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Only 7:52, I thought to myself as I caught the ball coming back towards me. Still over an hour before we shut this shithole place down. Who shops for dog toys and fish food on Friday night anyway? I was getting anxious about going out already but I still had to run home and change out of this stupid uniform before I met Leslie at her house. I had been to the house this party was at once before with her but she had driven and I couldn’t remember exactly how to get there.

The two of us only recently started going out drinking alone together after her fiancé and my girlfriend both went back to college. Her fiancé Mark is studying in Italy for the whole semester and I sort of told him I’d look out for her. I know how it feels now that I’m finished with college and my girlfriend Shelley has to go back for another semester. Needless to say, Leslie and I keep each other company in the meantime with our mutual love of drinking. 

That’s why I had to get out of this place. Every customer I cashed out must have seen the look of resentment plastered all over my face. Why are you here? Don’t you have anything better to do tonight? Don’t ask me when I get off and try and seem sympathetic. It’s people like you that is the reason we are open until nine pm. I decided to walk over to the fish department to get my mind off the anguish of retail for a little while. After all, the cute red head was working again and flirting with her was a necessary distraction sometimes. 

"Hey, Ginger," I said jokingly as I approached the tank she was scrubbing. "I told you a thousand times my name isn’t Ginger!" she pouted and put her arms against her sides in pretend anger.

"Yeah, yeah, but it’s so much more fitting than Jen." "What do you want anyway?" she asked. "I’ve still got fifteen tanks to scrub before close." "I can’t be up at the register anymore. I haven’t had anyone in so long," I complained. "Are you trying to tell me something there?" Jen winked at me. I laugh to myself, bouncing the tennis ball from my left hand to the floor to my right hand. My pocket vibrates, startling me and causing me to drop the ball. "Back to work, kid," I said, drifting my way back towards the registers. I hold my arm on the side of the register to make sure Mallory couldn’t see and do a quick scan for where in the store she was. She may be a good manager in other aspects but don’t let her catch you with your phone out. Good, she’s still in the office, I thought. Three new messages, I guarantee at least two of them were from Brendan asking what the plan was tonight. That kid can’t spend one night alone without assuming that we are hanging out. One was from the ginger, reading "stay in your side :P of the store." The others were from Leslie telling me that it would all be over soon and we’d be drunk! Nine O’Clock came sooner than the last two hours and I said goodbye to the ginger and hopped into the Grand Am.

I raced down Brunswick as fast as I could to get to Leslie’s. After the day I’ve had I couldn’t wait to down some liquor and some beers at a party, even if it would be all her friends. I was surprised she was so eager to hang out with me actually. We had been texting a lot lately and she always sounded happy to hear from me and ended all the texts with smiley faces. When Shelley and I would hang out with her and Mark it always seemed like she would talk to Shell and Mark the whole time. Now that Mark was in Italy and Shell was at school for her last semester, we bonded in our loneliness. So far it had only been a few afternoons at her place, playing Nintendo Wii or having a few drinks and watching a movie. Several played out Guns and Roses songs later; I pulled into her gravel driveway and marched up to the door. 
I knocked loudly and heard the sound of her dad getting up from the chair he always sat in after work. 

"How ya doing?" he mumbled in that gravelly, seven beers deep kind of voice. "Good, yourself?" I asked him. "You know we have a doorbell?" Leslie’s mom said, coming from the kitchen smiling and giving me a hug. "I like knocking!" I laughed. "She’ll be down in a minute or two," her dad grumbled, sinking back into his chair to watch Auto Trader. "You know how she is, has to look perfect to go to the corner store."

I always had the feeling that even though Leslie’s parents liked her fiancé Mark, they secretly thought that I was a better choice for their daughter and were somehow hoping that we would get together and both break up with our partners. It was just from the way her mom looked at me or the way her dad would talk to me like I’m another one of the guys. Mark was what many people would refer to as a metrosexual and to the untrained eye would seem gay. This was the exact opposite of Leslie’s father which is why I think they had a real hard time getting along for a good while. He was a blue collar working, beer drinking, Carhartt wearing all-American. 

"Hey-o," she chanted as she came down the stairs. "Ready to head out?" "Let’s do it," I said, grabbing the beer I set down and the plastic folding table and heading back to the door. "See you guys later."

