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Doris Takes Cock

Doris Takes Cock

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My very sexy wife Doris is half chinese, cute and curvy and petite, with black hair, a pretty face and delightful pert high set tits. For this night out she had chosen to wear a new black party dress, stockings and high heels, and she looked stunning. The dress was short, a few inches above the knee, gathered at the waist and slightly flared, both of which helped emphasise her legs and her lovely rounded bottom. The top fitted tightly across her breasts, and was held by two narrow shoulder straps.

Having watched her earlier getting ready to go out, I knew what beautiful lingerie Doris was wearing underneath the dress, and hoped someone else might also find this out later. There were hints, of course, when Doris would sit down, cross her legs, and let her dress ride up her thighs. At times I, and others, could catch a glimpse of the tops of her stockings, and in at least one careless moment I caught sight of bare thigh flesh and suspenders straps above the top of her stocking.

Probably helped by her careless leg display, Doris was getting plenty of attention. We knew only a handful of the guests, but when the dancing started Doris had been frequently invited onto the floor, and between times was frequently getting her glass refilled. She was soon more than a little bit tipsy, but not yet drunk.

Just before leaving, we sat down at a table for a few minutes, where we were immediately joined by another couple who introduced themselves as Mike and Eve. It seemed like they had just been waiting to pounce on us. Mike, an older man, well dressed, probably well-heeled too, had been one of the many men who had earlier been dancing with Doris. His wife Eve was well built, blonde, and perhaps a bit extrovert. After a few minutes chat, she excused herself to speak to someone, leaving Mike and me alone with Doris.

By now my wife seemed to be in a bit of a tipsy haze, and very drunk, not paying much attention, as Mike leaned over to me. In a whisper, so that Doris couldn't hear, he said, "I've been watching your wife all night. Bit of a prick tease, isn't she. I love it when she sits down and crosses her legs so that her stocking tops are showing. Very, very nice. She pretends she doesn't know what she's doing, but I suppose you're used to all that."

I replied in a low murmur, "Yes, Doris really loves wearing stockings...and it's so nice when you get to see that little bit of white thigh..." I saw the gleam in his eye brighten as he leaned closer to me to whisper, "My wife likes her too, if you know what I mean..." I glanced across at his wife Eve, who was standing a few yards away talking to someone, but at that moment just happened to be looking straight towards Doris. I could almost see the thoughts running through her mind.

Mike touched my arm and said softly, "Why don't you bring Doris back to our place for a nightcap? Never know what might happen."

I knew very well what he wanted to happen, and decided to take him up on his offer. Mike gave me his address and left us, and quite quickly, Doris and I then managed to slip away and soon we were at Mike and Eve's door. Mike ushered us in and pressed drinks in our hands. Eve was sitting on a couch with a huge smile on her face. "Thanks so much for coming. Doris, come and sit beside me."

I guided Doris to the couch where she managed to sit down beside Eve without spilling her drink. She automatically crossed her legs, revealing another glimpse of lacy black stocking top which she made no attempt to hide, making me think she was drunk enough already for us to start playing games with her.

There was a tap at the door, and Mike brought in a newcomer, and introduced him as John. A bit tubby, probably 60-ish, the same sort of age group as Mike and Eve. John looked across at Doris and turned to Mike. In a low voice, "Jeez," he muttered. "You said this was a nice one, but bloody hell, I didn't think she would look so fucking good."

Mike and Eve both laughed, and Mike murmured, "Yeah, she looks good, doesn't she. Very fuckable. And she's very drunk. We can have a lot of fun with this one." He looked at me. "You Ok with this, chum?"

I nodded. "Of course, I know what it's about. When she gets drunk ..... well, I'm enjoying this, I like watching."

Mike looked at John then back at me. "You mean she's up for it, right?"

"Doesn't matter if she is or not," I answered crudely. "When she's drunk and horny, Doris takes cock any way you want to give her it. She might pretend and say no but she means yes. Anyone could do anything with her." As I settled myself down to see what they were going to do with Doris, I knew Mike had got the message.

Eve encouraged Doris to have a couple more drinks, then snuggled closer. Her arm went round Doris's shoulder. Turning to the men watching, she murmured, "I know both of you want to shag Doris, OK? But I want some fun with her too, so I'll give you a show before you start with her."

She turned her attention to Doris again, leaning across and putting both hands round Doris's head. For a moment both women looked into each other's eyes. Then Eve drew Doris's face against her own. Doris looked so shocked, but she did nothing to resist as their lips met. It was extremely erotic seeing this older brassy woman kissing my pretty young wife, holding her head, and the way they were sitting, both women were showing a lot of thigh. I saw the other two men grinning, the prospect of watching Eve seducing Doris had both of them on the edge of their chairs, eager not to miss anything.

