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The human hottie known as Betty Bucksome was a total knock-out. Her looks were a 12 out of 10. She had long flowing blonde hair, a winning smile, a pleasing personality and a body of a porn star. Her wide birthing hips and well-placed thickness made her very desirable but her greatest assets were her all-natural E cup breasts every man (and lesbian and bisexual) dreamed of sucking on. She even looked more ravishing in her office clothes and short skirt which failed to conceal her beauty. However, Betty had one flaw. She was somewhat on the dimwitted side. Okay, fine. She was a bimbo. Betty was absolutely airheaded. Despite the many times she lost documents or ordered the wrong coffee, Mr. Fillmore never scolded her. However, the man she knew as John Fillmore hired her out of... carnal intentions.

The shapeshifting alien psychic reptilian Raidon Deeznutz, known by his human guise as John Fillmore, has been lusting after his new secretary for days. He was president of the Fillmore Paper Company and one of the best agents of the Reptilian Empire. He has never seen his human employees as more than "cubicle slaves" (yes, his own words) until he interviewed her. Raidon was astounded by her voluptuous beauty and aroused feelings he never thought he had. His newfound feelings were purely lustful. He was very inexperienced in sex thus he wasn't so sure about claiming this human beauty. However, he knew that if he can't take her, someone else from the Reptilian Empire will. He became very determined to make that sexy human his and so he hatched the perfect plan.

Actually, it wasn't much of a plan. He decided to use his vast psychic powers and fuck her brains out.

It was past 12 am at the Fillmore Paper Company. Raidon, also known as John, was in front of his laptop reading Earth erotica on Literotica. His dick strained against his pants at the lewd depictions of mind-control sex and human-alien "encounters". He heard a knock on his door and Raidon quickly closed the browser. "Come in" said Raidon. Betty opened the door and entered his office.

"'I've finished the papers. Mr. Fillmore. Can I go home now?" Miss Bucksome asked. Raidon grinned reptilian grin and spoke in a sinister tone. "Ah. Miss Bucksome... good job. There is one problem though..." With sheer psychic force, he closed the door behind Betty and locked it. In front of Betty, John Fillmore revealed his true form. His skin turned scaly and the pupils in his eyes became slits. He bared his fangs and raised his arms as to pounce on Betty. The bombshell secretary screamed.

"I am Raidon Deeznutz, agent of the Reptilian Empire, and I'm going to use my vast psychic powers and fuck your brains out!"

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"AAAAAAAAAAAhhey wait a minute, what's a Reptilian?" Betty asked. Raidon stopped looking menacingly and stared at Betty in disbelief.

"Seriously? You never watched those alien conspiracy videos on Youtube?" The sexy secretary shook her head. Raidon sighed and beckoned her to sit beside him in front of his laptop. He opened a browser and started Googling...

30 minutes of Youtube videos later...

"Wow, that David Icke is sure a strange but interesting man!" remarked Betty. "Yes but he got some things wrong." Raidon replied. "But at least you now know about my evil, conquering race. Now where were we? Ah yes. I'M GOING TO FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT!!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Betty Bucksome screamed. Her hefty tits jiggled with so much terror. With his powerful telekinesis, Raidon ripped Betty's clothes to ribbons, leaving her in her naked glory! Her tits and hips bounced sensuously as she reached for the door to run away from the lizard-man. It was futile for the door knob was jammed. Using his telekinesis, Raidon ripped his clothes off and revealed his naked, scaly body. He raised his hand and his telekinesis pulled Betty away from the door. The voluptuous blonde gasped when she saw his erect humongous dick. It was the biggest dick she saw in her entire life. Raidon grinned.

"You like what you see, human? I'll give you of a taste of lizard dick." He made a gesture with a palm facing down and suddenly Betty knelt before Raidon's monstrous manmeat. "Now suck, bitch." Raidon psychically commanded. Betty began to suck the air in front of her. "No! I mean, suck my long reptilian dick, you airhead!" Betty swallowed much of the cock's length and began to suck. "Good. Now I want you to suck my dick like a porn star." Betty started to suck his member in a rhythmic pattern. She made soft moans muffled by the penis but audible enough to be heard while cradling his balls in her hands. Raidon smiled blissfully and then to speak.

"Yessss... That feels so good..."

Betty's tongue twirled around Raidon's shaft, driving the alien wild. He grabbed her blonde hair and pushed her head against his groin. "Mmmmmmmmm... I'm gonna cum..." Seminal fluids shot into Betty's lovely mouth. She started to gag but Raidon commanded her to swallow it all... and she did.

"Excellent. Now lie down on the floor." Raidon ordered. Betty lay down on the floor with her big fleshy funbags resting on her chest as if inviting to be played with. Raidon grabbed and squeezed Betty's tits hard. The sexy blonde moaned loudly. "So big... you're a very busty woman but I never imagine your tits being this big under your clothes." Raidon remarked. The reptilian massaged Betty's mounds for several minutes and pinched her nipples which made her gasp. He lowered his head and started to lick Betty's erect nipples. His long prehensile tongue twisted and turned around her nipples and the rest of her massive mammaries. Betty just lay there, moaning like crazy as the lizard-man molested her gorgeous body.