We climbed into her car as I loaded the table into the back seat. "How was work?" I asked her, knowing she usually couldn’t wait for Friday to come from working agonizing ten hour days. "Ugh, it was awful; I was working alone from lunch on." "I know the feeling, when I’m on register in the morning, I’m there for seven hours alone and I have to beg someone for a lunch break. Fucking retail." I listened to the Lady Gaga blasting from the car speakers and hoped to myself that tonight wouldn’t be awkward. I was generally not the type who did well partying with a bunch of people I had never met before. I preferred to drink with the same small close group of friends every weekend. However, I decided to branch out and Leslie swears these are cool people and we could crash there so I thought it was worth a shot. The car ride took longer than I expected as we wove around the narrow lake closing in on this girl’s house. We arrived to find an unexpected lack of cars. I could see the surprised look on Leslie’s face.

When we got inside there were only a few people, including Lyla, who I knew from a couple of parties at Leslie’s and her friend with benefits, Joe. I didn’t like the kid personally but he offered me some of his Jim Bean so I guess I could make do. We drank and talked until more people showed up. Finally the kid that was supposed to bring the beer pong cups and balls got there and we set up the pong table. Me and Leslie partnered for the first game and lost to Lyla and her brother K.J.. By this point the Twisted Tea had hit Leslie pretty hard and she was slumping into me off of her chair. She was telling me about how she gets free drinks when she goes to bars when she wears real low cut shirts. Man, wouldn’t that be nice for me, I thought. I decided to partner with K.J. and make a run at winning a game, especially since the PBR was keeping me pretty drunk to this point. I racked the cups and the game went under way. The kids we were playing had run the table for 5 games and it was time they had a seat in my opinion. K.J. and I played well together, bouncing at the right times and making adequate use of distractions. Eventually people started clearing out and Leslie and I went to the living room where we were supposed to sleep. Everyone had gone now except K.J. who had passed out an hour ago upstairs, and Lyla and Joe who were up in her room probably fucking. 

Neither of us seemed to be ready to sleep and I suggested we have one more drink by the fireplace. We talked about Mark and Shelly at first and how nice it was that we were still able to hang out. Then the conversation quickly moved to sex. 

"What do you mean, you’ve never done anal?" I asked her, horrified. "Never even tried it at all?" "Nope, I guess Mark just isn’t into it, he’s never asked," Leslie laughed, sipping her fruity looking cocktail.

"Wow, I…I don’t know I love it and I can’t imagine not even asking once in six years," I told her. "Shelly takes it up her ass for you then, I assume?" she grinned nervously at me. "Look at the filthy mouth on you," I teased her. "Yeah, all the time, it hurts after we do it though so I usually have to wait a week or so before I stick it up there again." "Yeah, most of the time Mark is satisfied with a blowjob since he hates wearing condoms or pulling out. We really don’t have sex all that often." "That sucks," I laughed. "That’s funny." "I saw what you did there with the pun," she giggled. "There’s no way you give head as well as Shelly does though, that girl could suck a golf ball through a garden hose." "Really? Mark never seems to complain."

Maybe it was the alcohol talking because I don’t think I would have done it without my buzz, but I said, "Well I can’t just take your word for it," giving her my confident smile. Neither of us was generally the type to cheat but at that moment I knew it wouldn’t change our friendship and I knew we wouldn’t bring it up again. "Seriously, this never happened. We both blacked out and passed out." She said with a drunken serious conviction. I simply nodded in agreement.

Without another word, Leslie went to her knees, stumbling a little, in front of the couch I was sitting on. Since she was fumbling with my jeans, I undid them for her and pulled them and my boxers down to my knees. She put my cock in her mouth and began sucking. It started to get harder with her fluid motion. I tipped my head back and closed my eyes to enjoy this new feeling I was getting. 

Leslie continued to suck on my cock, using her hand to jack off the lower part of my shaft.

 As she moved her hand faster, my mind briefly went to the thought of how amazing a blow job would be with both her and Shelly, so they could both get my whole cock in their mouths. I watched Leslie for a little while, bobbing her blonde head up and down my shaft. I forced my dick a little deeper into her throat, not allowing her to back off. She coughed a little but continued to suck and jack me off. 

"Oh, God, I’m gonna cum," I moaned, as I pushed my cock a little deeper into Leslie’s throat. I felt her gag a little as I came into the back of her throat.

She got up, stumbling a little again, and made her way to the bathroom. I pulled my boxers back up, pulled off my jeans, and pulled the blanket over me as I laid down. When Leslie came back from the bathroom, she offered a shy smile and said good night. I drifted off into a deep, peaceful sleep, enjoying my drunken adventure.

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