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Traci's Abduction & Rape 2

Traci's Abduction & Rape 2

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She could not stop thinking about every detail of what happened to her. She felt guilty for not reporting the rape to the police but she felt highly aroused every time she replayed the incident in her mind. She remembered him telling her as he left her tied on the ground with cum dripping from her ass, "If you want it again just go for another hike." She could not believe that kind of use and abuse excited her. What in the world is wrong with her.

Traci kept thinking she would like a repeat of the grab and rape since thinking about it aroused her so much and he had not injured her in any way. She was nervous and afraid that it might not be the same a second time. What if he did injure or even kill her the next time? He had not told her when to go for another hike but she had the next two days off work and decided to hike the forest trail both days to see what might happen. Her pussy was getting wet from the thought of him grabbing her again. She realized she even got excited when he flogged her body while she was tied in a standing spread eagle between the two trees. Is she a pain slut as well?

Traci shook the thought from her mind and decided not to hike the trail again. She was tired from the long day at work and decided to bathe and go to bed and not think about taking a chance on another hike in the forest. It is just too dangerous wanting a stranger to grab her and have his way with her. She stripped naked and drew a hot bath putting bubble bath in the hot water before settling down into the water with her head against the end of the tub. She lay there enjoying the soothing hot water. Her mind started to replay the rape again and her right hand slid down her body to manipulate her pussy and clit as she squeezed her breast with her left hand. The deeper she got into the scene of her rape in her mind the faster she finger fucked her self. She felt the heat of an orgasm raging in her cunt as she thought about him fucking her while she was tied, gagged and blindfolded on the forest floor. Suddenly the orgasm exploded causing her to arch her back and hips sloshing water from the tube to the floor. She relaxed to recover from the orgasm. After she regained her composure she completed her bath. Stepping from the tube she wrapped a towel around her beautiful body and went into the bed room where she had laid out her pajamas for the night. As she finished drying off she reached for the pjs. Then she stopped and left them lay where they were deciding to sleep in the nude which she never did. At that point she realized her rape had awakened her sexually. All she could think about was sex.

Traci slept very well dreaming about being grabbed and raped again. She awakened with her hand rubbing her wet pussy. It was early when she got out of bed thinking this is about the same time she went for her last hike. She decided to take the chance and began to dress for her hike. She went into the bath room and brushed her teeth and put on make up. As she was about to leave the bathroom she noticed some pubic hair and turned getting a razor and gel she sat on the pot and shaved her pussy until there was no stubble of hair. She got wet thinking he would like it shaved. She went to the bed room to dress. From the dresser drawer she pulled out matching red bra and panties. Putting on the bra and panties she thought she could not wear the white shorts she liked so much since he had cut them off her. She decided on her black short shorts and a white button up blouse.

Traci drove to the edge of the woods out side her small town. Stopping the car and killing the engine she sat there looking around to see if there was any other vehicles around. She saw nothing. As she sat there gripping the steering wheel so tightly her knuckles turned white. She thought this is stupid and dangerous. Afraid to continue her hike she reached for the key to start the car as she felt the damp spot on her crotch she dropped the key on the floor board. She sat for a while to muster the courage to do what she knew she wanted.

She stepped from the car and her knees went weak causing her to hold onto the car to support her. She regained the strength in her knees and stood taking a deep nervous breath telling her self he probably would not be here. She decided to enjoy a slow hike in the cool morning air. She smiled and started down the forest trail. As she slowly walked looking to both sides of the trail for any movement she thought how silly she was letting her cunt think for her. She walked the trail past the spot where she was grabbed before. This made her breath a sigh of relief that he was not here to grab her. A few yards down the trail she decided to return to her car and return home and forget this nonsense.

She was relaxed now and walked at a normal pace back toward her car. Suddenly she felt a hand clamp over her mouth. Before he grab her arms she spun around and pushed him hard causing him to fall to the side of the trail. She started to run but he was to quick for her. He lunged at her grabbing her ankle sending her sprawling face down on the trail. The wind knocked out of her from the fall he was able to throw his body on top of her. Holding her down with his body weight he reached for his metal cuffs. As he pulled her arms behind her she got her breath back and screamed. He quickly cuffed her wrist and reaching out he grabbed a hand full of dirt and shoved it into her open mouth shutting off her scream and causing her to gag. As she sputtered and spit the dirt from her mouth he pulled a ball gag from his pocket and shoved it into her mouth buckling it behind her head.

