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She had long brown hair, full, larger-than-average, but firm breasts, and a cute round ass. And she knew it. She was a Christian, though, and had taken a vow of chastity in spite of, or perhaps because of, the strong sexual urges she was beginning to feel.

Ben was cute, and Linda thought of him as her boyfriend, but she hadn’t put that in words—at least not with him—she didn’t want to encourage him to make intimate advances. She went out with Ben, but only in social settings or small groups, never alone. Ben was muscular and handsome, and there was sexual electricity between them. Linda felt drawn to him and wasn’t sure she would be able to hold herself back if they were alone and Ben approached her sexually.

Tonight, after dinner, she had a study date with Ben and their mutual friend Phil at Phil’s house. She assumed Phil’s parents would be there, and that Phil’s presence would prevent any intimacy with Ben. In truth, she felt attracted to Phil as well. Ben was dark-haired and well built, while Phil was taller, slender and blonde, but both boys—men now, really—appealed to her physically, and she liked them both well, though her feelings for Ben were stronger.

Phil met her at the door. "Hey, Linda. Ben’s already here. We’re studying in my room. Come on up."

Susan entered, but hung back by the door. "I should say hi to your folks first."

Phill grinned. "You’re so sweet. My folks are gone for the weekend. I’ll tell them you said hi, though." He headed up the stairs then and, after a moment, Linda followed.

Ben was seated on an easy chair in front of Phil’s computer. He looked up and smiled as Linda entered, and she felt a familiar stirring inside, but fought to push it down. They were here to help each other with an assignment, to write an essay, each describing the film that had moved them the most, and why. As usual, none of them had started their essays yet.

"I haven’t even picked a movie," Linda confessed.

"Watch this one with me," Ben suggested, patting the top of the ottoman next to his chair and clicking a file on Phil’s computer. "I find it moves me. Really strongly."

"Me too," said Phil." Ben and I were just watching it, and I found it incredibly… stirring."

"Okay," Linda acquiesced, "I’m curious what you guys both find so moving." She perched on the ottoman by Ben’s legs, and Phil sat on the floor next to her, leaning casually on her for balance. It felt cozy. In fact, it felt… intimate.

Phil’s monitor was a wide, high-definition flat screen that was good for movies. The sound was piped through his stereo, and the opening music was rich and warm, a slow, funky kind of jazz that Linda had never heard before. It made her feel languid. It was almost sensual.

"It start’s a little cheesy," Ben warned, "but trust me, it builds."

Linda sat patiently through the opening scene of a woman supervising two workmen who were fixing something under her sink. As the scene progressed, the camera lingered on the strong sweating bodies of the workmen in a way Linda found disturbing, but arousing. The woman in the film seemed uncomfortable as well, and began to adjust her clothing to loosen it.

There was a bit of awkward dialogue then, as the woman discovered she was out of cash and the men insisted they needed compensation for their labor. The music swelled as the woman put her arm on one man’s bicep and squeezed it, while the second man put his hand on the woman’s leg, stroking it. Linda found herself getting excited, and felt Ben’s arm brush against her hand while Phil leaned against her leg.

Linda’s heart was beating faster as the two men and the woman on the screen began to slowly undress each other. Their bodies were beautiful. The woman’s legs and breasts were stunning, and the men were sleek and muscular. Linda gaped as the woman popped her tits free and gasped as she sprung the first workman’s cock from his pants. Linda had never seen an erect male member before. It was mesmerizing. And so large!

Ben and Phil were caressing Linda’s legs and face now, and she was feeling a warm flush over her whole body. She was about to remind the boys of her chastity vow when the woman on the screen unexpectedly cried out that she was a virgin and was saving herself for her fiancee. The men in the film murmured understandingly and promised that they would keep her hymen intact if she would please them, and let them please her, in other ways.

Ben’s hand was sliding inside Linda’s blouse, and cupping her breast, while Phil’s hand was gliding up her leg towards her inner thigh. She felt incredibly turned on. "You two have watched this before?" she asked.

"We have. More than once.," Ben replied.

"And it made us both think of you," agreed Phil. "How much we’re attracted to you and want to touch you."

"And how much we respect you and your vow of chastity," Ben whispered in her other ear, brushing his fingers over nipple, sending a jolt through her and making it suddenly hard.

"How we want to please you and excite you, to fulfill your longings, without taking your virginity," continued Phil, stroking her inner thigh and making her quiver in excitement.

"You can really to that?" gasped Linda. "You won’t f-fuck me?"

"Your hymen is sacred to us," Ben affirmed.

"We won’t touch it," Phill assured her. "Watch, and learn."

Linda let her friends undress her as she stared at the erotic encounter unfolding on the screen. "We’ll just do as they do," suggested Ben.

"Just as they do," agreed Phil.

