I had to ask Sandy something, and just walked into the back. When Sandy saw me coming down the hall, she jumped up and held her arms out for another hug. As she snuggled into me, she said that she like the last one so much that she wanted another. I told her that it was all my pleasure, and we held each other a little longer and tighter than before. I’m sure she must have felt the bulge starting in my pants too. Again, I gave her a kiss on her neck. Then we chatted for a bit and I left.

Well this went on for a couple of months. The hugs became longer; the kisses wetter, hands roamed a little more, and there was no hiding my hard-on any more. The big problem was her husband was always there. He never said anything about me hanging around his wife, and the hugging, which I always thought was strange. I could tell that she wanted to do more as much as I did, but I wasn’t sure how to get that done. One day before we broke the hug, I kidded her that we should get a room and do this right. She blushed and said she’d like that.

The next time I went in and went to her little workspace, and she got up and closed the door. My heart leaped as I closed the door. She came up to me, turned her face up to me for our first kiss. Months of pent up sexual tension came out. We kissed passionately, wet, with tongues exploring each other’s mouth. I was cupping her ass with one hand and one of her tits with the other. She started rubbing my dick and telling me how bad she wanted me. We pushed back because we knew that we shouldn’t go any further there. Hell, her husband was not twenty feet from us in another room. I asked if she could get away early some day soon, and we could get a room. She told me she’d call me later and we’d figure it out. As I left, I noticed I had a large wet spot on the front of my pants.

She called me a couple of hours later and said she’d made up a story about going to visit her mother to help with some house work, so she’d be able to leave about 2:30 Thursday afternoon. Her husband hated her mother, and refused to go to her house, so she felt safe that he wouldn’t check up on her. We made plans to meet in the parking lot of a restaurant and go to a near by hotel.

When we met, she got in my car, kissed me and said to hurry to the hotel. I’d already gotten the room, so we went right up to the room. As I closed the door, she was instantly in my arms. As we were kissing, I could feel her heart beating as fast as mine. We started shuffling towards the bed, while trying to get out of our cloths. Once we were naked, I stepped back to look at her beautiful body. She blushed and little and asked if she looked as good as I was hoping for.

I answered her by picking her up and laying her on the bed. I startled on her body on all fours, and I leaned over and starting kissing her. Then I started kissing her neck and began the trail down. Her tits were great. They weren’t the biggest tits around, but they were firm without a bit of sag, and had beautiful pink hard nipples. I spent a lot of time on them. She was wiggling and moaning, she then told me something amazing. As I was licking her belly button, she told me her husband never did anything like this. I asked what she meant. She said that he was the only man she’d ever been with, and all he wanted to do was screw. No foreplay, NOTHING. If she wasn’t ready, he’d push into her dry, and it hurt a lot. She said that she never enjoyed sex, but didn’t know any better.

I didn’t know how to respond to that, so I just told her to relax and let me do the work. I slowly I worked my way down, and licked all around her inner thighs and right up to, but not quite on her pussy. I teased as long as I could, but when I saw how wet she was getting; I pulled her pussy lips apart and started licking from top to bottom. She started to cum as soon as my tongue made contact with love hole. She was screaming to god and holding my head to her pussy. When I got to her clit, I thought she was going to have heart failure she was cumming so hard. After a few minutes of a constant orgasm, I lifted my head from her gushing pussy to give her a break. She held my face to her belly still moaning with pleasure. Her belly was still raising and falling very fast, as she was trying to get me breath back.

She looked down at me and said that was a first for her. I was amazed. She then asked if she could suck my dick. She said that he thought that oral sex of any kind was wrong. The only thing I could think was; my gain. I just flopped over and told her to help herself. She asked that I be patient with her because she had never done this either. This woman was in her thirties, married when she was seventeen, two kids, and had never had her pussy eaten or given a blowjob. No wonder she wanted this so badly.

She slid down and gently took my dick in her hand, and started rubbing the precum around the head of my dick with her thumb. Timidly, she started to lick it. She went up and down the shaft wrapping her tongue around it. She asked if she could suck my balls. I told her just not to suck them to hard. She took one in her mouth, gently sucking as she was stroking my dick with her hand. After sucking both balls for a while, she started back up to the head. Then she took my throbbing head into her mouth. I let out a groan as she started sucking on it. You could tell she wasn’t sure what she was doing, but she was learning fast.

