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She was probably five years younger than I was and had the body of a thirty-five year old. Damn she was a fox!

It was late June when I started to work on the place and it was in the mid-eighties during the day. The first time I met her she was dressed in a lightweight blouse and shorts that ended half way down to her knees, and old stained and holy sneakers. Her name, she told me, was Emma.

Emma was trying to mow her own lawn with a decrepit old gas lawnmower that should have been junked ten years before. The motor was smoking like a chimney and every time she would force it forward the motor would sputter and try to die. Finally she gave it a mighty shove and the motor squalled and died. That’s when I found out that woman could out cuss any sailor alive. She wheeled the dead mower off to the side and parked it.

"Well I guess it’s time for a new one. Sorry for the language, I was hoping to get that piece of crap to make it through the summer. I think it just cut its last blade of grass though."

"It sounded like it died permanently didn’t it. You’re welcome to use mine. I’m going to have to cut this mess with the weed whacker before I can mow it," I said as I pointed to my own mower setting over by the garage.

"Damn I hate to be borrowing things. I borrow it and it breaks then I feel like I have to replace it.

I’m sure glad to see someone move in there though. That place was a mess, the last people that lived there had a half dozen kids and the parents spent more time drunk than they did working. The kids ran wild and the whole neighborhood had to keep everything under lock and key or it would walk off.

Finally the old man and his oldest son got hauled off to jail. She got busted selling drugs and welfare hauled the rest of the kids off. The owner spent two weeks hauling junk out of the house in early May. Then he supposedly got sick and hasn’t done anything with the place since. I sure hope you aren’t paying much for rent that place looks horrible."

"I’m not paying anything for the first three months. He said he would give me three months’ rent to clean the place up and fix things. He said he’d buy the parts and supplies if I’d do the work. Yesterday he mentioned he might be interested in selling the place. I told him to come up with a clean clear title and a decent price and I’d be interested. He offered it to me for ten grand and offered to pay the closing costs. I told him to get the paperwork going and I’d put some earnest money down."

Hey that’s not bad for an acre of ground in the country and a three bedroom house. Don’t let the city mess with you either. The city boundary is the lot line between your place and mine.

What’s the inside like? I bet its trashed isn’t it. I just hope you don’t find any dead bodies in there."

"Surprisingly he has the inside cleaned up and looking pretty good. The walls need painting yet but the floors aren’t too awful bad. The basement looks solid and doesn’t appear to leak. At least I didn’t see any water marks on the walls. Some of the wood work is busted up where somebody kicked a door in but nothing that can’t be fixed."

"Damn you’re lucky it sounds like. Be sure to have the county sheriff come out and go through it though. That’s a known drug house so god knows when the law might come and kick the door down.

It’ll sure be nice to have a quiet friendly neighbor again. There have been some real scum bags renting that place the last few years. The owner didn’t care who he rented to as long as he got his rent"


A summer to remember.

Emma and I got to know each other over the summer as I mowed her lawn and mine. That winter I used my snow blower to keep both driveways clear of snow. The next spring I had someone plow a garden space for me. Emma spent a lot of time over at my place in the garden. We would plant; pull weeds, water, and harvest.

One hot morning in August we were pulling weeds. Emma was working a row of lettuce and carrots. I was working on the next row pulling weeds. Suddenly I noticed that her shirt would hang out as she bent over. Damn I could see clear down to her navel. She didn’t have a bra on so I could see her tits wobble and bounce as she worked. They weren’t huge but they were fair sized, firm and pointed. That free show kept me hard the rest of the morning.

We finally quit weeding around two o’clock and turned the water on in the garden.

"Ed I don’t know about you but I’m going to take a shower and get cleaned up a little. Why don’t you come over around six thirty and have some supper with me? I’ll put a couple of turkey quarters in to bake. We’ll have turkey, some of these fresh carrots, and sliced tomatoes. I have a big bowl of cucumbers sliced and setting in vinegar, and an apple pie I tossed together yesterday for desert."