"Alright," Linda agreed. "I want to. I really do. With, with both of you. But…"

"Chastity," Ben said understandingly, drawing her into a warm, lingering, and increasingly passionate kiss.

"Virginity preserved," promised Phil, caressing Linda’s round ass with both hands now.

Linda gazed at the screen, where the woman was lying on her back and being eaten out by one of the men. Ben drew Linda’s head back and down onto his lap while Phil raised and parted her thighs and leaned in to put his mouth to her pussy lips. She gasped as she felt the warmth of his breath on her womanhood, then gasped again as his tongue found her clitoris.

Linda had never felt such intense pleasure. She quivered and squirmed while Phil’s mouth worked its magic on her, sucking on her and lapping quickly over her hot nub. Her excitement built quickly as his tongue licked her clit up and down, then side to side, faster and faster. She clenched suddenly and almost blacked out when she felt her first orgasm. It was like a warm explosion that radiated out from her clit, entirely through her. It was exquisite. She didn’t want it to end. She squeezed her thighs around Phil’s face. "Oh, god, oh, god, don’t stop. Don’t stop!" she screamed.

Phil didn’t stop. He kept licking and sucking at her cunt until she came again, in a shuddering paroxysm of carnal joy. Linda relaxed completely then, and let Phil and Ben turn her over. Her vagina was dripping, but as they had promised, neither of the her friends touched it. She felt loose all over. Phil’s tongue began to explore her asshole, delightfully, while Ben pulled his pants and underwear down and Linda’s face was suddenly confronted with the firm warmth of Ben’s hard on.

The feel of Phil’s tongue probing her asshole made Linda squirm. It felt so nasty. But so good. Ben’s erect cock was pressing against her cheek. It was hard and hot, but the skin was soft and smooth. Linda was at a loss what to do with it.

"Watch," Ben whispered. His warm breath in her ear was titillating, and Phil was massaging her ass, rotating the cheeks and stimulating her pussy. But Phil’s tongue was focused on her asshole, and it was becoming an erotic center in itself. She badly wanted to feel something inside her, and if her vagina was to remain inviolate… she flushed, embarrassed by her sudden desire to feel Phil in her ass.

She gazed up at the screen, and saw the woman expertly suck and fondle one workman’s cock, while the other workman buried his face in her ass. Phil was doing to Linda what the man in the film was doing to the woman. Gallantly, Linda took hold of Ben’s firm member and awkwardly tried to take it into her mouth.

Ben groaned at the feel of Linda’s warm mouth slowly engulfing the head of his cock. He took her head in his hands to caress her, and to feel this beautiful woman’s head begin to bob up and down on his dick. Linda watched as the woman on the screen licked her man’s cock from base to tip, then swirled her tongue around and around the head. Linda extended her own tongue and tasted Ben’s cock, licking the length of it, tasting its textures. She tried twirling her tongue around the edge of Ben’s cock head. Linda could tell she wasn’t moving her tongue quite like the woman in the porn movie, but Ben’s gasp of pleasure gave her a thrill. She wasn’t able to quite do everything the woman on the screen was doing, but she was giving pleasure to a flesh and blood cock, and it was exciting. His manhood felt so hot and hard in her mouth.

The woman on the screen began to work her man’s cock with her hand, stroking the shaft up from the balls and twisting her hand around the base of the head, then back down, rhythmically, while alternately licking and sucking the swollen tip. Linda moved forward, until she was bent over the ottoman. With it to support her, she could use her hands to stroke Ben’s cock, which she eagerly began to do. Ben leaned back in the easy chair and enjoyed the sensation of Lindas’s hand sliding up and down on his cock, while her hot little mouth sucked and nibbled on the tip of his hard hot dick.

Bending over the ottoman also raised Linda’s firm ass and exposed it to Phil’s greedy attentions. Linda began to suck Ben’s cock in earnest, filling her mouth and giving in to the pure pleasure of sucking. Phil’s saliva-slippery finger inserted itself into her asshole and she squirmed with erotic pleasure. She began rocking back and forth, alternately filling her mouth with Ben’s cock and her ass with Phil’s finger.

It was good, so good, but she wanted more. She eagerly pushed her mouth down Ben’s shaft, wanting to fill herself with his cock, to swallow it, to feel it slide right down her throat. And now she felt the pressure of Phil’s cock head, slippery with some kind of lube, pressing against her virginal asshole. She raised her ass eagerly, wanting to feel Phil’s big cock head spread her asshole wide, wanting to feel his length pushing inside of her.

"Oh, my G-o-d!" Linda moaned as Phil’s cock began to penetrate her. She felt so full! So impossibly full! And Phil’s cock kept coming in and in, filling her more and more. It was so thick! So thick and so hard! And so good… At last she had his cock fully inside her. It was overwhelming. It was fulfilling. But she needed more.

