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Jennifer’s Sexual Awakening - Ch1 -Close Encounter

Jennifer’s Sexual Awakening - Ch1 -Close Encounter

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She put her left hand on her left breast and did the same with the other nipple, once more letting her fingers pause as she stared in wonderment at the sight of the acorn-sized organ protruding through the gap between her fingers before covering it with the cloth. She removed her left hand even slower this time, with the excuse to herself that she didn’t want to pull her nipple out again but knowing she was really just letting her fingers stay in contact with it for as long as possible. When her fingers were free she moved her hands swiftly down to her shins to put the sunscreen on her legs. When she had oiled her legs up to her inner thighs, she saw that the tiny g-string bottoms had pulled between her swollen labia in the short walk up from her room and the way she was sitting so she laid down on her back, her ankles still crossed, and slipped her finger and thumb into her pussy either side of the cloth, ostensibly to get a grip on it and pull it out. But she knew this was just an excuse to herself to get her fingers back into her pussy again and actually pushed them in up to the knuckles. Then she straightened her legs out, eased the cloth out partway and pushed her finger and thumb back in deep "to get a better grip". When Jennifer felt she had a "better grip", and it took two or three deliberately slow and deep insertions to "get it right", she pulled the g-string clear of her slit, slipped a finger of her other hand underneath it and slid the finger slowly down and up the line of her slit to ease the rest of the cloth out. She stopped when her finger touched her inflamed clitoris, wanting so much to give in to her desire for an orgasm and was so aroused that she didn’t know if she would be able to restrain herself, especially if she laid on her back as she planned. But I’m in a public place now, anyone could come up here, Jennifer thought to herself and she moved her legs together, so I mustn’t, took her hands away and stayed on her back. Oh, alarm clock, she thought, and rolled over onto one elbow to look through her bag for the clock. After she had found the clock and set it for half an hour, she noticed her nipples had slipped out from under the small bikini top and was about to cover them up again when she decided to roll another joint first. Then she remembered she didn’t need to, she had one prepared already, took it from the pot box and lit it, after which she laid down flat and pulled the cloth back over her nipples. Jennifer closed her eyes and gradually let her mind wander as she smoked the joint. After a while, she began thinking of what it would be like to hold and kiss that guy she had seen earlier. One hand moved slowly up over her stomach to caress a slick breast and went under the g-string top to squeeze a nipple. When she finished the joint, her legs parted and the other hand moved down to her pussy under the cloth to touch her clitoris. That was when she realised how wet her bikini bottoms were. I mustn’t do this, not up here, Jennifer thought to herself, but still didn’t remove her hands until the alarm clock went off a few agonising minutes later. Agonising because she was anticipating the moment when the alarm would sound and knew she would have to turn over onto her front when it did. When it went off, she rolled over quickly onto her stomach, almost relieved that she would have to stop teasing herself, and skinned up a couple of "killer" joints. To keep up the distraction, Jennifer reset the alarm clock and opened the book on the floor in front of her. Then she propped herself up on her elbows, sparked one of the joints up and began to read. It was so hot up on the roof as there wasn’t even a breath of wind that day, she was getting really caught up in the novel and was getting a huge buzz from the joints so she glanced round thinking What the hell, I’ll take my bikini top off, no one can see me and it’s so small anyway. So long as I stay on my front, it won’t matter even if someone else does come up here. I’ll put it back on when it is time for me to turn over. Jennifer felt her thoughts were written all over her face as she sat up to take her top off and knew she was blushing. When it fell to the floor and she looked down at her big breasts, she saw how engorged her nipples were, gave them a little tweak and lifted one to her mouth to suck the swollen flesh. She stopped herself again, holding both her breasts and thinking, No, I shouldn’t do this. A few moments later, she grinned to herself and continued the thought with But it would be unfair not to do to one nipple what I have already done to the other, and she sucked the other one the same amount, giving them equal stimulation. Then she sucked them both together, Just to make sure I’m being fair, she told herself with a giggle. Only then did she throw herself forward onto her front where she skinned up another killer joint. From where Jennifer was resting on her elbows, her now bare breasts hung down and, when she resumed reading, she found herself swaying a little from side to