At last Eve drew back from Doris, and my wife gasped for breath. She looked almost mesmerised, her face blank, her eyes seemed to be almost glazed. Eve's hand went down to Doris's thigh just above the knee and rested there. "You enjoyed that, didn't you, Doris, you're a real naughty girl and you are making me feel very horny."

Doris said nothing, but neither did she do anything to stop Eve from slowly sliding her hand higher up her stockinged thigh. With her legs still crossed, the hem of the skirt was just on her stocking top, and Eve's fingers were almost there too. Doris belatedly tried to push her hand away. Eve just smiled, said, "Ahhh, you're not a shy little girl, are you, we've been watching, you've been showing off your legs all night. Mmmm, let me do it for you, let everyone see your legs."

With that her hand caught the hem, and she slowly slid the dress higher. The tops of Doris's stockings were now on display, even the first sight of suspender straps. Doris was so drunk she didn't seem able to stop what Eve was doing, until Eve took hold of Doris's hand and clenched it round the raised hem. "We want to see you doing it yourself, Doris. Pull your dress up." Her voice was a littler sharper this time. "Show us your nice stockings and suspenders."

Without waiting for a response, once again, Eve put both hands on Doris's head and pulled their mouths together. I could see that Eve's tongue was working in Doris's mouth, a real deep French kiss which lasted for quite a time. I could hear Doris moaning a little, and then Eve's hand was again on Doris's thigh. She forcibly uncrossed Doris's legs, then she took Doris's hand and guided it between them. At the same time, she pushed Doris down a little on the couch, making Doris's dress ride up even higher, well above the tops of her stockings.

Breaking off from kissing Doris, Eve looked down, to see Doris sprawled on the edge of the couch, her dress now up round her hips. Her shapely legs were slightly apart and almost completely uncovered, showing the dark stockings and suspender straps, the beautiful pale bare thigh skin above her stockings, even the tiny scrap of black lace covering her pussy.

"Now, Doris," Eve hissed. "Touch yourself, go on, let me see you touching yourself." She guided Doris's hand down until Doris's fingers were resting on her own pussy. "I bet that feels good, Doris. Maybe it might be better like this..." She forced Doris's hand inside the waistband of the tiny knickers, holding Doris by the wrist to make sure there was no escape. "Touch your pussy, Doris, give yourself a little rub, go on, I'm sure you know how to."

Doris was gasping a little now, breathing hard, but still too tipsy to really know what was going on. She probably knew that someone was holding her wrist, forcing her hand inside her knickers, making her fingers rub across her own pussy lips...

"That's it, Doris, do as you're told, keep wanking yourself, you're doing it good, sit forward while you do it." Eve helped Doris into a more upright sitting position, and next thing she had the top of her dress loosened, the straps pulled over her shoulders, letting it fall towards her waist, exposing a tiny lacy bra which barely covered Doris's superb little tits. Eve didn't unfasten the bra, she just tugged it down so that everyone could see the lovely little rounded buds. Doris has very sensitive nipples, and already we could see them stiffening. Eve was almost drooling at the sight. She reached down beside the couch and brought out a large cock-shaped dildo.

"Look at this, Doris," she murmured. "But don't stop rubbing your pussy, I want it wet." She held the dildo in front of Doris, who just about managed to focus her eyes on it. First Eve rubbed the tip across Doris's exposed nipples. She spent a few moments doing this, and you could almost see the nipples growing larger and even more erect. Then she held the dildo against Doris's mouth, rolling it to and fro and pressing it against her lips. She was holding Doris by the neck, making sure Doris was helpless. "Suck it, Doris, open your mouth and suck it. It's just like a real cock, and I bet you've sucked plenty of real cocks."

Doris's hand inside her knickers was moving slightly, even without Eve's assistance. I'm sure everyone noticed, I'm sure everyone knew now that Doris was getting aroused and horny.

Eve continued her encouraging words. "Push your finger into your cunt, Doris. Tell me if you're wet in there." She pulled the dildo from Doris's mouth and looked down. Doris was undoubtedly fingerfucking herself. Through the flimsy lacy material we could see her knuckles, and her middle finger was moving in and out of her cunt.

"Good girl, Doris, my god you really are a slut. I bet right now you're wishing someone was fucking you. Well, sluts love getting fucked, don't they. And I love fucking sluts. So my little slut, I'm going to do it, I'm going to fuck you, Doris. With this lovely big cock."

Doris slurred out "Oh no!" but Eve's crude words were certainly getting her agitated. Eve ignored her slight protests and reached down to her knickers. "Oh my!" she exclaimed. "I love it! Look boys, her frilly little pants are tied at the side! That makes it so easy!"