She was cuffed and gagged but she fought to buck him off her back. He laughed a sadistic laugh telling her she was more fun than the last time. She felt him turn around still holding her down with his weight. He grabbed her ankles as she kicked and struggled to get away. She felt the rope circle her ankles pulling them tightly together. He wrapped the rope around her ankles before passing the loose ends between her ankles and around the wraps of rope to tighten them where there was no movement of her ankles. He moved off her and spanked her ass hard telling her he would stop spanking her when she stopped struggling. She continued to struggle until the pain on her ass felt like it was on fire. Crying and begging him to stop she stop struggling and lay still on her stomach with her face in the dirt. She felt the dirt turn to mud on her cheeks as it clung to the tears on her face. He stopped spanking her and turned her on her back.

Traci lay still in fear of what she had gotten herself into because of her stupid desires. Then she realized her panties were soaked from the pussy juice running out of her. Her eyes widened as he pulled more rope from his carpenter pants pocked. He looped the rope around her legs just above her knees and wrapped it three times before passing the loose ends between her legs and around the wraps of rope pulling it tighter forcing her knees tightly together. He had her tied and at his mercy with no chance of escape. He sat back on his ankles and smiled at his work. He pulled out the same knife he had used to cut her clothes off the first time he grabbed her. He sliced the shorts from hem to waist on both sides he pulled them away from her body and tossed them into the bushes. He did not bother to cut her blouse instead he ripped the front open popping the buttons all the way up to her collar. Traci was getting afraid he was not going to be as good as the first time with the aggressive action he was displaying. She began to cry hard and beg him, the best she could with the gag muffling her sounds, to please let her go. He told her "You know you want it." He reached down grabbing her pussy with his hand and squeezed hard. To her surprise this almost made her orgasm. When he gripped the panties pulling them up hard against her clit as the wedgie sent her over the edge making her orgasm like a volcano the panties tore and he pulled them off her tossing them into the bushes. Traci was still breathing hard and moaning with her body twitching from the orgasm as he cut the bra off revealing her beautiful brown globes and dark brown nipples. His cock was throbbing in his pants needing to fuck this black beauty so bad it hurt.

He turned her back on her stomach and pulled her to her knees with her head pressed to the ground. Traci's ass was up giving full access to her cunt and ass hole. He wanted to ram his cock deep in her cunt but thought he had spent too much time on the trail where they might be discovered. He licked his fingers and rammed two fingers in her cunt. Traci screamed into the ball gag as he quickly fingered her cunt. She was about to cum when he pulled out and told her that was just a sample of what is to come. He stood beside her and slapped her pussy hard with open hand.

Traci screamed and lunged forward scraping her tits on the rough ground. He grabbed her by the hair of her head and picked her up to stand on unsteady feet. When he was sure she could stand he pulled out more rope and tied her arms above the elbows pulling them together until they were almost touching. This forced her shoulders back and her big beautiful tits out and up. He reached around looping a rope over her upper arms and under her tits. Wrapped the double strand of rope around over her tits tying it in a knot her separated the two loose ends passing one end between her arm and body he wrapped it around the rope pulling it tight squeezing her tits and securing her arms tight to her body. He used the excess rope to circle her tits at the base and tied the ends together between her tits. She felt her globes swelling. She looked down to see her tits swelling and getting a darker shade of brown. Traci started to cry and beg to be released again.

He laughed a cruel sadistic laugh as he slapped her tits and nipples making them bounce on her chest sending pain through her body to her pussy making more juices drip down her legs. He was having too much fun causing him to take a chance of being caught abducting this black beauty. He stopped hitting her tits and told her to look at him. She kept her eyes closed whimpering with tears running down her cheeks. He slapped her face hard and her eyes flew open with surprise and pain. He told her he was going to take her to a more private place and use her holes and body any way it pleased him. He placed the leather blindfold over eyes and buckled it tight behind her head.

Traci felt his head next to her side above her hip bone and his shoulder pressed into her lower stomach forcing her to bend at the waist over his back. He stood up and started walking up the trail with her upper body dangling down his back legs down in front and his fingers pressing in her pussy and ass. He had been walking for a short time with his fingers making her wetter and his shoulder making her stomach hurt. Between the pain and the pleasure she was going to cum again. Traci cried and begged for him to stop and let her go and he laughed telling her to shut up or he would flog her till she bled.

He told her " You are my black bitch slut now and I might just keep you. " Thinking she would never be free again and would be this strangers sex slave made Traci cry so hard her lungs hurt and she passed out. When Traci came to she was on some kind of pad or mattress with her feet pulled up behind her and tied to her wrist rope in a tight hog tie. She was on her stomach with her bond tits pressing into the pad causing her tits to ache. When she tried to move pain shot through her nipples and she realized he had put nipple clamps on her nipples. Traci rolled onto her side to relieve the pain in her nipples. Traci did not know how long she had been unconscious but she could feel movement like a van moving under her. They drove for seemed like hours before she felt the van come to a turn and could hear the gravel under the tires. They drove for a while before coming to a stop.

