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A Simple Need

A Simple Need

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A fat Coheba cigar between his fingers, atop his head a charcoal fedora, cocked in such a way to hide his amazingly blue eyes. A simple white box is tucked securely under one arm. Knuckles tap gently on the hard wood of the door before a foot is placed on the plush carpet. A queen size, four post bed centers the candlelit room. The scent of cinnamon invades his nostrils, a hint of vanilla trailing behind. The sound of water makes its way around a glass wall to find his attentive ears. His movements are silent as he places the box on the stark white bed spread before making his way around the well designed barrier that blocks the bathroom. "There you are, Beautiful." A striking brunette relaxes in a claw foot tub filled to the brim with hot water, her hair pulled back in a loose bun. With a smile her gray eyes search for his blues, but he refuses her. "Looking for me?" She asks sweetly. "Of course." He disappears behind the wall again. "There's room for two." She hints, but gets no response. "Alex?" Still, no answer. Moving slow to disturb the water as little as possible, she draws her naked body from its warmth. A soft white towel wraps around her middle as she rounds the wall, finding the man standing beside the bed. His fingertips graze the top of the box, calling her attention to it. "I brought you something to wear." He snuffs the cigar before leaving the room. Her eyes linger at the doorway for a moment, her fingers eagerly peeling open the box. Led by spars lighting, Alex takes his time passing through the house, giving his love of the night plenty of time to prepare herself. Leisurely walking through the living room, he is directed to the kitchen by a quiet yellow light pouring in through the doorway. Intuition alone leads him to the champagne glasses, already knowing a bottle waits in the refrigerator. Continuing his deliberately slow pace, he makes his way back to the bedroom. The soft clank of glass announces his return. She gives the mirror one last inspection before presenting herself at the foot of the bed. His eyes start at her feet and her perfectly polished toenails, on to her strong legs unmarked by so much as a childhood scar. The white satin corset steals his attention, enhancing her already curvy waist line. Dark hair pours over her shoulders and down her back. He continues upward, showing her those baby blues. A shy smile slips to her lips. "You look wonderful." He reads her mind. He pours the champagne and beckons her with a held out glass. She takes it with a nervous hand, standing inches away from him. His hand trails down her rib cage and across her hip, resting on the small of her back pressing her into him as his hot mouth meets the base of her neck. "This is your fantasy." He whispers softly in her ear. "This is what you want." His lips leave her when his arms push her a length away. "Take it off." His voice takes on a firm tone. A softly trembling hand places the champagne glass on the nightstand. Twisting her slender arms, her fingers reach for the elaborate spine of the garment catching a loose end of ribbon. A gentle pull unravels the simple bow that holds the negligee tight against her body. With careful twists and pulls of her digits the ribbon gradually slips from the eyelets, revealing bare skin inch by inch. The lack of clothing brings with it a rise in her diffidence causing her already tentative pace to slow even more, testing the man who sits before her. With an effortless yet commanding tug on the delicate nightie he tells her to stop wasting time. The lacing undone to the middle of her back the trim which holds it all together begins to slide with more ease, leaving the top loose enough to play peek a boo. Allowing lust to get the best of him, Alex fills his right hand with a breast, enjoying the touch of her soft skin against his faintly rough palm. Her hesitation melts away with his caress, fingers working a faster pace to shed what little clothing shields her body, permitting it to fall to the floor at her feet. Naked in front of him, he adores her body. His lips leave small, wet kisses up and down her breastbone, venturing to her navel before traveling back up again. Thumb and forefinger find an erect nipple, eager for attention. They pinch and pull hard enough to force her to follow, his free hand on her back pressing her into him. Teeth graze the skin of her ribs, a wet tongue leaving a sloppy trail as it makes its way to her perfectly round breast easily trading places with his fingers. Ardently, the hand glides down her stomach falling upon her beautifully shaven slit. A thumb invites itself to enjoy her warmth digging between her swollen lips, teasing her threshold for a trice before slipping back up to the clitoris. His mouth molests her tit, tongue moistening the skin and allowing the air to cover the trail with goosebumps. Lips attach themselves around her nipple instantly becoming a vacuum, his tongue rapidly circling itself clockwise around her teat while his thumb performs counter clockwise circles on her button. Her back arches, thrusting herself into him, her hands finding his shoulders and begin to rub, squeeze, massage. Thumb still occupied his hand twists in such a way to dig two fingers between her lips, loitering at her entrance. She whimpers and tries to force penetration, but he denies her, withdrawing completely. Her whimpers turn to whines as his mouth pulls away as well. Gently nudging her aside he finds his feet, his six foot even height easily toppling her tiny five foot four inch frame. With little effort a hand buried in her hair guides her to the bed where she is bent over, her lovely ass silently calling to him. A smile instantly brightens his face as she immediately pulls her knees under her, spreading them to lower herself to the perfect height. The hand slips from her hair pressing affectionately on her spine as it slithers down her back, grabbing her rump before his thumb sinks into her wetness once more. Letting go of control, her body pushes against him, her face buried in the blanket to muffle her moans. The sound of his zipper evades her attention as he undresses his now throbbing cock. His thumb is plucked from her hole quickly and he drives himself inside without warning, timing it perfectly with her back thrust. Thick hair pours over her body as her head flies back, hands solidly planted on the mattress, arms fully extended to proudly flaunt her chest. Anything but quiet she begs for more as he settles on a rather hurried pace, his patience gone. Refusing her participation an arm wraps around her hips, holding her place as he bends to hover over her. Low, guttural grunts fill her left ear, teeth biting playfully on her shoulder as his meat pummels into her. The weight of his chest against her back forces her to her elbows, dropping a breast directly into his hand. Fingers search wildly for her nipple, his free hand returning to her mound to press on her sensitive clit. Her moans turn to whimpers amazed at how quickly he's brought her to her edge. She attempts to reign herself in, wanting badly to wait for him. He clearly has other plans, drilling her with his member while the pinching, pulling, pressing of his skillful fingers send sensations through her body, demanding every drop of her attention. Losing her battle an orgasm crashes into her, vibrating what feels like every nerve ending she possesses. The forgiving bed catches her head, her elbows unwilling to support her weight while he continues to bore into her clenched opening, enjoying her inaudible calls to him. Hands find her hips fastidiously pulling her onto him as he thrusts into her, no longer concerned with her pleasure or pain. Sincerely narrow minded he concentrates solely on her muscles throbbing around his dick, the hard squeeze he drives into releasing as her wall is slammed, pulling from him his own climax. She smiles, feeling every one of his four spurts as he quickly loses steam and rests against her. Heart pounding in his chest in harmony with hers, lips leave sweet kisses on her neck and shoulders. He takes his time catching his breath. When self control is regained he stands at full height, removing his member from her warmth with a hidden smile hearing her sigh at the emptiness. "Clean me." He orders, his voice emotionless. Rolling over she pulls herself to a sitting position, immediately swallowing his cock sucking their mixed juices in one thrust. With a delicate touch she puts him away and closes the door. He straightens his suit and remembers his cigar in the ashtray. Bending to reach for his fedora he places a soft kiss on her cheek before turning away, leaving as silently as he arrived.

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