"F-fuck me, Phil. Oh, god, fuck me in the ass! Please! Now. Fuck my ass! Yes! More!"

Phil couldn’t believe what he was hearing from Linda! Her ass cheeks were so round and firm. Pressing his dick between them was like tittie fucking two huge, firm breasts, but the little brown hole at the center was a tight circle of grasping flesh, and her ass was so hot inside. Phil began to lose control, wanting to fuck her beautiful ass deeper and faster, to feel his cock head pop out of that tight hole, slide back between those slippery buttocks, to push back into the wonderful friction between them, and jam inside her again, through that tight hole and up her hot ass. He was thrusting his full length into Linda’s ass, up to his hilt in her, again and again, He was fucking Linda’s ass! Nothing had ever felt better. And Linda was bucking, thrusting her ass back to meet him, trying to bury his cock in her ass, lusting to be full with his swollen manhood.

Linda was overwhelmed by the sensations in her ass, and lost her focus on Ben’s cock, even though she loved feeling its sensitive tip in her mouth. She was jerking incoherently at its base with her hand while her head bobbed up and down spasmodically on the head. Ben took control, wrapping his hands in her long hair, firmly grasping her head, and pulling her face up and down onto his thick cock, forcing the satin softness of his cock head and the length of his firm shaft deep into her mouth and throat. Linda felt violated, used, like Ben was masturbating with her mouth, fucking her face. She felt slutty, dirty, even as she begged and moaned for Phil to fuck her deeper, fill her ass more completely.

She wanted this, Linda suddenly realized. She had seen this coming from the start of the porno movie. She wanted to be fucked in two holes at once, to be used, to be a slut. She eagerly thrust her head down on the shaft of Ben’s swelling dick, rocked her ass back deeper onto the shaft of Phil’s throbbing rod. Then Phil’s arm wrapped around her waist, his hand pressed into her folds, and his finger found her clit. Linda felt like she was on fire.

The music from the stereo swelled, accompanied by groans of pleasure. Linda glanced up to see cum spurting from a huge cock and splashing the woman’s face while another cock shot a massive load of cum up the woman’s ass crack and onto the small of her back.

Phils finger rubbed her clit in time to the piston of his cock plunging into her ass. The sway of her body—back, impaling herself on his rigid member—and forward, pressing her head down onto Ben’s hot cock, thrusting itself into her mouth, filling her throat, slippery with his oozing precum, Phil’s fingers vibrating feverishly on her clit…

It was all too much.

"Fck mm!" she screamed around a mouthful of cock. "Fck mmm! Mmph! Mmph! ‘m CMMng, ‘M CMMMNG!"

Phil thrust into her to the hilt. She felt his thick rod pulsing in her ass, felt the warm flood of his sperm deep in her bowels. She spasmed with her own orgasm, with Phil’s finger unrelenting on her clit, making her cum and cum while his seed spilled in her ass. Phil felt the cum surging out of him, through his swollen dick, shooting deep up Linda’s ass, while her asshole spasmed around the base of his shaft again and again. "Oh, god, I cummining!" Phil groaned, "I’m cumming in your ass! I’m shooting my cum up your ass!"

Ben’s hands tightened around Linda’s head and she pumped on the shaft of his cock with her hand as it swelled in her mouth, quivered, and began to shoot pulse after pulse of hot, salty semen into her mouth. Even as she came, she sucked greedily. Ben screamed, "Linda, I’m cumming! Oh, god! I’m cumming in your fucking mouth!" Ben felt Linda’s hot mouth sucking the cum right out of his testicles, through the length of his cock, using his dick like a straw to drink his cum.

Linda drew back her head, with the tip of his cock bobbing in front of her mouth, and looked into his eyes, drops of his cum seeping from her warm lips. It was so shocking, so exciting, that he involuntarily shot another spurt of cum onto her face. She took his dick back into her mouth and sucked contentedly, his cum warm and wet on her pretty face.

A warm haze seemed to fill the room as they all shared the pleasure of their mutual orgasms.

The music faded and the screen went blank. Phil’s still firm cock slid out of Linda’s asshole, followed by a trickle of warm cum. His finger slipped away from her still throbbing clitoris. Ben’s cock plopped out of her mouth and he gently wiped a dribble of cum from the corner of her lips.

Linda turned over, sat up, and grinned. "Very well played, boys," she said. "And yes, I am still, technically at least, a virgin." Ben and Phil flushed and they both looked a little abashed.

"Phil," she ordered airily, "go downstairs and make us a bowl of popcorn. With butter."

"And afterwards," she said, "as soon as you two are ‘ready,’ I want Phil in the chair and Ben behind me."

The two boys gazed at her, startled. She bent in and gave Ben a shocking, cum-filled kiss.

"Then we’ll watch that movie again," she said eagerly.

"This time, I want to get it right."

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