"You sure," I asked as I stood and started gathering the tools up so I could put them away. "I’m sure, I wouldn’t have said anything if I wasn’t. You bring yourself over right about six thirty. You’ve been giving me all these vegetables all summer and I want to do something to show my appreciation. I don’t have space for a garden and I really do enjoy doing this.

I went in and took a long cool shower and ran the images of those nice looking tits swaying inside Emma’s shirt as I watched them through my mind. Damn, I thought, I’d like to get my hands on those babies, I could really enjoy that I thought to myself. I might be fifty plus years old but that didn’t mean the fire in the furnace had gone out.

I spent the rest of the afternoon inside in the air conditioning and out of the ninety degree heat. July and August had always been hotter than hell in this part of the country.

Finally at six thirty I walked out the door and across the back yard to Emma’s place. As I walked across the lawn I noticed a storm was brewing on the horizon. Hoping for some rain I stepped up into Emma’s screened in back porch and tapped on her door.

"That you Ed, come on in the doors open! Come in out of the heat before you melt," she shouted.

"Ed I think I could have set this bird out on the front porch and it would have cooked. It’s hot enough to fry eggs on the car hood, I made a quick trip to the store earlier and the bank thermometer said a hundred and three degrees."

"Your thermometer only says ninety nine now. Mine said ninety seven when I came out the door. I see there’s a storm brewing in the east and there are some big heavy thunderheads on the horizon. Maybe we’ll get a drop or two of rain to cool things off, I hope."

As we ate supper we heard the wind pick up and start to blow. The lights flickered several times and threatened to go out.

"Emma you got a basement in case we need it? It sounds like this storm could get interesting."

"Yep and it’s all ready for use. I got some flashlights down there, some blankets, some extra water and food, and a first aid kit just in case."

Then the rain started to come down. It sounded like a good slow soaking million dollar rain. As the rain started the wind died down to a whisper. Emma and I finished our supper and I helped her clean the kitchen up. When the last dish was put away she grabbed two clean glasses and filled them with ice and cold tea.

"Let’s go out on the porch and see what it looks like. I love to set out there and watch the rain fall. You take this tea out while I make a quick stop at the bathroom and grab a pack of cigarettes."

I took the glasses of tea out and stood watching the rain come down and the lightning to the north of us. Emma came out and we stood quietly smoking and sipping tea. The thermometer had dropped down to eighty degrees. After the heat of the day it felt heavenly standing there in the near darkness.


Busted, but in a good way.

Suddenly Emma stepped in front of me and sat her empty glass on the railing. She stood for a few seconds and then gently leaned her back against my chest. I didn’t even think I just automatically put my arms around her and put my hands on her abdomen.

We stood like that for several minutes as we watched the storm and commented on the lightning in the distance. Then she blindsided me with a question.

"Did you enjoy the show this morning? I know "the girls" did." I almost shit myself when I realized what she was talking about. I was glad it was getting dark out. Emma couldn’t see the fire engine red color of my face.

"Err, sorry I didn’t mean to be staring but it was kind of hard not to you know and yes I did like what I saw. I’m sure you noticed the effect it had on me didn’t you."

"Ya I noticed you were having a slight problem there. At first I was mortified when I realized what was happening. Then I thought what the hell, it’s been twenty years since a man looked at me that way. Then I got a funny feeling that I hadn’t felt in years.

Damn it feels good to be standing here like this. I haven’t had a man’s hands on me in years I forgot how good it feels." She said with a little shiver of pleasure. She put her hands on mine and gave them a squeeze. Then there it was again, I felt another uprising in my pants. Emma wiggled her ass into me and groaned.

Now I didn’t claim to be a stud of any kind but damn I was willing to try. The only action I had seen in the last fifteen years was dating thumb and her four sisters. That got real old after a while but I always reasoned it was better than nothing.

And just what would "the girls" say if I asked them to come out and play? Would I get slapped or would they be willing to stick their pretty nipples out from where they’re hiding," I asked her softly?

Emma seemed to hold her breath for several seconds before she answered.

