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I'm going to do whatever I want to you, do you understand?"

"Ooooh, Mr. Roberts, I understand. Me and my body are yours tonight," she said. I brought my right hand up and placed it around her throat, holding her firmly and said, "that's a good girl." I then leaned back in and kissed her again, never removing my hands from her hair or throat, but I could feel her breathing deepen. Good.

I stopped kissing her and again, not letting go of her throat or hair and said, "Get on your knees." She smiled and bit her lip and did as I instructed, the angle breaking my grip on her neck only. With her down on her knees, I told her to put her hands behind her back. She did so and I grabbed her head and pulled it towards my crotch.

I have mentioned before that my cock is good size, at almost 8 inches and tonight, in my slacks, I had the idea to go without underwear. My cock hung heavy down my right pant leg and was filling with blood and creating a good bulging tent in my pants. I pushed her head against my cock and rubbed her face around. My hardening cock was smashed into her entire face as I moved it around. This was strictly a power play on my part but also served to show her that she wasn't dealing with some small dick jerk-off kid.

I continued to push her face hard against my cock and dominated her. "Do you feel my cock Miss Sierra?"

"yes" Liz gasped.

"Do you feel its power?"

Another breathless yes.

"This cock is your world now. You will become very acquainted with it. I’m a man, & This is a man's cock. I can fuck for a long time and I can cum several times. Are you willing to be a slave to my cock until it’s satisfied?"

"Yes Mr. Roberts, I am willing," she said with her eyes closed as I rolled her face around on my cock. This was so erotic. We were both fully clothed and I was using her face to massage my cock. I wanted everything to last so I continued forcing her face against my cock, letting the heat and hardness press against her.

I pulled her up by her hair and she squealed with a bit. I turned her around and pushed her over at the waist, her face and upper body resting against the foyer wall. My hands went to her denim covered ass and began to squeeze. My fingers were facing down, my palms out as I squeezed and caressed this perfect apple ass that was now all mine.

I brought my right hand back and then smacked it down on her firm ass and she again squealed in delight. I pushed forward with my crotch and started dry humping her. I would then stop and repeat the smack on the ass. She would yelp, then I would continue, and each thrust pushed her uncomfortably into the wall, but based off the sounds she was making, I don't think she cared.

I dry jumped her for awhile, telling her I couldn't wait to use her. She pushed back with her ass and met each of my thrusts. I grabbed her hair again and pulled her upright with my cock still pressed against her and reached around with my left hand and forcefully began to grab her tits thru the sweater, giving them hard squeezes and pinching them too, making her grunt.

"Get on your damn hands and knees, woman. Now you crawl." I said

and commanded her to start crawling. I watched her ass flex with every movement she made as I directed her back to my bedroom. When we were there, I told her to stand again. I pointed at the outfit I had laid out for her and instructed her to go in the bathroom and change. She was also to put the cuffs only on the ankles, and bring the wrist cuffs to me.

"Oh, Mr. Roberts, how naughty," she said. She had a twinkle in her eyes as she scooped up the tiny outfit. She disappeared into the bathroom and I waited.

About five minutes later, the door to the bathroom opened and there she was. The sheer white top was tied in the middle, just below her cleavage and I could see the tiny black bikini top was barely containing her large, firm breasts. The top had very short sleeves, almost triangles that covered just parts of her shoulders. Her youthful, flat stomach had just then hint of a line going down the center, showcasing her abs, but was primarily flat. I could see the top of her hip bones as they were slightly visible over the waist of the plaid skirt. The skirt hung down just below where I imagined her pussy was, covered only in an obscenely small piece of fabric. From the back, I was sure that the bottom of her ass would be visible. She had the sheer knee high stockings on and she had put her high heels back on. Liz Sierra looked delightfully slutty

"I've been a bad, bad girl," she said, "and I need to be punished." Liz was holding out the cuffs, and was smiling. She had a pure, unadulterated sultry look on her face.

"Come here," I said as I stood beside the bed. She slowly sauntered over and kept her head down as she watched me putting the cuffs on her wrists. Having her stand still, I got a look a the back of my slut. As I had expected, only the top portion of her ass was covered. The bottom moons were clearly visible and they were firm, athletic and perky. Her ass was smooth and like her legs, was firm, with no cellulite.

I reached out and began squeeze each cheek with my hands. I marveled at how the tight flesh compressed under my fingers. It was taught and firm. I squeezed her ass and pulled it apart, noticing the tiny black string running up her crack.

"I bet you think this is all going to be fucking and fun" I said as I ran her hand over my tented pants, "But I didn’t say you’d earned this dick, now did I?" Seeing her sudden look, I added "Bend over that bed, girl."

Liz was so short that she only need a small pillow under her hips to have her ass at my preferred height, and I liked that she was quick to let me stretch her arms to the far side of the bed and tied her off.

Picking up the paddle, I walked over and stood behind and to the left side of Liz. "You admit you’ve nee bad, and you are going to count as I spank you. If you do not count, we start back over, is that clear?"

