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sarah's yoga ass 1

sarah's yoga ass 1

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i work at a yoga studio. one day this beauty walks in and asked to join. she was 5'5" not sure about her weight but she was wearing jean shorts. apperantly she had never tried yoga before. she asked all the proper questions and was a card caring member in 2 minutes. i explained to her that she was not wearing proper workout atire but we had clothes to buy here. we walked into the little shop with a closet for a dressing room. i stared at her perfect butt as she walked. i clouldnt stop thinking about it for the rest of the day. i gave her a few options of shorts and pants that would be more fitting for the stretching and holding body motions she would be doing. she picked the grey pants like the thousand before her always do. but its her choice. i like the blue ones. she stepped into the dressing room and tried them on. i asked how they felt and then asked to see. but she was shy and changed back into her ripped jean shorts paid and left for home or wherever. a few days later i was jogging on the tread mills at the local fitness center and in walks sarah wearing her jean shorts. she went into the locker room. a couple minutes later she comes walking out wearing the grey yoga pants i sold her. she hops on a tread mill and starts jogging away. i was staring at her way too much. imaging how warm her body must feel. and when i looked up at her face she was looking back at me. i smiled and waved to her. she waved and smiled back. about 45 minutes later i was all done with my workouts so i decided to hit the showers before leaving. the cold water felt great. but i couldnt get my head out of sarah's ass. i grabbed my towel and walked back to my locker and started to change as sarah walked in. she walked past my lockers and went down one of the empty isles. i heard the shower start. so i went to where she was changing to say hello. she was in the shower. and my heart started to pound in my chest. laying on the bench was her yoga pants all wet with sweat. my breathing started to get very heavy my hands started to shake. i lowered my head to take a quick sniff. then my pussy started to leak. and i mean REALLY it was soaking my g-string and spandex pants. the smell made me forget where i was completely. then i snapped back heard the water shut off. i did all i could think about at the moment. i stole her thong! yes i took her used panties and stuffed them into the front of my pants and walked quickly to the door. my heart was racing so fast i became blurry as i left the gym. im sure nancy said bye. but i couldnt do anything at all. i ran to my car slammed the door twisted the key and slapped it into drive. as i waited for the light to change i could feel the thong poking at my shaved pussy. i thought for a second at what i had just done. the light turned green and as i drove home i pulled them out from my pants. looked at them and sniffed deeply. i could smell her pussy from the thong. and my pussy was so slick when i touched it. driving sniffing and fingering myself was extremly tough. i licked her thong. sucked on the strip that was burried up her perfect ass. for the 7 seconds i imagined i was sucking on her pussy. my pussy exploded in my pants. i came so hard i had to pull over. my face was red all over my nipples were poking through my shirt and bra. and i could feel my juice running all over my car seat and legs. i pulled my hand free from my spandex to find my cum everywhere. i pulled open my pants to see. wow i came a ton. i licked my fingers then stroked my throbbing pussy. ive never cum that hard before. i grabbed my towel from my bag to felp me clean up a bit before driving the rest of the way to my apartment. when i got home. i took down my pants my juices soaked my pants all the way to my socks. i got into the shower i ran my hands over my body brfore turning on the water and found more pussy cum hiding in my ass crack. i smiled and stroked my warm ass hole massaging the juice into it thinking it was sarah fingering my ass stuffing 2 fingers deep inside me. i was gasping and came once again. my cum splated to the shower floor with loud polps. i removed my fingers from my ass and licked them clean. i then showered. to my surprise when i saw her thong again i had to sniff once more. i though. how am i gonna return these and giggled. they were just plain VS seamless. nothing fancy at all. so why not. i put them on and went to sleep. constantly stroking my pussy. i took them off. i didnt want to loose her sent with my own. i brought them up to my face and pulled them over my head like a mask. breathing sarah in with every breath. my pussy was leaking on my bed as i fingered it. it was only 7pm still light out. i grabbed my buttplug lubed it with pussy juice and slowley pushed it into my asshole. the sensation was amazing. i came 3 more times before falling asleep. buttplug was snug in my ass and wearing sarahs thong as a mask. i said good night and slept till saturday morning

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