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girls fun for all 7

girls fun for all 7

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i couldn't figure out what they were mad at me for . i had seduced 2 young black studs, with the tightest bodies and biggest black cocks i have ever seen , and made them mine. these boys would produce tons of sperm to sell over the internet. what could they possibly find to be mad about. thats when it hit me ( at the same time the next slap to my face came ) I was to collect there loads for the bitches. oh man they were going to take it out on my asshole. the boys were looking a little stunned when my wife introduced herself to them . she walked over to them and grabbed there balls to get there attention and said " these are ours now , you belong to us " she said . "cool" one of them said and then he promptly sreamed at the top of his lungs as my wife squeesed his balls so tight that they bulged out the sides of her hand . you could see the skin straining not to burst. " you will only speak when spoken to" she said " i don't think you understand , you will be going home with us and work as sperm slaves from now on . those balls are on the clock ". i could tell rick and john were affraid yet john spoke up anyway. " listen bitch i aint no slave to any body ". the girls promply surrounded them and knocked them to the bed . they tied up there arms and held them down . they gaged them and we dragged them to the car . the next thing i know were at home and we've dragged them kicking and sceaming down to the basement. there are all kinds of tables there for extracting fluids out of young slaves , male or female. its so cool to see a woman tied down and her tits releasing there milk . we have pumps that rudely pump the milk from there nipples into containers for sale on the internet. its my job to eat there pussys while they give milk because the girls say more comes out than if i don't eat them. its even more fun to watch the guys give there fluids. the girls like to attach all kinds of things to a guys cock and balls like clamps and restaints and that seems to make even more juices flow. it is my job to suck there nipples or lick there asses till they are completed. i wasn't sure what they had in mind for the black boners they now have captured but i had at least almost forgot that i was still in trouble but for now we would concentrate on these pulsing ebony poles that were now sticking staight in the air as we tied them down to the tables . they still had on there panties but they were all pulled to the side and there ass and cock were visible. the girls first wrapped a ball strap around there huge balls and that made there cock start to bounce in the air. they then grabbed some of the tight ball skin and clamped weights to it . they sceamed bihind there gags . they then took a thin string and wrapped it around some of there 9 inches some what tight but not to tight so cume wouldn't cum out . i mean that was the whole idea behind this tourcher was to extract the most sperm from those hairless ball sacks . they then shoved a greesed but plug up there sexy assholes. that really made them make noises behind there gags. at that point the girls told me to get the pump. it was a rude looking machine which sole purpose was to pump liquid out of things like cow udders or sexy black cocks or puffy nipples . it worked good to . you felt totaly drained after its use. i attached the suckers to the tips of there pricks and flicked the switch. there eyes told the whole story. that pump made all kinds of weird sounds and so did they and in no time the bottles that collect the sperm were full and the boys were empty. they were wiped out and even fell asleep with all the equipment still on them. thats when the girls turned to me and said " now its time for your punishment. they all had on strap-ons and i knew my asshole would be gaping wide and sore soon. these cunts are hard to please. they told me to get down on my knees and spread my cheeks. i did and i felt my panties being ripped away and a greesed up strap-on touching my anus. i could tell it was my wife because when she screws me she loves to use my nipples as handles . she just really grabs them and pinches and squeese them the whole time she fucks me and then she starts in with the dirty talk saying " yeah pussy boy you love when i fuck that pussy of yours don't you, did you enjoy those black cocks , you did didn't you . you are a true slut now baby, a true cock loving slut." my head was thrashing around and my cock was rubbing on the mat on the ground . if this slut isn't carefull i'm going to spill my load again and then i'll really be in trouble. "Oh yeah fuck my pussy " i scream , i didn't even care anymore about punishment i just wanted to cum right then . with my sweet wife fucking my pussy , and all the images of the night in my head . so i went with it and released a torent of sperm all over the mat , spurt after wonderful spurt, it pumped forever and ever and my wife just fucked harded till she was creaming all over the strap-on herself. whew more soon

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