side, brushing her sensitive nipples over the surface of the towel and feeling them become even harder as the erotic sensation took effect. After a while, and yet another joint, she got to the beginning of the part where the hero and heroine celebrated their wedding night in such ever so explicit detail. Jennifer felt the familiar warmth from earlier starting to spread through her again. But this time she knew it was unstoppable. She squirmed a bit, uncomfortably, as she was reading and tried to suppress her desire by putting pressure on her pubic mound, grinding it into the floor, even though she had already decided that such an action was futile. Her left hand drifted down between her bare left breast and the towel, seemingly of its own accord, to brush lightly over the hardened nipple before squeezing it gently between her finger and thumb. Jennifer moaned and shut her eyes tight at the jolt of pleasure the simple touch sent through her. She jerked her hand away as she tried to ignore her feelings and return to reading. Jennifer read another half-page, getting to the ultimate part of the love scene, and this time her right hand moved down to her other breast to squeeze the nipple for a few minutes. Then it glided lower until it was wedged between her stomach and the towel. She brought her right knee up and out to the side to raise her hip after reading a few more lines of text and her hand slid down under her flat stomach to her waist, then further down between her legs until it came to rest on the soaking fabric of her bikini bottoms. Her index finger worked its way under the g-string bottoms and again came into contact with her clitoris. At the shock of the touch, Jennifer gave up all attempts to read the book and tugged her hand away. She brought it up to her mouth, licked her sweet juices from her finger and wiped it dry on the towel. I must NOT do this she thought, and skinned up another killer joint instead, still trying desperately to deny her feelings. When Jennifer looked at the book again, she saw that a few pages had turned over and she had lost her place. She scanned through it, found a line she recognised, from just before the "wedding night", and, with a sense of delighted anticipation because she knew what was going to happen and that she couldn’t avoid it, she started reading the same passage again. This time when she got to the explicit part, she drew her legs up so she was kneeling forwards and her hands went straight to her nipple and her clitoris. Jennifer realised what she was doing when she found herself squeezing her engorged nipple and stroking her clitoris. What could it hurt? she thought to herself as she slid the finger into her pussy and her thumb under the wet cloth to stroke her clitoris some more, I’m four floors above the ground and I’ve never seen anyone else sunbathe or anything else here. No one can see me. Besides, I’m already as good as naked. Jennifer was so turned on and so stoned that this skewed logic made sense, and she no longer really cared whether she was alone or not anyway. All she knew was that something had to be done about the feelings she was experiencing and she was the only one who could do it. It was almost a relief, now that she had made her decision, to know she would soon be able to release the sexual tension which had been building in her all morning. She knew that she would soon be experiencing the orgasm she had been denying herself for such a long time and knew that it would be really colossal, but even she had no idea of just how truly monumental her orgasm was going to be. Her alarm clock went off at that exact instant so she knew it was time for her to turn over onto her back and such was her aroused state that she took this to indicate that she had made the correct decision. She felt a sense of liberation as she reset the alarm clock and flipped quickly over on to her back. She spread her legs and frantically pushed her bikini bottoms across to one side out of the way, desperate to experience her orgasm now that she knew her long period of self-denial would soon be over. She stroked her hand over the freshly smooth skin of her newly-shaven mound and slid three fingers between the warm, wet folds of her labia to find her swollen pleasure centre. The touch sent waves of heat surging through her and she moaned loudly, her hips thrusting upward. Her other hand rose to her bare breast and she rolled the big, hardened nipple between her fingers before lifting it to her mouth to suck, ignoring the slightly bitter taste of the sunscreen. Her pelvis moved gently against her right hand, her fingers sliding easily over and between the moist flesh. She could feel the pressure mounting and pushed the three fingers deep into her pussy, curling and straightening them inside her while moving her thumb back and forth over her clitoris. She moved her left hand away from her breast, quickly down to the waistband of her soaked bikini bottoms and gave a loud cry, more a sort of wail, as she grabbed the waist-band. She ripped them off completely in her sexual frenzy and flung them violently away from her. Jennifer suddenly froze in horror as she realised how hard she had thrown her bikini bottoms and looked for them near her on