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Blood Red Wine_(1)

Blood Red Wine_(1)

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I could sense the lack of inhibitions, the innebriation and the excitement of the men who thought they would bring home a mate for the night. I breathed in deep the potent scent of alcohol, smoke and sexual excitement, knowing in my forever still heart that tonight would be a success. Making my way to the entrance of the bar I was soon to occupy, I ran one hand through my wind-blown, raven hair and adjusted my corset simultaneously. My skin-tight black denim needed no correcting. I knew that I would appeal to nearly everyone in the building with my long, ebony hair, creamy skin, mile-long legs, shapely figure and larger breasts, barely contained by my top. However, only one person would appeal to me tonight. I just had to find her.

Entering the establishment, I flashed a sly smile to a man standing just inside the doorway, noticing as he alternated between eyeing my full, red lips and my breasts. I moved on, scanning the occupants of the bar quickly. They were all too loud, too silly, with too many people or simply just not attractive enough. Finally, my eyes landed on the perfect one. She was sitting alone at the end of the bar, absent-mindedly running her finger around the rim of her drink. She appeared to be deep in thought. I made my way to the bar and seated myself a few stools down from this mystery woman, noting that she looked up in interest as I sat. I momentarily ignored her as I ordered a drink, a Bloody Mary, of course. Sipping my drink, I studied her quickly, up close for the first time. Shorter dirty-blonde hair, petite, smaller breasts, dressed casually in jeans and a tank-top and pretty in a nondescript way. Absolutely nothing about her stood out and she was the one I wanted.

	As soon as I turned my head, I was approached by a young man in a baseball hat and a polo. "Frat boy." I thought disdainfully. "Hey, uh, can I buy you a drink?" he asked eagerly, wiping his sweaty palms on his shorts as he did so. "I have one, thanks.", I responded icily. If he ruined my plans for the night, I would rip out his heart and feed it to the goddess Leinth myself. He obviously picked up on the impatience in my voice and left my side quickly, laughing uneasily and shrugging to his group of jeering friends.

When I turned back towards the nameless girl, I saw that she had clearly witnessed the scene between the boy and I, and was now smirking slightly. I flashed a warm smile towards her and she immediately looked down as if suddenly shy. I frowned. Obviously I was going to have to approach her. I slid gracefully off of my barstool and sat in the one next to hers. "Since we're both alone, we may as well keep each other company." I said, in an easily detectable firty tone. She smiled and responded simply with "I'm Courtney.". With this, I regained hope and quickly told her my own "Arianna.". We shook hands and I allowed my fingers to hold on to hers for just a beat longer than normal. If she didn't know what I wanted by now, she was clueless. She looked surprised for a moment and then realization dawned on her. She became much more animated, asking me about my life, where I was from, what I did, etc. I was very vague, of course, but obviously my answers were good enough for her. I found out that she was twenty-three, studying nursing, working part-time at a used bookstore, and, most importantly, very much 'into' women.

After a while of talking, I reached over, placed my hand over hers and inquired, very softly, if she would like to leave. She nodded and we moved to exit the building quickly. On the way out, I noticed frat kid glaring at me and shaking his head. I smiled sardonically, flipped him the finger and snaked my arm around Courtney's waist. Out on the street, in the sudden quiet, I could feel my stomach tingle with the anticipation of pleasure...I'm sure hers felt the same way. I led her to my apartment, conveniently only a block away, and we continued to chat and giggle as we walked, enjoying the chilly night air on our (mainly her's) alcohol-flushed faces.