Raidon concentrated his powers on Betty's mountainous bosom and tinkered with the glands. Suddenly, milk started to leak from Betty's tits! The Reptilian made her lactate! Greedily, Raidon sucked on the warm creamy mommy juice. The blonde bombshell enjoyed the sensation from getting her gargantuan tits sucked long and hard. Even after fifteen minutes of feeding, Betty didn't stop producing milk. Her milk splattered all over her chest.

"Amazing! It's like having my own dairy farm inside my office!" Raidon straddled Betty's upper torso and wrapped her pendulous milk-lubricated tits around his dick. The pleasurable sensation of Betty's breasts around his cock intensely aroused the Reptilian and so Raidon began to fuck the milky jugs with rough intensity. Betty panted as Raidon thoroughly fucked her leaky boobs. "Oh Saurus! This feels so good! Thank you Literotica for teaching me this technique!" After thirty minutes of nonstop mammary intercourse, Raidon blew his load all over Betty's face and tits. The blonde human swallowed some of the Reptilian cum. Raidon shifted his body and then lay down beside Betty. He psychically commanded Betty to stand up and sit on his groin with his dick penetrating her moist pussy. The sexy blonde moaned as she felt the full length of his shaft pushing into her dripping womanhood.

"It's now time for you to RIDE ON THESE NUTS!!" Raidon declared lustfully. Despite being such an airhead, Betty understood what Raidon was talking about and so she started to ride on his nuts. Her big tits bounced enticingly much to Raidon's delight as Betty fucked on his pole furiously. Both alien and human moaned, groaned and grunted as the cowboy-positioned sex went on and on. For nearly an hour, they fucked until Betty came in copious amounts around Raidon's cock.

However, Raidon was not done! He flipped Betty over in a missionary position and started banging her like he never banged before! He used his psychic powers to intensify the pleasure inside Betty's pussy. Betty was driven made with insane lust! The alien started to implant suggestions into Betty's brain during the animalistic fucking. "You are Raidon Deeznutz's loyal and slutty sex slave. Your mind, body and soul are his. You are Raidon Deeznutz's loyal and slutty sex slave. Your mind, body and soul are his. You are Raidon Deeznutz's loyal and slutty sex slave. Your mind, body and soul are his." He said the same thing over and over in Betty's mind and the ravished secretary began to reply in a loud and lusty tone.

"I am Raidon Deeznutz's loyal and slutty sex slave! My mind, body and soul are his. I am Raidon Deeznutz's loyal and slutty sex slave! My mind, body and soul are his! I am Raidon Deeznutz's loyal and slutty sex slave! My mind, body and soul are his!" Over and over she responded to Raidon's mental suggestions. The Reptilian and the human both bellowed and then came in overflowing amounts. The cum filled Betty so much it leaked out of Betty's snatch. Exhausted, the curvy woman fainted and her eyes began to close...

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It was almost 6 am and the sun was rising. Betty woke up with the shock of her life! When she opened her eyes, she found herself on all fours with her knees and hands to the floor with Raidon fucking her plump ass while squeezing her tits from behind! The sex-hungry blonde squealed as the Reptilian plunged in and out of her juicy ass while milking her tits dry. Milk splattered all over the floor. "Keep fucking, Master Raidon!" Betty yelled with lust-filled fury. Raidon, being a member of the egotistic Reptilian race, fucked Betty's ass with more ferocity! Nothing turns him on more than a beautiful woman addressing him as her master. After a few minutes, Raidon roared and then ejaculated into her shapely ass. He withdrew and they both lay down on the couch. Betty lay herself down on the alien. Raidon, with one hand fondling her incredible milk-stained breasts and the other caressing her pussy, whispered a question into Betty's ear. "Did you enjoy everything, slut?"

Betty nodded. "Mhhmmmm... yes, master... You were too rough but I loved it. I enjoyed your long and scaly dick. Just thinking about your Reptilian cock makes me wet." Raidon chuckled as he lovingly pinched a nipple. A milk droplet was formed and the busty blonde moaned softly. "Well, don't you worry. We have more time for fucking later. I've decided to close the office today. Lets go out for some Italian food for lunch. I know that you love pizza." Raidon flicked his lizard tongue into Betty's ear. Betty shuddered at the sensuous tingle. "After lunch, we can go to my mansion. We can do all sorts of kinky things there. Things not of this planet. Don't you love kinky exotic stuff?"

"Yesss master... I love kinky exotic stuff... anything to make my master happy..." Betty moaned in her reply. Raidon psychically scanned Betty's mind and was shocked. His psychic powers did very little to brainwash Betty! Betty was the epitome of the dumb blonde stereotype and her dimwittedness made her resistant to his hypnotic commands. It was the mind-blowing sex that did the trick. He fucked her so well, she submitted herself to him willingly! Raidon smiled at this incredible discovery. He has decided to organize experiments with his newfound sex slave in the future.