"Y-Yes Sir," Liz answered, saying, Sir? I didn’t think – "

WHAM! I I got her quite firmly across both cheeks, dead center

"AHH!" Liz called out, then "O-One!"

WHACK! I got primarily the right cheek.

"AAH" she yelled louder, then "TWO!"

WHACK! This time the left cheek

She tucked her chin and grunted, "Three…"

WHACK! Bothe cheeks, but really lower. It was satisfying to see her flesh jump.

"F-F-Four….." he got out, now she was clearly sniffling

WHACK! Same place as the start.

"FIVE!" She shouted, then added "SSir! Please! It hurts!"

WHACK! Both cheeks, but very low, and that really made her jump

WHACK! Same spot again, very quickly

"OW…" Liz said, crying, S-Sixx & Seven…PLEASE Sir! It hurts so much!"

"Good, perhaps you will learn a lesson then" I reply. The paddle switched hands and instead of hitting her with it, I plunge my hands between her bright red ass cheeks, landing two fingers on her panty-covered twat.

"Feels to me like you like this…" I say. As I say this, I am rubbing the stupidly small triangle of fabric onto her pussy, and it, plus my fingers, are quite wet.

"MMph…." Liz complains, then adds "N-No Sir, it REALLY hurts." And as she says this, she squirms.

WHACK! I get her again, in the original position, but this time it is from above.

"Ah-EIGHT…Ow-ow-ow…" Liz’s voice trails off as she cries into the bedspread.

I decide to give her a break, although watching her ass meat dance and ripple from the paddle was fun. I flip up small skirt, now exposing her entire ass, and run my fingers over her cheeks, then let my thumbs follow the line of her thong.

Now I knead and grope her ass, pulling it open, looking at the goofy thread of fabric between those cheeks. It does nothing to conceal her tight, hairless pucker. "Have you ever been fucked in your ass," I questioned as I continued to feel her ass, moving her from side to side to get every angle I could.

"No," she said quietly as she enjoyed my hands on her ass, exploring her like a piece of meat. At least now she isn’t getting spanked, & I can tell the lesson is being learned.

"You will tonight," I said and then popped her n her right cheek. She did jump of course, but it sounded like she also moaned, or maybe it was a whimper, I wasn't entirely sure.

I then released Liz’s arms, & pulled them down, and her closer to me. In this position, I again began to squeeze and caress her ass. She moaned lightly & I noticed that now and then, she was also rocking her pelvis against me. The pain obviously excited her. This was good information to know.

I caressed the hot flesh, rubbing my hands around and squeezing them. She winced a little with each squeeze, but continued her gyrations. I could already tell this was a highly sexual girl. She played the part well and got off on it.

I moved her down & on to her knees. From the nightstand I retrieved the blindfold, and donned it as I also pulled her arms behind her back, clipping them onto a simple ring I had with me. With her arms immobilized and deprived her of sight, she appeared quite lovely. I took out my phone, flipping it to ‘video’, & walked around her and admired her body again. This amazingly hot young coed was bound and fully under my control.

I removed my shirt and threw it on the floor. I stepped up to her and again, adjusting the phone to get it, I grabbed her by the hair on the back of her head and shoved her face into my cock. I pumped my hips toward her head and shoved her face against my big, hard cock. As I roughly shoved her face against my cock, I said, "have you ever sucked a cock Miss Sierra?"

"Yes," she mumbled, her mouth pressed against my slacks.

"Do you enjoy sucking cock?," I asked, grabbing her head with both of my hands and really grinding my hard cock against her face.

"Yes," she said again, still muffled.

"Have you ever been face fucked," I said. "Had your control taken away and just used? A cock fucking your mouth and throat like it was your pussy?"

"No," she said, gasping. She fidgeted a little.

I let go of her head and stepped back. I had a pre-placed mini brace for the phone on a nearby table, and placed it here, making sure it had her in frame. I then stepped over & undid my belt and my slacks and let them fall to the ground. My hard cock sprang free. I stepped out of my pants and kicked them aside. I gripped my cock by the base and stepped forward. I lifted it up and placed it on her beautiful face, its length running the full height of her face. I grabbed her head with my other hand and began to repeat what I had done to her with my cock still in my pants.

"When I stop moving your damn head, you can ask for this cock, but you better make it good" I said

She gasped in sexual bliss as I rolled my hard cock across her face. She could feel its size, its heat, its length. Some pre-cum was appearing on the tip so I pulled back and wiped it on her cheek. I told her to keep her mouth closed and purse out her soft full lips. She did as instructed and I rubbed the head of my cock all over her luscious lips. I heard a soft whimper escape her.

"OK, Now you can ask for this Cock." I said

"Oh-PLEASE push that dick into my mouth, Sir, she said.

Not good enough" and we repeated some of the process, but now I rubbed my dick on her lips, instructing her to not open them. Finally, I pulled back.

"P-P=PLEASE Push your dick into this willing girl’s throat, Liz said. "I’m SO SORRY I was bad, PLEASE, use my throat."

"Better" I simply replied.

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