"There’s only one way to find out I guess. You can ask them and see what they say. Take it easy though they haven’t played in twenty years. They may be a little bit bashful and slow to warm up to you."

Very slowly and gently I started to unbutton Emma’s blouse. I felt her shudder as my hands touched her bare skin. Finally the last button was unfastened. I slowly pulled the offending shirt aside and slid my hands up onto those gorgeous bare tits.

Emma was by now moaning and quivering as I softly ran my fingers over her perfect tits and took those hard and enlarged nipples between my fingers to roll and squeeze them.

"Oh crap, I can’t stand much more of this. Let’s go inside out of sight. The neighbors don’t need to see and hear what’s going on," she moaned and staggered as she tried to stand up and walk. She grabbed my hand and led me inside and straight to her bedroom.


I get my bells rung.

As we stepped into the bedroom I caught the door with my elbow and swung it shut. Emma turned to me and we were kissing like a couple of teenagers. She was working to get my belt loose and my shirt off. I was loosening her pants and sliding them down over her slim tight ass and hips.

Our pants hit the floor and she was all over me with her hands. We broke the kiss and I seized a nipple with my mouth. "Oh shit" she cried out and her legs began to buckle. I guided her backwards onto the bed and laid her back in the middle of the bed. I crawled up beside her and we began French kissing again. I was kissing her and fondling her tits. She was mewing and moaning her approval.

Finally I began to kiss her face, eyes, ears, nose, and shoulders. I worked my way down and around on her throat to her hollow spot. I licked, nibbled and kissed down and around one breast then the other. I would work on one breast with my mouth while I worked on the other one with my fingers. She was going nuts! Finally she shoved me back and away.

"Oh shit, stop, stop for a minute let me catch my breath, I can’t breathe. I think I’m going to pee all over myself!"

"How long has it been since you had a good orgasm, how long has it been since you cum?" I whispered in her ear.

"Oh fuck it’s been forever. My ex-husband could never get me this worked up. He’d kiss me twice, jam it in, poke me a half a dozen times, cum, and roll over and go to sleep. It’s no wonder we never had any kids he was a five minute wonder. The only thing he ever did try to do that was exciting was try to put it in my ass once in a while. He wasn’t even very good at that."

As we lay there her breathing started to slow and I slowly began to slide my fingers up and down the inside of her thigh. As I slid my fingers up she would raise her hips to try to get me to go higher. Finally as I went up she grabbed my hand and slammed it up against her pussy.

"Oh fuck, oh damn you stop teasing me I can’t stand it anymore! Make me cum, make me scream and squirt all over! Oh fuck I need it in me nowwww!" She was crying out and begging me as she twisted and squirmed around on the bed.

I slid up between her knees that were pointed at the ceiling and rubbed the head of my dick around her distended outer lips and across her clit several times. Slowly I centered on her hole and began an inward pressure. Oh my god this woman was tight. Her pussy was as tight as the rest of her body.

Her eyes flew wide open as the head of my dick popped into her opening and she cried out. "Oh shit, stop, wait a minute, you’re too big it won’t fit!" I backed off just a little then gently started my forward journey as I felt her walls start to relax and stretch. It seemed to take forever for me to get all of my eight inches into her hole. I thought she was going to pass out as the last inch penetrated her.

Finally I felt our bodies come together and I was fully in her. I just lay and let her get used to my length and girth as it stretched her dormant sex. Minutes later I began to make slow in and out movements as she was gasping, whimpering, groaning, and thrashing around under me.

As I continued my long in and out strokes she got more and more vocal. Finally she couldn’t even squeal or scream. Her voice was reduced to a squeak. Then suddenly she went silent and a long low moan came out. "Oh fuck I’m cuming she growled and then her pussy began to clamp down, then loosen as it sucked on my dick then her body went stiff. That was all it took I went over the top with her. We orgasmed together and we screamed together. Then I collapsed on the bed as my spent and sloppy dick slid out of her.