Entering my home, I flipped the switch for the foyer light and politely asked her if she would like anything to drink. When she refused, I could resist no longer. I gently pulled her towards me wrapped my hand around the back of her neck. She moaned softly before my lips even even reached her's. Once our lips did touch, it was gentle at first, cautious. Then we became more eager, intense, kissing with reckless abandon. Our tongues danced together softly, darting out occasionally to taste one another's lips. I took her bottom lip gently between my teeth and nibbled ever so slightly. She was delicious. Soon, we were kicking off our shoes and she was unhooking my corset as I was peeling off her tank-top. We stood there for half a moment, simply admiring one another before we resumed our frenzy, unbuttoning each other's denim and tugging them down before stepping out of our own. Now we were both completely exposed, clad only in our panties. I pushed her against my wall, took her breasts gently in my hand and rubbed her nipples with my thumbs while kissing her neck. I delighted in the way her body arched against my own, so willing and so very wet, I'm sure. I kissed my way down from her neck, bringing my face up only momentarily to meet her eager lips, and nibbled and licked my way down to her beautiful breasts. Taking one nipple into my mouth while the other was still being stimulated by my hands, I sucked and licked simultaneously, twirling my tongue around while the suction made her nipple even harder. Then I stopped and looked up at her quickly, catching her with her head thrown back and her lips slightly parted. I'm sure the lust, desire and thirst showed in my eyes as I said "Let's move to the bedroom." in a hoarse voice. She merely nodded her consent and followed me as I led the way.

Reaching the bedroom, I didn't bother with the lights, or even pulling the blankets down on the bed. I just turned around, grabbed her and hoisted her up onto the dresser. With her legs wrapped around my waist, I resumed my oral assault on her breasts. Her fingers found my hair and twisted in it, bringing me up to her mouth to give me a long, passionate kiss. She then held my face where it was and began to lick and suck my on my own neck, darting up to my earlobe and biting gently. I squeezed the part of her ass I could get to and ran my fingers down and around to her inner thighs. Rubbing them gently with my fingertips, closer and closer to the edge of her panties, teasing her and making her want the release more than anything. I finally removed her fingers from my hair and dropped to my knees, putting my face level with her panty-covered slit.

I reached up and dragged the material slowly down her hips, pulling it in a way that ensured the soft fabric was rubbing against delicate flesh. When the underwear was off and on the floor beside me, her bare, slick pussy directly in front of my face, I paused and looked up at her. She gazed back down at me and said one, simple word that couldn't have meant more. "Please.", then she sighed and leaned her head back against the wall in anticipation. The first touch of my tongue against her sensitive folds caused her to jump and groan. "Please Arianna, please make me cum. Make me cum against your lips. Arianna, please.", she half moaned, half pleaded. I complied. I slowly licked the outline of her lips, darting across the folds, avoiding her clit. I traced her dripping hole, pushing my tongue in and tasting her completely. I felt her fingers find my hair once more and desperately try to push my head closer to her. I resisted, teasing her, tonguing her, flicking my tongue everywhere but where she needed it. Eventually, I reached her clit, flicking it with my tongue, gentle but quickly. I continued at a steady pace, feeling her fingers tighten in my hair, her hips bucking to bring her pussy closer to my tongue. Suddenly, she pushed my face into her pussy and held it there, I felt her body tremble as I continued. She was moaning and panting, loosening her hold on me only once her orgasm was nearing the end.
As soon as I was able to pull back without disturbing her, I felt my eye teeth grow heavy in my mouth. Turning my head slightly, I opened my lips and plunged them into her inner thigh, directly beside her pussy. I heard her gasp, but before she could say anything, the pain from the sudden bite, so near the area already hypersensitive, launched her into another, stronger orgasm. I immediately tasted my reward, the thick, enticing elixir of life. I wrapped my hand around her thigh, keeping it as close to my mouth as possible, as the sweet, coppery liquid ran over my tongue. Once I was finished taking my own pleasure, I realized that she had been usually quiet. I looked up quickly, worried that I had taken too much, but my fears were quickly quelled. Her last orgasm had apparantly been so strong, she had immediately fallen asleep. Her chest rose and fell with each breath and she wore a very satisfied smile.

I stroked her hair and picked her up easily, carried her to the bed and tucked the blankets around her. I then checked the black-out curtains to be sure that there weren't any cracks that would allow sunlight into the room. Satisfied, I crawled into bed myself. Courtney immediately turned over and snuggled up against me. I knew I would have to explain the bite later, but somehow...I didn't think it would keep her from coming back.

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