She didn’t take more than half into her mouth, but she was jacking it with her hand at the same time. I could feel my nuts starting to tighten, and told her to stop before I came in her mouth. She looked up at me, with precum and spit stringing from her lips to my dick, and wanted to know why I didn’t want to cum in her mouth. I flipped her over and said that I wanted to but I wanted to cum in her pussy first. As I started pushing my dick into her wet velvet cunt, she pulled my face to her and started kissing me, with her slick lips. I pushed the seven inches I have all the way in till my balls were resting against her ass. She was groaning and sucking on my tongue, and started thrusting her ass to meet every stroke I made. She was so wet; you could hear a squishing sound with every move we made. It was incredibly sexy. She started talking in my ear; telling me to fuck her, make her pussy mine. She told me to slam my cock into her, the harder the better, and see love my balls slapping her ass. She started to cum then. It felt like an earthquake. It started out slowly, and was building into an earth shattering, screaming orgasm.

That pushed me over the top, and I pushed my cock in to the hilt, and started shooting load after load into her waiting cunt. We were both screaming, grunting, and pushing our crotches together. It seemed that the cum would never stop shooting out of the end of my cock into her pussy. There was nothing else in the world, right then, except my dick and her pussy. After my orgasm subsided, I rolled off, and we held each other. She told me that she didn’t know sex could be so great. I told her that she just had a husband that didn’t care about her.

She was loving playing with my dick. She was stroking it, rubbing the cum, and pussy juice around, and just staring at it. She asked if it was ok if she tasted our cum juice, and there was a LOT of it. I almost laughed, and said that was part of the fun. She leaned over and started licking it. She got a big smile on her face, and dove in cleaning me up. Then I went down and cleaned her pussy up. I also cleaned her asshole too, and when my tongue swept over her brown hole, she shuttered. When I came back up, she kissed me and said that her eyes had been opened to so much today, that her head was spinning.

We still had a few hours before she needed to leave, so we talked and played with each other. She seemed to really love my cock. My dick is nothing real special, just seven inches, but she couldn’t take her hands off of it. She told me that her dumb ass husband didn’t like her to touch his and she had never sucked it. Then she asked if she could suck mine some more, because she really enjoyed it, and she wanted me to cum in her mouth this time. What are ya going to say to that? YOU BET!!!!

She got down between my legs and asked if would get hard again. I just laughed and said that when she started sucking it, it would get real hard, real fast. She told me that if she wasn’t doing it the way I like it to let her know. Ya just gotta love it. She grabbed the base of my slick love shaft, and slowly put the head in her mouth. I told her use her tongue while she was sucking. She figured out what I was talking about, and my dick started to grow. She was still only taking about half of it in her mouth, so I told her to relax and try to take more. She gagged when it got down a little further than it had been. I told her to keep relaxing and not to worry about the gagging, and she’d soon be able to get it all in her mouth and down her throat. Well, she kept going, slobbering all over it, and after a little while she was able to get it all the way in.

Then she went nuts. She started sucking me like she’d been doing it all her life. I guess she was trying to make up for lost time. I’d stopped looking at her by this point, and just threw my head back and enjoyed it. I loved the feeling when my balls came in contact with her chin. I was shouting how fucking great her mouth felt, and I was going to blow any minute. She kept deep throating my cock, and twisting her mouth around with every stroke. I grabbed her head and screamed at her that it was blast off time. She sucked it all the way into her throat and squeezed my balls, and I started shooting load after load into her mouth. She was surprised by the amount, and couldn’t keep swallowing, so she took my cock out of her mouth and I finished by spraying the rest my load one her face.

As my breathing started to get normal again, I looked down at her and saw it was covered with my creamy sperm. It was dripping off her chin, back down onto my fading cock. I told her she looked more beautiful than I’d ever seen her. But she looked a little shocked; I don’t think she was expecting so much cum. She wanted to know if she’d done ok, and I told her that she’d done better than ok, she did fucking great. She was sorry that she couldn’t swallow it all, but she’d try and do better next time. I laughed again and told her she’d done just fine. I pulled her up, we kissed deeply, and then licked some of my cum off her face.

I just couldn’t get over that she was so innocent about sex, but over the next couple of years she became a real vixen. We got so bold that when I’d come and visit her at work, she’d close and lock her door and suck my dick with her husband in the next room. Talk about exciting! By then she could swallow everything I could shoot out of the end of my dick. Talk about your customer service!

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