"Oh my god Ed do you realize that’s only the second time in my life I’ve orgasmed while having sex with a man? Oh crap I hope you aren’t planning on getting up and going home tonight. If that thing decides to come up again I want it to be where I can get hold of it. Shit when you first put it in me I thought you were going to split me in half. Damn I’m glad I waited for you to come along and show me what a real man can do. I want you to fuck me every chance you get, maybe even in the ass." She was lying on my arm facing me and chattering like a nervous teenager.

We held each other close for a few minutes then we both drifted off into a sound, satisfied, blissful sleep. The next morning we both used the bathroom and then tried again to destroy her bed.

I had never been in bed with a woman that was that vocal or wild. She would moan, whimper squeal, groan, grunt, shout, try to breathe, and cry out. She would twist, jerk, squirm, jump, quiver, toss her head from side to side, kick me with her heels, raise her hips off the bed, claw at my back with her fingernails, slam her hands and arms on the bed , and twist her hands into the sheets.

Emma had three orgasms before she finally got turned around to get my dick in her mouth. All I could do was try to breathe. It didn’t take long and I was dumping a load of cum into her mouth and down her throat.

Emma didn’t even slow down she kept sucking and trying to get me hard again. I swear that woman could suck the chrome off the bumper of any car ever made. She worked and sweated for ten minutes before we saw results. I wasn’t rock hard but close to it. Suddenly she whirled around on the bed and pointed her ass at me.

"Oh fuck, in my ass please, I want it in my ass now," she moaned and begged. She was tossing her ass from side to side and hunching back to me. I quickly got to my knees behind her and started to rub some of our juices from her pussy onto her little brown puckered hole. I slid into her pussy and made several thrusts and withdrew. As I lined up on her ass she squealed and moved back towards me. She was moaning and groaning as I slowly moved the head of my cock against her asshole. Applying a steady but firm pressure it only took seconds before the head popped in. She sucked in a huge gasp of air and cried out.

"Oh fuck stop, wait, you’re going to split me in half. Stop, give me a minute to adjust, oh fuck it feels like it’s as big as a beer bottle! Oh damn it hurts so good I can’t stand it!"

I paused for a minute while I felt her began to loosen up and then I started forward again after I had rubbed some more of our juices on my cock. Son of a bitch her asshole was tight, it felt like I was sticking my dick in a garden hose. She was grunting, moaning and pushing back. I was groaning and pushing forward. Finally I felt her ass cheeks come up against my hips.

I paused to get my breath then I started a slow in and out motion as she whimpered. Soon she was slamming back to me as I thrust forward. Every time we would come together she would grunt or let loose with an expletive, some of which even I had never heard before.

Minutes later I heard," Oh fuck you I’m cuming for god sakes don’t stop, please don’t stop! Ram that big cock in my ass and make me scream, make me cum! Harder, faster, I need to cum again please make me cum again," she was begging for more as my balls were slapping her pussy with every thrust. Then she threw her head back and growled, "I’m cuming, oh fuck I’m cuming," she managed to get out before she screamed in ecstasy as I shot another load into her bowels.

We both collapsed forward onto the bed I think we both passed out for a few minutes. Finally we began to move and come back to reality again.

"Oh damn you Ed, what did you do to me? I’ve never ever felt that way before. I’ve never cum like that in my life. I think I’ve died and gone to sex heaven. I’ll never look at sex the same way ever again. You hit places in me that have never been touched before. I swear your dick was clear up in my belly. I know you hit my navel more than once.


The next day.

Emma and I were finally forced to roll out of bed and find the shower and a cup of coffee around nine o’clock. As we sat drinking our coffee Emma finally brought up the happenings of last night and the morning after.

