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Changing Realities (Part 4)

Changing Realities (Part 4)

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I had been so long without that I had almost forgotten what it felt like to have someone else in my bed. I gasped as my partner lay gently atop me, kissing me delicately at first, almost hesitantly, as if unsure what to do. Gradually, almost bashfully, my partner's ardor increased until our kisses became deep and passionate.

Fingers roamed my body, caressing me lightly, softly stroking everywhere, causing my breath to quicken and building my pleasure. I sighed, then moaned as I returned the favor. I couldn't seem to feel enough of my partner's body. I grabbed, stroked, fondled wantonly.

Somehow, I knew this was going to be a night I would never forget.

My legs opened enough to admit a questing hand. My breath caught in my throat as I felt the hand cup itself along my most sensitive spot. I reveled in the feeling of it as lips kissed their way down my body to take the place of the hand. My hand took a fistful of hair so I could guide my partner through the proper technique.

I needn't have worried as I felt first light kisses, then an expert tongue hit all the perfect spots. My breathing grew heavy as my excitement built. I needed this release, but suddenly I grew impatient. I released the hair only to take hold of the sheets in a tight grip.

"It's time," I demanded.

My partner's mouth ceased and crawled slowly, playfully kissing back to my lips, studiously avoiding exciting me further, frustrating me.

"Dammit! I need you now!" I practically shouted as I roughly pulled my partner up to my level and planted a kiss. "It's now or never."

My partner chuckled as I rolled over on my belly and got to my hands and knees. Looking back over my shoulder, I watched as he positioned himself and pushed his thick head between the lips of my sopping wet pussy and held it there.

My eyes rolled back into my skull as a wave of pleasure rocked me. An animalistic groan issued from deep in my throat as I tried to push back and impale myself on his fat cock. He thwarted my effort by pulling back just enough to keep it limited to just the head in me.

My frustration was plain as I opened my eyes to glare at him even as I could feel my tits bouncing back and forth trying to get him to just fuck me. I wanted and needed to cum, and sooner rather than later. I wanted to fuck like an animal; he acted like he just wanted to "make love."

I pleaded with him to PLEASE JUST FUCKING FUCK ME!!!

The bastard teased me a few seconds longer before slowly pushing his full length into my more than ready, willing and tight slit. I shuddered through a small but powerful orgasm as he slowly increased his pace, adding power and speed with each stroke.

I cried out in pleasure as his left hand gripped my shoulder and the right grabbed a handful of my breast, squeezing it, using both to pull me back harder onto him. I could feel his balls crashing into my clit as he pounded himself into me.

I felt nothing except the ecstasy as the most powerful orgasm I'd ever experienced slammed me harder than the stiff rod impaling me. All the strength in my body seemed to concentrate in the muscles of my pussy as they clamped down – hard - on his cock. So hard, in fact, that he was practically trapped within me as he plunged in to the hilt.

I cried out again, grunting and groaning, as the walls of my twat squeezed, rippled, massaged, clutched along the full length of his shaft as I surfed wave after wave of my orgasm. Never before had I cum so hard.

I fell forward onto the mattress as I abruptly lost all control of my body. My pussy pulled him down on top of me and slowly relaxed enough for him to continue thrusting. I could barely breathe, much less respond to his renewed assault.

A few minutes later, I felt him bury his cock balls deep inside me as he grunted through a powerful orgasm of his own, his face buried in my hair.

Exhausted, I slipped quickly into a deep sleep as he slowly settled his full weight on me, my pussy still greedily clutching his massive shaft.***

Chapter 8

I awoke wanting more cock. It felt like I could still feel him twitching inside me, expelling the last of his seed into me...

Wait... What? Why was I just thinking about getting fucked? I'm a man – I do the fucking, not the other way around.

As I lay there, the realization slowly dawned on me that it had been a dream. Nothing more. Why I had dreamt of being a woman was a mystery to me. I couldn't recall ever having fantasized about that before. In fact, I had no recollection of so vivid a dream. Ever.

I opened my eyes to find myself lying face down at the end of the same bed in the same suite Dao-Ming and I had taken in the hotel. At least I thought it was the same room. My vision was so blurry, I could barely make out the basic order of the room. What could only be bright daylight streaming through the windows stung my eyes.

I was struck by a sudden wave of dizziness as I attempted to first sit up, then stand. I would have laid back down and waited for it to pass, but an overwhelming need to void my bladder made that impossible. Besides, the bedsheets were soaked with sweat and smelled like sex.

Except for random noises making their way up from the street, the room was absolutely silent. I had already felt around on the bed and discovered I was alone.

I stumbled to the suite's bathroom. My balance was off quite a bit. I felt considerably weaker than normal and my center of balance seemed different. My chest felt strangely....heavy.

As I staggered into the bathroom, my body started to lose the numb feeling I had noticed upon my awakening. I was rubbing my eyes, hoping to clear at least some of the blurriness when I became aware of my arms grazing my chest. I stopped dead in my tracks.

Completely motionless for quite some time, my brain tried to process what my slowly returning senses were trying to tell me and none of it was good.

I could feel the much too long hair resting on my back. I slowly reached down to my chest, my hands closing on a pair of full, proud breasts. Shocked and scared, I sent my right hand down to my crotch, absolutely panic-stricken of what I might find, or in my case, what I wouldn't find.

My worst fear was confirmed as I found a tiny nub where my cock had been just a few hours ago. I shuddered a bit when my middle finger slid across that tiny bundle of nerves. As terrified as I most assuredly was, I couldn't help feel the pleasure that single swipe gave me.

My knees grew weak as I explored further, rubbing my fingers along what I could only assume was a pussy. I could feel the soft lips, the tight wetness of the opening as I slid my middle finger into the slit.

I let out a soft moan in a decidedly feminine voice as I slowly stroked one finger, then two, in and out of my tight snatch. I was still scared, but it seemed like I was masturbating that fear away ever so slowly.

What seemed like the longest five minutes I'd ever experienced passed before I fingered myself to orgasm. Hard. Stars exploded behind my eyelids as wave after wave of delight gently but insistently washed over me.

I felt my juices slowly seep down my inner thighs as I quivered through my orgasm. I sank to my knees with my finger still deep inside myself. I took deep, shuddering breaths as I knelt on the floor, trying to collect my wits.

When I had recovered enough I thought I could actually move again, I withdrew my soaked fingers from my sopping wet pussy. The urge to pee became overwhelming again as I stood and half-stumbled, half-ran to the bathroom.

I barely managed to make it before my bladder loosed itself, quickly sitting on the commode before I realized that I hadn't attempted to stand at it, as I had done every day for the last twenty-plus years. Sitting down just seemed....natural.

It wasn't until I flushed the commode that I realized what I'd done. I was stunned at how easily the feminine way of this simple act of voiding my bladder came to me. It brought into a sudden and painfully sharp focus that I wasn't me anymore.

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