Traci heard the door open and his foot steps as he walked around the van to the side door. He climbed inside and untied her ankles from her wrist . She stretched her legs trying to get the feeling back. He grabbed her by the ankles turning her and pulling her feet to the open side door. He pulled her so her ass was on the edge of the door. Grabbing her hair he stood her up bending her over to pick her up on his shoulder. Traci felt hot pain in her nipples as the clamps swung and his fingers pushed into her pussy. She felt her pussy getting wet immediately and moaned with disappointment that her body betrayed her. He felt the moisture in her pussy and laughed. " I am going to have a lot fun with you my little black bitch. " He carried her into a building and she could hear the echo of his foot steps as he carried her. Traci thought he has taken me to some warehouse where nobody will find me. Is he going to keep me as a sex slave for real. This frightened her thinking she would be nothing but a slave for the rest of her life. She started to cry and moan with desperation.

He stopped and lowered her to stand on her feet. She stood still with her ankles, knees, wrist, and arms tied tightly. She could not move without falling and was naked with her tits bond tight and aching. She could not stop crying even when he slapped her and told her to shut up. " You stupid black bitch if you don't obey me you will suffer punishment like you never knew." Traci tried hard to stop crying to prevent any hard punishment. She felt him removing the ropes holding her arms, wrist and tits. He left the clamps on her nipples as he let her move her arms to relieve the ache and stiffness. When she tried to reach for the nipple clamps he slapped her face hard almost making her fall. He told her not to try to remove his clamps without permission.

He told her to put her wrist together in front. When she hesitated he slapped her tits one then the other several times sending sharp pain through her nipples. Traci screamed into her ball gag and quickly put her hands together holding them out to him as he tied them together with rope. Reaching above her he pulled a rope down through a pulley attached to a beam. He tied the rope to her wrist rope and pulled her hands up above her head stretching her to the point her feet was nearly leaving the floor. Satisfied he removed the ropes from her legs and ankles. The slight freedom felt good to Traci but was short lived as he pulled her left ankle to the side tying a rope around it and attaching it to a ring in the floor. He moved to her right side pulled her right leg spreading her legs apart giving him total access to her pussy and ass. Traci was standing on her toes to relieve the stress on her arms and shoulders. "Now you stupid black bitch I am going to punish you for fighting me so hard when you wanted exactly what I was going to do to you." Traci's body began to tremble with fear of what he was about to do to her.

Traci could hear him moving around and moving articles on a table near by. The fear rose in her mind and body as he continued to choose an instrument of punishment to use on her. Traci could hear him approaching her as he told her this will be a good start. He gently ran his hands all over her body and tits. She felt a sudden sharp piercing pain in her left nipple when he pulled the clamp off. She screamed as loud as she could into the ball gag and jerked violently in her bondage. He tapped her nipple with his fingers causing more pain. He then removed the clamp on her right nipple and did the same as she screamed and pulled against the ropes holding her in place. Her attention went from her nipples to her pussy as he slapped it hard several times. She could feel a mixture of pain and pleasure as he spanked her pussy several times. Her juices were dripping from her pussy and she felt she was about to cum when he stopped telling her not to ever cum with permission and that she was to beg to cum when she could not hold it. He let her get some composure back as he watched her jerking and moaning in her bondage.

Traci jerked and struggled hard against her ropes when she felt a sharp painful shock to her left tit when he zapped her with the electric zapper. When she stopped screaming he zapped her right nipple making her scream and struggle again. As she was about to stop struggling he zapped her several times to her ribs and stomach. Traci felt like she was about to pass out when he stopped zapping her and pushed two fingers in her cunt fingering her until she was moaning and pushing her cunt on his fingers. He felt her cunt squeezing his fingers and knew she was about to cum. He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and stepped back. " Were you about to cum without my permission you stupid black bitch slut?" Traci was moaning and twitching from the near orgasm. He told her to answer his question. She shook her head no and he zapped her pussy with the zapper making her jerk and pull against the ropes so hard they hurt her wrist and ankles. She screamed and begged him not to zap her again.

" My little black bitch, the rules are you will do as I command without hesitation and will answer me addressing me as "Sir". " " Do you understand? " Traci nodded her head and he zapped her nipple. She screamed and yelled "Yes Sir" . Traci could hear him at the table again and then approach her. He was behind her and she felt the flogger strike across her ass making her try to lung forward to get away from it as she screamed into the gag. He used the flogger on her back, ass and legs until her screams turned to moans. Traci was embarrassed and surprised when she felt her pussy twitching and juices running down her thighs. He moved to her front. She thought he was going to flog her front side and started to whimper with the anticipation of the pain to come. She was surprised when she felt the round head of a Hitachi press against the lips of her pussy parting them and coming to rest on her clit. He removed her blindfold and she could see the Hitachi mounted on a stand. She could not move off the little monster pressing against her clit even if she had wanted to.