"Ed, I don’t know what you did or how you did it last night but you lit a fire in me that’s gonna be hard to put out. You did things to me and made me feel things that I’ve never felt before. I’m going to be honest with you I hope this isn’t just a one-time thing. I haven’t been in bed with a man in twenty years and after last night I sure as hell don’t want to wait another twenty years. I haven’t felt myself get wet between the legs for over ten years now. Just setting here thinking and talking about last night has my underwear soaked. Cripes I must have cum a half a dozen times last night and this morning"

"Go get a towel and come back out here, I’d be happy to take those wet panties off of you and wipe your pussy dry for you if you want me to" was my smartassed reply. I thought for a few seconds she was going to throw her coffee cup at me, and then she moaned and whimpered.

"Oh fuck, damn you Ed you just lit that fire again. I want you to do just that and then do whatever you want to do with me. I want to feel your hands all over me again. I want to feel your dick in my pussy. I want your fingers and hand inside me. I need to cum again and again just like I did last night. I’m just too damn sore to do anything like that again right now."

"Emma you’re right. I want to do things like that again but we don’t want to wear a good thing out. Neither one of us is twenty years old anymore. We’re both going to be walking funny for a day or two I’m thinking. It’s been twenty-five years since I got that excited. I thought a time or two that I was going to have a heart attack."

Emma and I sat, drank coffee, and talked about our different pasts until almost one o’clock in the afternoon before I went home to take care of some things that I needed to do. I never gave it a thought when Emma said she had a bridge club meeting to go to later in the afternoon. That was my downfall and almost my death warrant. Never would I have dreamed quiet little Emma would tell every old maid at the meeting what we had done and in great detail. It seemed that every unattached woman there was jealous and wanted to get some of what she was getting. Thankfully she didn’t give them my name or where I lived, only that she had a new boyfriend that liked to "do the box spring boogie" as she put it. Needless to say there were seven or eight widow women that went home and tried to wear their sex toys out.

That evening my phone rang; "Ed come on over I have something to tell you. I hope you won’t be pissed at me when you hear it."

"I’ll be over in a little bit I’m just eating supper now. Give me a half an hour and I’ll be there. I need to finish eating and do the dishes." As I sat eating I was wondering if I should stop at the drug store and get me some "horny pills." As I finished the dishes I decided the heck with it I didn’t need any pills I would try to do without them.

Forty five minutes later I stepped through Emma’s back door. Emma greeted me with a hug and a kiss.


Emma’s confessions

"Hi Ed, damn I was beginning to wonder if I’d been stood up. I thought you’d never get here. Come on in and set down. You want a beer or a glass of wine?"

"Hi Emma, no thanks I’m fine I just finished supper. What’s happening, you said you have something to tell me? Emma got a worried look on her face.

"You better set down Ed. I think I stirred up a hornet’s nest today at bridge club. Now please don’t get pissed off at me but I was doing a little bragging about a new boyfriend at bridge club today. One thing led to another and I guess I got pretty graphic. Anyway, everyone there is either a widow or an old maid and I think some of them got pretty, shall we say, excited. Now I didn’t tell them who you are or where you live. But more than one of them mentioned that they would like to get to know you up close and personal. Normally I wouldn’t be bragging about something like that but after what you did to me last night I couldn’t resist." I sat there dumfounded for a minute holding my breath and wondering what would come next.

"Emma I’m surprised but I guess what’s done is done. I’m not really impressed but I’m not mad either. Right now it’s you that has to answer all the questions not me. We just can’t let them see me coming over here or you coming over to my place. I’m sure they’ll be watching you close. I don’t want a half a dozen widow women getting into a brawl on my doorstep."

"Ed I’ll them you don’t live here in town if I have to. Thankfully we’re the last two houses on this street and there’s nobody living across the street. I think we would notice any cars parked nearby if they were watching us."

"I think you’re right Emma, we just have to get used to looking before we go wandering across the yard. You might want to mention that you’re sharing a garden with your neighbor but downplay the fact that there’s anything going on with him. Tell them you think he’s too old to even get it up."

"Damn Ed you are a conniving old fool aren’t you. I never thought about the garden part of us. I definitely don’t want to give up on that, I still need to can some vegetables for the winter. That stuff is expensive in the store."