She quickly undid the bow knot then pulled the loosened front down a few inches, revealing to us all that Doris still had her middle finger inside her pussy, she couldn't help it, she was still finger fucking herself. Eve flung the knickers to one side, and now, with the dress so high up, apart from her heels and the stockings and suspenders, Doris was effectively naked from the waist down.

Eve slapped the inside of Doris's thigh, ordering her to open her legs wider. With a groan, Doris did as she was told. Eve pulled her hand away to expose the little patch of black hair, her naked pussy lips glistening with moisture, her clit looking puffy, her cunt looking like it was soaking.

Eve ran the tip of the dildo a few times across the swollen pussy lips, then slowly began to ease it inside. Doris panted for breath and moaned louder, her breasts rising and falling as she sucked in air, her legs now splayed further apart. She was so aroused now, and totally helpless, totally under Eve's control.

Kneeling beside her, Eve slowly pushed the dildo a little deeper into Doris's cunt, and slowly began to fuck her with it. "You like this, Doris?" she asked. "Does it feel good? Mmmmm, I know a way to make it better, make it tighter, so you can feel every inch of this lovely cock inside you, filling you, fucking you."

Without warning, she suddenly scooped Doris's legs up into the air and brought her knees together, still with the dildo buried deep in her pussy. Doris looked as if she couldn't believe what was happening. She was whimpering non-stop, breathing hard. With one arm locking Doris's knees together high in the air, Eve pushed the dildo deep into Doris's tight cunt. It looked incredible. Doris's stiff nippled tits bobbed up and down as Eve thrust the dildo in and out, fucking Doris harder and harder. The position Eve had her in showed the suspender straps stretched tautly against the curves of her lovely rounded arse and with her shapely stocking clad thighs up in the air, it gave us a perfect view of the dildo plunging into her cunt.

While she carried on fucking Doris, Eve glanced over her shoulder. "Right guys, you want to shag Doris after I've finished with her? Ok, first you can give the slut a cock to suck. Give her one in each hand." The men had already got their cocks out, wanking themselves as they watched Doris taking the dildo deep into her cunt. I was then treated to the sight of the men eagerly pulling Doris back, forcing her to take two cocks in her mouth, turn about, curling her tiny fingers round their cocks and holding her wrists to make her wank both of them at the same time, while Eve thrust the dildo harder and faster into her pussy. All the time Eve was fucking Doris, the men were both taking turns sucking on Doris's tits, pulling them about, playing with her stiff nipples and rolling them to and fro, making Doris cry out whenever her mouth wasn't full of hard cock.

Eve suddenly pulled the cock-shaped dildo out and spread Doris's legs wide apart. Her cunt was soaking, the lips open and even more puffy, her clit also now erect, her hips moving up and down even with nothing shagging her. She was moaning and crying out and panting and obviously very aroused.

Eve swooped down and thrust her face between Doris's outstretched thighs. For the next few minutes she fingerfucked Doris's cunt, sucked on her clit and licked her hard, furiously working her tongue and fingers in and around Doris's pussy. Doris went almost out of control, arching her back and jerking her hips all over the place, building up to a climax that had her screaming, her whole body shaking and shuddering with the strength of the orgasm.

Eve at last stood up. "Right boys, I think Doris enjoyed that, now she's good and ready for more shagging. Let's see if you can make her cum like that again."

The effect of the huge orgasm had started Doris crying. She was covering her pussy with her hands, but now the men wanted their turn to fuck her, and her protests couldn't stop them. She was flung roughly over the end of the couch, face down, her stiff nippled tits rubbing against the fabric, her round arse in the air, her legs apart on the floor. John sat on the couch gripping her wrists while Mike moved up behind her. His cock looked rock hard. He pressed the stiff rod between Doris's opened thighs. I watched the bloated head pressing against her cunt lips. They were glistening wet and seemed to part easily as he started to edge his cock into her. Doris wriggled and struggled, trying to get up, crying out, "No, please, no!" But with John still holding her down she was helpless, and she gave out a long loud moan as she felt Mike's hard cock penetrating her to the hilt. She started sobbing and whimpering as he began to fuck her, quite slowly at first, with long measured thrusts.

Eve seemed content to watch her husband take his turn at fucking Doris. She turned to me, smiling, and murmured, "This is good, isn't it. Look at the way she's squirming, I think your lovely little wife really wants this, she wants a good hard ride. Maybe she can take two cocks at the same time? Johnny just loves a nice tight arse to fuck."

