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my story

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Chapter 5 69ing For The First Time

You've never gotten to top during 69. This is the first time that it was possible without choking her with your cock. Besides, you've been eating her pussy for over a year now since the first time that the two of you got together. It's time to have the favor paid back.

You climb down her body and place your hips over her chest one leg on each side. She immediately pulls your hips down so her hungry lips are on your wet sensitive lips. She opens her mouth wide so that she covers your entire pussy at once. She starts to suck. "Hmmm, how long have you been wanting to do that dear?"

"Mmm ooonng iiimmmee," she doesn't release you to answer and the vibrations from her voice shoot directly into your pussy. At this point you're on top of a beautiful woman, pussy in her mouth, head straight up in the air holding back a scream to the moon. You are the queen of the mountain.

You've got work to do and it isn't gonna get it by itself. You lean down to get ready to eat her out, but she still has Jacob on. This is the first that you really take notice of him. He's only about 5 inches long and maybe an inch and a half in diameter, but God you felt so filled while she was buried inside of you. You begin to wonder what your dick would have done to your new pussy. 8 inches long and 3 1/2 in girth would have destroyed your little tiny tight pussy.

What would it feel like to have Jacob the other way? As soon as the thought strikes you you're already taking the head into your mouth. All that you can taste is your pussy. It's still covered in your juice. It tastes amazing.

You're deep throating it in the next instant. Those big DSLs are definitely working as intended. You always heard about a woman's gag reflex and you see it in porn all the time, but you don't understand it. The head is hitting the back of your throat and it's a bit uncomfortable, but it's not like you're going to stop or even slow down.


You bob faster up and down trying to get every bit of the flavor off of it and begin wondering if it shot into your mouth right now you would even flinch. Doubtful, this is too fun.

Wendy has doubled down on her efforts on you now and is slowly stroking her tongue up and down the inside of your slit. It's time to buckle down. You come off of Jacob and loosen the harness. You slide her side out of Jacob out of her pussy and notice that her side is a good bit bigger than yours.

She whimpers as it comes out, so you put it back in. You start fucking her with it nice and hard and fast.

She's moaning deeply and you know that you can get her off in about a minute flat. You pick up the place. She buries her face deeper into your pussy digging deep into you with her tongue. She starts to shutter and you can see her cum oozing out from around the dildo. She never let's up on her assault on your pussy. Licking hard and fast inside of you.

You pull the dildo out of her and deep throat her end. It's a good seven inches long with 2 1/2 inches of girth. At this angle it slides down your throat and still no gag reflex. Wendy's pussy tastes so good. You only realize then that your sense of taste is heightened over what it used to be. You catch yourself sucking trying to make it shoot down your throat. You finally realize the futility of your effort and set Jacob aside.

You dive into Wendy's pussy putting your mouth over her entire pussy and start sucking her cum out of her. Her rich thick cum pours out. Oh, that's so good.


You use your tongue to scoop out every bit. You reach in between your chin and her pelvis and find her clit. Instead of rubbing it you pinch it tightly and wiggle it. You're immediately rewarded with a mouthful of fresh cum filling your mouth. It's so warm and thick and there's so much of it that you have trouble swallowing it all fast enough. When it's that thick you know... Her thighs lock around your head holding you in place and all that you can do is drink or drown. Her ass cheeks and pelvic muscles are flexing so fast that it feels like there is a vibrator inside of her.

Her moans send even more vibrations through your own pussy as she screams out into it. The vibrations bring you close. You're oh so close. Just a bit more. That's when she moves her tongue to your clit. She is flicking her tongue across your clit so fast. You don't stand a chance.

You feel the dam break and feel your pussy start trying to retract further inside in a milking fashion as you flood Wendy with pussy cream.

For the next couple of minutes you reach just suck as much cum from the Wendy as possible.

Finally you get off of her and rearrange so that your straddling her. Your lips lock and both of you taste each other and yourself as your juices mix in each other's mouths. This might just be the tastiest kiss of your life.

"I love when you eat me out," she says dreamily.

"Apparently I love being eaten out as well," you reply. Both of you smile into the next kiss but hold off on starting the next round. You just need a minute or two. Well, maybe a gallon of water too after that little workout.