We sat and talked for another hour about us and how we could keep our little shenanigans out of sight. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

"Emma that blouse of yours is going to cause trouble here if you’re not careful. If you move just right both "the girls" are going to be coming out to join in the conversation. In fact why don’t you just let them out so they can see what’s going on?"

Emma caught her breath and held it for several seconds before she turned a bit red in the face and quietly replied.

"Damn you Ed! I’ll let you turn them out but only if I can turn that snake you have in your pants loose. I thought this morning that I’d had enough to last me for a while but I guess I was wrong. The longer I set here and look at you the worse the itch gets. I got a feeling you’re going to have to help me scratch it again tonight. That is if you’re in the mood for some scratching and it sounds like you are."

I slowly reached for the front of her blouse as she held her breath. Gently the buttons were unbuttoned and there were two breasts staring at me with hard nipples and the darker aureole behind them all puckered and puffed up. I stood up as she loosened my belt and pants. As she dropped my pants I took her shirt off and stood her up. I slid her slacks and panties down her shapely legs after I stepped out of my pants and took my shirt off. We were both bare naked standing in the middle of her kitchen.

"Damn Emma it’s too bad we don’t live out in the country somewhere so we could run around like this all the time. Although we might not get anything done but fuck and if we did get time to do any gardening we would probably get certain parts of us sunburned."

"Ed I haven’t told you but I do have a farm about six miles out of town. The buildings are in great shape but no one lives there. I rent the place out for pasture land. We could go out there and run around naked all we wanted to and no one would ever know. Besides it would be a good idea to go out and clean the house up from time to time."

I eased Emma close to me as I sat down on a kitchen chair. I slowly ran my fingers up and down the inside of her tight thighs. As Emma started to shiver and moan I parted her legs and licked her pussy. The more I licked the more she shook moaned and thrust her hips at me. Soon I had two fingers in her love hole stroking her G spot as I touched her clit with my thumb.

"Oh fuck, stop, let’s go in the bedroom, I can’t take any more of this and still stand up. I’m about to piss all over." Emma grabbed my hand away from her pussy and started for the bedroom. I wasn’t about to argue. My cock was harder than it had been in ten years as Emma led me by my hard cock to her bedroom. "There’s some baby oil there on the night stand let’s use it. I know that neither one of us produce lubrication like we did thirty years ago besides I’m still a bit tender from this morning. Don’t worry about the bed covers just get that thing slick and get it in me before I explode. Don’t stop to play just fuck me now!"

I grabbed the oil and applied a generous amount to my cock and to her pussy as she fell forward onto the bed on her knees and elbows. Seconds later she screamed as I slid my oiled cock into her boiling hot pussy from behind. She would slam her butt towards me and squeal every time I would thrust forward.

"Oh fuck, harder faster harder I need you, I want you, and I need to cum. I want to feel your cum shooting into me. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum please don’t stop. Pound me harder, make me beg and scream!"

I was pounding her like a teenager. I was grunting and moaning and getting close as I rammed my rod into her hot inflamed pussy. I could feel every bump and fold inside her pussy as my cock slid in then back out. Suddenly I slammed into her and held her there as I dumped my load deep inside her and flooded her abused and battered cunt. As I cum and shook suddenly she screamed and her pussy tightened down on me like a vise. She was cuming moaning and shaking as our combined juices leaked from her and slid down her legs.

We both collapsed in a heap on her bed and lay there spent with her pussy leaking cum. Damn that woman might not be a teenager any more but she sure did know how to fuck and wasn’t shy about it either. I’d had two wives and several girlfriends in my lifetime and none of them could begin to match her when it came to fucking.

We never did get around to a second round that night. We did however spend a lot of time out at her farm running around naked and fucking in about every place we could think of in the summertime. We did give a few airplane pilots a thrill as we would stand outside in our birthday suit and wave to them. One air force pilot almost crashed his plane staring at us as he went by.

Emma and I have been together for a couple of years now and all the other older unattached females are just now beginning to figure out what’s going on for sure. One of these days one of them may just get it all figured out and decide she wants to join us and we just might let her.

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