He told her he was going to teach her the joy of pleasure and pain to start her slave training. He then turned the Hitachi on low drawing a moan from her. As the Hitachi pleasured her clit keeping her on the verge of an orgasm but not quite enough to take her all the way He flogged her across the stomach taking her attention from the pleasure in her cunt. He flogged her five times and stopped letting her feel the pleasure of the Hitachi before flogger her across the tits making her scream and struggle. The Hitachi stayed in place against her clit. Traci was feeling the effects of the pleasure pain and needed to cum badly. He went to the table bringing back some lube and a large butt plug. Traci moaned pitifully pleading with him not to put the plug in her ass. Her pleas were ignored and she felt the cold slippery lube as he worked it into her ass with his fingers. Traci felt him press two fingers then three into her ass stretching her to prepare her to take the butt plug up her ass. The hitachi was still keeping her on the verge of an orgasm when he pushed the plug into her ass. Traci started rubbing her clit on the Hitachi moaning and trying to get the orgasm she so badly needed. He told her not to cum without permission. She was working hard to get her orgasm when he turned the Hitachi on high sending a wave of painful pleasure through her body. Traci immediately started begging and moaning for permission to come. He told her she could cum and she felt the orgasm explode in he cunt causing her to squirt all over the Hitachi. She suddenly felt a sharp pain in both her nipples as he pinched both hard at the same time causing her to squirt another load of cum as a second orgasm wracked her body.

Traci was exhausted from the struggling , screaming, crying and orgasms. She hung limp in her bondage trying to recover when he moved the Hitachi. She was moaning and twitching from the orgasms he had forced on her. He gently ran his fingers over her tits and body making her feel safe and cared for. His hand reached her pussy and he pushed two fingers in her curling them to hit her G-spot. She moaned with the pleasure and pushed against his finger. He finger fucked her faster and faster until a massive orgasm hit her making her squirt on his hand and arm. He kept finger fucking her making her have one hard orgasm after another until she was begging for him to stop.

His cock was so hard it hurt. He had to have some of this black bitch pussy. Dropping his pants releasing his big hard cock he moved between her legs and rammed it deep inside her with one hard thrust. Traci moaned with the sudden assault and pleasure in her cunt. He fucked her hard and deep until she was cumming so hard she passed out. When she came to she was tied to a bench on her back with her hands over her head and legs tied wide apart to two post to the sides of the bench. The gag was gone and her pussy lips were clamped and pulled wide open tied to her thighs. He stepped between her legs with the Hitachi in his hand. She begged him not to make her cum any more. He smiled and told her she was being punished for cumming without permission and pressed the Hitachi to her clit making her jerk and scream trying to get away from the buzzing monster.

Traci could feel the orgasm building stronger in her pussy when he pushed two fingers in her cunt working her G-spot while the Hitachi worked her clit. She started begging for permission to come when it was so strong it hurt to hold back. He told her to cum for him and she exploded squirting like a volcano. He took the Hitachi away and his fingers out of her pussy. Traci was twitching and moaning from the pleasure he forced on her as he moved away. He came back with a water hose with a spray nozzle turning it on he adjusted to a pressure stream. Aiming the pressure spray at her pussy he turned on the water and attached it to a stand so it would tickle her clit. Traci jerked trying to avoid the spray causing the pussy clamps to send pain through her pussy. He picked up a cane and started to tap her tits while the water kept arousing her clit. She started to moan and squirm from the pleasure and pain. She was on the verge a massive orgasm and started to beg for permission to cum.

He told her to cum as he caned her tits. The orgasm wracked her body so hard she thought she would pass out again. She was begging and moaning for him to stop forcing her to cum. He finally stop caning her and turned off the water. She could hardly breath from the tension in her body and cunt. He moved between her legs and pushed his huge cock in her ass and fucked her hard and deep another orgasm wracked her body as he shot his cum deep in her ass. She was cumming like crazy when he pulled the pussy clamps off sending a wave of pain through her pussy lips as the blood rushed back into her cunt. He let her get her normal breathing back untied her and pulled her by the hair to a metal framed bed where he tied her ankles and knees together as she sat on the edge of the bed. He locked a collar around her pretty little neck and attached it to the bed frame. Walking away he brought her water and a food and sat with her while she drank and ate. "Feeling better my little black bitch?"

Traci ask if he would let her go now and promised not to tell anybody. He smiled and told her as he walked away to get some rest as her slave training continues tomorrow. He laughed that sadistic laugh of his.

Traci tried to sleep but thinking about the pleasure and pain he had forced on her and that she realized she liked it kept her wet and horny most of the night. Traci fell asleep wondering what he would do to her tomorrow.

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