the rooftop. When she couldn’t see them she jumped up and ran naked to the low wall at the edge of the roof. When she looked over the side she saw her bikini bottoms fluttering down towards the ground four stories below. She was feeling so horny now that she couldn’t resist a bit of exhibitionism, and stood up straight, posing in full view of anyone below. Jennifer now felt truly desperate for her orgasm, spread her towel out in the middle of the roof and laid down on her back, not caring that she was now facing the door to the roof. Now that she was completely naked and had full, unobstructed access to her pleasure centre, she could give her undivided attention to the ecstasy of her masturbation and spread her legs as wide as possible. She poured some of the oily sunscreen on her clitoris before resuming her masturbation and could feel the difference at once as her fingers slid more easily over the swollen flesh of her labia. She forced herself to slow down a bit in order to extend her masturbation and heighten the pleasure she knew she would experience at the moment of her final orgasmic release. She rubbed her swollen bud of pleasure with the fingers of her left hand, the fingers of the other deep inside. The feeling of her fingers sliding faster and faster through the warm mixture of the oil and her own juices intensified the building of her orgasm and she knew she would go over the edge in just a few more minutes so, closing her eyes, she once again forced herself to slow down. Then Jennifer just gave into her fantasies; picturing the tanned face of the guy she had seen earlier bending over her, whispering to her. She thought about him sucking her nipples and licking her clitoris. Then she imagined him lying between her legs, on top of her and could almost feel his weight on her chest. When she dreamed his cock was going in and out of her pussy as well, suddenly she was there. Her world exploded. She plunged the three fingers deep inside, pressed hard on her clitoris with fingers of the other hand, her back arched upward and she let out an almighty scream as she came. But her orgasm didn’t stop with just the one moment of release. She could feel another starting hard on the heels of the first, pushed three fingers of her other hand into her pussy as well and started whipping all six in and out as fast as possible. She went over the edge and trapped her clitoris between her thumbs; her legs straightened, toes pointing outwards, and she screamed louder as a second orgasm ripped through her gorgeous naked body. She couldn’t believe it. She could feel a third orgasm starting, planted both feet firmly on the floor and thrust her pelvis up against her hands, pulling her pussy open wide and pushing her six fingers in and out. She brushed her thumbs over her clitoris, imagining it was his tongue she could feel. Then she lifted her feet off the floor, hooked her legs behind her elbows and lifted her head up. She opened her eyes and looked down between her legs at her fingers whipping in and out of her pussy at an incredible rate. She imagined that the guy she’d seen from her window earlier was sitting there watching her. The vision was enough to send her over the edge immediately for a third even bigger orgasm and with another, yet louder scream. Her back arched, thrusting her breasts skywards, she dropped her head to the floor and bent her neck back so she was looking up along the roof. Her imagined vision of the guy from earlier kept the strength of her orgasm at an incredibly high plateau for what seemed to be a long time until the intensity of it peaked and her orgasm actually seemed to have a climax within itself. She didn’t notice because she was looking the other way but she shot a great stream of cum up into the air in three huge fountains of clear liquid as she reached the crest of her third orgasm. After the potency of her multiple-orgasm she went limp, sagged back down to the floor and slowly came back to reality. She blushed as she remembered her loud cry as she ripped off her bikini bottoms and the huge screams she made at her three/four orgasms. As the throbbing subsided, she tried to figure out how to get back downstairs now that she had ripped off the bottom part of her bikini. ‘Hello there.’ Jennifer thought for a moment that she must be dreaming. She knew there wasn’t anyone else on the roof so she carried on pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy. Despite the fact that she had just experienced three, or four, of the most intense orgasms of her life, the sound of that imagined voice was enough to start her feeling aroused again and her fingers started moving faster as she began feeling yet another orgasm approaching. ‘Mmmmmmmm, yes,’ she said, she was almost there again. ‘Hello there,’ said the voice again. She lifted her head, looked towards the source of the voice at her feet and felt the world drop out from under her, feeling a shock as keen as pain when her incipient orgasm stopped so suddenly. She hadn’t just imagined seeing the guy from earlier. He was actually here, sitting at her feet facing her with his hands clasped in his lap holding something, his face and the front of his t-shirt drenched as though someone had sprayed him with a jet of water. He was looking at her, smiling slightly. ‘Hello there,’ he said for the third time. ‘Er, I came up here to sunbathe,’ Jennifer said quietly, a blush spreading across her cheeks and upper chest; she was lying there on her back in such a vulnerable position; totally naked with her legs hooked behind her elbows, her six fingers still going in and out of her shaven snatch and pulling her pussy-lips wide open. ‘There’s usually no one else here,’ she said, quickly bringing her legs down and together, covering her mound with one hand and her other arm across her breasts (even though she knew such modesty was pointless - this guy had already seen everything). The stranger chuckled. ‘I think I can see why you like to be alone.’ Jennifer blushed again and looked away. ‘How long have you been here?’ she whispered. Her voice was barely audible and she had to repeat the question. ‘Long enough to see that your body acts as beautifully as it is made,’ he said quite seriously. Blushing to the tips of her ears, Jennifer jumped to her feet and put her short robe on quickly. Then she bent over to pick up her towel, the book, the pot-box and her bikini top with one hand while trying to hold her robe closed with the other. Then she looked around for her torn bikini bottoms, trying to avoid looking at the stranger. She couldn’t find her bikini bottoms, where were they? ‘Are you looking for these?’ the guy said, looking down at them in his lap. ‘Yes, er, why have you got them?’ she asked. ‘Well, I was lying on the grass down there and I heard someone cry out. Then, because I was looking upwards, I saw these thrown off the roof. They actually landed on my head, a perfect shot from four floors up.’ ‘They smell quite nice too,’ he said with a grin, ‘so I came up here.’ Jennifer blushed even more furiously and held out a hand to take the bikini bottoms from him. But the hand she held out was the one which had been holding her robe and it fell open, once again exposing her total nudity to his gaze. She snatched them from his grasp and ran for the door to the roof, closing the robe and wrapping the towel around her waist as she went. Good going, Jennifer. Now you have not only managed to embarrass yourself in conversation, but in other ways as well. She fumbled with the key in the door, he’d locked it for some reason, and finally got it open. Then, as she went through the door to leave the roof, she heard her alarm clock go off and realised she had forgotten her it and her bag as well. She nearly turned around to go back for them but decided she had suffered enough embarrassment for one day and couldn’t bear the thought of seeing that guy again. She didn’t know how she could ever forget this afternoon, but wished she could, and soon. David turned to watch the girl leave, feeling an intense aching in his groin. When he had stepped through the door to the roof, looking for the owner of the bikini bottoms, he had not known what to expect. However, when he had come onto the roof he had first heard her, then rounded the corner and seen her. He had hesitated, feeling his cock grow hard as he watched her in silence, and then he had moved closer. She hadn’t seemed to notice him sitting at her feet, watching intently. His manhood throbbed intensely as she exploded into her orgasms and he had nearly exclaimed when she sprayed him with her girl-cum. He had considered taking advantage of the situation, but didn’t, waiting silently instead for her to come down out of the clouds and open her eyes. At the start of her final orgasm, which had lasted such a long time, she had opened her eyes and appeared to have seen him. That had seemed to trigger an increase in the force of her final climax. She had blushed quite nicely upon sighting him when she had recovered from her final prolonged orgasm and he realized how attractive she really was. However, in her embarrassment she had left so quickly he had not even had the chance to find out who the strange girl was. He didn’t recall having met her before, and he was positive he would have remembered her. He smiled again, thinking of her, then groaned. Somehow, someway, he had to find out who she was. <span class="underline">1.4 Who Was He? Jennifer stepped into her room, quickly shutting the door behind her and throwing the bikini to the floor in a crumpled heap. She unwrapped the towel from her waist, dropped it and, as she was taking her robe off, looked up to see Alessa watching her from her bed on the other side of the room. ‘Hiya, Jen’,’ Alessa’s cheery voice greeted her, ‘been sunbathing on the roof?’ Jennifer blushed, dropped the robe and snatched up the towel, intending to drape it around her shoulders, embarrassed by her lack of a bikini. But it was too late, Alessa had seen her total nudity. Alessa rushed over, clasping her own robe closed, yanked the towel away from Jennifer’s grasp and threw it aside, exposing her nakedness. ‘Wow, what happened to your bikini and, ooohh, you’ve shaved your pubes off too?’ ‘I, er, well.’ How on earth could she tell her roommate what she’d just done? ‘Well?’ demanded Alessa, taking her naked roomie by the hand and leading her over to the bed. Alessa sat down in the middle of the bed near the head end and pulled Jennifer down to sit to sit beside her. ‘Come on, tell me all about it.’ ‘I, er, I was up on the roof sunbathing as you guessed and I had a couple of joints and I got to reading this book,’ she said, holding out the romance novel. ‘I guess things just got away from me.’ ‘How do you mean?’ And it all suddenly started pouring out, how she had seen a gorgeous guy out of her window earlier. She told of how the sight of him had got her feeling very horny, leading to her decision to go up to the roof to sunbathe in her new g-string bikini, which in turn led to her shaving all her pubic hair off, how she had got a very aroused as she did so and had masturbated herself almost to an orgasm. She told of how she had then gone up to the roof knowing subconsciously that she was going to masturbate up there and laid down to sunbathe, how she’d had a couple of killer spliffs and started reading. She told about how she had got turned on so much that she had not been able to resist taking herself to the most thundering treble-orgasm, the last of which nearly made her pass out it was so big, and how she had then opened her eyes to see him sitting there watching her still masturbating. Alessa found herself getting increasingly turned on hearing all this, her nipples going hard under her robe and her pussy getting really juiced up. She could see Jennifer’s big nipples sticking out as she relived the experience. She put her arm round Jennifer’s shoulders, told her it would all come out right in the end and gave her a little kiss on the lips. She was totally unprepared for Jennifer’s reaction because Jennifer just grabbed the back of her head so she couldn’t move away and responded to the little peck by turning it into a full blown French kiss. They broke apart after a few seconds, not knowing what to say to each other. Alessa broke the silence by asking Jennifer to lie back, open her legs and show off her newly shaved pussy area. ‘Hhmm, very pretty,’ she said and reached a hand out to run her finger down between Jennifer’s labia which were still wet and shiny from her experience and starting to swell up again. Jennifer responded to this gentle touch with a low moan, put her hand on the inside of Alessa’s thigh under her robe and moved it up towards Alessa’s own bald pubes. This encouraged Alessa to carry on so she knelt between Jennifer’s legs, lowered her head to Jennifer’s slit and licked delicately, then pushed her tongue deep inside as far as it would go, one hand moving up to Jennifer’s ample breasts. Alessa suddenly stood up and went across the room to her bedside cabinet where she got a wicked looking vibrator; all ridged and shaped exactly like a real cock. She let her robe fall to the floor as she walked back to the bed. ‘You’re not going to use that on me are you?’ said Jennifer, staring at the toy. ‘I’m still a virgin you know and I don’t want to get broken in by a lump of plastic.’ ‘No, this is for me,’ said Alessa. She laid down lengthwise on the bed with her head in Jennifer’s lap and looked up at Jennifer’s huge breasts just above her head, then parted her legs and rubbed the quietly buzzing vibrator up and down her slit. Jennifer moved so that she was kneeling over Alessa’s head in a 69 and took over with the vibrator, turning up its speed a little and working it all around Alessa’s clitoris. Alessa reacted by putting her hands on Jennifer’s bottom and pulling it down so she could reach Jennifer’s slit with her tongue. At the moment of first contact of Alessa’s tongue on her clitoris, Jennifer put the vibrator on full and pushed it deep into Alessa’s pussy, then moved it out and back in several times. After a few minutes, Alessa was crying out in ecstasy, ‘Oh yes, I’m nearly there, almost, yeeeeeeees, yeeeeesssssssss,’ her cries muffled slightly by having Jennifer’s snatch in her mouth and by lapping furiously at it. They both reached their peaks almost simultaneously, both vibrator and tongue moving at top speed, the two of them screaming so loud that the whole dorm must have heard them. As they regained their composure after the mind-blowing experience of their shared orgasm they discussed what would happen now in their relationship and agreed that they should just carry on being very good friends. However, neither of them would object if there were a repeat of the event at some time or times in the future. Jennifer stood up, went to her dresser, pulled out a t-shirt and shorts and got dressed. She asked if Alessa knew who the guy on the roof was and described him again as best she could. Alessa thought a moment then grinned. ‘Sounds like David Leslie. He’s a real hunk.’ Then she glanced slyly at Jennifer. ‘You’ve obviously got the hots for the guy?’ Jennifer sat on the bed, drawing her legs up close, her chin leaning on her knees as she stared at the floor. ‘Hmm’ she mumbled. ‘But you know how useless I am when it comes to talking to guys.’ Alessa chuckled. ‘Find him at a party, after you’ve had a few drinks. That’ll loosen your tongue’ ‘Somehow I think it’ll take more than that in this case,’ Jennifer muttered to herself, so quietly Alessa didn’t know she had spoken. How could I have done all that earlier in front of him?

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