The next few minutes were incredible. Mike pulled out of her pussy, and Doris was dragged to her feet, supported from behind by John, while Eve turned her attention to Doris's tits. The bra was removed, but the dress was still clinging to her body, her stockings and suspenders still intact. For the next minute or two Eve squeezed and sucked on Doris's excited nipples, which were now as hard as thimbles, incredibly long and stiff. Doris was making constant moaning and panting noises, her head back, her eyes tight shut. All the time Eve was so roughly fondling her tits, Doris stood there, legs parted, with John behind her, one arm round her waist for support, and his other hand between her legs from behind. We could see he was ramming two fingers in and out of her juicy cunt, finger fucking her hard, to the knuckle. My drunken wife was so horny by then she was moving her hips, in small uncontrollable jerks, in time to the fingers attacking her cunt. At that moment Doris would have allowed anything, anyone, to use or abuse her any way they wanted.

Eventually Eve stepped back from sucking Doris's tits, but kept her hands grasping the stiff erect nipples. "Get the bitch on the bed," she ordered. Both men instantly grabbed Doris, holding her arms behind her back, and half carried, half dragged her into the bedroom.

Eve was giggling and enjoying herself, watching the two naked men manhandling the almost naked Doris. "Right then," she said, "I think it would be nice to see Doris on top, giving Mike a good hard ride." So Mike made himself comfortable on the bed, grinning and lying back with his fist round his erect cock, waiting for Doris's cunt. Eve and John bundled my drunk wife onto the bed and lifted her onto her hands and knees. They made her kneel astride Mike, who immediately pulled her face down to his, and Doris for a few moments was kneeling over him, her tits pressed against his chest, her naked arse up in the air, the suspender straps drawn tight against her bare skin. Her open legs let us all easily see her pussy, lips slightly parted, glistening with wetness and ready for cock. Eager hands pushed her buttocks down, forcing her tight juicy cunt down onto Mike's waiting cock. It was an incredible sight to watch his stiff cock sliding slowly up between her pussy lips as they pushed her down, until her cunt was taking every hard inch.

"Now shag him, Doris," Eve cried out. "Ride him, ride his cock!" Doris couldn't help it, she was so aroused she began to move up and down on Mike's cock. She rode him quite slowly at first then a little bit more forcefully, all the time whimpering and moaning. It was so exciting to watch her lovely rounded arse moving and to see her tight little cunt fucking Mike's huge prick, her stocking clad legs spread wide, suspender straps tight across her buttocks. Mike was holding her shoulders down, and her stiff pointed nipples were dragging across his chest as she moved, her bare arse exposed and inviting.

"Hold her Mike," said Eve. "Keep her there! Keep her just like that."

Eve took hold of John's cock with one hand, and began wanking him. She used her other hand to finger herself, then rubbed it up and down on Doris's bum, getting Doris well lubricated. Her hand went back and forth between herself and Doris, but soon she was concentrating only on Doris, her middle finger moving in and out as Doris bobbed up and down on Mike's stiff cock. Then John took over. He leaned over Doris from behind, his cock rigid. He guided it between her arse cheeks. He was trying to push it in, and Doris gave a strangled scream as she felt the hard cock begin to penetrate her arse.

John's cock slowly inched its way into her, and now Doris was taking the two cocks inside her. She was gasping and groaning constantly, gripped and held tight by Mike and Eve, as both men began to shag her together. Very slow and easy at first, but both cocks were going in deep. My wife's body looked tiny and helpless as they sandwiched her between them, shagging her slowly and steadily, both cocks penetrating deeply into her cunt and arse on each stroke.

Eve's eyes were glittering as she stretched out on the bed beside Doris's face. "How do you like getting fucked by two cocks, Doris," she said sneeringly. Her answer was a louder moan from my wife. "You like this, don't you," Eve went on, "You like feeling their cocks inside you? You want them to screw you a bit harder? Just tell them!" Eve's hands were back on Doris's tits, working her nipples round and round. "Go on, Doris, you'll get a better fuck if you tell them how much you like it."

Doris opened her eyes and looked at Eve. "Yes," she muttered drunkenly. "Yes, I like it." In between the moans and gasps, her voice was a croaky whisper. "Yes, I like fuck.... want more fuck.... fuck me.... more.... harder...."

John and Mike, both twice Doris's age, then started to fuck her in earnest. Both cocks rammed hard into her pussy and arse, sometimes alternately and sometimes both at the same time. Doris's body started shaking, she was gasping, panting, moaning, whimpering, crying, all at the same time, as she started to cum again. And her next climax came quickly, her head shaking from side to side, her back arching, her pretty orientalish face twisted up as the power of her orgasm hit her again.

Both men started to cum with loud gasps and groans as they fucked Doris in a final frantic double shagging. At last they released her and she lay slumped on the bed, spunk running down her thighs. As everyone subsided and we drew breath, Eve looked very pleased. "Must do this again," she remarked. She looked down at my half naked Doris now spreadeagled on the bed, still gasping for breath. "There's still lots more things we can do with her....other things....lots more fun we can have....next time...."



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